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File: gamin and droolin.jpg -(175.2 KB, 1000x699) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
179414 No.43611  
The old thread is on autosage
>> No.43612  
The Wii U is out. Please, hold your applause
>> No.43616  

No games. Shitty launch.
>> No.43617  
In what world does twenty-six games = "No games"?
>> No.43620  
Well I think the Wii U looks pretty shitty. I've never really bought into the whole "move your arms around" type gaming thing though. Hopefully you can emulate it like with the Wii so I can play the handful of decent games that might come out.
>> No.43621  
Which consoles do you think had a stellar launch?
>> No.43622  
There doesn't seem to be much of that at all this time, though, not sure where you're getting that from.
>> No.43626  

I was under the impression that the Wii U was just the Wii + new controller. Personally, I don't think I would enjoy looking back and forth between the controller and screen, let alone having to point it in any specific direction. Even if there's not a lot of this now, I guess I expect them to release games that focus on the controller.
>> No.43631  

don't worry friend, they also have a real game controller that is TOTALLY not an xbox controller.
>> No.43632  
They admitted to stealing the design, though, and if it works, why shouldn't they?
>> No.43633  

Well assuming anything I like comes out that uses the stupid thing I'll probably end up having to buy a single Wii U controller to use with dolphin. I'll keep using a sixaxis instead of whatever gamepad they come out with though. I'm sure I'd be more inclined to buy a Wii U if I had anyone to play it with besides my 4 year old brother.
>> No.43634  
I may buy a wii u for animal crossing and the marios one day, but other than that I'm not really interested in the next-gen
>> No.43636  
You could just get a 3DS for that, though.
>> No.43637  

the wii u animal crossing is going to be an upgraded 3DS version anyway, and I hate playing on portables
>> No.43644  
This is pretty cool

I especially like the fight at the end.
>> No.43645  

That does look pretty cool, I hope it gets funded
>> No.43670  
The apparent inability of all these newfangled consoles and handhelds to connect to the net via ad hoc networks is annoying. I'm not the most tech savvy person around, so has anyone got any recommendations for what cheap and reliable wifi enabling doodad I should get to solve my woes?
>> No.43672  

Your post is far too technical for me to understand, but whenever I need help with computers or video games I turn to the geniuses at the apple store for answers.
>> No.43678  

you son of a bitch!!
>> No.43691  
The most reliable method is to get one of the old Linksys WRT54G models (or a similar, newer model if you want larger bandwidth) and install DD-WRT on it. They can be had for ~$10-$20 online, and DD-WRT is pretty much the best thing ever when it comes to wireless devices.
>> No.43713  
GUYS, I'M IN TROUBLE! Or not. I'm not sure.

Ok, so some French mook on eBay is selling a Vita for half the retail price, and even though I was going to wait for a slim version or whatever, this is dirt cheap, and it contains two games I want and a big-ass memory card. I think it's too good to be true, but the guy has 36 positive reviews, 3 neutral and 0 bad. Legit? Also, does not have self-taken picture of product, which always scares me. I really want it, but what if he swindles me? And do I really need a Vita?

tl;dr ridiculously cheap Vita with 32GB card and two games for half-price. What say Vita owners?
>> No.43716  

As a vita owner I'd say I'd be pissed to play on one that's scratched to shit since the screen is so nice. The project diva game is gonna cost you like $70 anyway so if you don't have money to burn the vita might not be for you. Also, I don't think you should trust the french.
>> No.43717  
The description of "used" says "some superficial marks of usage(...)", and the guy says it's barely been used, and in perfect condition.

Also, he lives an hour away from me, so I can just take the train there and beat him with a frog's leg until his name is Billy.
>> No.43718  
Also, I have work, so I have some money to burn.

How is it to read hentai and listen to music and watching anime?
>> No.43719  
Try to check his previous listings. If they were all small things, it is possible that he's trying to scam. Also, if the price of the items were also cheap, it could be how he likes to sell things (quickly, for a bit lower price).
>> No.43720  
Some smart phones for about €200 each, a 3DS + 5 games for €200, iPhone 4 for €300. Everyone says it's perfect and quick, so he looks all right. The auction is still up for 6 days and 3 hours, so I'm worried the price will get too high (though I'll probably save some in the end, anyway).
>> No.43721  
It says "returns refused". Is that normal for smaller sellers?
>> No.43723  
>watching anime

>> No.43726  

I've only used my vita for playing games so far since I only have a 4gb card. It's probably as good as the psp for all the other shit but who doesn't already have other devices for those functions.

Just buy it off him and pawn it off on some other jerk if it's in bad condition.
>> No.43728  
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It's easy enough to get fake (paid) reviews, so 30-something positive ones hardly indicate reliability.

Personally, I wouldn't take the chance. Black Friday bundles were your best chance to get a Vita for a decent price. Now you'd be better off waiting until late 2013, when the memory cards (hopefully) drop in price.

Heck, I've used my PSP to watch animé (it's not too bad). Of course, animé looks better on the Vita than PSP because of its larger screen, but my 8GB memcard is running low on space so I'll stick to watching animé on computer.

Yeah, the Vita is alright for watching animé and listening to music ever since the update that provided button functionality to the UI (prior to that the music player was basically garbage). Dunno about viewing hentai since I never tried that, but the 5" screen should be sufficient.
>> No.43731  
I bought a Vita the other day. I'm pretty impressed by it, especially the sound quality. Kinda feel like I should be wearing gloves while using it to avoid smudging the screen, though. Now if only my copies of P4G and VLR would arrive.
>> No.43733  
Um, is it an auction without 'buy now' option? Because if so, with 6+ days left, that means it was just recently listed and will go way up in price as people actually start bidding (and especially near the end of the auction). I always filter my eBay searches to 'buy now' only because the listed price in a normal auction is meaningless.
>> No.43734  
Do you never buy anything through auctions? They usually end up cheaper than Buy Now prices.
>> No.43736  
Yes, they will end up cheaper than 'buy now' prices, but I don't know how 'cheap' that will be. If a product is too expensive, I won't buy it even if I'm getting it cheaper than if I'd buy it through 'buy now'. In addition to this uncertainty, it also takes longer for you to get the product after expressing willingness to pay for it.
>> No.43740  
It's at €186 now (still under Vita RRP), but after some calculations, I found out that buying all the parts individually (and used) will set me back a cool £275/€290, so it's still worth it for a while (5d12h left, someone must give). If there were a buy now I'd take it, but there isn't. I sent a picture to the seller asking for a photo, but have gotten no response.

It's just me and two other guys occasionally increasing by a euro each, and they might be in cahoots with the seller, as one guy has only bid on this. The other has bid on several consoles the last week, though, so who knows...

But I don't have black friday in my country, and Amazon didn't have any deals I liked (why would I want Assassin's Creed?)
>> No.43745  
When searching (and probably also browsing), results are sorted by time left unless you manually sort them otherwise. Most people won't notice the item until it gets closer to the auction end date.
>> No.43753  
Aw shit, now I'm getting nervous. I'll just wait two days, then go back and see what it's like.
>> No.43762  
Konjak released another Iconoclasts alpha. It's damn fun, and very ambitious for a one-man project. It'll probably take ages before it's finished.
I wish he'd make a kickstarter and contract some people to help him or something.

