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File: 1324449586004.png -(391.2 KB, 630x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
400638 No.40133  


Holy Shiiiiit.

This game is going to be the supreme lord of all RPGs.

GOTYAY forevermore until actual immersion VR develops.
>> No.40134  
Can you be the little girl.
>> No.40135  
Can you post in the thread that's already up.
>> No.40137  
That looks really sweet actually, kind of what I wanted from Skyrim, but didn't get. Too bad I don't have a 360 or PS3... ;_;

It's not like he's breaking the rules or hurting anyone by making a separate thread.
>> No.40140  
No PC version don't care
>> No.40141  
It wasn't on the front page.I'm too tired to pour through all the pages looking for a video game general.
Yeah, although Skyrim had lots of content.The main problem I had with it besides the bugs was the fact that you could join questlines that should have been antagonistic to each other i.e. The Dark Brotherhood and the Companions.Also liberalism,liberalism everywhere.
Maybe if you white knight /g/ a little more they'll suck your dick.
>> No.40146  
No, the main problem with skyrim was that it plain sucked. The quests were boring and repetitive, the dungeons were linear, repetitive and mostly unimpressive, the combat was about as deep as a counter strike knife fight, the interface blew so fucking much my brain hurt, the level scaling was retarded, etc, etc.

Bad game.
>> No.40147  
File: 6161eb4f613065e1aa462661fb40ee10.jpg -(89.7 KB, 472x472) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Guys, please calm down and stop swearing and quarreling so much!
>> No.40151  
Well, I don't give that much of a crap about the whole "lore-friendly" business, most of my time with Skyrim was spent playing as a bloody loli running around in a swimsuit. The things that excites me most about Dragon's Dogma is gameplay that actually seems fun and forces you to use your brain instead of letting you hide behind a rock and spam firebolts/arrows. The day/night system also seems very interesting, it could make for great atmosphere and immersion, which Skyrim also severly lacked, in my opinion. The game looks pretty bland though, hopefully the setting's not orcs 'n elves bullshit. I always liked how Japanese fantasy isn't (or at least in a much lower degree) tied down to the whole Tolkien thing everything in the West is.
Still, no plans for a PC port has been announced yet. I'm not exactly holding my breath over here.
Also, please take it easy.

Tell me about it. Most of my friends think Skyrim's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and so does the internet too, apparently. I can honestly not see the appeal in the game and I have no clue why it's being so fucking lauded by everyone. Glad to see I'm not the only one.
>> No.40158  
I only started playing skyrim once I could be a loli. It's really boring most of the time but there are flashes of fun if you look for them. Earlier I was wandering towards a mountain for some quest or something (I don't pay attention) and came across a beautiful little lake with a waterfall. Thinking my loli had been through a lot of hiking and fighting, I took off all my clothes and took a refreshing bath in it. Coming up from the water after collecting fish eggs I found (which was weird because there was no fish anywhere), I saw a man staring at me. Before I could exit the water and murder his pervert ass he was mauled by a sabertooth tiger.

It probably really says something about skyrim that one of my favorite moments so far was something that had almost nothing to do with actual gameplay. I also really enjoy looking at the pretty auroras at night ( ´∀`)
>> No.40165  
>The day/night system also seems very interesting, it could make for great atmosphere and immersion, which Skyrim also severly lacked, in my opinion.
Wait, I haven't played Skyrim, but it didn't have day/night differences? Even the original Gothic (2001) had days/nights with character and creature behavior affected by it (actually, characters have complete routines depending on the time of day).
>> No.40168  
There's a day/night cycle in Skyrim, but I didn't notice any big changes to gameplay during the night. It just gets sort of dark, and you can wait it out by pressing a button if you prefer playing in daylight. Of course, som NPCs might move differently depending on the time, and there might be some different monsters running around at night, it hardly calls for a drastic change in your playstyle though.
If you just forget that it was an overall shitty game for a moment, Simon's Quest did the whole day/night thing really well (disregarding the stupid prompt). Everything suddenly becomes really dangerous, and you really didn't want to be caught outside at night with low health. When Skyrim gives you the ability to fast-forward the night with a button press, all of that sense of danger is effectively removed. Ocarina of Time would also let you do that, but at least you had to actually earn that ability first.
I think Dragon's Dogma is on the right track by making the night scary and dangerous again.
>> No.40173  
File: 1329993740939.gif -(679.0 KB, 480x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.40175  
Maybe it's just because I have realistic lighting, but I notice a pretty big difference between night and day. Also night is aurora time
>> No.40214  

You have no idea what you are talking about.

Skyrim is by far one of the greatest RPGs ever released. It got dragons, epic orchestrated soundtrack, fantastic level/perk design, and a never ending amount of quests.

You can also choose between many different combat strategies like sneaking, magic or brute strenght. On top of all of this you also got the fucking biggest land I have seen in an RPG since Morrowind.

Conclusion: Skyrim is best and those who do not agree have bad taste in video games.
>> No.40215  
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.
>> No.40216  
It was too homogenous.
You never got a quest that felt "oh wow I didn't expect the game to take this tone at all". It was very much snow, misery and GRIMDARK compared to oblivion.
I have enough of that already, I live in canadia.
>> No.40217  
I have to say, you have really disappointed me. I hadn't really heard of the game until I watched the video there, and then after I watched the video, I decided I wanted this game and was ready to go buy it.

But it's not out till May :/
>> No.40219  
My favorite part of skyrim was how enemies still had alert dialogue when you sneak killed them, so you would have people say things like "im gonna make you regret coming here!" as they fall to the ground dead with a severed windpipe
>> No.40224  
>> No.40234  
This game just seems better and better.
>> No.40813  
Not really sure how I missed hearing jack doodly squat about Dragon's Dogma before reading OP's post but I'm actually pretty excited for this game. Looks like a fucking top tier time sink.
>> No.40868  
You can make a small character but don't know how little girl it's going to look like.
>> No.40876  
Little enough.

Personally, I will have to put this on hold. Hopefully, kicking the shit out of the chimera and the griffon in the demo some more will keep me satisfied.
>> No.40879  
Wow, that character generator looks great. I wish Skyrim would've had something like that in vanilla.
Still no news of a PC version, so I guess there's nothing to but to lubricate myself with some patience.
>> No.41039  
So I take it everyone's too busy playing this now it's out, right?
Just fought my first Cockatrice last night, fuck that shit.
>> No.41100  
I played the demo and it sucked, so I didn't buy it.
>> No.41151  
Apparently the demo gives a completely different experience from the main game.

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