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File: [vofan] 01 Listen Carefully.jpg -(434.7 KB, 1000x1375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
445167 No.37147  
This thread is for Music OC, collabs, covers, etc.
>> No.37149  
File: [六無人無] 01 とって・・・ - Inori .jpg -(751.4 KB, 1050x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Attempting to make a cover of Guilty Crown Ep01's OP, Euterpe. Let's see if I ever bring this to a completion unlike nearly all of my other covers.
>> No.37156  
Nobody likes /projects/ ;_;
>> No.37157  
Here's some current stuff.

An anime song medley in a kinda ska-punk style. It's a work in progress so no attention has been paid to mixing or anything like that. Can you work out what all the songs are?
Also vocals, lol.

A transcription exercise to help myself understand Yuki Kajiura's vocal harmony and counterpoint.

>> No.37158  
only recognized Soraio Days, orz.
>> No.37159  
I had made this thread on /general/ before the wipe because I knew that /project/ rarely got any traffic.
>> No.37189  

GGG (I think), then Makka na Chikai, Sora Iro Days, I think there was one from FLCL, High School of the Dead OP. That's all I got. There were a couple more I recognized, but couldn't place. What program did you use for that?
>> No.37192  
File: asdf.jpg -(648.9 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm making it all with Reaper.

Guitars and bass were recorded direct through my audio interface and effects were added with Guitar Rig 4.
Brass is from EWQL symphonic orchestra
Strings are Native Instruments session strings
Keys are Minimogue VST
Drums are Addictive Drums

I'll let you guys know all the songs once it's done.
>> No.38041  
File: Girls the Wilds.jpg -(197.8 KB, 622x574) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I want to record some singing. Does anyone want to work on a collab with me covering the vocals?

>> No.38042  

Sure, I'm up for bass duty but I don't wanna go in over my head by trying play all the other instruments as well. I've been dying to try my hand at singing some harmony vocals, though.

Hopefully some others will want to join as well.
>> No.38044  
How about 希望の旋律?
All the parts are reasonably easy, so some of the anons in the learning instrument thread should be able to play the parts.
I know I can sing the vocal part because I did a shortened cover before.
Not to mention that the song, IMHO, is pretty damn fun.

I also currently have a bari sax with me, so I wonder if we can do a duet, or add drums as well.
>> No.38190  
File: DearDrops 02.png -(896.4 KB, 816x638) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hmm, is the lack of response due to the shortage of means to record as some have voiced in the musical instrument thread? If so, try recording on your phone. All of the covers on my Soundcloud page have been recorded on my LG Optimus One (budget Android phone) with Tape-a-Talk app (I'm sure there are similar apps for iOS, WP7, etc as well), and it sounds good enough for the application. Granted, most of those were vocal recording, but I've also had some success recording distorted and clean guitar parts (like the electric guitar part in Kibou no Uta and secret base).

If you're not confident about your playing level, that's fine as well: this is only for fun so why not have a go at it?

If you don't like the song and/or want to work on something else, suggest away!

Also feel free to post about other possibilities which I did not cover. Of course, if you're simply not interested in doing a collab, then that's too bad.
>> No.38191  
I could probably try my hand at the violin part. Though I'm not extremely confident in my skill and I've never recorded before I'm pretty sure I could handle that.

Also, link to the song that I found(After much duress!). Includes off vocal, guitar, bass and drum tracks to make it easier to hear some certain parts. Theoretically you may be listen to certain instruments by messing around with an equalizer or something but that's beyond my expertise.
>> No.38193  
File: Headphones 011 - Sonico.jpg -(1302.8 KB, 2105x3000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Oh yeah, I hadn't mentioned that I also have the album (in lossless), as we weren't set on the song, but with a violin part, I guess we just have to work on it. Actually, that's my upload you linked there, haha.

Anyways, the parts currently taken are

and the parts that still need to be filled in are
Guitar 1
Guitar 2

I guess I can cover a guitar part (though last time I tried, I couldn't get the solo right), but it'd be nice to get more of the community involved.

