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File: gaming with tewi.jpg -(244.2 KB, 976x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
250070 No.45121  
Old thread on autosage, you know the drill!
>> No.45123  
Autosage doesn't matter, it's not like any thread is in danger of dropping off the front page!
>> No.45124  
It's called "bump limit".
>> No.45125  
I have no idea why the general gaming public loves the new bioshock so much. I've watched tons of gameplay and it looks like nothing special to me, and the story is stupid. Am I an alien?
>> No.45128  
File: 1350025766821.png -(285.3 KB, 466x343) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

but that's wrong.

there isn't a counter for how many times a thread can be bumped, as a thread consisting solely of 500 sage replies will still sage every new reply even if sage isn't used.

it's how many posts are needed before the thread automatically applies sage to each new reply, automatically.

hence, autosage's logical and obvious background.
>> No.45129  

Well, from what I've played it's not a bad game by any means but it isn't really worth all that praise it's getting. The first two games were far superior imo.
>> No.45131  
I was disappointed in Infinite and don't think it deserves the praise either, but honestly if you haven't played it, how do you know the story is stupid?

Most people seem to think it is great, from what I've seen, because of the way the game ends. Because the "twist" has a lack of information, detail, explanation, proper forshadowing, etc a lot of people confuse it as being "deep" because it causes you to think about what happened and what it all meant. In reality though, it is just lazy writing.

The end of Bioshock 1, for me at least, when the twist happened, it was just such an "Oh shit!" moment. It really surprised me, but at the same time, it completely made sense when you looked back on it, and everything just kind of fell into place. For Infinite, when the twist happened, it was kind of just like, "Ok, but why? That doesn't make any sense." and then it just ends.

Aside from the story beats though, I am genuinely disappointed that most reviewers seem to ignore how bad the gameplay is. There is no strategy or thinking required, the enemies are just waves of generic dudes, there is like, 1 boss, etc etc. The game is crazy easy too. Like, there isn't even a penalty for death really, you just get revived by Elizabeth. And any time I am close to running out of ammo or salts, she just gives me more, meaning I never have to really conserve ammo or care about my play style.

Oh well though. To the games credit, the setting and first hour or two of the game are pretty good. Too bad they don't really do anything more with it.
>> No.45132  
To people who finished Infinite:
* How did Slate die (or get dead enough to stop running)? I was chasing after him and suddenly he's dying on the side of the road.
* Why doesn't Slate recognise Booker as Comstock?
* What the flying fuck was Songbird?
* If Comstock already had the magic future prediction machine, why did it matter that the kid was his own? If he just needed a successor because using the machine was aging him so quickly, why not some random kid from his own dimension?
* Where did Booker get a kid from anyway, and what was his 'debt'?
>> No.45134  

>if you haven't played it, how do you know the story is stupid?

Uh, what? Story being stupid in a game is probably the one thing you can truly say is awful without having touched the game yourself since it requires no input from the player. The gameplay looks like shit, but having never played it I can't say it is with 100% certainty
>> No.45136  
Whether a story is good or not is always a matter of execution, regardless of how brilliant or retarded the plot concept sounds. Good execution can make a terrible-seeming plot become awesome, and bad execution can make an awesome-seeming plot terrible. Not to defend Bioshock Infinite (I haven't played any Bioshock), but the only way to properly judge its story aside from actually playing it is to watch videos of an entire playthrough which does not skip or skim through story elements.
>> No.45137  

The execution is the same as every FPS since half-life: events happen around you with no input from you, when things aren't happening behind bulletproof glass of course
>> No.45138  
I think what sums up bioshock infinite the best is this: There is a scene where you fight guys on a zeppelin. There is a nun standing in the corner and she is completely invulnerable and doesn't acknowledge you or anything around her. Once you complete the area you hit some levers on a steering wheel or whatever and the bad guy (behind bulletproof glass of course) shows up and mocks you. Then, the invincible nun sets herself and the zeppelin on fire.

Alarms are blaring, fire is everywhere, and your guy constantly says things like "oh no, I gotta get out of here quick!". Except you don't. You can stand in the burning crashing zeppelin as long as you want, the only danger is if you walk into flames and stand there for a while. If you fall out of it, you teleport right back where you fell.

Bioshock infinite can make being in the middle of a crashing ball of gas completely boring and non-threatening. It's like walking through a haunted house at a fair, but nobody bothered to wear costumes and all the lights are on
>> No.45139  
The Bioshock games irked me from the beginning because they were touted as spiritual successors to the System Shock series. System Shock 2 was an overly-ambitious FPS/RPG/survival horror game. Bioshock was a paint-by-numbers FPS with a pretentious story. Really the only discenable similarity between the two is the implementation of audio logs and the resurrection chambers (which was a very half-baked concept in Bioshock).
>> No.45143  
File: bioshock.jpg -(124.7 KB, 500x541) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45148  
File: sample-8ecca36bcd5ba8301a4eb1f86b4f05b7.jpg -(265.8 KB, 850x1133) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

1. Well I guess the player shot him a few times and he finally ran out of steam.
2. They look totally different, not to mention Comstock doesn't have the AD brand on his hand. There's really no reason for Slate to assume they're the same person.
3. There's a vox recorder where they talk about discovering an irreversible process to be performed on a subject that will be useful for security applications in the tower. The player can assume that it is a process very similar to the creation of a big daddy.
4. I think it's because he saw Elizabeth nuking future New York through a tear, the same scene that Old Elizabeth shows you towards the end of the game. He believes that only his child will be able to fulfil this prophecy.
5. His debt was from gambling, he explicitly says this to Elizabeth. The mother of Anna is unspecified.
>> No.45149  
My biggest problem with Infinite was how rushed the plasmids were in this one. Besides the firemen and the crow guys, only 1 character uses any of them, either as a plot device or just to spice up combat. I mean they're so freely available and you're only shown to need a small sip of a bottle to get the effects, if the Vox were serious about rebelling you'd think they'd go for a shock jockey factory rather than a traditional weapons supplier. Maybe the in game reason was salts, but tonics and free salts machines are littered everywhere as well.
They're never explained plotwise either, I looked everywhere in this game and went into every hidden/lockpicked area and I don't remember a single recording even mentioning their existence, let alone how they came to be factory produced and mass-marketed. I suppose we're meant to assume FINK DID IT, SAW IT IN A TEAR, like most things without much/any explanation. It's honestly like they wrote this super cool oh so engaging story and then designed this oh so immersive world, then realised in the third year of production that 'wait, didn't this game use to have magic powers?'
So yeah, fuck Infinite for downplaying the series' major unique thing.
>> No.45150  

I was so disappointed when I got the volt tonic.

"Yeah, cool, new type of enemy to fig- oh."

On a related note, do the decisions you make throughout the game have any effect?
>> No.45151  
There's a vox message from Fink to his brother, talking about how he's copied them from a genius biologist or somesuch after seeing it through a tear. I think it's implied that Fink's brother is the musician who copied the Creedence Clearwater Revival song after seeing that through a tear.

I agree that the vigors were not really tied into the plot very well, though.
>> No.45159  

>On a related note, do the decisions you make throughout the game have any effect?

>> No.45160  
Not that guy, but thanks for saying that. I don't think that I'm even going to bother playing Infinite.
>> No.45184  
Playing on that Minecraft server is pretty fun.
>> No.45187  
I've been debating whether I should play Bioshock Infinite or not. One on hand, I'm probably not going to enjoy it too much, but I keep getting shot down by the guy at the local game shop for not having played it when I'm criticising it.

Anyway, I've been playing a couple of missions of Mark of the Ninja, and it's been pretty good so far.
>> No.45188  

If you play it then criticize it he will simply say you didn't understand it. Bioshock Infinite fans are idiots
>> No.45190  
It's not a particularly long game. Just pirate it and play it. Or, read an explanation of the story and say you played it.
>> No.45194  
a review of the ouya. Surprise! It's a mess

>> No.45197  
Square Enix is localizing Bravely Default, which is good news in itself, but I'm more interested in the implications this has for the localization of other games. Almost nobody thought BD was going to be brought over, and even after Namco-Bandai announced Project X-Zone's localization plenty of people were still doubtful. I'm probably being too optimistic, but I really hope BD being brought west helps convince other developers to bring over more games that otherwise would be Japan-only.

Honestly, all I want is Phoneix Wright vs Professor Layton. Is that so much to ask for?
>> No.45199  
Eh, I figured it'd be coming eventually, though mainly because of this editorial: http://nazr.in/4bb

Of course Squeenix would be the publisher, but I have to admit that tempers my expectations somewhat. I can't think of a single game they've localized with dual audio. Heck, even first-party publishers like Sony and Nintendo who traditionally localized dub-only may be finally starting to change their mind, e.g. the upcoming Soul Sacrifice and Fire Emblem: Awakening.
>> No.45200  
File: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png -(11.4 KB, 508x86) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45201  

Can't say I ever saw this coming. The Agarest games can get pretty lewd. That artbook that came with 2, hoo boy.
>> No.45202  
They are reviewing the system two months before launch (a kickstarter unit, it wasn't a review unit sent to them), despite the Ouya Devs repeatedly going 'the software's not final yet, the software's not final yet, the software will be done by launch, the software is not final yet'.

>For $99, everyone who backed Ouya's Kickstarter has unwittingly signed up to beta-test a game console. Alpha-test, even: this is a product with some good ideas and a potentially promising future, but it's a million miles away from something worth spending your money on.
Which is...exactly what we were promised? Finalized hardware, but software that still needs some tweaking? I'm a backer myself, and I'd rather have my Ouya this month than having to wait two more months just so they can add more polish. It works, I can just get the updates when they're released, if the hardware's final I want it ASAP.

