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File: Luka 002.jpg -(609.0 KB, 1920x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
623642 No.37450  
Be it music, equipments to enjoy said music to the fullest, or others, post about them here.

Ex: your latest music purchase which sound good, discussions about headphones, or even how certain albums sound much better when you're high.
>> No.37451  
File: Headphones 005.jpg -(362.1 KB, 1000x1250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Winter is fast approaching, and I have decided that I've had enough lugging around my full sized cans around the campus with me. My ES-7 are quite portable, but they don't provide much warmth as the full sized cans do, so I'm currently looking for IEMs since I can wear those under my tuque/chullo. I'm not looking at any non-in-ear earbud types since those just fall out of my ear with the least amount of motion.

Currently, the contenders are some Xears IEMs running for ~30 Euro (60 MSRP, but there's a half priced coupon available right now), SoundMagic E10, MP21/RP21, Brainwavz M4, M2, and Sunrise Xscape IE.

Using the usual sources,

I might even buy two or three of them, and sell my least preferred one or gift it to a family member for Christmas.

On another front, I'm downloading quite ferociously from What.CD since they have a 3 day freeleech on all torrents uploaded before today to celebrate its birthday. I'm so glad I'm paying the extra per month for Teksavvy's impressive (3rd world Canadian standards) internet service, as the one which is included with the lease of this apartment is plainly terrible.

I've downloaded lots of swing jazz (Basie, Miles Davis, etc), and some romantical classical and others (Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, etc), some old Macross albums that I did not have, some of my favourite rock album that I didn't have in FLAC (Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, etc).

Does anyone have any requests for some music? I can redistribute the content on What.CD to my liking, just not the .torrent themselves.
>> No.37452  
>Xears IEMs
Which ones? Judging by the music you've downloaded, you probably weren't interested in the Nature N3i, but steer clear of them in any case. I grabbed them because I do listen to heavier music on a regular basis, and it had a mic which is useful since I listen to music using my phone when out and about. Ultimately, my inexperience with bass centered headphones showed and I hate the soundstage it provides, even when listening to music dominated by the lower range.
Still, that isn't the only reason I didn't like them. The cable is short, really short. It barely reaches to my pants pocket, so I'm constantly shoving the earbuds back in when moving. This caused the wiring for the mic to fail within a couple weeks. Finally, I didn't really like any of the included tips, although fit ranges from person to person of course.
Biggest case of buyer's remorse I've had, but I learned my lesson.
>> No.37455  
File: Headphones 003.jpg -(402.5 KB, 868x868) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>60 MSRP
Forget that, I don't know where I came up with that number. The coupon seems to work on their IEMs ranging from like 40 Euros (XR120Pro II) to 110 Euros (A330M).

Hmm I see. Well, joker's review mentioned how the N3i are quite bass heavy, but he also mentioned that the bass is rather well controlled and the soundstaging (which is important to me) is nice. I was sort of considering them, but if they are so heavy on bass that someone who was looking for extra bass found it to be too much, then they are out of the match. The Xears that I'm most interested in are XE200 Pro, TD-III v2 and Resonance pure black edition.

Anyways, after some deliberation, I put down the order for XE200 Pro Walnut (the plain ones were out of stock), TD-III v2, Resonance pure black and A300M with 2 additional proxy-buy of XE200 Pros for friends who wanted to save on the shipping. Total came up to 188 Euro for 6 IEMs and their MSRP worth is about 538.50 Euro, so I think I got a pretty decent deal. The end cost of each IEM is about $50 for these intermediate/high fidelity IEMs. Once I receive them, I'll be putting a comparison up here.
>> No.37460  
Bought AKG K-701's around a month ago and I'm running them off Auzentech Bravura's headphone output.

Not much to say. Clear, accurate, sexy sound. I found out hifi audio has to be experienced yourself.

Though I wouldn't recommend the soundcard because via wasapi output it has audible noise at 44.1kHz and occasionally does this quiet popping sound when starting to play something. Noise is easily fixed with high quality 48kHz src, but the popping sucks.
>> No.37461  
File: f1f113ff80bee564c1271deb166a6447.jpg -(178.4 KB, 800x569) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Still using my Sennheiser HD-428 cans. They have served with honor for the past year and I have no complaints. Only problem is that they're huge and the around-ear design completely isolates you, even at low volumes. Great for commuting and air travel, not so much when there are people calling for you.