>> No.43797  
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (Vita version) is fun, it's pretty much SSB Sony as expected but it works pretty well and some of the characters are fun to use like Raiden. My biggest complaint about is how you can only defeat enemies by using super moves and even ring outs don't count as a kill I remember hearing that it was that way about a year ago and had hoped they had changed it but they left it that way.
>> No.43800  
What is a good gamepad to play Ys: The Oath in Felghana with? I hear that the game feels like a chore if you use the keyboard.
>> No.43810  
File: teleglitch.jpg -(25.2 KB, 779x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
So, yesterday Teleglitch came out of nowhere and I've been playing it since.
I don't remember having so much fun shooting monsters in the face since Doom, even though this is a top-down shooter.
>> No.43811  

any joypad will work fine for Ys, so I'd recommend a cheap logitech joypad that has an actual d-pad and an analog stick (not a shitbox 360 controller). Amazon will generally have some good deals for these.

and use either the d-pad or stick, depending on your personal preference as Ys can work with either.
>> No.43812  

Is it worth the dough?
>> No.43813  
I just checked their website, and this was the first thing I saw:

>Teleglitch is a roguelike top-down shooter with pixel graphics.

Argh. I can't say anything about the quality of the game, but I wish people would stop abusing that term.
>> No.43814  
But, but, it features some random generation and has a death penalty, so it's a real roguelike like Spelunky and stuff!
>> No.43815  
Hear, hear.
>> No.43816  
I paid $15 from amazon for the one I use. 5 years ago. still works just fine, though admittedly I don't use it heavily, mainly for espx/pcsx2 stuff and the very occasional meltyblood.
The F310 would be the newest version of the controller and have my recommendation. Sadly, this new version had it's numbered button system replaced with the shitbox 360 scheme, after which Amazon promptly went and scalped the rest of their stock of the discontinued, "depreciated" dual action gamepads.
>> No.43817  
I say wait for it go on sale, it's alright but not worth the $40(or $60 if you get the PS3 version which comes with the Vita version).
>> No.43820  

If I got it it'd probably cost either $60 or $100, so I'll just wait. Thank you!
>> No.43821  
File: TECHNOLOGY!.jpg -(229.6 KB, 1680x1050) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I don't know why I even bother looking forward to things anymore.
>> No.43822  
File: More Plot Twists Than Phoenix Wright - The Game.png -(329.2 KB, 496x530) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Just finished Ghost Trick. Holy shit, the story is amazing...why don't people talk about this game more often? After playing the start of the game I'd dismissed it as just a fun puzzle game and not being anywhere close to the Ace Attorney series, but I resumed playing it two days ago, and the story suddenly got miles and miles better, far better than any part of any Ace Attorney game.
>> No.43823  

Well it's been out for a while hasn't it? After all I heard about it from the other video game thread here, and who knows how long ago that was.

But yeah I enjoyed it. There's probably a few more good DS games that I've overlooked too. It's a shame my DS broke and I'm holding out for a 3DS revision or something.
>> No.43830  
Be sure to vote for best game of the decade! Personally I think Wii Sports is gonna be tough to beat

>> No.43833  
File: Zero Escape Vol. 2_ Virtue's Last Reward.jpg -(57.4 KB, 960x544) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
They must of had a lot fun playing this character.
>> No.43837  
I asked someone if I could get Virtue's Last Reward without playing 999. No. Could I watch a Youtube playthrough? No. Could I emulate it? No. Seems I'll have to steal a DS and the game.

I don't even know why I want VLR, I don't really like puzzles.
>> No.43838  
You CAN emulate it, actually. It's how jones played it, and you know he wouldn't shell out a shilling for a DS.
>> No.43839  
File: clover.jpg -(22.1 KB, 80x80) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
VLR requires either a 3DS or a Vita to play, you can't play it on a DS. 999 is for DS (and can be emulated).
>> No.43840  
File: Even video game critics say this is better than 4 out of 10 games from that list.jpg -(52.5 KB, 219x262) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Only triple A games? Even with the huge rise of popularity of indie games? Terraria has 83.92% on GameRankings, Super Meat Boy has 90.41%, Braid has 92.06%, and the list goes on. Lots of indie games have achieved critical acclaim over the last ten years, and not a single on is featured in a 'best games of the decade' poll?
>> No.43841  

also every grand theft auto game from vice city has been released in the last 10 years. Apparently Wii Sports is more worthy than being on that list than San Andreas
>> No.43842  
I know that, brah
>> No.43845  
There's really no point, since all these polls ever boil down to is which games have the broadest appeal. If only game criticism wasn't such a corporatized mess, then maybe we'd get some Ebert-like figures to tell us what their favorite games are and not have to deal with this democratic shit.
>> No.43846  
Hah, yeah, I remember a local paper doing a reader poll where people could vote on their favourite game of the previous decade.
The top ten ended up having WoW as number one and something like three Call of Duty games in it.
>> No.43847  
Wii Sports isn't even a videogame what.
"Indie games" is such a disgusting term.
None of those you listed deserve to be anywhere near the top 10 of the last decade regardless.
>> No.43848  

>Wii Sports isn't even a videogame what.

actually, it's one of the top videogames of the decade. obviously
>> No.43849  

It got my vote.
>> No.43850  

mine too. I seriously hope it wins
>> No.43852  
While I understand your 'casuals are invading my video games!' mindset, Wii Sports as much a game as Call of Duty, Super Mario World, Minecraft or Angry Birds. It may not appeal to you, but it's clearly a game (tennis/bowling/golf/baseball/boxing in this case) in digital form, meant for entertainment.

Besides, if you'd be willing to drop your prejudices, you'll find that Wii Sports can be an interesting and challenging game. I especially like the tennis 'wall practice' training mode. Getting platinum medals in Wii Sports is just as much of a challenge as, say, clearing Super Meat Boy. (I'm not kidding; I completed Super Meat Boy's light world without too much effort, but I have only 1 of 15 platinum medals in Wii Sports.)
>> No.43854  

Wow, a game is actually harder than THE Super Meat Boy? Well now I have to take Wii Sports seriously.
>> No.43857  
Why do people say stuff like Super Meat Boy, Fez and VVVVVV is hard. I mean, you have unlimited lives and there's a checkpoint every three seconds, they're easy as shit.
It's kinda annoying.
>> No.43858  

I'm pretty sure they're hard by default because they're indie games with retro graphics and sound.
>> No.43867  
Are you being ironic, because it doesn't sound like it, but I think you are.
>> No.43869  

I haven't taken part in this discussion so far, but I fucking love Wii Sports, it's so much fun.
>> No.43874  

Well yeah. The people who say those games are hard are probably jerks that haven't even beaten a single NES game. They probably think touhou games are hard too.
>> No.43877  
Hipsterness is reaching critical levels in this thread.
I bet you guys haven't even completed a single roguelike.
>> No.43880  

Yeah because if you don't like Wii Sports or Fez you're a hipster.
>> No.43881  
Hi, I'm Anonymous, and I like to play video games because they are fun!
>> No.43882  
I really hate video games, yet I donate a lot of my time to talking about them and thinking about them. My very existence is painful
>> No.43883  
Please don't assume. I have no mindset; there's no "prejudices"; I didn't say I disliked it. I legitimately meant it was not a videogame, but I'm sorry guess I should've said barely one. Wii Sports being a videogame begins and ends with it just having interactivity. Even by your own logic a boardgame port like monopoly is more of a videogame than Wii Sports (and it is).
Just having gimmicky input for something so bare minimum doesn't make something a videogame. It might be interactive and fun, and maybe even just barely a videogame but certainly no where close to one of the best of the last decade.