Can someone whip together the drum track on a DAW? That worked pretty well for "a song for...".
>> No.38195  

Sure, I'll do it. Along with the bass part, it might have to wait till next week to get completed though, but that's okay if everyone else is going to be taking it easy too.
>> No.38196  
Yeah that's fine. My last exam's on the 12th so I can't really work on it before that either.
>> No.38204  
I would play the guitar part if my guitar didn't sound like shit. Maybe I'll borrow a guitar from some friend.
>> No.38208  

Does your guitar really sound that bad? I've always considered the guitar to be one of the least important things in the signal chain compared to amplification, effects etc.
>> No.38211  
While most of the cool effects and sound is given by amps, FX and whatnot, if the guitar sounds like shit, the chain is just going to amplify its shittyness. I thought the same as you before, but after I tried with other guitars the change is huge.

My guitar is very cheap and it has its years. But that's because I play bass, keyboard and drums a lot more. But my neighbors complained about the drums so I'm afraid to play again.
>> No.38212  
That can be done by taking one off-something track, the original track, invert one of them and play them at the exact same time. That's what I did here:
>> No.38214  

Whoa, that was you? I've been using those tracks to learn instrument parts from for ages, thanks a lot!
>> No.38218  
Yeah, for example I tried to cancel out the guitar track of 希望の旋律. As always, you can still hear the drums and a bit of the violin. I wonder if this is because of MP3 compression, sample rate or just shitty syncing. This is the best I could do.

Just ask me if you need other tracks.

I love /projects/. I love textboards. If we get something going on here, we can make a thread there.
>> No.38223  
I'm curious what were you using for the 'off-something' tracks, did they actually release versions with certain tracks muted?

>MP3 compression
You really need to use a lossless source for phase inversion to work effectively. Each track will be compressed differently. That's probably the biggest problem, though it'll probably never come out perfect.
>> No.38229  
Yes, they included those tracks in the ~Let's MUSIC!!~ series of albums.
>> No.38314  
Just giving this thread a quick bump, as I'm starting work on the collabo song but we still need a guitarist or two!
>> No.38315  
Good stuff. I can start working on the vocal part as soon as either the bass or the drum part is ready.
>> No.38316  

Alright, seeing as the bass and drum parts are both kinda busy, it'll probably take me the next couple of days or so to complete but I'll get there.
>> No.38317  

I found some GP tabs, and I will try to record SOMETHING, confidence be damned! This is my trial of fire, so to speak. Be warned, I play like shit, but I will do my best.
>> No.38319  

Alright, I'll look forward to it~
>> No.38320  
File: DearDrops 11 - 希望の旋律.png -(554.2 KB, 816x638) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Alright, warmly waiting for it. Meanwhile, I should really decide on my new recording setup. (゚д゚)

How are you recording your part?
>> No.38325  
I'm working on a remix of a freeform track http://snd.sc/tR999u
I have a few days to finish it and submit it to the original artist (he's doing a remix compilation and basically inviting anyone to submit stuff), provided I'm happy enough with it at that point. There's still some things to add and changes I want to make, but not too much.
Thoughts, criticism?
>> No.38326  
you should link to the original version, I want to hear it as well, so I can compare how it changed.
>> No.38327  
Can't, it's unreleased. All he did was give out the MIDI data for the lead and bass and some sounds/loops he used for his original (some of which I've used.) So, I've had to improvise for some stuff.
>> No.38329  
Oh I see. Well, I found it to be pretty exciting. (But that doesn't really help... w)
>> No.38332  

I can try recording with my loop station, though the quality might not be too good when I transfer it to the computer. Dunno. I think it exports in wav (don't know how to use it all that well). I am considering putting it up in several pieces, as I don't think I'll manage to play the entire song without fault. Would this be a problem?
>> No.38334  
Nothing wrong with doing it piece-by-piece. If it can export in PCM (.wav), then I think it should be fine.
>> No.38336  
File: sample-1e479b1ee9dac79dea981e2837d6e5b8.jpg -(99.0 KB, 850x538) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
At long last, I finished the drum sequencing! I uploaded it to the /bun/ projects mediafire account, I hope that's alright.

I tried to be faithful to the feel and rhythm of the original, while at the same time adding some of my own riffs. So basically I transcribed the kick and snare as faithfully as possible and then did my own thing for the cymbals and toms and stuff. I also spent a lot of effort manually tweaking the midi velocities to try and make the playing sound as dynamic and natural as possible, which is why it took so long to complete!

