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File: newbunbunmaru.png -(24.2 KB, 936x445) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
24809 No.36524  
We hereby claim New General in the name of Bunbunmaru.

Holy Republic of Wisdom and Enlightenment goons can make a pilgrimage elsewhere. It was probably their fault.


The North
>> No.36530  
Where does /photos/ stand in this?
>> No.36536  
File: 1303327837458.jpg -(84.5 KB, 600x574) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I, for one, welcome our New General overlords.
>> No.36539  
/photos/ and /projects/ fall under the bounds of the Bunbunmaru empire (hereinafter referred to as "/bun/"). Due to historical disputes, it was necessary that this truth and precedent be established within New General (hereinafter referred to as "/general/") to avoid any potential confusion. We thank you in advance for your participation as a productive citizen of /general/, and offer our appreciation for any contributions you may have made and/or will make towards the betterment of /bun/.


The North
>> No.36547  
Negative, /projects/ is in fact independent from the rest of Bunbunmaru despite being listed as a normal board. Unless things have changed.
>> No.36549  
File: bubbly.jpg -(137.2 KB, 465x320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>* None of the works posted here are affiliated with Bunbunmaru in any way
Bunbun spokesman sure is off!
>> No.36550  
As should be clear to all able-minded citizens, /projects/ is under the domain of /bun/. Although the pseudo-sovereignty of /projects/ is more complex, it may best be understood from the perspective of a conglomerate maintaining limited liability for the creations of any division within its substructure. VDZ agreed, don't bother him about it. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


The North
>> No.36560  
I did not.

Well, nobody except me cares about /projects/ anyways.
>> No.43555  
Off to page one with you, thread!
>> No.43563  

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