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406918 No.37866  
Do you think that boards that do not require registration but allow users to enter a name should discourage the usage of names?
>> No.37867  
You're asking this on a board with forced anon?
>> No.37868  
Sure, why not? It seems like a nice place to chat.
>> No.37870  
As a namefag on /jp/, wouldn't you know the answer better than us?

Anyways, keep your avatarfagging out of here.
I doubt that you chose a Tokiko image by sheer coincidence.
>> No.37871  
I think that people should only use names/trips when it's important for other people in the thread to know it's them posting, like if the OP was telling a long story or something. When people use a name/trip all the time regardless of what they're posting or which thread they're in, then that's pure attention whoring. Unfortunately, hardly anyone uses names as they should be, and the vast majority of people are tripfriends of the latter category.
Given the two options, I'll take forced anon any day.
>> No.37873  
I like the auto-ID per thread thing, where you can also suppress the ID from being displayed in your post with entering "heaven" or something in the mail/link field.
>> No.37874  
Depends on the community culture. On blog comments, it might make sense to use your name even if anonymous posting is possible. On imageboards and other places with strong anonymity, use of names should be discouraged (to encourage anonymous conversations) but not forbidden (names can be useful).

I don't like the ID thing at all. The entire point of anonymity is that you won't be judged by your previous posts. I don't want someone to reply to me with 'don't listen to his opinion on Fate/Zero, he just said he likes Shana so he has shit taste'. Even if very subtly and unconsciously, once you can clearly identify posters, you will judge their next posts by their previous posts. That's exactly what anonymous imageboards are for; you can freely speak your mind, ask the dumbest questions and make the most embarrassing confessions without anybody knowing it's you.
>> No.37876  
While I think it should be discouraged, I don't agree with forbidding its use. The name field can be used correctly, and forbidding it is like telling the users "I know you're retarded and you won't use the name field correctly so I'll disable it". But like >>37873 nowadays most people is retarded and I don't really care because I usually post anonymously.

"Heaven" is displayed in Wakaba/Kareha instead of the ID when posting with "sage" (In 2ch "???" is displayed). The ID is supposed to spot if the same person is bumping the thread.
>> No.37879  
Like the TLStatus on /jp/. He just uses the trip to make these threads, when he writes in the thread he doesn't use the trip.
>> No.37880  
Exactly, but posters like him are few and far between.

>most people is retarded
>> No.37885  
No. That's stupid. If there's a name field and tripcode functionality then moderators shouldn't be discriminating against people who take advantage of it.

If the board ownership has a problem with it they should remove the field and functionality altogether like on Bun.
>> No.37886  
People like Hong and Remi, who both contribute and swing their e-peen around are much more common than idealistic poster like TLStatus; and even those are rare compared to the average, non-contributing, shitposting Tripfag.
>> No.37890  

What are you even even trying to say? Hong and Remi dump scans and music constantly. Are you one of those people that gets bent out of shape when someone actually DOES something besides languish in anonymity and flame?

It's like you're trying to make a case that the majority of shitposting doesn't come from anonymous users... which it obviously does.
>> No.37894  
Okay, maybe that came out harsher than I meant it to be. I don't dislike Hong and Remi. I think they're a great pair of chaps; but it really is unnecessary to sport trips when posting regularly.
If they wanted that, they could've just used a normal forum.

There is a larger quantity of anonymous shitposting, sure; but the reason non-anonymous shitposting annoys me more is the outcry for attention and the attempt at building an "e-rep" of sorts. It's an incredibly retarded thing to do in a forum primarily meant to be anonymous and one of the reasons I left /jp/ altogether a year ago.
>> No.37895  
I don't disagree with you, but I don't think everyone that posts with a trip is trying to get famous.

Most /jp/ users get little to no social interaction. Posting with a trip lends a small sense of identity in a community (a term which I use loosely) of people with like minds and common interests.

Whether the angsty elite want to admit it, posting on an imageboard is a form of socialization. For some it's the only form they're comfortable with. It's a basic human need, but a lot of us have been marginalized by the normals and don't want to have anything to do with society at large.

I personally think as long as it's not overt attention-whoring like avatarfagging and self-referential buzzwords then it should be taken on a case by case basis.

Let the posts speak for the poster.
>> No.37897  
No one that is a /jp/ regular is going to use a shitty forum. Those places are terrible.
>> No.37899  
I regularly use forums.
>> No.37900  
No one. No exceptions.
>> No.37901  
Then what am I?
>> No.37906  
The Question of Names and Tripcodes

What it isn't: Should it be discouraged?

What it is: Does it contribute to the board?