Plus of course, the fact that he's missing the point entirely:
> The library of Ouya games currently consists mostly of relatively unknown indie games
>don't look good in 1080p
>This platform desperately needs a game like Grand Theft Auto, or Shadowgun, or Assassin's Creed, or Bioshock... or something.
>the Ouya is a lot more like a Raspberry Pi than an Xbox 360.
Nobody wants yet another triple A platform. The Ouya audience wants to play indie games on their TV. I probably won't be playing mine on a 1080p screen any time soon, either (which causes issues with text readability on PS3, so I'd rather not have games DEMANDING 1080p on Ouya), as I don't really care whether my character's face is so detailed he's indistinguishable from a photograph or if he's just a '@'. I just want to play fun games.

Everybody's hating on the Ouya, but everything I've read about it aside from some controller issues has been positive to me. I think it's more an issue of wrong expectations than an issue of anything being wrong with Ouya.
>> No.45203  
>Almost nobody thought BD was going to be brought over
What? Like who? I was pretty sure BD would be coming over. It is an excellent game that sold very well in Japan and would likely sell well here too. I'm sure Nintendo would be very much interested in seeing it come to the west as well.

I don't see this leading to smaller niche Japanese games coming over, but of course Phoenix Wright vs Professor Layton will be coming over. What Phoenix Wright or Professor Layton games don't come over? They are just pretty slow on their localisations though so you will have to give it time.
>> No.45204  
>What Phoenix Wright or Professor Layton games don't come over?
Ace Attorney Investigations 2?
>> No.45205  
Isn't it basically just a cheap computer to play flash-esque games on anyways? It's not something I'm all that interested in myself, but it seems like a pretty good idea for people who just want their free internet games on their TV. If they can get facebook and the associated games to work on it, I feel like they're pretty much set.
>> No.45206  
I guess what I don't like about the console is that there's really no reason why it should be made, so maybe you're right. But Ouya doesn't really add anything new to the table. PC can already do everything it does and more, so what this thing's really doing is just fracturing the devs and fans even more, in my point of view.
>> No.45207  
Investigations isn't a Phoenix Wright game.
Also, it kinda sucked.
>> No.45208  
As someone who plays both PC and consoles a lot, I can tell you that it's just a completely different experience. Not to mention things like ease of use (just going through some menus as opposed to looking shit up on Wikipedia and checking people's recommendation to get games, then finding a place to get the games) and local multiplayer (which I did do on PC in the 90s, but alas I've never seen anybody do it since), consistent controls (games telling me to use a controller and have shitty non-remappable keybindings are really annoying), and so on.

Basically, it's like the PC, but as a console.
>> No.45210  
I beg to differ. At the very least, I enjoyed Investigations 1 much more than Apollo Justice.

About the only thing that bugged me was that the final case dragged on quite long.
>> No.45212  
I think my only gripe with Apollo Justice was that it fucked the canon up the ass. Also, the case with the blind kid got annoying after a while, with that unskippable video recording you had to watch over and over and over and...

I didn't like Investigations too much because its attempts at gameplay (i.e. actually controlling your character to move around) turned out pretty much as investigations in PW/AJ except slightly more boring since it took more time to watch Miles walk around. The whole concept of 'taking down criminals outside of court' sounded cool, but it was basically exactly the same as previous games minus court. I also felt that the 'Logic'-system did way too much thinking for the player, and that the new sprites were a little dull compared to previous entries, the latter may just be personal preference though. And yeah, I agree with you, the last case dragged on for waaay too long.
Overall, I'd say that Investigations had many cool ideas, but the dev team played it too safe and the game suffered by being different, but not different enough. Maybe they fixed everything in the sequel, we shall never know.
>> No.45230  

Tewi White: The Ubisoft Edition.
>> No.45248  
File: cdshock_007.png -(27.2 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Recently played through the original System Shock and wow what a game. Some features have aged badly (like cyberspace) and levels can feel like mazes at times, but as a whole it was a really engrossing dos game that genuinely creeped me out. It's really jarring how far ahead of its time this game was with its first person role playing, play-at-your-own-pace story, deus ex-esque augmentations, well done horror/tension, more environmental interaction than even modern games, and also audio logs. The only thing comparable in '94 was Doom.

Maybe I'm just gushing but I'm really impressed.
(Playing System Shock 2 for the first time now.)
>> No.45250  

Since ubisoft apparently ditched their dumb DRM I might actually pick this up after I upgrade, assuming it isn't total shit
>> No.45253  

Both SS games are really great, and the first was leagues ahead of its time. Damn shame what happened; makes the possibility for a remake of the first pretty much impossible, and it's a game that honestly deserves one.
>> No.45259  
File: 2wnYO.png -(4.2 KB, 409x45) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45261  

>subcode =3

it's mocking you
>> No.45263  
There's been more talk lately that the next xbox will require an internet connection to do anything, and the console reveal will happen next month. If you told me last year that the wiiu would be the only attractive console option in the new generation I wouldn't have believed it, but here we are
>> No.45264  
I really wanted to like the Wii and WiiU but I'm just too lazy I guess. I ended up hating having to waggle and move around compared to playing on my ps3. I even bought a motion plus controller so I could try the new zelda game on my computer but I didn't even make it two hours in. Hell I'm even more interested in upcoming vita games compared to what's coming out for the WiiU. If this generation is any indicator I can see myself getting a ps4 so I can keep enjoying my faggy anime games and occasional Ninja Gaiden related games.
>> No.45265  

Some gameplay videos are floating around and it is indeed total shit
>> No.45269  
File: fuck.jpg -(281.8 KB, 1920x1079) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Did you know? There was almost a Megaman FPS reboot
>> No.45271  
did u kno gaming
>> No.45274  
Playing minecraft
>> No.45300  
Starbound's up for preorder now. I'm probably gonna wait until it's up on Steam to buy it since my TF2 item sales money isn't going towards anything else
>> No.45301  
Far Cry 3 is really fun, but I put it on Hard after a couple of hours. Now all the enemies changed, so it's really hard. Time to put my game face on!
>> No.45302  
Really? On the hardest setting that game was still so easy, I could just launch myself at my enemies shooting wildly and I still would kill them all without even getting close to dying. Sometimes I didn't even feel like using different methods of getting past my enemies because they were just that incompetent.

That game really needed a hardcore mode, or something. Or maybe just make the character less godlike.
>> No.45305  
The increased amounts of damage the privateers take means it's tougher for me to fire arrow the heavies, and as such, they often get me. Of course, I had lousy cover options that one time, so it might have to do with that.

If you think so, you should play Far Cry 2 (though you probably have). Maybe even a permadeath run? I only played it some, but the emergent gameplay was much better than in Far Cry 3. I kinda like being this total badass, but cash, ammo and weapons are way abundant. It feels good to start out weak (at least on Hard), and then killing dudes and taking drugs all the time to eventually internalize it. Still, I see your points.
>> No.45309  
I also had the impression that FC3 was way easy on the hardest setting.
I sometimes only had to fire a single bullet to liberate outposts, since there'd be a caged leopard there to maul everyone. And even without that, as long as you disabled the alarms, they were a piece of cake. I didn't even know that you could shoot alarms at first, but I still didn't have any problems even though I had to disable them manually.
The emergent gameplay sounded cool on paper, but what it boils down to is that you'll sometimes encounter a tiger, which is easily put down. The survivalist aspect also takes the hit from the fact that green leaves are plentiful, and you can pause the game whenever to craft health syringes with them.
>> No.45310  

The emergent gameplay in Far Cry 3 isn't all that good, but in Far Cry 2, it's way better. Gun jamming, malaria, grenades-rolling-down-hills-and-starting-bush-fires-that-kill-your-buddies-who-can-no-longer-save-you...
>> No.45312  
I got to the depths in Binding of Isaac! Neat! Then of course I died pretty darn quickly.
>> No.45313  
Keep trying! Pretty soon you'll be able to get down there almost every time. After that it's just a matter of whether or not you got good upgrades earlier in the game.
>> No.45323  
All the encouragement, it's giving me such faith! Thank you, I'll do my best!
>> No.45340  
Anybody else get a random game coupon in their steam inventory? I've seen people get one for Duke 3D, and I got one for Serious Sam 3
>> No.45344  
I just spent several hundred dollars ordering a 3DS and several games, and now I feel bad. I can't afford this, why did I do it?!
>> No.45346  
>now I feel bad
Don't worry, you'll feel good when it arrives.
>> No.45347  
I want to buy more than I can pay for too. Is there an easy way?
>> No.45349  
Get a credit card or take out a loan.
>> No.45354  
Don't take out a loan. Don't buy snacks or food on a whim, or on an empty stomach. Don't eat out, and eat healthily, but simplistically. And buy things at thrift shops.

Or get a job.
>> No.45378  
File: f8da605f26e56fcbd247392402024bd2[1].jpg_988360 -(441.4 KB, 698x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh Scamco, why do you hate westerners so?
>> No.45379  
I... what? Are they pricing these games to fail so that they'll have an excuse never to localize other Idolm@ster games or something?

And the Shiny Festas are hardly good music-rhythm games. Way too simple--just tap and/or hold two buttons. Zzz.
>> No.45386  
Gearbox, creators of great games such as Duke Nukem Forever and that Alien game, now own the Homeworld franchise
>> No.45387  

The sarcasm is palpable.
And now I have objective proof that homeworld is shit without ever having heard of the game prior.
>> No.45389  
>Brian intends as first priority to direct Gearbox's interest to preserve and assemble the purest form of the original acclaimed and beloved games, Homeworld and Homeworld 2, with the intent of making them accessible on today's leading digital platforms.