I really have trouble taking you seriously when you use super meat boy to substantiate how much of a challenge Wii Sports is.
>> No.43886  

Hey that's what I tried to say. Only more ironically and hipsterish apparently.
>> No.43888  
I have some very serious opinions on video games, let me tell you
>> No.43889  
So I really want to play the Atelier games. Which one should I start with?
>> No.43894  
Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

The title may not imply it, but it's part of the Atelier series.
>> No.43901  
i dont understand what the heck steam's big picture thing is supposed to be for. its a harder to navigate steam client, and it takes up the whole screen instead of a resizable window. thanks valve
>> No.43902  

I think it's supposed to be for your TV or something. I think you're also supposed to use a controller to navigate.
>> No.43903  

but why
>> No.43904  

Because your hardcore gaming rig with the blue led fans and anime decals doesn't match the living room decor.
>> No.43907  

it does
>> No.43910  

I'm not >>43889, but which of the current-gen ones would you recommend? I'd also like to start playing this series.
>> No.43913  
Playing 2nd SRW OGs makes me want a D remake for Vita even more.
>> No.43919  
Apparently they added the ability to ride on top of moving cars in APB and that sounds awesome (before you just sort of slid off ). I dunno if I wanna reinstall that terrible, terrible game just for the opportunity to dance and fart on whining childrens' virtual cars though
>> No.43920  
I haven't played any of the PS3 Atelier games, but from what I've heard it appears that Atelier Totori is liked the most in the Arland series.
>> No.43923  
Thanks for linking that, now I really need to get a PS3. This sprite work is ridiculous. When DaiRaiOh appears in the next OG, Jinrai in HD is going to be fucking insane.

>> No.43924  

Really? My understanding was that Meruru was an improvement on the 2nd one. I've only played the 1st one for about an hour though so I can't really judge the ps3 series either. All I can say is I found that brief time I spent playing the game more tedious than fun.
>> No.43925  
File: 1325272960706.jpg -(405.8 KB, 525x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The first game is incredibly tedious compared to the other two as it was Gust's debut on next Gen and they were experimenting a lot. Rorona feels kind of like Totori Beta. Currently playing Meruru and I can say that it's better than Totori in combat, music, and synthesis, but I enjoyed the character interactions in Totori much more. The biggest problem with Rorona, in my opinion, was that they made quests a chore. They didn't feel that way in Totori or Meruru which is good. As for the fan base, I feel that they also praise Totori the most.

If you want to play them all start with Rorona and work your way backwards, but that might compromise you actually finishing the series if you dislike it enough. For the most polished gameplay go with Meruru and then Totori, although it might be impossible to go back to Rorona after those.
>> No.43930  

Not the guy you're responding to, but are the PS3 games a trilogy following the same story? Is it possible to just go Totori -> Meruru? I think I just want to play a JRPG with cute girls, but if the story's already well established, I wouldn't want to start in the middle.
>> No.43933  
File: 1325771275006.jpg -(758.2 KB, 850x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Each game has it's own story, but many characters cross over into other games. For example, in Atelier Totori you get Rorona and Sterk as party members, both of which were central to Atelier Rorona. Skipping won't detract from the story but you will miss out on some stuff that the people who played Rorona will notice, for instance the running joke of what homunculus are made of.

I'd say go for Totori if you want, you really don't miss much. Just read up on the character bios for Gio , Sterk, and Astrid. You should be set with those as they're really the only big recurring ones aside from main characters (Gio's masked shenanigans in Atelier Meruru are priceless).
>> No.43934  
Poor Rorona. I liked her game more than Totori's.
>> No.43936  
What I like about Arland series, gameplay wise, is that messing with Alchemy system can be really rewarding, even game-breaking so.
>> No.43949  

Is the alchemy (which I have no idea how works) very important? I realised that the reason I'm crap at RPGs is because I'm horrendous at equipment managing, stats, micromanagement and all that. All that Persona-fusing/alchemy-mixing/item-levelling? Pui! Pokémon got it right.
>> No.43950  
File: woto.jpg -(83.4 KB, 1007x618) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Is the alchemy (which I have no idea how works) very important?

That's like asking if guns are important in an FPS. Alchemy is the heart and soul of the gameplay, and you won't get far without it. It's easy enough to use and understand though.

In other news, War for the Overworld sounds goddamn amazing.
>> No.43951  
>All that Persona-fusing/alchemy-mixing/item-levelling? Pui! Pokémon got it right.
I bet you're the kind of person who Rare Candied his Pokemon to level 100 (ending up with significantly weaker Pokemon than true level 100s), didn't breed his Pokemon and had a moveset consisting only of direct attack moves.
>> No.43952  
>(ending up with significantly weaker Pokemon than true level 100s)
Not if he infinite vitamin cheated too.
>> No.43953  
File: Scan0173.JPG -(1216.5 KB, 2477x3500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I prefer the missing no. way of getting a level 552 rapidash, but then again, that's not entirely "fair" to the poor bastard you 1-shot with stomp, regardless of whether or not it isn't very effective.


while the alchemy IS important, the overall difficulty of the game is such that you can halfass the alchemy part and still not have much trouble (with perhaps a few exceptions) with most of the game. Unlike persona/pokem, you won't find yourself in a situation where you just roll your eyes, go back and grind for an hour or so, then try the boss again and see if you're high enough level to kill it with the rather-obvious required strat against the one/two trick pony boss.
>> No.43955  
>I'm horrendous at equipment managing, stats, micromanagement and all that
Then why are you even playing RPGs
>> No.43956  
File: 00127616a480cc37b2768df1d3240e75c6b5827b.jpg -(484.6 KB, 1334x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hmm, I wonder.
>> No.43957  
Hey, I'm great at Pokémon. I'm just always rather overwhelmed by those things. I could probably do it. No. I will do it, just to show you!
>> No.43958  
Sorry to ask, but you wouldn't happen to be the guy who requests for "Saki's personae dressed as Finnel's personae and viceversa" on /vg/'s drawthreads, would you?
>> No.43959  
Simply beating the game does not make you a Pokemon master. I'm sorry, but if you're unable to manage EV, breeding, held items and move sets you are not great at Pokemon.
>> No.43964  
File: 1236826427873.jpg -(66.2 KB, 335x333) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dark Souls 2 announced
Half Life 2 wins game of the decade
The Walking Dead wins game of the year
>> No.43966  

Wii Sports shoulda won
>> No.43968  
File: Scan0172.JPG -(1146.8 KB, 2477x3500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I don't browse /vg/.

more like pokemon mater-level autist.
>> No.44000  
This has to be one of the strangest cast lists for a SRW in a while, I mean getting the 00 movie in a 3DS game before Z3 is odd enough but add in SD Gundam Sangokushi and Miku Fei Yen. If only I had though ahead and gotten a Japanese 3DS.
>> No.44009  
Are there any obscure, non-shitty Space Station 13 servers? I've been playing on goonservers (Gibbed 3 and 4) forever and I'm getting a little tired of them. The only other one I'm aware of is the one 4chan runs, and I'm not even gonna touch that.
>> No.44037  
On one hand, the cast list is very... unique. It's almost enough to tempt me to get a 3DS. Almost.
On the other hand, this seems like one of those one-off handheld games, and it's not by Terada either, so it's bound to be just a cheap cash-in. Doushio~

Also, the homo level of the cast is off the roof. What is this, SRW: Fujoshi Edition?

>> No.44064  
Is that war z game worth the 13 dollars? Zombies are getting pretty played out but the idea of a big open world full of them and other players I can rob sounds pretty cool, and it costs half as much as arma2
>> No.44068  

Isn't WarZ just some shitty ripoff of DayZ though? There was also something about it lacking a lot of the stuff it claims it has on the steam page even. I thought the guys doing the DayZ mod were working on a standalone thing so I was just waiting for that.
>> No.44072  
File: j9Q3f.jpg -(123.6 KB, 1420x877) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Saw two images about this on my Twitter feed. Can't vow for their accuracy, just relaying information.
>> No.44073  
File: 62kg1.jpg -(264.4 KB, 1500x1700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44075  
Well fuck that game then. Thanks for the info
>> No.44078  
File: speed limit.jpg -(305.8 KB, 1366x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The game is actually very high quality, as you can see
>> No.44080  
The game is actually so bad that steam won't let you buy it anymore


I don't think this has ever happened before
>> No.44091  
Crysis 2 got pulled from steam a few months after release. That was because of am issue with DLC however.