Using /jp/ as an example, they currently have one active poster (VNTS) whose identification as an individual benefits the board. In contrast, how many tripfriends and namefriends are there? Since we have accepted that only one user legitimately needs to be identified, what reasons and motives do the others have? Does it contribute to the board [Note: This is rhetorical, we have established that it doesn't.]? If not, it logically follows that it should be discouraged.
>> No.37907  
>>37876 here. Sorry Mr >>37873, I meant to say "But ***AS >>37871 SAYS, *** nowadays most people is retarded"! I wasn't at home and posted in a hurry, sorry.

Not to imply anything, but I'm sure here in /bun/ posters aren't attention whores like many shitposters in /jp/ who come from other boards.
>> No.37910  
I don't think so, bro.

I'd take almost any of the tripfags on /jp/ over the random anonymous buttrangers that do nothing but aggro everyone from the safety of their parents' basements.
>> No.37912  
Have you ever heard of a false dichotomy? By the way, the Buttranger was a namefriend.
>> No.37913  
I can name 10 shitty trip/name users off of my head for just like a few trip/name users who positively contribute to /jp/.

WTH (that's AoC, right), ZUNBAR, KoJP, Satori, Tokiko, Liberty-Kun, Cudder, iLuvOP, Perinnu, Freezing, etc etc
eh... ロりあき, Kudry[...], /jp/QualityControl.

Name the name/tripfags you think are half decent.
>> No.37915  
I'm not sure that anything is gained or lost by forcing anonymity. I think that the option to post anonymously should always be available, so that someone who reads the posts responds to them based on content and not on some personality cult, should the poster choose.
I don't think there's anything intrinsically wrong with named posts.

I was one of the supporters of thread-specific IDs when this board was young. ID:Heaven is nice, so don't complain -- it lets people identify posts with one another if they so choose, but every poster can opt out, and there's no name, so nobody can cry about attention whoring.

For the record, I'm a long-time user of forums that don't require registration as well as those that do, and I'd say probably three quarters of the time when given the choice to post anonymously I do so. And I like Shana and Fate/Zero. Cry me a river.
>> No.37916  
P.S., >>37906:
A board is a place to share ideas. Don't place everything in a rigid framework of "contribution", for your own sake. This thread and your posts in it aren't adding any value to the board either!
>> No.37917  

He's inciting discourse and debate, a rather worthy cause if I don't say so myself.

Also, since this thread is already at the top of the page, it's not like he's bumping it or anything.
>> No.37918  
I have a couple responses to your comment, although it did not directly address the question. First, I shared what could be called an idea. Second, boards are places to post content or hold discussions. Limiting this to ideas is itself rigid/narrow.

Feel free to follow the original logic based on your assumptions, though. What does using a name or tripcode contribute to the board if we're sharing ideas?
>> No.37919  
Not him, but to me, it seems that you're mistaken. The one you're replying to is saying that a mere "framework of contribution" is to a narrow a scope and you should have a wider vision of sharing ideas (which includes said contribution).

I haven't had a sleep in last 24 hours though, so my mind might be going haywire.
>> No.37920  
It doesn't. Ideas have no intrinsic value.
You can't measure something like contribution in this context, that was kind of the whole point.
However, when it comes to communication, not contribution, it can sometimes be useful to link multiple messages to the same source.

But it contributes nothing. Has anything been gained here?
This is why "contribution" is not the measuring stick you should use when judging a discussion board, particularly one where people do things for fun, not to better society.
>> No.37921  
you guys are fags
>> No.37922  
Also, I find it quite ironic that this is the most active thread /general/ has had in some time.
>> No.37923  
Meta-threads most often get more replies because it's something the entire community can contribute to rather than say, the music equipment thread. Also, the nature of the meta-threads usually leads to people posting back and forth in forms of debates.
>> No.37924  
Wow, after re-reading that, I realized how horribly I worded that, but I can't be arsed to fix it.
>> No.37925  
The concept of contributing is fairly broad. Depending on your perspective even shitposting could be considered contributing, although you could more specifically call it a negative contribution. For our purposes, a contribution should be a post that is in line with the goal of a board. For simplicity's sake, I would boil the purpose of any board down to posting content since anything (e.g. replies in a discussion) could be considered content.

The argument for focusing on positive contributions is fairly easy to make, just by the nature of the idea of a positive contribution. I would be interested to hear arguments for opposite. Why shouldn't I expect contribution from others, for my sake? But we can move away from this because it again avoids the heart of the question, we shouldn't get caught up in the semantics of "contributing".