So it sounds like their plans so far are only to re-release the games digitally. Hopefully they don't seriously consider developing a sequel, or if they do, they outsource it to a developer that knows what it's doing.

Please stop talking!
>> No.45392  
Aaaaah, I've been reading about the new Animal Crossing and I really wanna get it, but I don't have a 3DS and I also can't stand playing handhelds very long. I guess if it's anything like the last gen the console version will basically be an improved version, so maybe I'll wait for the WiiU version. Then I would need to buy a WiiU...
>> No.45394  
Well, there were three years in between WW and CF. I wouldn't expect another game any time soon.

And, on that matter, I thought CF was rather disappointing because it was a glorified port with some extra features. They didn't even bother to make a new soundtrack.
>> No.45395  

Moving the random characters to a city was lame as hell too, since it removed the surprise. I know being excited that a gay giraffe was going to come to my virtual town to give me special clothes is pathetic, but I don't care!
>> No.45397  

I also spent a New Years or two in AC, and every saturday for almost a year (time travel is for the weak). This was during my teenage years
>> No.45400  
Just 104 days until the Vita is saved!

Well no, not really, but August 6 is the tentative North American release date for Dragon's Crown.
>> No.45407  
I really tried finishing Bioshock Infinite, but I can't. It's a horrible game. The only thing it has going for it is nice-looking enviroments. I honestly can't understand why people are gushing so much about it.
I managed to trudge through the part where you have to fight Elizabeth's mom thrice. Which was not only dumb as hell. "We need to cut off my dead mom's hand to get through this door. Yes, we are only doing this for shock value. No, we can't blow up the door, are you retarded", and in the end they don't use her hand and blow up the door. But it's terribly designed too. You have to fight the exact same boss three times in a row? The exact same bullet-sponge boss thrice over!? Jesus Christ.
Then right after that they throw you into a mandatory stealth level. GOTYAY, folks.
>> No.45408  

>I honestly can't understand why people are gushing so much about it.

Pathetic gaming nerds are so desperate for their childish hobby to be considered "grown up" that they will cling to anything that they perceive as having any intellectual or emotional depth.
>> No.45409  
Phil Fish (the man who took 5 years to make a mediocre flash game, told people they should be grateful he is only charging 9 dollars for it, and said japanese people suck despite modeling his game's entire style after cavestory) made a post on the steam forum bragging about how FEZ was the top seller on steam and it's not even out, and told "nerds" to boycott harder. The next day, it dropped to number 11 on the list and today it is at 22.
>> No.45410  
Don't forget that he says he's doing it all ironically and that people just don't understand humor.
>> No.45411  
Is he trying to be a 80's high school jock?
>> No.45412  
File: phil.png -(905.3 KB, 1023x559) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45413  

Oh also if I remember correctly he called PC gamers idiots or something, which is why FEZ was originally just for xbox. He's a gigantic asshole and not in a charming way, and I hope he fails at everything else he attempts in his life except suicide
>> No.45423  
Fez now at #38 in the Steam top seller list. So good
>> No.45425  
EA is shutting down popcap, a studio they just bought 2 years ago for over a billion dollars.
>> No.45426  
File: ill just stick with archer-chan.jpg -(193.5 KB, 720x992) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This just in some kotaku blogger person whined about dragon crown's boring tits in order to draw attention and get the gawker network more hits. Does this a few month's from the game's release instead of when the art surfaced almost 2 years ago. Artist takes offense and draws this for him specially. Blogger to no surprise causes more hype for the game. The end.
>> No.45427  
File: fuckingstupid.png -(645.7 KB, 697x4109) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>some kotaku blogger person

Is that this guy? I think the only thing worse that soccer mom prude feminists are the men who gladly lick their feet
>> No.45428  
Does Vocaloid count for this thread?


I can't believe that is a real thing.
>> No.45429  
File: tumblr_mltyqtz5uK1s33ur2o3_500.jpg -(78.3 KB, 478x413) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
"Jason Schreier". Whoever that is.
>> No.45430  

that first person is ugly as fuck, I can see why they would be jealous of drawings
>> No.45431  
Source on this? It's not on Popcap's Wikipedia page and Gamasutra makes no mention of it (so it's not just too new to be on Wikipedia properly).
>> No.45432  

>> No.45433  
I managed to track it down to its source, and it's not nearly as big news as they make it sound.

>Palle Hoffstein
>@StevenEidher Just the Vancouver office so far. The other Popcap offices should stay open, but I suspect will be hit by layoffs as well.

One of the Popcap offices is closed, the rest is still fully functional. EA wouldn't just kill one of its biggest cash cows like that. For reference, this is roughly 40 out of the total 400 Popcap employees (plus possibly a couple more layoffs in other offices). The same thing happened to Popcap Dublin last September.
>> No.45435  
Wait, wait, wait. George Kamitani drew that?
>> No.45436  
>> No.45437  
What a cool guy.
>> No.45438  
Video explaining the whole Schreier-debacle, if anyone cares.
He actually called Sorceress' design 'lolicon', because she has a 'very childish face'. I wish I was joking.
>> No.45443  
File: er ok.jpg -(772.7 KB, 551x3963) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>The biggest of them all is Focus, a mode entered for short bursts that highlights key objects in Garrett’s surroundings and which helps to streamline combat and puzzles. It is, in other words, a temporary power-up to help players over difficulty spikes. In the gameplay demo, activating Focus shortens close combat to quick time despatches, slowing time to allow Garrett to identify vulnerable points on his attacker before erupting into a flurry of critical blows.
>> No.45445  
>He actually called Sorceress' design 'lolicon'

Wow, is he an SA goon or something?
>> No.45458  
With modern games relying so much on waypoints, arrows, compasses, minimaps, flashing objects, regenerating health etc. etc. I wonder why people even bother hiring level designers.
A trained chimp could probably do the same job (and you only have to pay him in bananas!).
>> No.45485  
File: Blaze3.jpg -(53.5 KB, 400x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
So, I'm looking to get into MMO's for something different, but I've never played one before. Does /bun/ have any recommendations? Kind of a vague question, but I've got no idea where to begin, otherwise I'd google that shit.

I'm not all that keen on interacting with other people (which is the whole point of MMO's, I know), so something I could play mostly on my own would be good, and I also like pissing about with character customization stuff. Not a fan of grinding, though.
>> No.45486  

Try playing APB. it's not that great but it has really extensive character customization, and it's more of a shooter than a typical MMO so it will probably be easier for you to get into
>> No.45487  

I'm not really sure what you want from an MMO if you don't want grinding or to mingle with human scum which generally associate with the genre.

That being said, one of my favourite MMOs was ECO. The original game had a shitload of grinding but it was offset by having a shitload of anime and whatnot. It looks like the private server is still running at http://eco.atomixro.com/ . The benefit of playing on this server is the xp rates are higher so the grinding won't be so apparent at low levels. Plus, if this server is anything like it was when I stopped playing on it there's nothing but Koreans on it so you wouldn't be able to talk to anyone else if you tried. I've wasted my time on a bunch of shitty MMOs so I could probably give you a better recommendation if you say what other games you like.
>> No.45488  
File: A month of playtime lost because someone killed me.png -(517.0 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>I'm not really sure what you want from an MMO if you don't want grinding or to mingle with human scum which generally associate with the genre.
They're both extremely common, but not absolutely necessary for MMOs. For example, Haven & Hearth has no grinding and it's advisable to avoid any players you don't know as many are out to harm you. I don't recommend it to many people though, since it's very hardcore. (100% full PvP, including complete destruction of everything the player possesses, with no restrictions, and permanent death, among other factors.)
>> No.45489  
>So, I'm looking to get into MMO's for something different
>Not a fan of grinding, though.


All MMO's are grindy. You may say you don't like the grind, but that's the only appeal to them.

As for which MMO is right for you, it depends on a few things.
1st, how much time you have on your hands.
2nd, how much you want to play WITH other people
3rd, how much you want to play AGAINST other people
4th, how much you want to socialize and to what degree (chat only, vent+mic talking, get a text from the guild leader asking you to log on and help with stuff, etc)

Try these though:
Tera ---it's F2P. give it a go. doesn't get grindy until higher levels, and world pvp is optional though easy to avoid even on PvP servers)
Eve online --- get a 21 day trial from the /vg/ eve general with 10minutemail.com (write down the name of the person who sent it, it's in that mail. you'll want it if you decide to pay up for the game). There is minimal human interaction required, infact you can go solo the whole way and still grind out enough currency to bypass the monthly fee, but the pvp and group aspects are where the game really shines... and what good is having a shitload of money if you don't make a super expensive and powerful ship and steamroll through noobs with it?
GW2 may also be worth a try, if you have money. the grind isn't too bad, and all players you see in the world are helpful for you. The best part is that you will never need to talk to them, and you still get all the benefits of an extra half of a BR helping you kill shit.

several months ago when I played, it was overrun with russian fucks. After losing 4 days of 'progress' that somebody experienced could probably do in 4 hours, I decided the game wasn't for me.
>> No.45490  

1. I don't have a job, so I've got plenty of time, but no money. For now, anyway.

2. Depends what you mean by 'with'. If playing with other people is anything like Call of Duty 4 team deathmatch was (no real communication or planned co-operation, just a bunch of players working individually toward a common goal), I can tolerate that. Anything more might be a bit of a stretch.