I think they put it back a few months ago though.
>> No.44092  

I mean first time a game has been pulled purely because the game is incomplete and the devs are terrible.
>> No.44094  

Are you ready, or do you want to live forever?
>> No.44099  
2017 is a long time to wait for a game!
>> No.44101  
I know! That's why it's good we won't have to!
>> No.44109  
I just purchased EDF:IA for the PC. It's my first EDF game.
>> No.44132  
How is it after three days?
>> No.44145  
I like it. It feels nice to get to a new tier and unlock a new set of better weapons. The game was way too short though, and I think it could have had more variety. Survival mode is a blast with a decent amount of people. Those wasps and gunships man.

I've read that this was the only version made by an American developer. Apparently the Japanese made ones have a better loot system and some other game physics. I hope they port the Japanese ones onto steam.
>> No.44171  
Sounds cool, I might get it!
>> No.44174  
There's the Bay12 server, it's really RP heavy if that's your thing. Also, the 4chan /tg/station isn't as bad as you might think. The code it runs on is good, too.
>> No.44175  

I've heard horror stories about people getting banned for "out of character" things, like using a gun as a janitor (because clearly a janitor wouldn't know how).
>> No.44176  

Also, speaking of TG code, a goon recently made their own server with it: byond://byond.world.1944025066

I've barely been on it and I can't speak for quality yet though
>> No.44185  
I've heard the same sorts of stories about baystation, but I don't play there much so I can't really confirm or deny them. Their rules do imply that sort of strict RP adherence though. /tg/ is pretty lax. There are still RP rules to follow, but for the most part if your intents aren't malicious or if you just made an honest mistake, you'll be fine.
I'll be checking that server out as well, hopefully the people there are nice to play with. It's interesting how differently rounds of SS13 play out depending on the types of people you play it with.
>> No.44186  
Want to play together?
>> No.44188  
If my computer can handle it, sure! Although we'll have to hope the time zones are on our side.
And I'll probably be really bad, so I apologize in advance.
>> No.44190  
Add this account: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198004381545
>> No.44191  
What games are you looking forward to in 2013? For me:

1. Starbound
2. GTA5
3. Barkley 2
4. That SS13 remake that will probably never be finished
>> No.44192  
>Barkley 2

Oh my god. Why haven't I heard about this before?
>> No.44193  

you've been living under a rock
>> No.44194  

I guess this server is dead because it hasn't been up since this post. Back to gibbed I guess
>> No.44197  
I'm looking forward to some Wii U games, Rayman and Pikmin mostly. I don't really follow gaming news anymore, so I have no clue what games are coming out in '13.
>> No.44198  

I follow gaming news, but I barely play games.
>> No.44200  

Not much. War for the Overworld, Heart of the Swarm, DW7:E, maaaaaaybe Dead Space 3. There's also the new Fire Emblem, Etrian Odyssey, and Rune Factory games but I need a 3DS first. Haven't really been keeping up though. Anyone have a handy list of what's supposed to released sometime this year?
>> No.44206  
This site is handy.
>> No.44209  
I'm looking forward to project zomboid. Indie zombie games are played out, but a survival game where zombie bites and infection actually kill you sounds cool. I wish it wasn't pixely and isometric though, since that takes away some of the atmosphere a game like that should have
>> No.44210  
File: sb.png -(0.7 KB, 129x129) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Starbound has a little character creator on their forum now. None of the haircuts are cute. orz
>> No.44237  
Demon's Souls is so much fun! I just need to beat the Flamelurker, Colossus and Maiden Astrea, and then I can have that sweet sword I want!
>> No.44239  
I tried going back to Demons after loving Dark (I hit a brickwall against Flamelurker the first time round and ragequit, then had no idea what I was doing when I went back to it a few weeks later), and found the controls clunky as fuck.
I didn't really appreciate how more polished Darks is until then.
>> No.44241  
Then I'm really looking forward to Dark Souls after this!

I found out that I'm getting pretty all right at the game, so I can run through 4-1 to get about 10 000 souls per runthrough(and double if I by some mistake die), which lets me buy plenty of Hardstone, which I use to upgrade my Compound Long Bow and Crescent Falchion. I'm playing Wanderer, which were you?
>> No.44264  
Well, I killed the Leechmonger, Maiden Astrea and the Flamelurker (fourth try, not that hard). Guess I deserve some lunch.
>> No.44265  
>killed...Maiden Astraea

you monster
>> No.44271  
On the way to the archstone I fell in the water and was eaten by monster babies. I lost 30 000 souls. Happy?

Of course, I beat the Flamelurker, and have a badass sword, so eat it!
>> No.44272  
He's probably itching to finish Demon's Souls just so he can go kill Priscilla.
>> No.44275  
I think I was a warrior or a knight.
Restarted as a bandit after learning how to play the game in Darks and steamrolled through up past Tower Knight, but the controls were so inferior that I gave up and went back to Darks (sorry Demons Souls, you're a great game but I guess you're going to that great backlog in the sky).
>> No.44281  
Favourite class in Dark Souls? I'm playing as a cute mage in Demon's Souls (lost all interest after getting my cool sword and beating Flamelurker, so thinking of getting Dark).
>> No.44282  
There's a katana in the game that uses iaijutsu for its heavy attack, so I obviously went into full weeaboo mode and DEX'd my way through on the first run. I've dicked around with magic but mages really aren't my thing. Crit-dagger builds are awesome if you can get parrying down to an artform (which is pretty impossible online with the random lag).
>> No.44288  
I don't know if it's the same in Demon's Souls, but can you pretty much counter any attack? Now that I can at least counter the Blue Eyed Knights and Dreglings (how did I ever struggle so much with 1-1?) I'm warming up to it.
>> No.44291  
If you're good enough, you can parry pretty much anything (except for a few obvious things like Gaping Dragon's slam).
>> No.44292  
All this talk about the Souls games has made me play Demons' as well. The furthest I ever got was past the big slug boss thing on the first level and I've forgotten pretty much everything about the game since then. A good thing, apparently, if my slaying of some crazy executioner chick I only did scratch damage to is any indication.

A few questions though. What do I do with spare equipment? Are my only options to store or discard it? And how do I level up? I vaguely recall you had to talk to the Black Maiden but she doesn't seem to be anywhere.
>> No.44293  
- Trash it, or give it to the blacksmith in the Nexus.
- You need to beat the 1-1 boss (the slug spear thing) before you can access levelling up.

Play Dark Souls instead, it's generally an all around superior experience.
>> No.44298  
(not the guy to whom you're responding)You can give spare equipment to the blacksmith? I have tons of useless shit!
>> No.44322  
I meant the item storage guy, not the blacksmith.
You can't sell items in DS, you can only store ones you want to keep for later.
>> No.44324  
you can feed extra items to king seeker frampt for souls
>> No.44325  
After messing around in Way of the Samurai 4 for an hour or so, I more or less got the hang of things. Enough to do some nightcrawling at least, WAY HO! It was pretty fun-
>> No.44344  
File: dead_island_riptide11.jpg -(596.3 KB, 1500x875) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44346  

What's really offensive about this is that Dead Island got a sequel
>> No.44347  

I didn't even consider that people might be offended by that until I read the RPS comments. People are so thin-skinned.
>> No.44348  

It's not offensive, it's just creepy.
>> No.44349  

and I don't mean "horror" creepy, I mean "if I saw someone proudly displaying this in their home I would be weirded out" creepy. and this is coming from someone who desperately wants to get a job and move out so I can start an anime fig collection
>> No.44354  
Never mind offensive or creepy, it's one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. Why would you even display something like that.
>> No.44357  

to show everyone what a hardcore gamer you are
>> No.44361  

I guess I'm not hardcore enough but is this game even advertised that much? Considering how shitty the first one was, would the hardcore cod player even know what dead island is without commercials playing 24/7?