We know the potential positive effects of a tripcode or name, and I believe we understand the situations that lead to these effects. Danger of impersonation (i.e. trolls). We seem to be in agreement that only one person using a name or tripcode actually needs it. If anyone would like to argue that point, it would be best to explain why the person you have in mind needs their name or tripcode. Finally, we are all very familiar with the potential negative effects of names and tripcodes. Attention whoring. Off topic circlejerking bullshit.

Summary: by using a name or tripcode you are making an unnecessary choice which has a high potential for negative effects to our board quality and no potential for positive effects.

Question: why wouldn't we discourage that decision?
>> No.37926  
Oh, you're one of those guys. OK.

Get your shit straight before you post. Buttranger wasn't a namefriend first. Someone created the identity after the fact. It assigned a name to the type of EDGY ANONYMOUS FAGGOT that has been described already in this thread.

>wtH is AoC

Have you ever actually lurked /jp/? No.

As for the other trips you've named, you're literally just lumping every active tripcode user together when there are dramatic differences between their individual posting styles. ZUN!bar and Toriko? Huh?

Thanks for proving my point. People like you are the reason Daddy drinks.
>> No.37927  

Holy shit! Are you getting dizzy from talking in circles yet?

The last time I heard that many words say that little was during the presidential debates.
>> No.37928  
So the concept of the shittiest poster imaginable attracted the kind of person who would identify himself by using a name? I'm thrilled that you pointed that out. You're really bad at answering questions to prove your point, by the way.
>> No.37930  
Did you know that the inability to distinguish irony and sarcasm is one of the most prevailing characteristics of autism and Aspergers Syndrome?
>> No.37931  
No. Sentences that don't wrap around the reader's stomach and lead to vomiting and diarrhea are.
>> No.37932  
Did you know that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, and that being unable to effectively communicate your thoughts to others really is a symptom of disorders in the autism spectrum?
>> No.37933  
Summary: your gay
>> No.37934  
Did you know that I can tell when someone is just making stuff up because they're mad?
>> No.37935  
I want to share this, in the hope that it might put you on the path to positive changes in your life.

>What are the symptoms of autism?
>The main signs and symptoms of autism involve problems in the following areas:
>> No.37936  
>As for the other trips you've named, you're literally just lumping every active tripcode user together when there are dramatic differences between their individual posting styles.
They do have different posting styles, ranging from avatarfags and reaction image spewers to scums trying to start forced memes. Do enlighten me as to how any of the ones I mentioned are not shitposters.
>> No.37937  

I present to you my sincerest hopes that you meet with Dr. Joe as soon as possible.

>> No.37938  
So now that we've gotten that over with...

Why would anyone but a faggot use a tripcode?
>> No.37939  
This is becoming so pathetic.
>> No.37940  
Just does bad jobs on translations, bud.
Is nice and makes positive contributions to conversational topics all the time.
>Same shit. Find me a reaction image post with his name on it from the last 12 months.

Liberty-Kun and wtH just do reaction images in lieu of sagebombing bad threads. To be frank they're way easier on the eye than some of the ways troll threads have been handled in the past.

Would you really rather see Sonic fanfic spammed and homosexual kopipe when the board gets raided?
>> No.37941  
I lurk /jp/ most of the time and I don't give a shit about tripfags, I can't even name many of them.
>> No.37942  
Nice one. Epic for the get.
>> No.37943  
The fact that he even brings up Cudder singles him out as a buttranger. He must be one of those people that stalks tripfags because of secret gay.
>> No.37944  
This is the dumbest thread I've seen in /bun/, and that includes the survey heavy early months.

Everything that could be discussed on this topic has been said before, and we went at length on this when we wasted weeks with meta discussion in /ghost/. This is just a retread of the same talking points and it never changes, even as the tripfags do.

I would really like this thread to go on ignored.
>> No.37945  
A) /jp/ has terrible quality posts.
B) /jp/ has names.
C) Therefore, names cause terrible quality posts.
You can't prove something can only lead to wrong results by anecdotal evidence. What if the reason the posts are terrible is not because of the fact that they have a name, but because of the fact that the board itself is beyond redemption?

Using /jp/ as an example, they currently have only a small amount of anonymous posters that benefit the board. In contrast, how many posters are there? Since we have accepted that only a small amount of anonymous posters benefit the board, what reasons and motives do the others have? Does it contribute to the board [Note: This is rhetorical, we have established that it doesn't.]? If not, it logically follows that anonymous posting should be discouraged.