3. I'd rather play against the AI (PvE I think they call it), but I can live with playing against other people if it doesn't involve monitor-smashing levels of irritation.

4. As little as possible. I can tolerate typing chat if it's necessary, but voice chat can fuck right off on the next plane to Timbuktu. Can't say I think much of guilds, either.

I like all sorts of bits and pieces, but I'll try to narrow it down a bit to broad genres & stand-out games, if I can refrain from getting carried away.

Strategy - C&C Red Alert 1, Warcraft 2, Steel Panthers, Hearts of Iron 2, World in Conflict, Sword of the Stars, Company of Motherfucking Heroes, Total War Shogun 2
Rpg's - in a very general sense - PS1 era-stuff & their assorted sequels, Nier, Mass Effect, Fallout & Elder Scrolls (modded), Dragon Age, KotoR etc.
FPS - Stalker, Fear, Crysis 1
3rd person tactical - Silent Storm, Valkyria Chronicles, Hidden & Dangerous 2
Other stuff like Midnight Club 3 & 4, Assassin's Creed, GTA, Tenchu, Dynasty Warriors.

Not much in common with MMO's, I'm going to assume.
>> No.45494  

Well honestly I don't think you'd have a lot of fun playing any MMO. I wouldn't have made it half as far in all the shitty ones I've played if I hadn't been playing with friends. Tera for example is boring as fuck playing by yourself, not to mention all the mexicans you'll have to party with eventually. I think your best bet is to go to a site like www.mmorpg.com and find a game with an art style you really like and pick that. It's all basically the same grindy shit. Plus, I've never played an MMO that had better gameplay than a non-MMO game in the same genre anyway.
>> No.45495  
Why the hell do you want to play an MMO?
Go play Dragon's Dogma or Dark Souls or something.
>> No.45496  
Puzzle Pirates is the only MMO that's purely skill-based. Fun fact.
>> No.45498  
Why are you guys acting as if MMORPGs are the only MMOs? Stuff like Second Life (virtual world), ActiveWorlds (virtual world), World of Tanks (tank game), The Universal (economy/trading game), and so on are all also MMOs. And frequently, non-RPG MMOs have no grind. Even MMORPGs sometimes don't have any grind, such as the aforementioned Haven & Hearth.

There are all kinds of MMOs out there. Look beyond the most popular stuff and you'll definitely find an MMO for just about everybody.
>> No.45499  
>World of Tanks

And the guy said that he wanted minimal social interaction, so stuff like Second Life (which has no point except for social interaction) is out.
>> No.45504  

Well a lot of the games he listed were fun so I didn't really feel right recommending Second Life.
>> No.45507  
New GTAV trailer is out, showing off the protagonists. The old white guy seems interesting, since there hasn't been an older family man as a GTA protagonist before. The white trash guy looks like he is an insane GTA protagonist, like the good old days of the GTA3 era. The black guy's stuff looks terrible because it is the worst part of San Andreas, only without the satire so it is even worse.

Unfortunately Rockstar's tendency to kill main characters these days + white guilt probably means that at the end of the game the 2 interesting characters will die and the black guy will be the only person you play as in the post-game sandbox
>> No.45512  
File: 2013-05-01-103039.jpg -(66.8 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45513  
Have fun, dude. Looks like someone likes games published by ATLUS USA (not that I don't, but it drives me crazy how rarely they include dual audio in the games they localize).
>> No.45514  
Is Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon any fun?
>> No.45518  

Not really. Also it does the thing where it pretends to make fun of dumb game mechanics yet uses those mechanics totally straight. Like it has pop ups during the on-rails tutorial to tell you how boring and bad unskippable tutorials are, while not letting you skip it
>> No.45519  
If nothing else, it has fun music.
>> No.45521  

>> No.45522  
Are you >>45344?
>> No.45524  

Yep. After spending all day yesterday playing around with it, I not longer feel bad. The 3D can look nice but it seems to have an impact on the FPS, so I don't really use it. Everything is groovy aside from that.
>> No.45525  
Supposedly with the 3D on, you get 30 fps max; and it's 60 fps when 3D is turned off. To be honest, I never really noticed the difference, but I guess it depends on the game (e.g. from what I've heard it's quite noticeable in Code of Princess).

Thus far, the best use of 3D for the 3DS I've seen were the animated cutscenes in Rhythm Thief. Those were really beautiful, and since you just watch them you wouldn't accidentally fall out of the viewing sweet spot.
>> No.45526  
from what I'm hearing from people I know with oculus rift dev kits, it is actually rad as hell.
>> No.45527  
looking forward to it
>> No.45528  
This looks much more interesting in my opinion.
>> No.45529  
I played RDR on my 360 for a few minutes to make sure it wasn't broken from years of not being used in preparation for GTA5's release, and jesus christ I forgot how loud it was
>> No.45530  

The 360? Is it true you can actually efficiently use it as a heater? And is RDR actually good? I've been debating getting the GOTY version, but not sure.
>> No.45531  

RDR is probably one of the best sandbox games I've ever played.
>> No.45533  
>And is RDR actually good?
>> No.45534  
I bought a Vita! What games should I get?
>> No.45535  
Oh man! Gravity Daze is really cool, even if it's the game everyone recommends. Nuns with Guns is also available in the US store; sounds fun.

I like Persona 4 Golden, for all its flaws, and Katamari is really fun. Of course a lot of ports and remakes don't sound too interesting, but they're the right kind of ports. I know people who have played the heck out of Rayman on the Vita after beating it on the PS3, and there are fighters, too, if you like those.

Then there's Metal Gear, Uncharted, LBP, Soul Sacrifice, Virtue's Last Reward. Lots of games! Hope you have fun with your Vita! Remember it's a good media player, too!
>> No.45536  
Persona 4 Golden is a given. Even if you've played the original on the PS2, it's worth it because the overall game has been improved or expanded in countless ways (there's about 20% new content), so much so that I could not stand to play the original again. It's no mere straight port.

I love Gravity Rush--its core gravity-shifting mechanic, the visuals, the music, the main character--but the combat is shallow. Be warned if the last aspect matters a lot to you.

Sound Shapes is a simple platformer, but the music is cool, it's relatively cheap, and there's theoretically tons of content thanks to a level editor and the ability to play levels created and uploaded by other users. No retail release, it's PSN download only.

If you haven't played Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward on the 3DS (or don't have one), then there's that. Play/read 999 first, however. Also, the memo function is nearly useless, so it's a good idea to keep a pen/pencil and paper within reach.

If you have the jRPG itch, besides Persona 4 Golden there are two other ports worth checking out--Disgaea 3 and Atelier Totori+. The latter is PSN download only, no retail release (in North America).

I passed on the recently released Soul Sacrifice, but you may want to check out its demo and see if it appeals to you. It's not Monster Hunter--but yeah, it sort of is.
>> No.45537  
Gravity Daze/Rush is one of the most innovative and original games I've played in recent memory.
I guess some of the gameplay might be criticized as gimmicky (e.g. sliding), and the story gets pretty dumb at times, but overall it feels like a breath of fresh air in a stagnant industry.
Also, dat soundtrack, http://youtu.be/RB4nFoA63rs
>> No.45538  

Importing project diva f might be worth your time.

I'd also recommend getting ps+ if you don't have it already. Gravity Rush is still free on both the EU and NA store and wipeout is still free on the NA store if you like racing games at all.
>> No.45539  
Can't believe I forgot, but Ragnarok Odyssey is apparently a lot like Monster Hunter.
>> No.45540  

Do you understand Japanese? The library of games will exponentially if yes.

If not, just what other people have said. Don't forget you have access to all PSP/PS1 games as well.
>> No.45543  
Thanks everyone for the replies, I forgot to say I already bought project diva f with it, it was one of the main reasons actually. Unfortunately my japanese is not good enough yet to play a story-driven game to the end, I can only read a few kanji.

I will be subscribing to psn plus for the instant game collection and then I'll play some demos and find out if I like anything. I haven't finished Persona 4 on the PS2 so I'll probably buy it eventually. I also didn't own a psp before so there's a lot of games I didn't play. I'm feeling like this was a good purchase.
>> No.45557  
Do you have to play games like crazy to get the most out of Plus, or is it worth it anyway?

>>Unfortunately my japanese is not good enough yet to play a story-driven game to the end, I can only read a few kanji.

