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File: e776cc56301111e19896123138142014_7[1].jpg -(77.4 KB, 612x612) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
79249 No.38468  
I know everyone is at /jp/ getting stuff, but we can still discuss stuff here.

Did you find something cool? Share it with us!
>> No.38469  
File: cover.jpg -(176.1 KB, 500x497) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Well, I found that Alstroemeria Record's new album Killed Dancehall to be better than Haunted Dancehall which I was really disappointed in. Syrufit's album Avidya was pretty good except for having too much wub wub wub.
>> No.38472  
File: album[1].jpg -(145.0 KB, 450x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I have barely touched on the stuff I downloaded but Floating Cloud's release was excellent, Cafe Touhou 3 was pretty good, and HARDCORE TANO*C's Bright Colors was alright I guess, the whole album is worth it for t+pazolite anyway.
Waiting warmly for Shibayan, IOSYS and flap+frog's albums. Does anyone know if Mohican Sandbag is releasing anything this Comiket?

Not that many doujinshi have been uploaded yet, but I looked through Ishikei, ReDrop and Yaya Hinata's. They were great as usual.

I haven't listened to Alstromeria's release yet, because as you said, Haunted Dancehall was really disappointing. I guess I'll give it a go.
>> No.38476  
Any hard rock/metal albums I should be looking for at the countless MF folders out there? The only thing I've recognized so far is Demetori.
>> No.38477  
I am constantly on the lookout for more non-Touhou albums. I sort of realized it's usually not very good music.

So far my C81 loot is meager. But one of these days I'll find that Magnum Opus CD.
>> No.38478  
Check out these,
[~xi-on~] 東方志奏 10th Spell -Expectation-
[IRON ATTACK!] Deamon's seal ~魔界の封印~
>> No.38481  

What genre is Café Touhou?
>> No.38485  
Jazzy stuff, you know, Café music.
And it's Cafe de Touhou. My bad.
>> No.38489  
File: 0008.jpg -(263.6 KB, 1200x1908) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Oyari Ashito released two excellent doujinshi. It's too bad the uploader fucked up, something like four pages are missing.
>> No.38494  

Café de Touhou? Mon corps est prêt!
>> No.38496  
Mind linking to it nevertheless?
>> No.38500  
Just search for it on Exhentai.
>> No.38510  
[豚乙女] 怨言神楽謌 ~ 06. 冥き途 ~
This Butaotome song hits all the right spots.
>> No.38517  
File: 23798484_p0.jpg -(269.3 KB, 568x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Still waiting for this.
>> No.38523  

Do you perchance have a link, sweet anon?
>> No.38525  
File: sad_raita_faces.jpg -(340.5 KB, 947x767) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
flap+frog's album was finally uploaded, and it was excellent, it's mostly jazz and chillout, go check it out. Cattleya 幻想写景 -妖- was also a pretty decent folk/rock/techno album. Killed Dancehall was indeed better than Haunted Dancehall, but it wasn't great or anything.
And never mind Shibayan not being uploaded yet, but IOSYS? Aren't those guys' albums almost instantly uploaded every Comiket?

Also, Raita released two doujinshi, and they were glorious.

You might want take a look at (Casket&荒御霊) Ale & Malt. I was originally just attracted to the title, but it turned out to be some really good folk/techno stuff.
>> No.38526  
File: cover.JPG -(388.1 KB, 600x596) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>> No.38557  

How does folk/rock/techno work?


Thank you~
>> No.38558  
It's mostly folk, but some of the songs have techno and/or rock elements.
>> No.38619  
File: Shingeki01_0001.jpg -(629.3 KB, 1141x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Wouldn't expect this manga to get a doujinshi, especially not one of this level of quality. Happy days.

Shibayan was, by the way, a total disappointment. It wasn't house.
>> No.38626  
File: Image0001 kopi.JPG -(4486.9 KB, 2857x2809) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The newest album from 東方アクテイブNEETs, and it's stellar. It's leagues ahead of their last album, both in groove/feel, arrangement and sound. Best of C81 so far. I wish I could buy these albums. They all work so hard on them.
>> No.38667  
proxy buyer and toranoana if your convictions are truly that strong
>> No.38703  
Until they catch you and send you a nasty letter like happened to me ;__;.
>> No.38704  

I really want to play this game but I haven't seen it uploaded. If you ever see it please post!
>> No.38707  
oh dear, what happened?
I can't imagine any reputable proxy buyer disclosing your information to toranoana or the circle themselves
>> No.38710  
And why would they send you a nasty letter? I mean, you bought it, why would they be angry at you?
>> No.38716  
If they wanted filthy foreigner money they would offer the shipping themselves.
>> No.38722  
Obviously foreigners are all criminals who are purchasing products for the sole purpose of illicit distribution on the internets.
>> No.38724  
It wasn't technically nasty I guess, just... very blunt, and to the tune of "find a real address or GTFO, we don't want our shit going outside the country". I'm not sure what tipped them off to the fact that I was using was a proxy shipper (not a proxy buyer) but I don't think it had anything to do with anyone blabbing. It is pretty obvious from the way the address is formatted, but there must be certain places that are on their blacklist and certain places that are not... because I'd been shipping to a different proxy address for a year and a half or so without issue before they got mad. I'm not entirely sure why they cut me off so sharply just for using a proxy shipper. I was actually buying original, worksafe doujinshi at the time (and had never bought anything non-worksafe from them -- don't really want Canada customs digging through that kind of stuff!)... so there's not much they could object to there, but they may just have a general policy to prevent issues a la rapelay, or perhaps copyright kerfuffles?

I would find it really funny if this were the case, because guess how I have to get my music / doujinshi / etc now! Though it was only Tora no Ana that blacklisted me.
>> No.38729  
ah, that really is disappointing to hear
I could understand if it was illicitlolimanga but that's just disheartening
>> No.38739  
Fuck Tora no Ana, I've had issues with them too (albeit minor compared to that.) Use Akibaoo, MelonBooks, D-STAGE, or any of the others, before them.
>> No.38740  

The two artists whose original stuff I was following only sold through Tora no Ana. For CD's and other stuff I have options yeah, though I've heard some people have trouble with MelonBooks.
>> No.38743  
Considering how retarded the west gets with japanese media, I can't say I blame them for not wanting it to get out there even if it's not loli rape or anything like that.
>> No.38826  
They don't want us to buy their stuff nor pirate it, right? Then how the hell are we suppose to enjoy their works, or are us gaijin not worthy of their brilliance?
>> No.38830  

More like "The west ruins everything, we want nothing to do with them if we can help it"
>> No.38883  
You can't, because you're a spy for an evangelical-feminist imperialist shadow organization.
>> No.38886  
I'm guessing Zun sheds a tear each time he sees a shitty western Touhou cosplayer.
>> No.38914  

Sounds sweet, where can I join?
>> No.38934  
maybe it's a drinking game for him
>> No.38966  
But he's still alive.
>> No.50625  

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