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File: winterv0.jpg -(480.9 KB, 1046x1302) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
492478 No.47086  
This is the initial Winter 2014 from Stargazed charts

Do you see anything that piques your interest or is incorrect?
>> No.47087  
oh fuck i put the title in the wrong field, wtfwtf
>> No.47088  
Kill thyself.

...Or thy thread.
>> No.47089  
oh no now that other anon will leave this board forever
>> No.47090  
more silver spoon fuck yeah
>> No.47093  

Ah fuck, you're right. So long /bun/!
>> No.47094  
I hope that mecha girls show is funny and/or badass. Also hoping for a getter appearance.
>> No.47103  
God dammit. Now you're doing this just to screw with me. I can't take it easy anymore with two consecutive seasonal anime general threads fucked up like this.
>> No.47119  
Fret not, Anon, I'll put up an unfucked thread for Autumn, and one for Winter once it gets closer.
With any luck, the two borked threads will disappear down the page list, never to be seen or heard from again.
>> No.47126  
Thank you, thank you.

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