Anyway, guitarist-chan, for rhythm purposes the sidesticks at the start count in a "one, two, one two three four," then the hi-hat plays the off beat for the guitar-only intro. After that, everything should be pretty obvious. If you want to set your metronome to the same tempo as the drum track, everything's in 4/4 183 BPM.

I should get round to recording the bass guitar tomorrow; I still need to learn the part but I can't imagine that'll take too long.

Oh, here's the link.
>> No.38337  
That sounds pretty great. I dug around for my old guitar and vocal tracks, and put them together with the drums and it sounds pretty good! I can't wait to see (hear) how the new guitar part will be.
Anywho, I'll get started on the vocals.

oh you
>> No.38345  
File: sample_bd1c745c498708687b882b10a8363479e418940e.jpeg -(383.1 KB, 850x641) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
New guitarist here. Seems I will have to go away with my family for christmas, and won't return until the 28th. I am fine with it if anybody wants to take on the guitar by themselves. I'm sorry I couldn't contribute with anything, guys. Good luck on the song! I'll be cheering you on from potato country!
>> No.38353  
File: kira!.jpg -(269.6 KB, 591x417) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Drum and vocal-less track from the album + the posted drum part and quick whip-up of vocal (take 3, the final recording should be better as I memorize more of it so I can focus on singing).
The clave gets pretty annoying after a bit.

Same drum and vocal parts as above and guitar part from my old attempt: this clearly shows why the old one was cut off at 1:20~ mark (guitar playing got worse after there w)

Duet with Riho! which I'm keeping for myself

I don't mind waiting. I hope the trip is enjoyable!

What happened to our violin anon, BTW?
>> No.38360  
File: f7f8ab0f8323481c7f9dc3f683832ac6.jpg -(168.3 KB, 832x943) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Violin here. I'm still alive but in between real life events and, to be honest, laziness I haven't been able to get any recording done. I probably won't be able to do anything until next week either; living with other people makes will make the few days leading up to Christmas hectic ones, and it's hard enough to get the time alone and quietness for recording as it is.

Also, I quickly realized after beginning to work on the part that I was kind of out of practice. Apparently a month without playing has pretty drastic effects on one's playing ability, who knew! I've recovered since then, though, so I should be fine.
>> No.38399  
File: blame_and_so_on-092.jpg -(232.3 KB, 1319x1979) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

A demo song that I wrote and recorded this evening. Playing around with some ambient guitar kinda stuff. I thought it would be interesting to try assembling ideas for a concept album based off the BLAME manga.

I've not composed before so this is an interesting challenge for me!

Featuring a special guest vocalist from #bun!
>> No.38861  
So I finally have a proper recording setup as mentioned in (>>38860).

I will get working on the vocals again.

Where's our guitar and violin anons? The holidays are over and you have no excuse now!
>> No.38910  

Guitarist reporting in. I have been practicing this some, and I think I can play most of it all right, but somehow it sounds a little too sloppy when using up- and downtsrokes, and only downstroking is tiring. However, there are some parts in the middle and near the end that I need to practice a lot. Otherwise, I can play most of it all right, if not quite tight enough. Please be patient!
>> No.38923  
File: hotel california.jpg -(72.7 KB, 703x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
ah excellent. I'm not too worried about the speed that we get this done in. How about the violin and bass/drum anons, are you still around?

Anyways, I sang until I got a sore throat, but I'm still not satisfied with it, so I decided to take a break. After a good night's sleep, I took a shot at covering one of my favourite songs, Hotel California. Now that it's in English, you can all laugh at my poor pronunciation! haha.
It's unfortunate that not only is my singing lame as usual, but the instrumental track I found is only 128 kbps MP3 that seems to have lost lots of data due to rotational velocidensity.
>> No.38927  

I'm still around. I'd like to wait till some guitars are tracked before I lay down the bass, but it shouldn't take me long to learn and record it.
>> No.38961  
Ah I see.
>> No.39000  
File: DearDrops 001 - Miho.jpg -(189.1 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm loving my new setup. Not only does it sound much better, it's so much more convenient to record directly on REAPER with monitoring rather than recording on the phone and uploading each take.

