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File: screen4.png.jpg -(3.5 KB, 154x120) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
3624 No.36711  
Let's play the random OELVN game again, /bun/.

1. Visit http://bunbunmaru.com/misc/renai-rand.pl to get a random visual novel from renai.us.
2. Read it, no matter how bad it sounds.
3. Share your thoughts!

Last time we had some beautiful diamonds in the rough, like Cassiopeia (best visual novel ever imo). I wonder what will turn up this time?
>> No.36726  
File: Capture-Be_My_Master.png -(223.2 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Be My Master.

An exceedingly short story about "you" adopting a catgirl who wants a master.
"You" are not even a character, just a voice that makes choices.
The young catgirl, Serenade, wants a master who's kind and charming.

Through the adventure (which is about 2 minutes long), you wake up, talk with her, take her on a quick date to get some ice cream, and may choose to either extend the date or go home (which leads to an extra line of her buying some clothes). Once you're home, you get a choice between becoming a happy master, a bit-creepy but otherwise happy master, or a bad master.

There is a bad end very early when if you poke her and laugh at her, she runs away forever.

The best thing about this game is that several times you are given the noncommittal "go back to sleep" or "walk away" options, which instantly ends the game.

There are no redeeming features about this VN other than how short it is.
>> No.36729  
File: Memo - Thumbnail.jpg -(8.3 KB, 251x189) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Rolled Memo (http://www.artofdoom.com/memo/), but I've reviewed it on /ghost/ before:


To summarize, as far as the production values (art, sound/music, menus, etc.) are concerned, this is one of the best among OELVNs. But on the whole, it feels like mostly a technical demo--and I believe Doomfest admits as much. At least it makes me cautiously optimistic about Cradle Song (the author/artist's next work).
>> No.36772  
File: Untitled.png -(968.0 KB, 806x628) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh dear. Well, it's pretty much what it says on the tin. You are Guy Focker, an American teenager (I assume, his dialogue is SO RANDOM) who gets lost in a forest while visiting Japan with his parents, and encounters the title character, Sango from Inuyasha.

The bad endings amused me, if only because I was offered the "Put it in" option at every single decision point and they all lead to the exact same ending (apart from the last one). But that's probably the only redeeming quality of this game.
Well, I guess the art is good by OELVN standards, but that's not saying all that much.

It took 12 minutes for me to get every single ending. Typical playthrough two to three minutes. So I guess I can't complain about it being overly long!
>> No.36799  
File: Pantallazo.png -(41.1 KB, 569x422) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Cazablancos | http://renai.us/game/cazablancos.shtml

Hazardkid • http://hazardkid.deviantart.com/art/Cazablancos-Game-252660685

I originally made this game for my friend Monique but people motivated me to post it here. You play as Monique's persona, Pichi in a short-lived kinetic novel full of in-jokes you won't understand. It's still a very cute game, nonetheless.

Aug. 13, 2011 • Kinetic Novel, Girl pursues Boy • 10' • all ages

As you can see, this entire game is lovingly made in MS Paint. I am filled with uncontainable excitement...

The music is some terrible 8bit stuff. Absolutely grating. The default window has BRIGHT cyan and magenta hues interposed with white and black; the effect is jarring and unpleasant. The title screen, by the way, has some dumb teenage girl saying that she loves the 80s, I bet she wasn't even born in them, god. You have to click in different places for the text to advance.

"I have to get inside Julian's dressing room, heart, and possibly pants"

There is an entire one choice you can make in the game, and it's silly dialogue lines to say or not to say to some guy working at a burger joint. He is purportedly "kind of cute." The game ends with the girl getting a kiss!! from her idol, then she goes on with her life.

Really short, no actual routes, though, all of the endings are exactly the same.

Fairly certain this wasn't a serious attempt, not sure how to rate this.
>> No.36800  
>Fairly certain this wasn't a serious attempt, not sure how to rate this.
None of them are. That's why they're so horrible.
>> No.36801  
File: builders-mind-title.jpg -(29.0 KB, 799x621) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Builders' Mind

DaFool • http://dafool.visualnews.net/buildersmind/

Hiraya is about to graduate from engineering school. She has to deal with a classmate who decided to confess to her, a father who is undergoing depression, as well as the final exams which are coming up. But the biggest challenge would be discovering the true state of the world she lives in.

Sept. 15, 2007 • Visual Novel, Girl pursues Boy • 30 minutes • all ages
Unfortunately, it crashed the moment I clicked on "Start Game" and some error popped up. It might be just my computer, but I couldn't get it to run, so couldn't review it. Whoops!

The title screen looks dreadful. It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.
>> No.36817  
File: Ren'Ai Archive - Random Game_1316891805461.png -(73.3 KB, 1282x214) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'll not bother.
>> No.36822  
These reviews are more entertaining than these VNs will ever be
>> No.36824  
What I got, If you get the same should you just roll another novel?
>> No.36825  
File: Anyo's-Love.jpg -(111.9 KB, 808x629) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Anyo's Love

Antique Ivy • http://community.livejournal.com/antique_ivy/57188.html

Based on the community role play Antique Ivy, this is a visual novel mini-game focused on two of the characters, Anyo and Leo. To learn more about Antique Ivy, check out http://antique-ivy.deviantart.com/!

March 25, 2011 • Visual Novel, Girl pursues Boy • 2,770 words • all ages • more information and downloads...
So you play as the girl Anyo and a friend tells her that some cursed spirit is attached to Anyo and stealing her life away unless she kisses her "one true love" in one day. You then go on a date with your guy friend Leo who, depending on the choices you make, may or may not be the one true love. That's pretty much it.