>> No.37463  
File: Headphones 008 resized.jpg -(2462.5 KB, 2560x1903) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My Vaio's onboard sound card is noticeably bad compared to Wolfson powered Chaintech AV-710 (best $30 I have spent) I have in my desktop (which I don't have with me at school), so I've been looking into getting a DAC + headphone amp for a while now. One of the contenders have been Audisnt MX-1 or HRT Music Streamer 2 with a sub-$100 headphone amp, but both of these choices were too expensive for me. Fiio recently came out with E10, which has been receiving good reviews, and they all say it leans towards to warmer sound, so it seems like a perfect solution for less than $100. It seems like a great deal to me, so I think I'll purchase it once I figure out which distributor I'm going to purchase it from: currently MP4Nation seems like the best choice as they have free shipping and include Brainwavz Beta IEM for a price of $5 more than other stores.

I would love to try the K701 out, but I unfortunately don't know anyone local who owns them, and I don't think there's a store near me which allows people to demo them. As for the sound card, that's quite strange.

Cool beans. I wonder how Senn's closed cans stack up with my Shure SRH840.

For both of you, what kind of music do you like to listen to on those headphones? (Be it that you simply like the genre, or the particular music has good synergy with the headphones)

>> No.37465  
File: DSC02819.JPG -(421.7 KB, 1361x986) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's a shame I needed to use flash, it takes away the nice warm glow these have.

Anyway, AKG K701s powered by a Little Dot MKII and a Little Dot DAC1. Amp and DAC aren't exactly top of the line but they more than suit my need. The 701s are great, of course, but I wouldn't mind picking up another pair of cans that aren't so.... analytic. Don't get me wrong I love them, but they're a bit tiring at times. It's hard to describe.

The speakers are Kossfire 110s powered by a Marantz 2000 receiver and an Audio Technica AT-LP120 turntable. No complaints on that front, just nice vintage analogue sound.
>> No.37472  

I know this isn't really in line with the other stuff you've been downloading, but if you could source any albums by the all-female prog rock group "Ars Nova" that would be really cool.
>> No.37473  
I just recently bought a pair of Sennheiser CX-300 II. Yesterday I read on the internet that they're supposed to be really loathed in the audiophile community, but I like 'em. They're really comfy.

Not that I have a clue about sound or anything though.
>> No.37476  
I just use a couple of earbuds I found in a classroom. They have stereo, and they don't fall out, so I like them. They're about iPod standard. I sure would like a headset, though, but not a huge ugly one.

When listening at home I use my Logitech docking station, which has pretty decent speakers.
>> No.37480  
I found the following, and none are in FLAC.
>1998 - The Book Of The Dead / MP3 / 256
>1996 - The Goddess of Darkness / MP3 / 320
>1969 - Sunshine & Shadows / MP3 / 256
>1968 - Ars Nova / MP3 / 192
I'm pretty sure that the top two and the bottom two are from different groups by the same name... which ones do you want, if any?
>> No.37482  

I'll have "Book of the Dead" and "Goddess of Darkness" if that's alright.
>> No.37484  
Sorta want to get the LD MK2, but that plus a DAC would put me way over-budget, unfortunately.

Sure thing. Downloading at 2 KB/s. (゜д゜;)

>> No.37498  
Here's the torrent for Ars Nova's two albums
My upload is pretty slow, so it's probably gonna take around half a day.
>> No.37561  
File: Walnuts.jpg -(23.6 KB, 432x337) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ah sonnuvabitch, I had a very lengthy post nearly completed, but before completing the post, I decided to play some WoT. Computer crashed due to reasons I'm too lazy to dig around and find, (most likely from display driver error), and needless to say, I lost the post.

Anyways, in short, it was an initial impressions of the Xears IEMs that have arrived.

Here's the shortened version.

Sound Quality

XE200Pro Walnut (which I'll affectionately call Walnuts hereafter):
Great sound staging with the included foamies and bi-flanges. Good bass, in quality, and the quantity is just slightly more than being neutral. Sounds absolutely amazing and more than worth the $45 (they all costed $45 each) that I paid for them.

These sound warmer than the Walnuts due to the larger amount of bass; however the bass quantity is still not overwhelming and will most likely keep people looking for more-than-average quantity of bass happy. These do not sound as clear as the Walnuts, but I still do like the overall sound signature.

Revolution pure black:
These sound more analytic than the Walnuts, which sounds pretty nice overall. Nothing more to say here.