I like you, /bun/, we should be friends.
>> No.45558  
It's really not that expensive so as long as you play a few games you'll get your moneys worth and it becomes even better for Vita since it comes with Gravity Rush and sometimes a good game. The good game isn't this month though, last month it had Disgaea and a little before that it had Ninja Gaiden (which is alright for Vita) and FFT.
>> No.45559  
Oh cool, I guess I'll get it, then. I should really get around to playing Yakuza 4, though.
>> No.45560  
Considering that a 1-year subscription is $50, if you play two games that they offer for free, you've broke even for the year. It seems like a pretty good deal, but I just don't like subscription services.
>> No.45568  
Sims 4 has been announced for next year. If this was a few years ago I would be hyped as hell but EA has fucked up so bad so many times that I simply can't care about anything they have a hand in.
>> No.45569  
Hopefully they've learned from Sim City and make the game not have always-on DRM. That might be expecting too much though.
>> No.45570  

I'm sure it will still require Origin, and given EA's tendency to ban people with barely any rhyme or reason there is no way I would pay money for something on it.
>> No.45572  
Speaking of EA, the next Simcity patch is the "2.0" patch. Do they have no idea how version numbers are supposed to work, what the hell
>> No.45574  
>SimCity sold over 1.1 million copies in its first two weeks.
Nope. As long as idiots keep buying shit even if they're being treated like shit by the creator, there is nothing for EA to learn.
>> No.45577  
Their stocks plummeted because of the backlash though..
>> No.45581  

They totally expected it to sell way more and bilk people for more money down the line through DLC. There's no way that is going to work now and I wouldn't be surprised if the servers are shut down within a year or so
>> No.45582  
I keep looking at GTA5 screens and thinking "this looks pretty good, I wonder how much worse it will look when I am actually playing it on my xbox".
>> No.45584  
Defeating Flamelurker made me really happy! He was a bit of a spooky boss but his attacks were predictable. It was kind of nice fighting him right when I was starting to think that Demon's Souls bosses weren't that hard and getting to them was the hardest.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7T05Lm9mjw his theme really helped make him seem creepy and powerful.
>> No.45585  

I hated that guy. I must of died 3 or 4 times against him, each time having to go through that fucking mine again. I only won by getting him trapped behind the bone.
>> No.45586  
There's a shortcut to get to him that's really quick. Which was handy because I had to fight him more times than I can remember, and I still never beat him. One of the reasons I gave up on Demon's Souls.
>> No.45590  
When I fought Flamelurker I was so surprised he made everyone ragequit Demon's Souls. He's really predictable, you're immortal when rolling, so some luck and healing and stuff makes him easier than King Allant.
>> No.45593  
>King Allant
I think I cheesed him with poison arrows or something; I don't remember.
>> No.45598  

I heard that's the popular approach. I just trained until I was good enough to beat him. That felt really good!
>> No.45602  

I read an article where the guy says the graphics in the demo he saw didn't look nearly as good as in the trailers. Not surprising
>> No.45604  
Do you still require a Gold account to play on Xbox live? I was thinking of dicking around in RDR's multiplayer
>> No.45605  
>Do you still require a Gold account to play on Xbox live?
>> No.45606  

God damn it. Does anyone know a site that regularly puts up free gold trial codes? Searching myself leads to lots of totally not legit places
>> No.45608  

This is quite interesting to me, since I didn't have an HD TV before around 2010/2011. When I played MGS4 and LBP and Uncharted, I thought they looked pretty nice, but when I got the HD TV, it obviously improved the quality quite a bunch. However, since it's not a huge TV (32"-36"), there's no point in trying to get Full HD, but even in normal 720p, I have been noticing some weird things I felt should not have been there.

In most games, textures are pretty bad, and character models look really weird close up. I eventually realized that this was a game problem, and not a TV or hardware problem. Then I thought, "hang on, what if we just made smaller games with more stuff closely crammed in? I heard Metro looks pretty good."

Then I found out that high-end PCs actually got good textures and smoothed out some things. They also had better frame rate, better effects for everything, and cheaper games. Stupid PC gamers, getting all the good stuff. Of course, if we made prettier games with more colours and more stylized graphics, it would probably be cheaper and look better than most "realistic" games.

But trailers. I've looked at some footage and some screenshots of GTA V, and it does look gorgeous. However, so did Arkham City and lots of other games in their trailers, and I doubt they look that good on consoles. Some games, however, like Revengeance and Dishonored, look pretty good, especially in cutscenes (omg Revengeance,) even though the latter has great expansive enviroments to mess about in (on the cost of shitty water effects, apparently). Revengeance has really good lighting, but it's not as good in the game as in cutscenes, of course. Apparently even Sleeping Dogs, a game I thought looked nice, even if it's more mid-range on the AAA scale (AA?), looks bloody amazing on a good computer. There's just so much stuff on the screen (windows, balconies, signs, assorted objects), and while they do not look all that good really close up, they look like distinct objects, and not a part of the wall, which is nice.

The moral? Have better art direction in games? I dunno~
>> No.45609  

Well consoles are running on 8-7 year old hardware so it is no surprise that a PC built in the last 3 years will be able to blow them out of the water
>> No.45613  
Christ, we're so old. I remember when the 360 came out. Even the DS and the PSP (which I think I got the year after it came out, which means it lasted me 8 years before breaking). We're so very, very old.
>> No.45615  

I can't tell if you're being ironic or not. Please tell me you are.
>> No.45620  
I must have been, because I can remember things way before that. Maybe I should have slept the last week before posting anything...
>> No.45621  
Who else here played Hotline Miami?

I eventually gave in to the pressure from everywhere and bought it, and it's pretty cool. I think I'm approaching the end the horse mask hinted as much, at chapter 10, and while I'm having some trouble, it's still really fun. I love how it forces you to take risks all the time.
>> No.45622  
No, you're about half-way through.

I would call HM about as hard as Super Meat Boy, it's indie-hard, it maintains a sort of illusion of being hard. It's not the sort of hard that forces you to take risks, it's more like it allows you to play recklessly. It's easy to play it safe by firing a couple of shots to bait enemies, and then whack 'em with a door, but that's not a lot of fun.
I enjoyed the game a lot though. I liked its faux 80s aesthetics and how it actually tried to say something with all the violence, the first time you have to walk over all the guys you've killed to get to your car was unsettling.
Also, props for having a soundtrack I can actually play in my car without being embarrassed.
>> No.45623  
I got my first DS only like a year ago. I enjoy it and love it very much. It's like my best friend. (and sometimes it's my girlfriend, when I'm playing LovePlus)
>> No.45624  
>and how it actually tried to say something with all the violence

No it didn't. It was completely over the top for the sake of being over the top and the story is purposely stupid as possible. Please stop looking for deeper meaning in things when there is none, it's killing video games
>> No.45626  
Please read an interview with the creators.
>> No.45640  
I just cleared it, and it was a decent top-down shooter.

The weapon selection and enemy variety were very limited - you only have melee weapons that all operate the same way, guns that are all particle weapons that are operated identically with superficial differences, and the ability to throw the weapon you're holding, which works the same regardless of whether you're throwing a sword or a pistol. Where are the grenade launchers, missile launchers, flamethrowers, bombs, and other shooter staples?

For enemies, you've got guys with guns, guys with melee weapons, dogs, and bulky guys, of which the only one that makes you deviate what you're doing are the bulky guys whom you encounter 20-30 of during the entire game.

The gameplay is also low in variety. For pretty much the whole game, the levels are designed so that the player can proceed to pick off and manipulate enemies at their leisure and be the aggressor. You always get to pick your fights and enemies never force the issue and just sit there waiting for you to initiate. There's no escort mission, survival mission, or timed mission, enemies do not utilize the throwing mechanic, and the only hazards are bullets and melee attacks.

Narrative-wise I was too busy throwing guns at people and beating them with a baseball bat when they were on the ground to pay much attention to it. It didn't seem particularly interesting, and had little to do with gameplay. The mandatory stealth mission in the hospital was not very interesting. Forcing the player's hand in Chapter 5 at the phone company's second floor was stale and pretty dumb. You aren't forced to kill the guys on the first floor, and having to kill everyone on the second floor in order to be able to access the computer makes no sense and just feels like a very cheap attempt at shocking the player.

It was a good play, overall. If it was any longer the repetitive gameplay would become a notable problem, but luckily that's not the case. I haven't explored scorerunning aside from casually trying to get enough points to unlock masks.
>> No.45650  
I just did the part where the car crashes in, and this game is now deeply unsettling. I almost don't want to play anymore.
>> No.45651  
I aced every level. I'm cool
>> No.45657  
Get A life.
>> No.45660  
I bought a cheap xbox monitor cable from amazon and it finally arrived, and the image quality is just awful with ghosting all over. That's 5 bucks down the drain plus another 30 for the offical cable I just ordered to replace it. GTA5 better be worth this mess (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
>> No.45664  
Cable causing ghosting? That's new.
>> No.45665  

It's pretty common if the cable isn't shielded properly, which isn't a shock when it's a cheap generic cable
>> No.45666  
isn't shielding just "twist the wires around a bit and make sure they don't turn themselves back to straight again"
>> No.45667  
Curious and curiouser. I wonder why poor shielding specifically causes ghosting. I guess you're using analogue cable/TV? It's time to move onto digital, anon...
>> No.45668  

My monitor's digital plug is already taken by my computer
>> No.45670  
Just finished Hotline Miami myself, and strangely enough, the achievement counter didn't start at any point, meaning I can't have my achievements boo freaking hoo.
>> No.45678  
Driver San Francisco is surprisingly fun. Driving around feels good, even if it's an automatic and there're no roundabouts. Then again, I'm jumping into peoples' bodies and jumping off San Francisco hills, not playing Euro Truck Simulator 2013. I like how the game understands that it's really quite silly, and plays it up. There are also fun conversations the main guy has with the passangers in the cars he takes over.
>> No.45679  
Steam is adding some weirdass trading card thing


I've wanted profile backgrounds for a while, but not a pre-set list of them and certainly not having to grind games to unlock them.
>> No.45680  

I'm going to join this just so I can sell my invites on the marketplace to idiots for 10 cents each
>> No.45684  
I like Euro Truck Simulator!
>> No.45685  

Me too. Carefully driving around european mountain roads while listening to weird euro radio station streams is really zen
>> No.45688  

You guys make really want to play this game!
>> No.45694  
Nintendo will no longer let people upload LPs to youtube unless they get paid for them. Whoever decided to do this should be fired since they have nothing to gain but a PR nightmare, and given the WiiU's performance right now they can't really afford to piss people off
>> No.45695  
At least be truthful. What is actually happening is that Nintendo can insert ads at the beginning or end of the videos that they claim have their content, and whatever ad revenue is generated goes to Nintendo, rather than the video uploader.