希望の旋律 Vocal + Drums cover, rest are from the original song.
>> No.39201  
Wow, you do suck. Okay, not really, but that wasn't that good. Your singing really lacks power behind it, plus it was too nasally. You should really, really be more confident when singing, and you should strive to make your vocals more powerful. It felt restrained, like you're not confident and not putting your all into singing.

The chorus in particular is the lowest part. It needs more drive to make it work, but the way you're singing it (the same way as the verse) made it sound boring and terrible. Sing from the diaphragm, not the throat, especially at the chorus. Crunch it until it bleeds! Your pitch control is okay for the most part, but damn, you still have ways to go.
>> No.39497  
File: [Commie] Persona 4 - 17 [118F7E2A].mkv_snapshot_00.49_[2012.02.05_23.53.30].jpg -(78.0 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Oh shit, I didn't notice this until now, you should'be bumped the thread. Thanks for the constructive criticism: I do know that my singing isn't good.
>It felt restrained
I'll take a note of this when I practice from now, but I've been down with a cold for last week or so, when I had came back home where I have a better recording space rather than my cramped basement apartment that I live in at school.

picture not really related
>> No.39498  
Oh yeah, also the lack of confidence is partially due to me still not having the lyrics fully memorized. I'm not sure why: I had a much easier time with the lyrics of "a song for...". Talking of which, what's your opinion of my singing in that song? If you haven't heard that one yet, it's in my soundcloud link. I'd appreciate some kind of feedback and maybe a comparison to the current song as well.
>> No.39584  
Bumping like you requested.

Well, what else can I say? It's just... lackluster. Unpolished. My complaints still stands. Oh, although that one has the distinction of being more off-pitch more often, so you've at least improved in that area.

Your singing has this nasally quality to it, and nobody in the world likes that nasally singing sort of thing. Fortunately for you, it's a habit that you can change.

The bigger problem is your singing sounds dull. It's flat, monotonous. There's no drive, no spirit, it's as if you're reading in tones instead of singing. But fortunately for you again, that's a habit that you can also change. Put more spirit into the more intense bits, half-screaming if you have to; be more gentle in the down bits; stuff like that. Dynamics is key.

Don't be afraid to put and show your emotions in your vocals. Don't sound so dispirited. Go all out if you have to.
>> No.39585  
>> No.39586  

Good points, I've been thinking the same. It's much more fun if everyone gives it their all, even if it's not as good as if it's perfectly done "paint by the numbers" style. Feeling is much more important than singing flawlessly, that's my motto.
>> No.41438  
File: mario64.png -(327.4 KB, 640x448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I was dicking around and started doing the staff credits for Super Mario 64. I don't know the first thing about arranging though, so I just made up some random harmony. I'm also not the best at syncing parts and making sure all the chords ring, but at the very least I thought you guys might get a kick out of it. Here's some of what I have done: http://www.mediafire.com/?fxm6nl6dktxo6no
>> No.41454  
Pretty cool, too bad I can't appreciate it like I probably should because I never finished the game.
>> No.54193  
The great /general/ wipe was almost 9 years ago. That blows my mind.
>> No.54199  
are bunbun still making music
>> No.54202  
Can't speak for the others, but I stopped making music ages ago.
>> No.54205  
>> No.54208  
At first, I was just frustrated with how samey all of my stuff was starting to sound and how I was dissatisfied with the stuff I was making. Then over time my life started getting busier and more stressful, and I was no longer willing to spend the time or capable of dealing with the frustration of failing to make something decent.

Sometimes I miss making music, but looking back there really was no point to it all beyond doing it for myself - there are countless people making music out there, all hoping someone will enjoy their music (many of them better musicians than me), but in practice there's more music being made than there are people interested in listening to random people's music (and those people can only listen to so much music - neither time nor interest are infinite) so it's not like I'm really adding anything to the world by making music (and arguably I'd just be dragging attention away from more deserving artists). So if I'm the only one really benefiting from it, it makes more sense to spend my time on something that brings me more enjoyment with less effort, like playing video games.

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