How big is this anyway?
>> No.44362  
Dead Island actually sold really well, so yeah your average gamer has probably heard of it
>> No.44363  

Is that so? Maybe I should make some average gamer friends to keep me in the loop.
>> No.44365  
Penetrator was so weak. I only have 7 bosses left, that's quite alarming.
>> No.44369  

I just beat Fool's Idol myself. Talk about easy. That stupid phantom guarding the chapel was a bigger challenge.
>> No.44374  
Phantoms can be quite hard.I had to use a coward's tactic on one who broke my sword, armour and shield. With two strikes.
>> No.44376  
Fucking Blue Dragon is really kicking my ass in 4-1. Why is it so hard to outsmart this one?
>> No.44377  
And then I figured it out.
>> No.44420  

Why did I write 4-1? It's clearly 1-4! Still trying to think of a way to beat Alain. I heard you can do it with a good bow if you stand in a certain spot, so I'll try getting the lava bow.
>> No.44423  

Yeah I just ran up to him and gave him the axe. If you equip the thief's ring you can shoot him with the bow from the fog gate and he wont attack. You probably want to get the morion blade or whatever it was and the 30% hp attack ring before you try this to speed it along.
>> No.44432  
I tried that, though, but maybe I walked too far or something...
I'll get him soon, just you wait and see!
>> No.44433  

Yeah you might have to backstep once you enter the fog. I'm pretty sure the big red health bar on the bottom doesn't even come up if you do it right.
>> No.44441  
That works, but I don't have a strong enough bow, arrows or stats to kill him that way, it seems. If getting to him wasn't a hassle I would have tried more than the three goes I got at him. Almost beat him, too, but then I didn't heal quick enough, or he did something unexpected. Once I wasn't able to back far enough away from the explosion, and somehow I wasn't guarding (but I was), so I died. Fucking King Allant.

Time to level and farm for good bow and high strength/defense? Damn right!
>> No.44450  
Does anyone have any experience with PVP in Demon's Souls? I have been invaded a couple of times (won) and invaded a guy twice (lost), and it's kinda fun, but I'll have to make a JPN character to do it often, so I did. Does anyone have good advice for PVPing? I'm using a Barbarian, btw.
>> No.44451  
Aren't the servers closing down soon?
>> No.44452  
They decided to suspend them for some while in the US and EU, I think, but I heard that JP isn't too bad.
>> No.44472  
What do you know, the JPN DS servers are quite active! Guess EU and US players migrated, too.
>> No.44473  
Old Hero was piss easy, just hit him with some fire arrows and snuck up behind him from time to time to hit his legs for massive damage. Nets me 115 387 souls from trying that level a few times. Sweet.
>> No.44480  
Storm King was easier than Phalanx. Seriously. Storm Ruler is so overpowered.
>> No.44481  
aaaaaaaaaand 4-4 is the best farming place in the game. If I had any items to help me I could just grind to where I can curbstomp Allant in a day or two.
>> No.44492  
Fuck you, King Allant! You're dead!
>> No.44493  

I slaughtered them both quickly with my Blueblood Sword. Quickly being an understatement.
>> No.44494  
Sniped the first Maneater through the fog wall, then kicked the other one's ass. Any EU /bun/s wanting to be my Old Monk?
>> No.44495  
Wow, I beat all the bosses... What can I expect from NG+ after beating the Old One?
>> No.44496  

A different ending? You'll probably die less too.
>> No.44500  
I wish I didn't suck at Demon's Souls ;_;
I gave up like halfway through the game.
I even thought the leech guy was hard.
>> No.44501  
No, I mean like, will it be much harder, will I get more souls and items, etc.

Hey, don't fret, I didn't make progress the first 20-30 hours. You just need a plan. And getting to Leechmonger is a nightmare, so don't you feel bad!
>> No.44507  

Yeah it's harder. I think the biggest jump in difficulty is during your first new game compared to any subsequent playthroughs. However, you do have a lot more shit now and are probably a much higher level than when you first started. Unless you missed something the first time the only new items you will get are the chunks and whatnot from the crystal lizards.
>> No.44508  
Anyone playing tera now that it's free? I think I'll make a character on one of the pve servers since I expect to be constantly killed by bored level 60s otherwise.
>> No.44509  

Wow, I need to get my shit together. Vanguard always somehow manages to catch me when he's almost dead. I need to open up 4-2 for farming. Not looking forward to the bosses, I can tell you that much. Maybe I'll actually take this chance to finish some other games...
>> No.44512  

Have you tried going around him?
>> No.44513  
I usually dodge through his swings and hit him from the side. He oftentimes ends up with his back against the wall. I'll try again some time!
>> No.44514  
So I wanted to finish off Armor Spider with my sword because I'm a stupid dick, and I died at the same time as he. Now I can't get to the archstone. what the hell do I do?
>> No.44515  
A few of us are playing on Tempest Reach if you still feel like it.
>> No.44516  

There was a queue when I tried it yesterday so I just made an account on Lake of Tears. I probably wouldn't be able to keep up with you guys anyway.
>> No.44517  
Eh, we made a guild of just us bun people, and we only play for a few nights a week because of work and timezones. You're free to join if you change your mind.
>> No.44519  
The game is glitchy as fuck. You'll probably have to start over.

It shouldn't be much trouble though since the game only takes a few hours to beat and anything important can be duplicated.
>> No.44520  
Found a lever that raises it. Puh!
>> No.44528  
using in-game exploits to get items is considered "legally grey" in this brave new world of microtransactions


please god let there be another video game crash, please
>> No.44542  
Ok, I'm seriously wondering if Flamelurker is actually difficult, and how people who ragequit on him were playing. My Wanderer with pathetic magic beat him on the third or fourth try after some minutes, and my cute mage (SL45) beat him on the first try, with no difficulties, in a minute or so. Magic stat of 30, guys. I'm terrible at games, so what are you doing?
>> No.44543  
File: starbound chairs.jpg -(138.4 KB, 1167x715) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I think Starbound is gonna be the first Minecrafty sandbox game that lets you actually sit in chairs
>> No.44548  
>Ubisoft Montpellier’s upcoming Rayman Origins sequel Rayman Legends will no longer be exclusive to Wii U. Ubisoft has announced that the game will also come to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and that all versions will now ship in early September.
>all versions will now ship in early September.
>early September.

Oh my god I'm gonna go blow up Ubisoft's headquarters
>> No.44551  
File: Unt.jpg -(113.7 KB, 409x530) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
First Wasteland 2 gameplay video. Looks alright so far.


Actual gameplay starts at 2:30 if you can't wait.
>> No.44552  
So apparantly new versions of Ouya will be released annually, similar to Iphones.
It's pretty much confirmed to be terrible now.
>> No.44555  

It was already going to be terrible
>> No.44557  

But you can play angry birds on your tv without having to buy an expensive xbox or playstation machine.
>> No.44559  

the holy grail of entertainment, I'm so glad i lived long enough to see this day
>> No.44562  

It gets better! There's even more gaming consoles coming out to look forward to!


This means I can set one of the inputs on my tv to ouya and another input on my tv to the gamestick. That's literally twice the value. Then I can take out my nvidia shield and play angry birds on the couch while I wait for the input to change on the tv! This will be a damn good year for gamers.
>> No.44564  
What the heck? If I didn't know better, I would have thought the video on the Kickstarter page was meant to parody Ouya's.