Viewers can bypass the ads with adblock, the LP videos remain up, Nintendo may make a few more bucks, everyone wins. It's a lot better than Nintendo sending cease-and-desist orders to everything, which is how they used to be.
>> No.45696  
>Nintendo may make a few more bucks, everyone wins

Actually nobody wins because with nintendo taking the money they would earn no youtube partner will want to LP their games anymore, cutting off a pretty big piece of hands-off free advertising they were getting.
>> No.45697  
What Nintendo is doing is like a restaurant owner taking their servers' tips. I fucking hate the Youtube LP community and even I think this is bullshit
>> No.45698  

I got in and holy cow this makes steam pages look like a mess
>> No.45704  
File: modern gaming.jpg -(144.8 KB, 1023x1143) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45711  
I've been playing Ultimate Apocalypse mod for Soulstorm and holy shit. I haven't seen super-weapons this super since that one Generals mod.


It hurts to live.
>> No.45714  
File: I DONT GET IT.JPG -(82.1 KB, 550x413) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's always been like that, except now people broadcast it to the world instead of calling customer service (or just asking friends). An especially infamous example was Carnival Night Zone from Sonic 3, where you had to push up and down to bounce a drum up and down. So many people didn't get it that Sega's customer service automatic message (press 1 for X, press 2 for Y) included the solution to that specific problem so they wouldn't be flooded with calls about it.
>> No.45715  
Isn't it possible to pass the Carnival Night Zone barrel without using the intended up+down method? Could've sworn I've done it myself or seen it done.
>> No.45716  
File: Noob_bridge.png -(7.0 KB, 256x223) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Is there a version yet where they're stuck here? It's the only part of Super Metroid I remember being stuck on.
>> No.45719  
Oh I totally forgot the next xbox is unveiled on tuesday. I can't wait to see what a shitshow this will be
>> No.45723  
I've been playing RDR on my monitor instead of my shitty TV and now that everything is sharper it looks way worse than I remember
>> No.45725  
>So many people didn't get it

Wow, does this mean I was smart for getting it right away when I was 9?
>> No.45726  
Thanks for this! After reading your post, I signed up for the beta, and I just made $0.56 from selling my spare invites!
>> No.45727  

I made 80 cents. If my last one sells I will have made $1.20. You can also sell TF2 crates for way more than they are worth and occasionally some idiot will buy it (´∀`)
>> No.45730  
File: modern gaming2.jpg -(490.8 KB, 640x4393) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45731  
Hahaha... well fuck.
>> No.45740  
Well, people better get used to it, Sega, Konami, Capcom and Bandai has also put out similar claims and more are sure to follow.

>What Nintendo is doing is like a restaurant owner taking their servers' tips.
Sure, if servers got paid for playing video games while commentating, which they don't, because playing video games while talking about them isn't a job. There's no such thing as a free lunch, you guys.
>> No.45744  

>because playing video games while talking about them isn't a job

Neither is sitting around talking into a microphone while playing music, but radio DJs still get paid.
>> No.45745  
Yeah, but the money the radio station earns is split between its owner, various technicians, the musicians who made the songs, and so on and so forth. The DJ only gets a fraction of the cut and sometimes, in the case of college radios etc., nothing.
LP channels like Game Grumps earn a lot of money. Looking at their traffic on Google Trends Game Grumps could be earning between 20-30K each month. They at least earn enough to support three people (Arin, his fiance and Jon) and to splurge on ridiculously rare and expensive shit like this:
(An F-Zero AX cabinet costs around 10K btw.)
For them to just pocket the money for themselves and not giving anything to the copyright holders is morally ambiguous at best. Nintendo and anyone else who's trying to stop this parasitic behavior have my full support.

Also, it's not like this will kill LP'ing outright. People have been doing LP's since way before Youtube enabled ad revenue.
>> No.45746  

>For them to just pocket the money for themselves and not giving anything to the copyright holders is morally ambiguous at best.

They buy the games they play, that's giving them something. Why should they get any more than that? If I became successful on the internet by riding a bike should Huffy have the right to take all of the money I earn doing it? It's their product after all

I understand that you are upset that unfunny idiots make money playing bad video games, but sticking up for the multibillion dollar corporations and their quest to control what people do on the internet is much worse.
>> No.45747  
File: virgil.jpg -(37.7 KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45753  
Because copyright laws ensure that when you buy a video game you only own the disc it comes on, you don't own any of the music, story or graphics. The only thing the creator of a LP channel owns on his videos are the commentaries.
If you did bike tricks and earned money doing it, well, cool, it's your tricks. You'd only be in trouble if you started manufacturing bootleg parts for the bike or uploaded bike blueprints on the internet or something.

There are some parts of copyright laws that I find kinda ridiculous, but as I said, I'm all for what Nintendo is doing here. The only ones who should earn money from a intellectual property are the rightful owners of it (or people who have permission from the owners), not random douchebags on Youtube.
>> No.45754  
Now this is just sad.
>> No.45755  
criticism, satire, etc. fall under fair use. Nintendo is being a bunch of greedy chinks with this move, and nothing more.

>For them to just pocket the money for themselves and not giving anything to the copyright holders is morally ambiguous at best. Nintendo and anyone else who's trying to stop this parasitic behavior have my full support.

They paid for their right to play the game. They did not steal or pirate the game, nor the console.

Hell, Nintendo doesn't even own the IP, they leased to the IP owners their permission to use the hardware to make the game for. The developers, producers, etc. for the game are the only people who may find any sort of issue with it, and that doesn't even account for the stream being a source of advertising that they don't have to pay for.
>> No.45757  
>criticism, satire, etc. fall under fair use

but it's annoying nerds doing it!!!!! doesn't that just make you so angry that the internet should just be destroyed????
>> No.45759  

The title of this article is amazing because it's like an Onion headline only it's real life
>> No.45761  
File: 5753274.jpg -(1366.8 KB, 1443x2003) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Get hyped.
>> No.45762  
File: sleep couch.jpg -(237.4 KB, 1000x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh, this is at 10AM. There's no way I'll be awake for that. I mean, I could set my alarm, but I'm not gonna
>> No.45774  
Not that guy, but I doubt you'd be able to successfully claim that uploading an entire playthrough of a game falls under "fair use", regardless of how much criticism/commentary you're inputting.
>> No.45778  
man, as soon as that guy said xrd I couldn't stop laughing.
>> No.45779  
When did nickelback start singing in japanese?
>> No.45783  

TV TV TV TV TV Kinect Cloud TV Halo TV
>> No.45784  

Also sport
>> No.45785  
Don't forget Call of Duty: Scooby Duty Doo!
>> No.45786  

with such innovative features, like leaning over cover and climbing over cover. Xbox1 will be the place to game!!!!
>> No.45787  
Online multiplayer will still require you to pay, and playing used/rented games requires you to pay a fee to MS (games need to be installed and are tied to your live account)
>> No.45789  
Other little xboxone factoids I am picking up

-It is not "always online" but will still require an internet connection

-kinect is required. the console will not function without it connected

-not backwards compatible with 360 games

-XBLA purchases will not transfer (your gamerscore does though so don't worry!!!!!)

-Because it uses bluray, Sony will make money off of its sales
>> No.45793  
File: reimu (10).jpg -(132.4 KB, 705x845) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
New DLC for Atelier Ayesha came out this week. Pretty stoked about that. Now I can play as best girl and run around in swimsuits.
>> No.45794  

Oh it's not even a fee, you need to pay full price for the game again if you want to play with a different account. This is incredible
>> No.45798  
File: tumblr_mn6pirMDu81qlwdmno5_500.png -(148.2 KB, 404x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45799  
I read that, was about to protest in my mind, but then I remembered that the gaming press is incredibly unprofessional, and actually cheers at shows.
>> No.45801  
I would look into game forums to see how retards (AKA average american consumers) are justifying the garbage in the xbox show and the details released after but it would just make me mad.
>> No.45804  
File: next gen2.jpg -(352.2 KB, 2720x1028) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.45805  
A friend posted on Facebook saying how he liked watching console gamers brag about their new hardware. I asked who would be so stupid. "/v/," he said.

He's one of those really silly PC gamers who swing their very expensive specs around, too.
>> No.45806  
Playing GTA4 on my 360 again now and I really can't believe how bad it looks, with messy shadows and jaggies so bad a straight line would look like a heartbeat monitor. Maybe I'm just not used to having no AA after playing on PC exclusively for so long
>> No.45807  
It's silly using a stream screenshot, but yeah. XBAWKS1 is still pretty bad.
>> No.45808  
It's kind of nitpicky but there was also a part in the CoD demo where there were sun beams going through the trees in a totally different direction from where the sun actually was.
>> No.45809  
File: xbawks1.gif snippet.jpg -(96.0 KB, 420x173) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File size is too large to upload here, so have a Google Drive link instead.
Xbox One summarized.
>> No.45810  
If you are going to buy New Leaf, who do you hope to have in your village?
>> No.45815  
File: Back_of_Bob's_E-Reader_Card.jpg -(76.6 KB, 520x711) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Bob has always been my favourite AC character.
I was thinking of getting the Japanese version, but I don't know anyone who has a 3DS and also money's been tight lately. Does it have netplay?
>> No.45817  
Funny, I was going to say Bob too. He was a starting villager in both my GCN and DS Animal Crossing towns.

