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File: MuvLuv-Alt-Salute.jpg -(130.6 KB, 758x1328) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
133758 No.39514  
【Gen. Radhabinod】 「Our best efforts, truly all of our resolve has been in vain. Countless lives and valuable pieces of equipment have been lost.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「However... look around you.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「Look at your comrades by your side. Look at the passion still burning bright in their eyes despite our predicament.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「What is it that drives us on? What makes us rise back up when our whole bodies are battered and bruised--?」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「It is the fact that devoting our whole bodies and souls to fighting despair is the duty given to those of still alive, and the fact that doing so is the one nad only way to honor those who have given their lives for humanity's victory.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「Listen to the voices of those sleeping in the Earth.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「Listen to the voices of those who met their end in the sea.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「Listen to the voices of those lost to the sky.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「...the time has come for their dying wish to be made a reality.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「Young soldiers are about to set off on a journey.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「They will carry on their backs the wishes of us, and of those long gone, as they depart to face the enemy alone and without backup.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「Whether history chooses to glorify them or not... we will remember them.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「We will carve into our hearts the noble deeds of those who are not permitted to reveal even their names.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「...young ones.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「Do not forgive us for being unable to teach you anything but fighting.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「Do not forgive our inability to avoid sending you onto the battlefield.」

【Gen. Radhabinod】 「...I pray that your act of bravery will form the cornerstone of a world where we no longer send such young men and women into battle.」
>> No.39515  
File: kirakira-end.jpg -(42.4 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
If you ever have a chance to go listen to a live rock concert in a rock cafe, I would like you to not hesitate and go.

You may be surprised.

You might feel uncomfortable and scared to be in a dark crowded place.

You will be lucky if the band on the stage is a friendly and high quality band.

If you go without researching, you might come across a band with a weird outfit, playing music that is too loud so that you can't even tell whether it's a song or just noise.
You may not even know if his shouting voice is singing or screaming.
More than anything, you may not understand why other audiences are going crazy over this strange band.

You might feel that the people on the stage and the people listening to them are insane. That those people must have lost their mind.
If you feel that way, then you are right.

Their only income is through their part time job. They eat instant noodles in a room without air conditioner.
They practice their instruments in their underwear, sweating profusely, and some of them even pay to get on the stage. There, they perform music that most people would want to cover their ears from.
Not everyone is like that, but some of them are.
This place must be crazy.

So you may be surprised in the beginning, but please don't just go home.
Don't stare at them with a serious face. I want you to look at their strange act with joy and laughter.
That's one way to enjoy it.

We are in the cream of the show now.
Aki is talking to the audience.
I am full of sweat, and rubbing my hands on my shirt so my fingers won't slip.
The special microphone I got for tonight is shining under the light in front of me.


The concert is full of emotion. How should I put this in words? It's a lot of different emotions.
It's like every feeling coming together and becoming one shiny golden emotion.
I can feel them filling up my body once I start performing, but where do these emotions come from? I can't believe I had something so shiny inside of me.

I keep thinking that there is a dam of emotion somewhere in the world, and it transfers emotion to people's heart through a pipeline.
I feel I want to show this emotion as much as I can, while I'm on the stage.

But this story is ending soon.
This live performance tonight is not over yet, but I would like to say goodbye to you for now.

I spoke for a long time, but I'm surprised how time flies.
I hope you feel the same way too.
Everyone is working hard.
I hope it's fun.

Well, this is the last scene.

Aki tells the audience that we are performing our new song, and then she looks at me.
I take my microphone stand and step forward.


I make my determination in my heart and get closer to the microphone.
The microphone is tilted down, so I grab it to adjust the angle.
I'm trying to do this as calmly as I can.
The cold sensation of metal and the rough texture of the burnt microphone give tension to my back.
I squint from the bright stage light.

I try to open my eyes wider but I still can't see the audience's face because of the brightness.
So I think I'll look at them with the eyes in my heart.
That girl standing there is so pretty. I can see her through my heart.

Let me make an introduction.
This is the beginning of the last song in this story.
So many things have happened.
We cried and laughed through good things and bad things.
Do you remember?
I don't really remember.
I forgot because I'm not very smart.
But I clearly remember that I'm on this stage now to perform.
That's enough for me.
The song I'm going to present to you is dedicated to your tomorrow, and my tomorrow. It's a Song of KiraKira.
Please enjoy.

I will play with all I've got.

With all my love, to this fucking world.
>> No.39525  
File: MajiKoi 01 - please, meat in my mouth!.png -(896.2 KB, 816x638) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You (guys) are awesome. Thanks for reminding me of these amazing lines. I should start writing down those great lines that I come across in VNs. I remember there being many of those in the VNs that I lately read, but I didn't note them. Here, have a Wanko instead.
>> No.39528  
I think what makes these especially memorable is the songs that goes with them. It's always been the biggest draw of VNs for me.
>> No.45193  
File: meiya.png -(294.5 KB, 821x382) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I can't remember the quotes or find them but Meiya said some touching words at end of MLA.
>> No.45198  
Her lewdness is a great nightmare.

Her anus is defenseless.

It contracts every time I move, looking like a second reproductive opening.

Tohsaka's anus.

The dirtiest part of her is right in front of me.

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