If this isn't a scam, well, that controller looks uncomfortable.
>> No.44572  

It is time.The eroge-AR future is now.
>> No.44573  

even virtual reality isn't gonna make western porn games worth a shit
>> No.44575  
SMT IV seems like it's going to be a bit too easy.
>> No.44578  
Schell games CEO and industry analyst Jesse Schell has warned that releasing a demo of your game before launch can kill your sales.
>> No.44579  
A telling sign that the current video games business model is a scam. People have to estimate whether or not they'll like the game before forking over their cash, and only after that do they get to know whether or not they actually like the game. It only makes sense that subpar games sell worse if you give the customer a chance to find out whether he actually wants the product.
>> No.44580  
There's a harvest moon/animal crossing style game on greenlight that might be cool


The big character portraits when you talk to townspeople look like they were made by some anime drawing guy they found on deviantart though, how am I supposed to find a bride like that?!
>> No.44626  
I can't wait to hear about the PS4 today, I've been needing something to laugh at
>> No.44627  
The PS4 controller has a social media sharing button.
>> No.44628  
Being able to take screenshots and videos is a nice feature.
>> No.44630  
PS4 stats

-not as powerful as a computer built last year

-so saturated with social media shit that I would be surprised you could play a game at all without a facebook account

-doubling down on the Move

-Will download things even if you don't ask it to, so if you live somewhere with limited bandwidth you are kinda fucked unless you're careful

-diablo 3 as a launch title (ahahahaha)

-Use a vita as a portable screen, exactly like the Wiiu

-same controller, but with a touchpad on top, a share to social media site button, and built-in Move functions
>> No.44632  
>-not as powerful as a computer built last year
Well at least they aren't trying to shove propitiatory shit down everyone's throats again.

>-so saturated with social media shit that I would be surprised you could play a game at all without a facebook account
Yup. Hate that shit. Also half those features will be useless because of North America's terrible internet.

>-doubling down on the Move
Eh, they didn't try lay on it as much as I thought. That whole sculpting thing looked pretty dumb though.

>-Will download things even if you don't ask it to, so if you live somewhere with limited bandwidth you are kinda fucked unless you're careful
I'd assume you could turn that off. They aren't that stupid... right?

>-diablo 3 as a launch title (ahahahaha)
Aye. A good 5-7 years too late on the blizzard partnership.

>-same controller, but with a touchpad on top, a share to social media site button, and built-in Move functions
At the very least, it's still a normal controller. The touch pad will probably be ignored after the initial launch titles. Similar to the 3DS's 3d gimmick.
>> No.44633  
>>-Will download things even if you don't ask it to, so if you live somewhere with limited bandwidth you are kinda fucked unless you're careful
>I'd assume you could turn that off. They aren't that stupid... right?

You could always just not connect it to the internet.
>> No.44634  

You're assuming the console will allow you to do anything if you are offline
>> No.44635  
Sony isn't that retarded.
>> No.44636  

Well they want to stop used game sales, and I'm not sure how they are going to do that without connecting to some sort of registry
>> No.44639  
Do we know if it's region locked/has the same retarded way of switching accounts as the Vita?

>The Playstation 4 will attempt to predict the game the player will purchase next and automatically download that game before the player even purchases it.

>The user interface has been completely revamped from the Xross Media Bar on the PlayStation 3. The design is said to be similar to the new PlayStation Store user interface.

>> No.44640  
>The Playstation 4 will attempt to predict the game the player will purchase next and automatically download that game before the player even purchases it.

Is this a thing that a single person one the planet wanted, why would anyone want this. Preloading games, sure, but having something preload games for you without asking if you even want them is the dumbest thing
>> No.44641  
They already confirmed that the PS4 will play second-hand games.
>> No.44642  
>"Hey guys, the PS4 controller has Move BUILT IN TO IT! Look a this shit here, that's like a built in Move!"

And then they didn't even mention it again, even once.
They even had that shitty Move 'dream' presentation, I was expecting them to use it then.
Mostly I'm pissed off that they didn't show the fucking console though, I'm not sure what the point of this conference was.
>> No.44643  
File: x342.jpg -(15.8 KB, 495x342) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44646  

>> No.44647  
File: ps42.gif -(2007.7 KB, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44648  
1UP, Gamespy and UGO are gonna be shut down. I guess the games journalism industry is collapsing before the the game industry itself
>> No.44650  
File: kotaku.jpg -(2355.6 KB, 1966x3108) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
We can only hope
>> No.44653  
File: tony hawk 3 online.png -(877.7 KB, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Are you fucking serious? Source on this? What will happen to all the game servers they host, like Tony Hawk's?
>> No.44654  

>> No.44662  
[LOLI FLASH] Imadoki **-Year-Old Schoolgirl Bitch

>> No.44663  
Countdown to something. Any guesses?
>> No.44664  
Yume Nikki: Solo Remix for iOS.
>> No.44665  
Best countdown since TWEWY for the iOS
>> No.44666  
If anyone's ever been interested about playing SS13 on goonservers, now would be a good time to start since they just added a new map. Now you won't be alone when you are confused and have no idea where anything is
>> No.44670  

actually nevermind, that was just a test run
>> No.44675  
The Witness looks pretty cool. Reminds me of Myst.
>> No.44677  
Jonathan Blow makes myst for ps4.
Brilliant, indie game of the year, 10/10 it's perfect.
I can see the reviews now.
>> No.44678  
But can't you see that Braid is totally the GAME OF THE CENTURY?!
>> No.44681  
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Beat King Allant on the first try with my mahou shoujo. Take that, Demon's Souls!
>> No.44687  
Eidos co-founder Ian Livingston doesn't see a digital-only system this generation, but he suggests the next Xbox will require an always-on internet connection and will feature marked discs that prevent sharing games across systems.
>> No.44691  
File: ATP.png -(99.4 KB, 878x1248) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
So I've never played an Atelier game, but apparently they are more violent than DmC and Metal Gear Rising?
I thought they were just cute girls games!
>> No.44695  
I bredict that Xbobx 720 will have 2butts
>> No.44696  
it's a JRPG.

and the aussies have a 6th sense for detecting implied sexual relations (such as rape) involving girls whose chests appear under the age of 18.

while it is laughable, the reasons for it should be clear.
>> No.44697  
File: 1361921834067.jpg -(110.4 KB, 358x402) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Impressions of Etrian Odyssey IV so far:
-There's no physical manual, which is a little depressing. Aside from the game cartridge, the inside of the box is completely colorless. The artbook and music CD are nice, though, and kind of make up for it.

-Penalty for resting has been way reduced! Losing only 2 levels seems downright criminal.

-The airship segments are what I had expected the sailing segments would be in the previous game. Movement is a lot less restricted, which is really fun.

-Having trouble deciding between nightseeker or landsknetch to round out my party (F/? M/S/R). I've been switching my party up a lot more liberally than I have in the previous games in order to find a good fit. I can't tell if my playstyle is changing or if this is caused by some gameplay change.

-The new shopkeeper is just cute as heck, but the way her speech is written annoys me.
>> No.44698  
File: sekaiju no meiq 4 - etrian_odyssey_4_art_1080.0_cinema_960.0.jpg -(225.5 KB, 960x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>no physical manual
Unfortunately, that's the direction the handheld systems (Vita, 3DS) have gone to push people to buy digital. I guess I'm OK with that, because hey, saves a bit of paper.

>lady boner
Oh lord, when I saw that part in the game I read it twice to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. The localization really went overboard in portraying her her coarse speech.

Not a fan of the forced airship segments. Sailing was completely optional in EO3 (albeit you would miss out on some really good scrolls), which I think is better.

It doesn't cost en to store items at the Inn, woohoo. Too bad the storage space is really limited (maybe its capacity can be increased by completing a quest?).

I think Landsknecht makes more sense in your party than Nightseeker. Both are great attackers, but N is pretty fragile (so the F would often have to Ally Cover it, since Taunt and Decoy are surprisingly unreliable) and its skills don't assist the rest of the party as much as L's (particulary for FOE encounters). L's Power/Mind Break helps reduce damage to the whole team, not to mention its class skill that lowers enemy defense+evasion.
>> No.44700  
File: ps4.jpg -(542.4 KB, 1024x1275) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44701  
>Unfortunately, that's the direction the handheld systems (Vita, 3DS) have gone

Not just handhelds. Most games these days either have digital manuals or just skimp out entirely and rely on on ingame tutorials. So, yeah, it does save on paper but I miss the big chunky manuals chock full of fluff that you used to get.