Frequency response seems to be similar to the TDIII, but the bass is more bloated. Meh

My least favourite. I bought them for the mic and the other choice was N3i, since the XE200 Pro sound so great and joker on had-fi gave them the same rating for sound quality although he does warn that they are more bass-heavy. These IEMs have too much low quality bass. Soundstaging is clearly worse than the Walnuts. These sound maybe a tiny bit better than the JVC Marshmallows about 3 or 4 years ago. A redeeming feature: the mic works well with my phone. Unfortunately, this is worthless when I Won't be able to enjoy my music with these IEMs.

Design & Build

They all have decent visual appeals except for the XSR330 which I find to be hideous with their ugly casing and cabling. Build quality wise, it's decent, but the strain reliefs don't seem quite adequate. Also, worryingly large amount of driver-flex can be heard from all of the IEMs when inserting them. Cables for the IEMs with J-cord are a bit too short for my taste, and all of the IEMs have noticeable cable microphonics.

The XSR330 were included as a gift. Total pricing for these 6x (I bought 2 extra pairs of Walnuts for my friends) pairs + 1x XSR330 (gift) cost me 188 Euro. 30 Euros each for the IEMs and 8 Euro for shipping. This is about $272 Canadian, so each IEM ended up costing ~$45 Canadian (or ~$39 if I include the XSR330 into the calculation). There wasn't any customs fees charged on top of the price (hooray).

Might upload some photos later.
>> No.37818  
Quick update.
I bought some Comply foamies and they are incredibly comfortable. The included foam tips were getting very uncomfortable for any decent length of listening, but these Comply tips seem to be great.
>> No.37904  
File: images.jpg -(3.7 KB, 225x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My sound system > your sound system

People play WoT?!
>> No.37914  
It's pretty meh, but there aren't better Tank games available, and I fucking love tanks.

Update to my expedition for high mid-fi sound: Ordered Fiio E6 which should be here within the week, and I'm pretty much set on getting the E10 as well as soon as NWAVguy releases his E10 review (provided that it measures decently).
>> No.37961  
Huzzah, the E6 gets rid of the hiss on my phone's output without noticeable degradation.
>> No.37963  
Did any of my fellow Canadian Japan enthusiasts pick up headphones during the futureshop sale? I ordered a pair of HD 558s but I'm not sure how long it'll take to get to me since they seem to be out of stock.
>> No.37993  
File: imports.JPG -(644.4 KB, 1000x1176) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Fresh from Japan! Mostly stuff from last M3, and 2 slightly older albums.

Various - Massive Circlez (Massive New Krew)
Alabaster - Deus (Monochrome & Colored Rec.)
DJ Myosuke - Unprepareness (SOLIDBOX RECORDS)
Le Dos-on - WE HAVE POWER (Splash Energy Recordings)
>> No.38005  

How much did it cost? I'm thinking of importing a couple of Dorlis albums, but I'm worried it'll cost too much to be worth it.
>> No.38017  
A lot. I had to use a deputy service for these albums which costs a bunch (cost of items+internal shipping+commission fee+international shipping.)
You should check somewhere like cdjapan.co.jp or other import shops first though. Still will probably be somewhat pricey though, international shipping is a bitch.
>> No.38026  
File: DSC02823.JPG -(708.2 KB, 1408x1056) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Oh, are we posting albums we've bought? I just got back from the store, kitakita.
>> No.38039  
File: Xears XE200Pro 04.jpg -(1194.6 KB, 1280x2880) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Photos of the Walnuts with Comply S-400 Schnozberry medium tips. Also pictured: LG Optimus One (what a shitty source) and Fiio E6.
>> No.38205  
Oh my. I've always wanted to try some proper budget recording with separate mic and an audio interface rather than using my phone (haha), but never succeeded in finding a decently reviewed >$300 combo for mic + audio interface.

After some digging around today, I came across a recommendation of CAD M179 mics and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface on REAPER forums, and these two seem to be the winners!

I found multiple stores in canada that carry the Scarlett, but since the M179 is an older product, I'm having a trouble locating one for a good price. Let's see where this leads to.
>> No.38206  
Scarlett 2i2 comes at 149 + tax and shipping and the CAD M179 is about 129 + shipping.
>> No.38207  

Before dropping $300 on an expensive recording setup, have you considered a cheaper preamp and interface? I use a $40 tube preamp and a $20 interface for all my recordings and haven't found them lacking, here's a demo I made on the /projects/ channel.