Just because certain people use something incorrectly, doesn't mean you should disable it for everybody. People will always be idiots and we can't stop them from being idiots. There's no need to disadvantage legitimate users of a function just because idiots abuse it; even without the function, idiots will be idiots in other ways. The problem with those posters is the low quality of their posts, not the fact that they have a name.
>> No.37946  
There was no inductive reasoning in >>37906. Also, I understand that you want to apply the argument to your point but it doesn't hold water. In our premise posting anonymously is the standard and using names or tripcodes is the exception. Most importantly, you can't make an assumption of how many anonymous posters contribute because they are, you know, anonymous. From there, the path of logic you have proposed falls apart. Now that I have refuted your argument, would you do the same?

Regarding stopping people from being idiots, I am fond of the phrase "locks keep honest people honest". You are correct about low quality posting being a separate problem, but that does not validate the use of identification. There is no disadvantage to being anonymous. The argument isn't "using a name or tripcode makes you a shitty poster". It is "you shouldn't needlessly use a name or tripcode no matter what kind of poster you are".
>> No.37947  
As much as certain posts in this thread are baiting it, please try to avoid /jp/ meta discussion. Thanks.
>> No.37948  
Too late, somebody told /jp/ about the thread.

Now there's a party in /bun/ and the entire ghost board is invited.
>> No.37949  
I believe that the point of anonymous boards is to discourage registration rather than to promote anonymity. A lot of people try to use Shii's essay for reasons why boards should be anonymous, but if you look at the arguments again, what he's really arguing is that boards should not force people to have registration.

Most people that use names/tripcodes aren't really that bad. And if they are, you can filter them out easily. I think that anonymity is great for general chit-chat, but I think that it becomes a problem when you want to be part of a community. Imagine what IRC or social networks would be like if they were all completely anonymous. Smaller communities like 4-ch or the Secret Area all do well with everyone being anonymous, but I really don't think it's a problem on larger imageboards (or textboards - look at 2ch, people don't give a fuck about people that use tripcodes, for the most part, and there are a lot more people that use them).
>> No.37950  
Ah, I posted my link in the link field but it seems like your software blocks it. Sorry about that.

>> No.37952  
IRC and social networks don't work with anonymity because of the way they're mechanically set up. Social networks have personal home pages as their basic organizational unit so even implementing anonymity seems impossible, and IRC is just one big room so it would be impossible to follow a conversation without handles. On the other hand, image and message boards don't blow up when you force anonymity.
>> No.37954  
Actually, I wonder if that's really true for IRC. I think it would be possible to have anonymous realtime chat if you have message IDs like on imageboards. Nobody seems to have tried making anything like that, though.
>> No.37956  
How did this thread end up getting so active and turn into a religious war?

>> No.37959  
Would a nice chat, omegle, etc. not constitute? I know you mean a chat en masse, but wouldn't that get confusing sans differentiation? How would you know which comments to reply to (in IRC you can have multiple convos going on at once, predominantly facilitated by user differentiation)? It just sounds messy, message boards are fast enough as is, I think.
>> No.37962  
Boards. Don't. Have. Goals.
Please get this through your head already.
I'm not going to read through or reply to the rest of your post because it is based on this same delusion, which clearly sparked your "contribution" mania in the first place...
Here is the heart of (your) problem. You think that everything should have or serve some kind of purpose, so you complain about everything that doesn't explicitly do so. Once you come to terms with the simple and obvious fact that this is not the case, you won't have anything to argue about. (Alternately, you might never come to terms with that, in which case you'll stick around bitching and moaning until the end of time, in which case I feel really sorry for you because your posts will probably be deleted.)
>> No.37964  
File: spoiler.png -(1.3 KB, 100x100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I didn't notice anything particularly religious in this thread, but the activity is mostly from three or four posters who apparently love to argue about /jp/ tripfiends and not the issue at hand.

I remember /prog/ doing this using a telnet client, even before omegle. Hardly a new and exciting idea.

By whose definition is this particular message board fast? If this were one of my Japanese animes, there would be lines on my face.
>> No.37966  
Boards aren't just hosted for the hell of it. The goal may be something as simple as 'allowing people to discuss otaku-related topics'. It doesn't have to be some grand purpose. Discussion in itself is generally a contribution to whatever goal an internet community has.

>I remember /prog/ doing this using a telnet client, even before omegle. Hardly a new and exciting idea.
Oh? How did it work out?
>> No.37969  
You're not being serious, right?
>> No.37970  
I'm always serious when dealing with people like you, since none of you can take a joke.

It was pretty cool but only /b/ used it.
The rest of your post makes me want to laugh, but again, you're probably not joking.
>> No.37980  
That, my friend, is the question of the century.
>> No.38022  

Read this, it's pretty much the best essay out there on BBS anonymity. If you disagree with it you're just new.
>> No.50846  

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