You might as well wait for the North American release for Animal Crossing, though, since it's so close.
>> No.45819  
File: game center ac.jpg -(47.4 KB, 400x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Tangy and Mitzi managed to be in all of the AC games I played. I don't plan on getting a 3DS or new leaf, but I will probably get a WiiU when the inevitable spruced up port comes along. The stuff I've been seeing from Japanese players makes the wait hard
>> No.45822  



Are Microsoft completely insane?
>> No.45823  
File: 1333437380888.jpg -(42.3 KB, 650x435) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
They better announce the best games of all time on the upcoming E3, if they want to get away with this.
>> No.45824  
I really hope the game industry crashes again.
>> No.45825  
For reference, for the Xbone to sell 1 billion units it would need to sell more (a bit under 2x more) than every major console since the NES combined
>> No.45826  
Don't worry, it's happening soon. Even fancier new consoles mean budgets have to increase even further for AAA games to meet increasing customer demands; the break-even point will shift even further than the 1-4 million copies point it's already at. It's unsustainable and only getting worse by the year (see also: THQ going bankrupt recently).

However, the Xbox One screwing up so badly might actually slow down the incoming industry crash. Wait, does this mean they actually ARE doing it on purpose?
>> No.45827  
>the Xbox One screwing up so badly might actually slow down the incoming industry crash
Well see. I fear a big part of the american market will eat that shit up.
>> No.45832  
>> No.45834  
>In the same way that people can no longer remember their phone numbers because smartphones have rendered such knowledge redundant and inconsequential
Excellent. Pulitzer Prize candidate.
>> No.45836  
My first phone which I got ten years ago had my number in it. What the hell is he on?
>> No.45837  

He's PR. Figures.
>> No.45838  
"well...I'm right about everything" -Eric Yaverbaum
>> No.45843  
Does anybody actually use bluetooth for number exchange? It's such an unnecessarily complicated way of doing things.
>> No.45853  
RDR's multiplayer is so bad. Nobody plays no-autoaim deathmatch games so your only option is to join regular matches where everything boils down to running around tapping the aim button until it find something, then firing as fast as possible. If someone shoots you you can try to do the autoaim-disrupting combat roll, but the controls are so wonky that it won't work half the time and even when it does the enemy just has to tap the button some more to be back in business.

Also you need to sit through a long loading screen to be dumped into the free roam, then sit through another long loading screen after you pick the game type you want because just picking what you want right off is too easy I guess?? Any hope I had for GTA5's multiplayer is gone
>> No.45854  
His writing style is so awful that I couldn't get through half the article.
>> No.45856  
Curiosity is over.
>> No.45857  

What's cool is the guy who won had just started on the cube and doesn't even give a fuck about the prize.
>> No.45869  
This is sort of interesting, the developers of conker's bad fur day are doing a LP of it

>> No.45870  
it's a shame the game sold so poorly, or at least, not well enough for the industry giants to consider that demographic a worthwhile target.
>> No.45872  
It sold poorly? I thought it was a big hit.
>> No.45873  
A big cult hit, perhaps.
>The game received very positive reviews from video game publications, which praised the game's graphics, audio, and presentation. It is widely considered by many critics to be the best-looking game on the system. The game sold poorly due to limited advertising and a release towards the end of the Nintendo 64's life-cycle, but earned a cult following due to its unique styling.
>> No.45874  
Yeah conker's bad fur day was really good, one of the best games on n64. The commentary is funny because they talk about how shitty and low-effort games are now, like how they spent a long time getting the milk in the character's glass to animate while he is drinking it and most modern games don't even bother with things like that even though they have thousands of times the processing power
>> No.45875  
This is great.
>> No.45876  
Did it have a limited release as well? Because it's fucking impossible to get a hold of a copy nowadays.
>> No.45879  

there's a ton on ebay
>> No.45880  

I like the part in part 4 where the butterfies avoid conker and the devs make fun of the xbone reveal where they made a big deal of fish doing that in the next CoD
>> No.45881  

also how one of the guys apparently works for microsoft now and the conker voice guy keeps giving him shit about how awful the next xbox looks
>> No.45882  

the look of the xbone is the best part about it. You can have it sit next to the DvD player and tivo and it matches. It's not a big hunk of shit that has to be tucked away behind something for how hideous it makes the room look.
>> No.45883  

I had to read this about twenty times before realizing it's supposed to be parsed xb-one rather than x-bone. And I don't think I'll ever be able to not read it as x-bone.
>> No.45886  
I just call it X-bone. It sounds cooler.
>> No.45890  
that's exactly why Microsoft don't want people calling it anything but Xbox One
>> No.45900  
File: ss (2013-06-01 at 07.27.45).jpg -(145.1 KB, 940x623) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Will I like Primal Carnage if I like dinosaurs? It looks so cool, but the rating is so low for some reason.
>> No.45901  
Oops, sorry, just noticed it's free to play for today.
>> No.45902  
>team based strategy
>why are reviews so low?
>> No.45903  
Damn you, I really thought I could be a stegosaurus. I am disappointed.
>> No.45916  

but you're human, you could never be a dinosaur
>> No.45920  
File: dark-souls-2-release-date.jpg -(59.9 KB, 640x339) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Cool beans.
>> No.45921  
Just in time, seeing as DkS PC is dead now that the arrow hack is common knowledge.
>> No.45923  
I still have good fun pvping.
>> No.45927  
where is punk buster when it is needed most?
>> No.45935  
File: builds.jpg -(682.2 KB, 1344x1240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
So it'll have a few delays and won't be out for a year.
I don't know if I can wait that long.
>> No.45936  
File: very smart.gif -(1618.7 KB, 400x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The next Deus Ex is an iOS tablet game
>> No.45938  
>Deus Ex: The Fall
What a pun.
>> No.45946  
I'm going off on a tangent here, but is Conan planning to review any more games? He's pretty much my favourite reviewer nowadays.
>> No.45951  
The new Saints Row 4 trailer is kinda interesting but I still don't know if I want to play what amounts to an expansion pack for the most mediocre game in the series

>> No.45953  
Well that's something
>> No.45955  
The first was worse than 3. It was kinda cool, but not compared to the competition.
>> No.45959  
File: weary.png -(13.9 KB, 220x242) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>"This is the next instalment of Deus Ex," Square Enix producer James Wright declares, introducing the iPhone and iPad game Deus Ex: The Fall. "It's not derivative, not a port, not watered down."

>Some bits have been streamlined to better suit the interface. You don't need a 'run' button any more (just push the stick all the way), there's no 'jump' (but you can still vault over objects and climb ladders), and you can't drag bodies (instead, bodies disappear after some time).

>> No.45974  
E3 Predictions:

-Microsoft will either try to do damage control on the flood of negative news about the Xbone OR they will completely ignore it and go full steam ahead with sport tv box one. Either way their show will be a disaster, though probably not as bad as the reveal

-Sony will try to use the negative Xbone reception to their benefit but will still fall flat on their face when they show nothing of substance themselves

-Nintendo will do absolutely nothing special, winning E3 by default
>> No.45975  
>Microsoft will [...] try to do damage control on the flood of negative news about the Xbone
Haven't they already?

"Always on" -> 'The XBone needs to check-in online once every 24 hours.'

"Used game fee" -> 'You can lend games (once) to a person who has been on your friend list for 30 days, IF the games' publishers let you.'

"Used games pt. 2" -> 'You can sell games to a certified retailer... but game publishers may charge the retailer fees or prevent game resales.'

"Kinect is always watching you" -> Good luck making sense of this website (http://nazr.in/53i)

Who wants to guess that these answers weren't Plan D Microsoft cooked up at the last minute to lessen the heat from the reveal? Still sounds bad though.
>> No.45976  
Regarding the Kinect always watching you, in case people here haven't heard yet, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PRISM_%28surveillance_program%29.
The TL;DR is that the US government has pretty much full access to all customer data of companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Yahoo. Kinect won't only be watching you, it'll be sending what you're doing in your living room to the government.
>> No.45980  
I still laugh when I think about the CoD team thinking that player avoidance AI for fish was something worth bragging about
>> No.45981  

nothing a peice of 1 square cm of duct tape can't fix.
>> No.45982  
Unless the system requires facial recognition or some shit to log in. Also, tape does nothing about the microphone.
>> No.45983  

You could still unplug it when you aren't using the console. That might be too complicated for anyone dumb enough to buy this, though
>> No.45984  
So it's okay for it to spy on you while you're using the console?
>> No.45989  

No, that's not OK either. Why are you fishing for arguments
>> No.45990  
microsoft e3 highlights off the top of my head so far

-multiple sound failures. I'm pretty sure the crowd heckled the entire time

-"xbox" battlefield footage clearly had a backspace key prompt in the upper corner

-a halo trailer where masterchief wears a robe over his power armor what the fucking shit

-november release

-500 dollars
>> No.45991  
And 500 euros too
>> No.45992  
Titanfall looked kinda cool, I'm not getting it though.
>> No.45993  
Apparently the devs are going to release the tools to make Saints Row 2, SR3, and SR4 completely moddable (think elder scrolls/fallout).


If the modding community really takes off I might actually reinstall 3, and if it REALLY gets good I might even buy 4 eventually
>> No.45995  
At least it'll be on PC so I might play it.
>> No.45996  
Oh, I thought it was Xbone exclusive. I'll probably get it then.
>> No.45997  
I laughed my ass off when MC's hood blew off only to reveal a helmet underneath. That was some Scooby Doo shit right there.
>> No.45998  
social justice tumblr people are already getting mad about a guy saying "relax it will be over soon" while beating a woman at a fighting game at e3, because apparently that's rape. The video game industry is poisoned by so many groups of shitty people it's hilarious and makes me glad I don't really care about games anymore
>> No.45999  
Recently there was also a really bad fashion advice article for women on 'how to dress at E3'. According to the social justice mob, the writer's incompetence made her sexist (omg wtf how dare you tell us what to wear).

