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Can we have a thread where we discuss our waifus? What makes them special, how long we've felt love for them and where they are from? I'm interested in what kind of girls /bun/ likes.

(I hope these kinds of threads are allowed here. Apologies if they are not!)
>> No.38597  
I'd rather not. What is between us is our concern alone, and I don't want to hear about what other Anons think of theirs.
>> No.38603  
Well you wouldn't have to partake in the thread if you didn't want to anon.
>> No.38605  
I could go without reading about why some delusional fool thinks he deserves to be with my waifu instead of me.
>> No.38608  
All I'm saying is to talk about what makes them special, or even what kind of girls you like! No need to fight or anything!
>> No.38609  
I don't want to meet the man who wouldn't fight for his waifu.
>> No.38618  
I would, if I had a waifu. But unfortunately I'm incapable of loving.
>> No.38648  
She's a cartoon, not your wife.
>> No.38652  
>I tend to be pulled towards characters that would realistically be out of my league.
I would say that this is pretty much all 2D characters, though I hear where you are coming from.
>> No.38833  
File: 125.jpg -(287.6 KB, 800x837) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
She's an unnamed bird-reading youkai. She's intelligent, cute, and a sweetheart to boot. I've loved her for a while now. She's from Touhou Project, the book Curiosities of Lotus Asia. Some call her Tokiko.
>> No.38919  
Discuss waifus or go home.
>> No.38922  
Preferably just go home
>> No.38928  
I spent a decent bit of time working out how to accurately communicate my preferences. Oh well.
>> No.38930  
What happened to the old /bun/ where we posted without fear and worked together to make the world a better place?
>> No.38931  
Are you saying that we should welcome people like >>38833? I'm sure we all know who he is and that he's not the type of person we want around here.
>> No.38938  
Aww shit, I'm sorry, man. You got caught in the crossfire, so to speak. I feel really bad now, I could remake your post if you'd like, no way of restoring it though.
>> No.38940  
Well obviously we should, the post is still here for a reason. If we all know then is it really even a problem?
>> No.38967  
It moved to >>>/photos/.

Yes. He's the kind of person who only tries to shitpost to get attention. If you don't pay attention to shitposters, they'll eventually grow tired of it. I know from IRC he can act like a reasonable person in a discussion.

Anybody is welcome here, as long as they leave their bad habits at the door.
>> No.39692  
I don't fully understand the concept of favorite bishoujo. Do you guys imagine and project yourselves interacting with them? I mean, I have a favorite 2d girl too, but I don't insert myself into any fantasies regarding her or anything like that. That just seems... silly, somehow.
>> No.39701  
I'd love to become a little girl and have a chat over a cup of tea with my favourite 2D girls.
>> No.39702  

>> No.39703  
Wait, did posts here get deleted?
I think deleting posts is harmful to a community unless said posts are spam or harmful themselves!
>> No.39704  
They weren't discussing favorite bishoujos, so they went home.

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