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File: 50e5a0ae5cd4a6976323f4ab6cb94585[1].jpg -(273.8 KB, 820x545) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
280351 No.46742  
Early access starts on Saturday, are there any /buns/ playing?
>> No.46743  
I played it the first time around but unfortunately I didn't get to try ARR. I've actually been looking for a new mmo to sink my time into and ffxiv is probably one of the more appealing ones. It's too bad you have to pay every month as well as pay for the initial game. I think they could get away with just having a stupid cosmetic cash shop and still be profitable. Maybe it'll flop again and I can get a copy for $10 like the last time...
>> No.46755  
File: 93dd5d240199517a6bbdafc669ac0158[1].jpg -(109.9 KB, 613x777) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
If you preorder the game on amazon, wait 10 minutes then cancel your order, you'll be given a preorder code which will get you the client and some bonus items. Then you only need to pay to 10bux monthly charge afaik.
You could do a lot worse if you just want a pretty timesink, on the fly class change coupled with (imo) fantastic art direction makes this game prety easy to drop hours into.
>> No.46756  
Neat. The class system was my favourite part about it but there was a lot I didn't like. Things like the stamina system and how there was a cooldown timer on resetting stats and guildleves to name a few. I think the game could have been a lot better if they didn't spend so much time during development finding ways to keep people from playing their game.
>> No.46757  
You still have a limited amount of levequests, once you do all of your allocated amount you have to wait a while, they reset at a rate of 3 every 12 hours. It's a little annoying when going through an already cleared zone and/or levelling crafting.
>> No.46763  
Do they still have the fatigue system for each class though? I remember just botting fishing and the crafting skills overnight because of that bullshit. I'll probably give it a try if I don't have enough fun with gw2 this weekend though.
>> No.46765  
No, that was one of the first things that was scrapped mechanically. Once you unlock a class you can grind it for as long as you want.
>> No.46803  
File: 1b95bd7213cd1598612d801a2342a9eb335271731370681837.jpg -(1004.0 KB, 757x12174) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Cerberus here.
>> No.46821  
I did this but I'm not seeing how to set up a subscription without actually buying the game.

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