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89890 No.39530  
Do anyone of you still play touhou frequently?

I play it every 4 months. Like beat'em-ups it gets pretty boring after 2-3 hours.
>> No.39531  
Good thing they're only about half an hour long.
>> No.39533  
I still play Soku whenever I reach the Ballmer's peak of Videogames.
>> No.39546  
I do and I dont. Generally I just play it till the end then do something else.
>> No.39547  
IaMP yes (just about daily); Hisoutensoku occasionally; the shooters, rarely.
>> No.39551  
Oh yeah, I do still play alot of the Fighters from time to time.
>> No.39573  
I'm surprised that so many like these touhou fighters. I wanted to learn how to play it once, but these "cards" were pretty annoying.
Instead i'm a huge fan of the photo games now.
>> No.39574  
i try to play it again, but between jagged alliance : BIA, and my japanese lesson i don't have the time to play it
>> No.39581  
Currently trying to 1CC UFO. But I'm not really enthusiastic about it. Playing like one run every other day.
>> No.39582  
Yeah Im kinda like that, as in just do a run or 2 then stop. Im not that great at just playing it over and over.
>> No.39590  
I haven't played a Touhou game in several months now. Dunno why, they just don't give me the same satisfaction as before. Maybe it's because of what the OP said, it gets dull after awhile.

Yeah, me too. Those were the only ones I actually enjoyed playing right before I stopped playing altogether.

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