Yeah, 'sexism' doesn't mean anything anymore.
>> No.46000  
The funniest thing was that the girl won against the guy at the end of the demo. You'd think that'd mean something.
>> No.46001  
File: cis.png -(9.3 KB, 518x115) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.46002  
Sony basically just chokeslammed MS through a table in their E3 conference.
>> No.46004  
sony e3 highlights

-the new AC froze constantly before freezing at the end for good, leaving the person "playing" it on stage to slowly shake their head in shame

-more racing game and sport game bullshit that nobody fucking cares about

-new FF and kingdom hearts

-exclusive elder scrolls online beta access (lol)

-games so boring and generic my eyes glazed over and my brain fell asleep, so I can't remember

-no used game restrictions, online activation, or anything like that, kicking the xbone in the face repeatedly

-400 dollars, uppercutting the xbone off a cliff and into the spikes below

-I am still completely not interested in the next gen at all and have way too much time on my hands

-please kill me
>> No.46005  

What about Nintendo? Anything interesting?
>> No.46006  

You forgot the new multiplayer fee.
>> No.46009  

nintendo didn't do a show today


Playstation+ isn't new
>> No.46010  
Playstation Plus isn't new, but online multiplayer used to be free on PS3. Now on PS4, Playstation Plus is REQUIRED to play online.
>> No.46011  

nice, sony really needs more credit card numbers
>> No.46012  

The store and stuff will still be free though, right?
>> No.46018  
Oh my god, the Nintendo stream keeps dropping out every god damn second. Jesus Christ.
>> No.46020  
File: 1370961630099.jpg -(25.5 KB, 335x327) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.46021  
File: e3 2013.gif -(1258.5 KB, 397x296) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.46022  
File: neko tail.jpg -(30.5 KB, 400x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
By virtue of having the cheapest console with the only games I am even slightly interested in, I hereby decree Nintendo as my E3 winner. RIP video game
>> No.46024  
In other news the project diva F demo is out now.

I'm really disappointed that they kept that star system in and somehow managed to make it worse than on the vita. I'm still even more disappointed the game doesn't have all the previous songs like in dreamy theater. That being said I look forward to buying it and supporting our japanese overlords.
>> No.46025  
>they kept that star system in and somehow managed to make it worse than on the vita
How does that work on the PS3, anyway? I've only played the Vita version.

As much as I'd like to have Neru and support PD in the west, I'm not going to double-dip on PD f. It was pretty expensive to import the game.
>> No.46026  
File: wii fit trainer.jpg -(105.4 KB, 688x387) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Best Super Smash Bros. character.
>> No.46027  
I can't wait for them to reveal that it's a joke! It is a joke right? Someone please tell me it's a joke.
>> No.46028  

Why? Having a character with exercise-based moves sounds hilarious
>> No.46029  
It's as much of a joke as Jigglypuff, Mr. Game & Watch and ROB.
>> No.46030  

You use the thumbsticks instead. It feels kinda weird to hit notes quickly since there's so little resistance on them. The demo only had easy and normal difficulty so I'm just guessing here, but I've got a feeling playing some songs on extreme would just be me quickly using both my thumbs with no regard to rhythm at all. I know how extremely unlikely it is but it would be neat if they released dreamy theater after strong sales or something.
>> No.46034  
The Smash Bros 4 dev. direct is the best thing I've seen in years.
>> No.46035  
File: tumblr_moa7f1Rwd71qbb6azo1_500.png -(260.0 KB, 474x554) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Villager x Wii Fit Trainer is my OTP.
>> No.46037  
File: console wars.jpg -(52.9 KB, 786x462) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.46042  
Where's Wii U?
>> No.46043  
File: HNI_0003_JPG.JPG -(32.8 KB, 400x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The new Animal Crossing is super fun! I get to wear a dress and look cute!
>> No.46052  
File: xbone release.png -(252.8 KB, 794x855) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I dunno how microsoft plans for the xbone to sell 1 billion units when it won't even be available in half the world. You can't import either, because it needs to connect to xbox live at least once every 24 hours and if it detects you are in a no-xbone zone it doesn't work


The temptation to get a 3DS just for this is getting too strong
>> No.46053  
>The Last Guardian now "on hiatus"

Just great.
>> No.46054  
It seems to keep switching
>> No.46057  
If you live outside those regions you are probably more worried about putting food in your starving African stomach than spending $400 on a game system and hundreds more on games.
>> No.46058  

I had no idea Asians have african stomachs.
>> No.46060  
Japan, Portugal, Greece, also none of the tiny countries like Luxembourg and Andorra. Not to mention that almost every poor country has a rich elite that have more than enough income to buy game consoles.
>> No.46064  
File: 1371173023372.jpg -(41.7 KB, 544x424) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I like how they had CD Projekt at E3 and it's not even available in Poland.
>> No.46069  
Can't wait for the news about african warlords taking tourists for hostages and demanding xbone support for Liberia, Mozambique...
>> No.46076  

A month ago I joked that Microsoft might be screwing up on purpose, but at this point it's actually starting to become a genuine possibility. How else can you explain Microsoft machine-gunning itself in the foot?
>> No.46077  
>> No.46079  
Anyone here go to one of these?
>> No.46081  

I don't leave the house
>> No.46086  
Playing New Leaf gives me a happy feeling in the pit of my stomach that I haven't felt for years. I hope it can remain interesting to me for a long while
>> No.46105  
File: 01.png -(413.3 KB, 686x1174) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>So, while it isn't a completely clear answer and it is indeed correct information, you can apparently lose access to XBone games that are tied to your account if you get banned (probably referring to digital downloads). When asked if the same also applies to disc-based games, Xbox Support can't provide an answer and links to info on sharing games on the XBone, indicating they knew fully well what console the questions were about. I don't know why'd they'd later bring up the 360. Maybe genuine confusion? Maybe they're dodging the question and doing damage control?
>> No.46113  
Animal Crossing is deep.

>> No.46117  

I'm so used to the longer, more "real" NL player bodies that seeing the old stubby body type again in that picture is almost disturbing
>> No.46128  
Microsoft is backtracking on the Xbone DRM policies, which is hilarious. Unfortunately gamers are so stupid they will probably think this was done out of kindness rather than confused fear from people who don't know what the fuck they're doing, and the Xbone will now be able to compete with the PS4. The next-gen console war would have been way funnier if it was ridiculously one sided, but oh well
>> No.46129  
Well there's still the fact that it's $100 more for inferior hardware.
>> No.46130  

I don't think paying more for inferior things really bothers console players, or they wouldn't exist
>> No.46133  
The worst part about videogame journalism is watching all of the major outlets pretending the xbone isn't an unmitigated disaster of ridiculous proportions to maintain public relations with microsoft.
God that's disgusting.
>> No.46134  

The worst part of video games journalism is watching mentally deficient men treat a dumb childish hobby dead seriously. Not that I'm saying dumb childish hobbies are bad, of course (or I wouldn't be here in a anime/Japan-themed imageboard's video game thread, or be playing New Leaf for hours a day), but these people can't accept it. Every few months they need to declare something as "The Citizen Kane of Gaming", because movies are more grown up and comparing something to them makes them feel better about themselves.
>> No.46136  
How exactly are people getting hours of playtime a day out of New Leaf? What exactly is there to do?
>> No.46137  

You take it easy and make money while discovering new things. Today I got access to an island resort that lets you play with random people, and some japanese girl (or crossdresser) started chopping all the trees down after I said hello. Tomorrow I have a fountain opening and am gonna have a new door added to my house, and in a few days I'm gonna unlock QR code reading at the tailor and get a ton of stuff off of pixiv
>> No.46138  
Did anyone played The Last of Us? All the hype surrounding it is starting to get to me, but I'd hate to shell out 90 bucks for just ``another AAA game''
>> No.46139  

it is 100% "another AAA game", and not at all worth 90 bucks
>> No.46140  
It's very good but also overhyped. Worth my rental.
>> No.46141  
When the game first came out, I was playing for 4-5 hours a day, but now I've settled in to just around 2-3 a day. Fishing is surprisingly fun, and designing patterns sucks away a lot of time as well.
>> No.46150  
Shoot, you guys are making me want to play this game! I have access to Wild World, maybe I should play that...
>> No.46154  

New Leaf feels like it has way more content that any other AC game, but I've only had it for a few days. There seems to be something to look forward to every day but I know it can't last
>> No.46159  
How do you get so much time out of it? Do you time travel, or just enjoy designing THAT much?

Well, my friend code is 2449 4642 2022. I'll add you guys. It'd be fun to have an AC party sometime.
>> No.46163  

I would play with you, but you're Tokiko.
>> No.46169  
File: fucking-necrons-just-die-already.jpg -(1730.0 KB, 1680x1050) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
How is Dawn of War 2? It should be cheap right now.
>> No.46173  
File: dear esther.png -(2588.3 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Damn, the writing in this game is pretentious.

In case anyone's interested in my opinion on Dear Esther: It's overrated. Don't waste your time. If you want a story in video game form, play Journey instead, it's basically Dear Esther done right.
>> No.46177  
Okay, yeah. Thread already reached the bump limit, someone make a new video games thread please.
>> No.46196  
or danganronpa.
>> No.46197  
File: Journey.jpg -(86.6 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I was talking about the style of the game; both games consist pretty much only of walking around and uncovering more of the story as you progress that way. But while Dear Esther seems to confuse 'abstract plot' with 'random shit that means nothing or makes no sense', Journey does the whole abstract plot thing right.

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