In regards to EOIV, sounds pretty great. Makes me wish I had a 3DS.
>> No.44702  
>> No.44707  
File: DKC_notes.png -(1069.1 KB, 964x641) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
At the very least, I like to have a manual for a quick reference to things that might otherwise not be clear. Especially if it's got a bunch of symbols for stuff like elements, status effects, etc. Silly fluff stuff is always a bonus though.
>> No.44747  

Okay, NOW there is a new map.
>> No.44764  
It's been about a year since I stopped playing skyrim, have any real neat mods come about yet that would be worth playing again for? Lewd mods included
>> No.44768  

So yeah, new Thief game in the works. Heres hoping they don't much it up.


Check Lover's Lab for lewd stuff. Theres rape, both in and out of combat, enslavement, some WIP beastiality. Doesn't seem to be anything like TamagoClub for Oblivion though ;_;
>> No.44771  
Does the new project diva game for the ps3 come with all the songs from the previous games like with dreamy theater? Or is it just a port of the vita game? How did they replace that stupid swiping shit?
>> No.44779  
File: l_5135b75dad52a[1].jpg -(29.3 KB, 400x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Umihara Kawase is getting a sequel!!
>> No.44784  
I'm kind of hoping this will get localized somehow, since it's a simple downloadable title, but I don't want to be let down.
>> No.44792  
Lord British wants to make a new ultima style game

>> No.44820  

I've thought about getting some sex mods for skyrim but honestly Second Life scratches my non-hentai virtual sex itch just fine, with the added bonus of occasionally getting guys to buy me things or give me money.
>> No.44821  
>with the added bonus of occasionally getting guys to buy me things or give me money
You are a virtual prostitute.
>> No.44822  

I know, isn't it great
>> No.44825  

A channel from a /v/ user.

This game will be the death of me,I swear.

I like to play games in their original language,but I don't want to learn Korean just for one fucking game,not to mention it will mess up my future perfect PC arrangement.
>> No.44827  

I was really looking forward to that game, but then Starbound took its place as my "game to obsess about for no reason". In the end they will both turn out to be disappointing and the cycle will continue
>> No.44841  
I know Blizzard has been slipping but man, the writing in HotS is rubbish. It's like some kind of poor fan-fiction a 13 year old would write. Oh well, game itself is fun, even if the overabundance of timed mission can really shit me at times.
>> No.44865  

It is totally abysmal, with shitty characterisation, awful dialogue and a terrible story. I don't think it's any worse than the writing in wings of liberty or even Diablo 3, though.
>> No.44874  
Saint's Row 4 is coming out in August


I don't really know how to feel about it. On one hand it looks very much like SR3, same city and assets and everything. On the other hand, SR1 to SR2 was very much the same way and SR2 was one of the best sandbox games ever
>> No.44878  
File: rome2_aufmacher.jpg -(614.0 KB, 1760x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Any one excited that Rome II is coming out in October?
>> No.44879  
I won't be getting it, but I'm just excited for a new game with Romans. I want a more historically correct game. That might be good?
>> No.44880  
Super powers? really?
I wish they killed the series at 3.
>> No.44881  
I lost 6 cents on the steam market because I didn't know you couldn't sell things you bought. I was gonna buy a bunch of TF2 crates and sell them for 10x what I paid
>> No.44882  
File: Imperator.png -(72.6 KB, 1280x747) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Heck yeah! It's just in time for my birthday as well. I hope they make the AI somewhat decent this time around though. Especially in regards to diplomacy.
>> No.44884  
I am more excited for Age of Empires 2 HD
>> No.44886  
It is too expensive to be excited about.
>> No.44887  
I am unsure if you are serious.
>> No.44888  
I heard they made a lot of changes with diplomacy. Apparently you have to make diplomatic relations within your own faction. Because within your factions there are 3 mini factions and if they don't like you they may rebel.
>> No.44890  

I'm going to be buying SR4 anyway because I'm a huge idiot. Maybe they will let us wear socks this time!
>> No.44897  
As EA forum member LeLedg and others have accidentally discovered in a thread about customers trying to make legitimate SimCity complaints, EA is preventing the customer assistance hotline number from even appearing in the forums. When you type out the number 866-543-5435 , it is replaced by an asterisk, a common message board function typically used to block course language. Just to be safe, the forum-goers typed other permutations of the number in addition to completely different phone numbers -- it's only EA's number that's censored.
>> No.44898  

I wonder what their excuse is.

I hope this whole SimCity fiasco hurts EA, I really do, but I can see them making all kinds of stupid excuses that most people are idiotic enough to buy into.
>> No.44899  
In SimCity the sims don't have set jobs or homes and go to whatever is nearby and available, which means if you get a nuclear plant it can become filled with unskilled workers that cause the plant to melt down and ruin the city and there isn't a single thing you can do about it
>> No.44900  
File: sim city crime.jpg -(247.8 KB, 1290x828) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I don't think I've seen a single SimCity 2013 screenshot that didn't confuse the shit out of me
>> No.44907  
Will Wright should do what Richard Garriott is doing and start a kickstarter to make the kind of game he would want to make. That's probably the only way we will see a no bullshit sim-style game ever again
>> No.44908  

There's just no pleasing the rulers of a police state.
>> No.44918  
File: sim city water3.jpg -(225.5 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44922  
"SimCity has sold over 1.1 million copies since its rocky launch March 5, publisher Electronic Arts announced today. Sales at that level make this year's entry the 'biggest SimCity launch of all time.'"
>> No.44924  

burn the gaming industry to the ground and piss on the ashes
>> No.44925  
At the very least the CEO of EA just stepped down, so that's something I guess.
>> No.44926  
It's only 3 months into 2013.
>> No.44929  

Was that the guy saying the should have microtransactions for reloading guns in games?
>> No.44933  

I don't know, but if he got to be CEO of EA he must have been a pretty big dipshit so maybe
>> No.44936  
File: ajgeal0.png -(118.3 KB, 632x226) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44937  
File: bRkUGb0.jpg -(369.3 KB, 1926x1129) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44939  
The Bastion-guys just released a trailer for their newest game, Transistor.
The soundtrack is probably gonna be ace, not so sure about the game itself.
>> No.44941  
The story looks like it could go somewhere nice.
>> No.44944  
Is SimCity 4 worth getting? Obviously it's better than the most recent game, but I heard it's a pain in the ass to get running properly on new machines
>> No.44945  
Stick to Sim City 2000
>> No.44946  
I've been playing Sim City 4 recently and haven't had any trouble at all. Give it a go if you want, it's fun.
>> No.44947  

What are your system specs?
>> No.44948  
I'm not >>44946, but I wondered if anyone had good games with low requirements to recommend.

