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File: swirlyrin.png -(315.3 KB, 512x582) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
322820 No.36541  
Place any and all suggestions for board software improvement in this thread.
>> No.36542  
Suggested so far:
-ability to lock threads
-crossboard quoting >>/penis/9467830968245
-manager posts so easy even a Reki could do it ("gooey")
>> No.36543  
File: star.png -(726.0 KB, 823x745) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
An unbumpable thing just for the foster parent thread. You can still post in it, but it will never be bumped! I guess it can be applied to other threads, but yeah.
>> No.36544  
File: candy.jpg -(314.0 KB, 900x1059) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I want the board to say cute things to me when I make a post.
>> No.36546  
This is a great idea.
If you would like to help me select cute aa to display in a fader for a "Post successful" redirect page, feel free.
Either make a thread for posting of cute aa somewhere (/photos/ maybe) or save individual cute aa in plain text format, zip a bundle or something and post it.
>> No.36553  
Oh! I'd like some cool JoJo AA too then!

>> No.36555  
here are some nice ones
>> No.36556  
>> No.36616  
how about a read-and-append only backup database and a lock site mode so jones can't (゚⊇゚) it again
>> No.36633  
It's called permasage and it's implemented in Kareha. It's not a bad idea, it's a lot better than locking threads like in forums.
>> No.36659  
Ability to upload other filetypes (audio in particular).

I'd imagine it's pretty open to abuse, but other slow boards such as iichan seem to have implemented it fairly successfully.
>> No.36671  
Start a hongfire clone.
>> No.36675  
My reservation with this is that I don't know what constitutes an audio file, so I don't know how to make the board verify that it really is an audio file. You can add any filetype you like to the legal filetypes in Wakaba, but what's to stop someone from uploading KILLALLNERDS.HTA and calling it burimachi.mp3?
>> No.36679  
There's really very little you can do about that (short of actually trying to decode the file or something to see if it's valid.) To play devil's advocate here, it would still require the user to change the extension to .hta for it to do anything. This same sort of thing can be done with images too as far as I know.
However, it seems kind of pointless to me. There are plenty of places you can upload your mp3s and what not to, using them won't take you much longer.
>> No.36680  
That's no problem because it would be uploaded as an .mp3, and downloaded as one. If the user changes the extension it's his/her fuck up.

No need to decode, every file has a signature in the header identifying its format.
>> No.36724  

Got bored and implemented this. Thanks, insomnia!
Let me know if the behavior is off at all.
>> No.36734  
File: thread over.jpg -(183.0 KB, 402x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Noko behavior works, but "noko" is still in the email field.
Actually, interestingly, "nokosage" became "sagenoko".

May I ask why you added the following?
$tmp_email=$tmp_email."sage" if $email=~/sage/i;
$tmp_email=$tmp_email."noko" if $email=~/noko/i;

I understand that you wanted to keep noko in the email to test during the redirect stage, but I think I would have done this by changing if($email=~/noko/i) to if($email=~s/noko//i) and not altering the email at all...
>> No.36741  
In my defense I couldn't remember if noko was stripped from the email or not, been awhile. Now it just sets a flag and strips noko before the forced anon shit.
>> No.36832  
File: weird.png -(185.1 KB, 864x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
AyaS, AyaS!
My themes are all wonky!
They keep switching between Aya, Gurochan and some weird one that's none of them, pic related. I just want regular Futaba, but if I choose it and open a thread it switches to Aya.
This has been going on for a week or so.
>> No.36833  
Hoop, I meant Reimu Red, not Gurochan. My bad.
>> No.36837  
I've had this problem too. Looks like there's definitely something broken when using Chrome (not a problem on FF).
>> No.36838  
Looking into it.
>> No.36839  
Getting this exact problem on Chrome as well.
>> No.36841  
Yeah, so I have no fucking clue. This is a result of something Chrome changed as other Wakaba boards are also affected by it. I hope this is something that will be 'fixed' in Chrome, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll probably fuck around with it more later.
>> No.36842  
Actually I take it back, here's a quick fix. It's not as quick as before, but it works in Chrome.
>> No.36845  
The moral of the story is not to use Chrome!
>> No.36847  
The removal of forced anon would be nice.
>> No.36848  
Fuck you.
>> No.36850  
>> No.36853  
Calm down Mr Angry
>> No.36856  
Alright, since I was nagged I got around to making it so other browser (not Chrome) load style sheets immediately.
I also ended up fixing an issue where style sheets weren't being saved in Opera in /projects/.

Pretty much not going to happen. I don't personally care, but it's something most users wanted when the board was created.
>> No.36857  
Also, remember, if any of these changes aren't working for you do a hard refresh (ctrl+r).
>> No.36868  
I don't understand the purpose of forced anon though. The board isn't any better for it.
>> No.36869  
You are so wrong it hurts. Go do something productive on /projects/ if you want to flaunt your tripcode.
>> No.36878  
This board reads like an ice age slow version of /v/ + /a/. The quality is no better simply because everyone is 'anonymous'.
>> No.36883  
Involving names into things would cause unneeded drama; yeah, /bun/ may have its fair share of drama already, but if people were allowed to adopt a name/trip it would become many times worse. Rather than risk turning the board into a battlefield, I think most of us prefer to just take it easy.
>> No.36885  
It's pretty easy to take it easy when there are like 5 posts per hour. It has nothing to do with names or anonymity.
>> No.36889  
Can you really see no difference in quality between those boards and /bun/?
>> No.36900  
If you don't like forced anonimity, simply go away. It's the one thing that will never change in this site.
>> No.36903  
And the site being slow as molasses and having no content will never change either. Oh well.
>> No.36926  
File: Etna122.jpeg -(21.8 KB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You sure care about a site you're about to leave. How nice of you.
>> No.38947  
How about implementing this now?
The thread in /photos/ seem to have a fair amount of replies.
>> No.39038  
It'd be nice if there was some kind of RSS feed that got updated when threads got replies or something. I'd visit more often if there was something like that.
>> No.39054  
Just load the site and check?
>> No.49424  
A catalog with OP picture and post would be very cool. I understand that there already is one, but it only shows the first picture, no text, and is extremely small at that. Needless to say, but I will say it anyways, the first picture rarely relates to the content enough to gather it's purpose from it alone. Having a 'thread list' is very useful, but then there is no convenience of quickly scaling the wall for pictures that could interest you enough to visit the thread. They go hand in hand really, the picture isn't always accurate, but you could read the text immediately under it had the convenience existed. Or you could ctrl + f and find a thread you were looking for, while at the same time having a picture to confirm that it is what you are looking for. I am not real sure of the benefits of keeping the features apart.

tl;dr catalog and threadlist should merge for convenience
>> No.50835  
Is a catalog even needed? It's not like we're fast.
>> No.50836  
Yes. Sometimes you want to revive an older thread. For example, I revive the 'anime scenery' thread every now and then to post new scenery screenshots.
>> No.50842  
suggestion: use something other than wakaba

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