I don't mean sound patronising, since if you have the money to spend then you might as well do so, but you certainly don't need to spend $300 to get good quality recording.
>> No.38210  
Seconding this. I have a $100-$120 interface and it works fine and you can probably go much cheaper than that if your main requirement is just for it to have a mic in. I'm sure you can also get a decent mic for $100 or less.
>> No.38213  

Yep, the venerable SM57 regularly goes for around $70-80 on eBay and that's probably the most useful mic one could ever own.
>> No.38254  
I got a loop station for the guitar for my birthday. Do any of you have any advice?
>> No.38256  

Use it a lot! Playing with a loop station will really improve your timing and rhythm
>> No.38257  
Sell it to me, it's shit.
>> No.38260  
Thanks for the suggestions.

The reason that I have the CAD M179 as my prime candidate right now is because it is one of the best studio mics for the price from what I've read. It even has 3 way polar pattern switch with is rare in that range.

For the discrete preamp + cheaper interface suggestion, the reason that I chose the Scarlett is threefold. It has a very good integrated amp, it's quite new so the driver (which is the only thing that reviewers seem to have a problem with) keeps on improving and lastly it's clad in sexy red brushed metal (while keeping everything in one portable package). Getting the ART TUBE MP + an interface + the interconnect would run me around $100, and I feel that the Scarlett is worth the $50.

I guess I'll go read more about this to make a better informed decision.
>> No.38542  
File: New Headphones feat. Dusty Keyboard.jpg -(236.0 KB, 700x525) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Just picked up the HD-280 PROs, been wanting something with more balanced audio for working on music and these seem to do the trick. Oh, and they sound pretty nice too. ステマステマ
>> No.38543  
I thought those are heavier on bass with recessed mids.
>> No.38544  
Well, that's not what I've read, and it sounds right to me, but I don't really have anything to properly compare them against.
>> No.38547  
Must be my memory playing a trick on me, then. I'm glad you like your purchase!
>> No.38860  
File: 2012 - 1.jpg -(402.2 KB, 2048x1536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Okay I have a proper recording setup now!
AT2035 condenser mic and ART Tube MP USB (until the Dual Pre is in stock again).

This sounds so much better than the LG Optimus One, haha.
>> No.38877  
File: tidus_73.jpg -(151.0 KB, 1200x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My dad went through an audio equipment splurge a few years ago, so I was lucky enough to inherit a load of stuff he bought back in the 80s. Back home I used to use an amp he'd bought back in the 60s. My current setup:

Harman/Kardon PM635i - Almost pristine, but with a couple of loose connections. Everything bar the phono out works perfectly
Ditton Celestion 15s - in good nick, although probably not as good as they used to be. I don't use them a whole lot, but having them here beats letting them gather dust in an attic or flogging them for a pittance.
Sennheiser HD600 - Not inherited. I love these things so much. The first cable died, but this one's made of stronger stuff so I'm hoping it'll hold through me treading on it all the time.
>> No.39001  
File: IMAG0130 edit.jpg -(1048.9 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Little update to this. Instead of going with the ART Dual Pre, I went with Focusrite's Scarlett 2i2 which I had originally intended on going with.
It costs $100 more than the TubeMP and $40 more than the TubeMP USB where I am, and for that, I get a much cleaner sounding gain (about 6 dBs more), DAC with decent headphone out, less latency, and two inputs. I'm very happy with it.

Oh and the brushed metal finish looks downright beautiful to boot.
>> No.39003  
I hope this is on-topic.

Is it in any way a good idea to buy musical instruments online? Specifically, I'm thinking of buying a new guitar and amp, but due to... circumstances, I wish to avoid going to the store if possible.

So is it a good idea to make a purchase online without first having a feel for the wood and material, checking the tone, sustain, etc? Will reading online reviews alone be a good enough basis to make an informed decision?
>> No.39004  

I buy all my instruments online and have never had a problem. Usually I'll just check out a few youtube videos of the product I'm interested in, and look up a couple of forum threads to see if there are any outstanding quality control issues.

I'm usually very happy with my purchases, but then again I'm not particularly picky about my instruments. In a couple of years' time I plan to order myself a custom-made bass guitar and that'll be online-only as well.
>> No.39011  
If possible, I would suggest on trying out the instrument at a local store before ordering it online.
>> No.39019  
It is very important to be able to try an instrument before deciding on a purchase. Buying online is fine but only if there is a flexible return policy.
>> No.51474  

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