My specs are:

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz
RAM: 3,1 GB
Video card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series, 256 MB
>> No.44949  
Windows 7
AMD Athlon II X3 450 3.2GHz
ATI Radeon HD 4850

Anything made more than a decade ago should be fair game. There are also plenty of indie/doujin games with low requirements. Any genres you're particularly interested in?
>> No.44950  
Not particularly, no. I figured fast paced graffic heavy games are out of the picture (Fallout NV runs miraculously well, though), so I thought maybe strategy games would be good. Problem is, I'm so bad at them it's not even funny. And I can't play Civ V, which is a bummer.
>> No.44951  
Sengoku Rance.
>> No.44952  
Civ5 sucks anyways.
If you like platformers you should check out Rayman Origins, it's best one I've played in years. I can't imagine it being hard to run.
>> No.44954  
The ending to bioshock infinite is so fucking stupid, goddamn
>> No.44955  
go on
>> No.44956  

elizabeth is your daughter and the bad guy is an older alternate universe version of you, and the game ends with a bunch of alternate universe elizabeths drowning you in a river.
>> No.44957  
how'd you get your hands on a copy?
>> No.44959  
sounds like they started outsourcing their story department to English freshman classes.
>> No.44960  

I didn't, I saw some guy streaming the other day. I'm never gonna play it
>> No.44962  
>'BioShock Infinite' ending took four months to create, says Ken Levine

>> No.44964  

Surely it'll have multiple endings, no? At any rate, sounds weird but we'll see. It might actually be good in context of the rest of the game.
>> No.44967  
I'm pretty sure all the endings leaked.
If Bioshock is anything to go by, the good ending is probably equally ridiculous, like, being given the choice of either starting nuclear war or growing old surrounded by your loving daughters-grade ridiculous.
>> No.44969  
File: HyperdimensionNeptuniaVictory.jpg -(49.5 KB, 250x290) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I received my copy of Hyper Dimension Neptunia Victory today. Only 30 minutes in and so far I'm liking it.
>> No.44972  

Amazon.ca doesn't have it so I have to wait a few weeks to even buy it. Luckily I have totori+ to pass the time until then... you bastard.
>> No.44988  
File: cv0101.jpg -(550.3 KB, 1024x857) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.44993  
I assume you already know this, but for the benefit of those who don't: it's getting a remake.

>> No.44996  
Is there anything they won't remake?
>> No.44999  
Speaking of remakes/re-releases, Duke Nukem 3D got a release on steam that comes with all the expansions, and online multiplayer will be added soon
>> No.45012  
Is any body importing Photo Kano Kiss for the Vita next month?
>> No.45013  
The amount of modern gaming praise the new bioshock is getting fills me with a feeling of laughter and rage.
>> No.45014  

Why? Because you believe the game isn't that good, or because you're tired of journalists giving every AAA release perfect scores?
>> No.45015  

Let me put it this way.

"So, when will gaming have its Citizen Kane moment? Forget that. When will anything else have its BioShock Infinite moment?" - gamestm.co.uk
>> No.45017  
I swear to god I'll kill myself one of these days.
>> No.45018  
Gaming journalism is pretty bad for its hyperbole yea.
>> No.45019  
My favorite part of Infinite is that the tutorial never ends. Even at the end of the game you will get popups telling you how to move on ziplines, or reminding you what button to press to accept items from the girl even though there is a "PRESS X TO CATCH (item)" prompt every time she has something anyway.
>> No.45020  
I'm downloading infinite right now. It better be the best fucking game I've ever played or these reviewers are all monkies.
>> No.45021  

Did you enjoy every other FPS released in the last 7 years? If so, good news!
>> No.45022  
File: 2013-03-26_00001.jpg -(150.7 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This doesn't seem very safe (´・ω・`)
>> No.45023  
What's going on in this picture? (´・ω・`)
>> No.45025  

That gray thing is like a docking mechanism that allows buildings to fly up and hook on. When there are no buildings it should be up forming a fence. As you can see, it's not, so anyone could just fall off and that's terrible!

At any rate, so far it's fun. The regenerating shield mechanic is lame though, and so far I haven't had an explanation for my ability to come back from the dead.
>> No.45027  

>so anyone could just fall off and that's terrible!

That's OK though because they will just respawn immediately wherever they fell off
>> No.45028  
To be fair, explaining game mechanics throughout the entire game instead of lumping it into one big tutorial in the beginning is not necessarily bad if done right - Ghost Trick, for example, even explains to you how to use a new ability in the very final chapter of the game. Braid also explains a new mechanic at the start of every single world, and BIT.TRIP Runner2 also keeps adding and explaining new elements. It's not inherently bad (and can be good as it allows for more gameplay elements without the confusion caused by just adding and not explaining them) as long as it's done in a way that doesn't bother the player.
>> No.45034  
File: 1364304527657.jpg -(125.0 KB, 1021x866) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45035  
I'm glad this is for PSP so that it'll at least be easy to pirate, I really hope they don't use this DL only episode thing ever again though.
>> No.45038  
I realize that video games are more expensive in Japan, but isn't that total price kind of criminal for a PSP game.
>> No.45041  
File: 1364311977829.jpg -(179.2 KB, 400x388) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Fan response seems somewhat negative (on Western sites, anyway) which surprises me a little. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. A fleshed out story would be a nice change of pace for the EO universe.

Hopefully someone will post full magazine scans soon as I can't seem to find any.
>> No.45042  
There are plenty of good dungeon crawlers around that have a story focus. People condemning it so early are silly.
>> No.45043  
Count me on the side whose first impression is a bit negative. The part that bothers me isn't an effort to increase the storytelling aspect, but rather the fixed party. Three male characters is three too many.
>> No.45045  
File: ea dev.png -(94.6 KB, 529x634) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45046  
No that price is pretty standard. People in North America are spoiled in terms of game prices.
>> No.45050  
Are game prices that bad in Europe?
>> No.45054  
File: bioscore.png -(42.9 KB, 284x357) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45055  
Not sure in Europe, but aren't games in Australia like 100 dollars?
>> No.45059  

New release games in Australia range from $80 to $110. There's no real justification for it, they just do it because they can.

Pretty much everything electronic related in Australia is grossly overpriced. Makes it funny when retailers bitch and whine and demand the government do something because people buy are stuff cheaper online.
>> No.45061  
One of my favourite things about EO has always been to recruit my own party members and imagine what their personalities would be like and how they'd interact with each other.

I think people feel a little stumped since they've taken away one of the core features of the series.
Anyway, this game isn't EO5 and there's no indication that this is the new direction the series will take either.

>> No.45063  
>The fact that it ends
>How racist people were in 1912
Really? Jesus
>> No.45067  
There was a thread on 2ch I saw where guys were flipping their shit, so to speak.
The original EO games were made to emulate and bring back popularity to titles similar to older western dungeon crawlers like Wizardry(and it seems to have worked). This is just taking EO 1 and sticking it with a bunch of jrpg cliche, from what I gather.
>> No.45085  

Oh Kojima.
>> No.45086  
I'm looking forward to the exciting crawling gameplay.
So this means it's now three Big Boss games in a row. I miss Solid Snake.
>> No.45091  
Pretty disappointing. I'm tired of games set in the past. Move the series forward. Let's have new developments. Have a new protagonist, or use Raiden, or use another Snake clone or something. Fucking forget about Big Boss, that shit is so boring.

I mean, the game is called Metal Gear SOLID 5, yet out of these five main MGS titles, Solid Snake himself has only been the protagonist twice.
>> No.45094  
OK I finished Bioshock Infinite. It was a good game, up until the end, which was just really disappointing. And the big "twist" was rather predictable.
>> No.45098  
File: fateccc.jpg -(162.4 KB, 408x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Anyone playing CCC here?
Link to a torrent
>> No.45100  
Is it better than the first one? Downloading now...
>> No.45109  
File: SHEISHUGE.png -(104.7 KB, 480x272) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Looks pretty swank from what I've seen. I hope to hell we get a good end this time round though. I don't want poor Caster to be forever alone ;_;

Personally 'mana transferring' our Servant would also be a plus
>> No.45110  
There's a lot more text than the first one. There is almost as much text as Tsukihime.
>> No.45111  
Here is the BGM
>> No.45112  
Can you romance your servant in this one? I just want to share a kiss with Seiba...
>> No.45153  

In Europe games are $100. Portables are $40-$80. Nintendo games don't really drop in price, so New Super Mario Bros. can be like $80.
>> No.48491  
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>> No.49838  
>>44078 waths the name of this game ?

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