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OK paying server fees for the next three years in one swoop because it's cheaper that way. Feel free to donate to aya@bunbunmaru.com via paypal if you feel contributing, it'd let me eat something more than tuna and rice for the next few months.

The rules: Formatting:
  • This board is mainly for visual novels, doujin stuff, anime & manga, video games and related things.
  • Threads consisting of only a picture, or any sort of threads that don't encourage any discussion, are discouraged.
  • NSFW is allowed, but any extreme scat, guro and other shock stuff isn't.
  • No trolling, no spamming, no image dumping, no unmarked spoilers, no being a dick.
  • Please put a subject on your threads for easier browsing and searching.
  • Meta discussion, aka discussion about the board itself, should be kept on IRC.
  • Completely lolrandom and pointless threads, especially if off-topic, may be subject to deletion
  • Take it easy.
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  • Image dump and general randomness board. Quality doesn't matter.
  • Anything that's legal is allowed.
For those of you who want additional features, download the Wakaba Extension (last update: Sep 28, 2011), modified to work with bunbunmaru.com. You will need a browser that supports user scripts to use it.
Or you can get the original Wakaba Extension here!

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