There's three endings (bad, Anyo, Leo), but they're all about the same. No matter what happens, Anyo is saved (it's unclear how in the first two).

Anyway, it's a very short VN, probably 10 minutes for one playthrough. Character art looks okay, backgrounds are filtered photos, free music from wherever; you know the drill.

It'd be nice if you could do more than get shoehorned down Leo's path. You know, like kissing other girls, etc.

You could kill some time by playing it, but not much, and while it isn't excessively boring, there's not a lot redeeming it either. Feel free to skip this one.
>> No.36830  
File: raynar.jpg -(237.3 KB, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Exile Gear Raynar

Datie • http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2516

A young woman named Kuni's dream of becoming a robot pilot comes true when she's invited to the base home to the world's most powerful robot, Raynar. This is a throwback to Super Robot anime from the '70s, the protagonists are good and brightly coloured, the antagonists are evil and dark, and the heroes yell out all the names of their robot's attack.

Aug. 16, 2007 • Girl pursues Girl, Kinetic Novel • 20 minutes • ages 16+


So basically, a shitty cadet named Kuni (the protag) is inexplicably assigned to be the partner of an elite warrior (Kyung-Soon) so they can both pilot a giant super-robo, against the wishes of the elite girl; the whole thing is arranged by a maverick coach and the council he works for is initially opposed to the idea, but eventually the inexperienced girl warms the heart of her partner after they train together for a few weeks (2 lines of writing advances the plot that much). Then they disobey some orders from the main council to destroy a new enemy robot that appears (they choose to save the civilians in the town instead, because that's just how they roll), get discharged and start living together, where we discover that our heroine has apparently developed a crush on her demure partner. But then tragedy strikes! After returning home after looking for work, our heroine find a note explaining that her partner has run away! But there's no time for her to worry about that, as the giant robot they didn't destroy from before attacks the town again. As Kuni runs around worried about Kyung-Soon, their badass giant robot (called Raynar) returns to her side, apparently called to her side by plot magic; a fierce battle ensues, but Kuni is knocked away, but luckily she lands next to Kyung-Soon, who soon joins her in the cockpit and apologizes for running off.
Then more twists! The council were actually behind the enemy robot and were trying to kill off our two girls and their giant robot! And Kyung-Soon is an artificial lifeform they created! The enemy robot activates his MEGACANNON, but suddenly everything is covered in a white light; Raynar is talking to them! But it's not the robot itself, it's actually Raynar's creator who was sealed inside the robot! And she's Kyung-Soon's mother or something! And she was actually murdered by the Council who are working with the Demon Machines (the bad guys)! And the white light was the other robot sending them to another dimension! But then they get told that Raynar has a Doomsday Device and that they can go back to the other dimension, but not before Kuni gives a speech about justice and how she lost her homeland a while back, and then she ends by telling Kyung-Soon that she loves her. Powerful stuff.
So anyways they go back home and face the enemy robot with the doomsday device, but they find out that using it will kill them! But then Kuni stands up and shields Kyung-Soon with her body and apparently that means only she will die! Then BOOM, an explosion visible from space happens, and we are told that Raynar must have been vaporised from the blast...
BUT IT'S OK! And Kuni only has 'minor thermal burns'! And then the council is disbanded, Coachee is made head of ginat robos or w/e and Kyung-Soon decides that being a gay human is better than being an emotionless weapon. Then they get gay married. THE END.

I don't know what to say about this VN; I thought MLA would be the best mecha game I'd ever read, and then something like this comes along. Raynar is a truly heartwarming, high octane and just plain badass novel that everyone can enjoy. Read it now, and if you already read it, then read it again.

Overall Score: 9.7/10
>> No.36912  
Good work, more please
>> No.49861  
File: 10525974_274140346125908_5204309648683908371_n.jpg -(128.9 KB, 629x923) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i like play otome games because you will see the person pain and you will understand all they problem
>> No.49901  
I'd like to make a terrible OELVN.

Here are my qualifications:
-cannot draw anything beyond stick figures
-will shoehorn my fetishes into the game(it's a porn game)
-it's a porn game
-read more r l stine CYOA books than I have VNs so the story tree will end up looking something like that
-no experience in creative writing and my prose is godawful
-contrived fantasy setting

If I try my best what are my chances it'll turn into a masterpiece of bad?
>> No.49903  
File: 1410042830320.jpg -(556.7 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Don't draw.
Use MMD and steal models from deviantart. Bonus points if said models have watermarks on them.
Use Print Screen to move the 3d environment into a still picture for the VN. Claim everything was drawn by yourself and all IP related to the characters belong to you solely.

RenPy will walk you through the rest.
>> No.49911  
Sounds like it would lack the poorly but lovingly hand-drawn charm of a true OELVN.
>> No.49913  

but being endearing with a lovably unique art style is a positive thing.

If he's trying for a spectacular sort of bad, it needs to have no redeeming qualities... from the dubstep soundtrack that no way in hell matches the mood of the story to the shitty visuals, it must all be horrifically bad, but in such a way that it's not a troll attempt and the person doesn't NOPE!uninstall and sit through the entire 2-3 hours of OLEV~N.
>> No.49917  
If it's not endearingly bad I don't see the point.
>> No.49954  
See, but intentionally doing something to make it worse would be cheating.

Then again, my art is so bad that it might actually be better to steal MMD/sfm models

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