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File: gaming.jpg -(470.2 KB, 1936x1540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
481520 No.48009  
Old thread is dyin'
>> No.48010  

It wasn't "types", it was just 10 missions people made that they made official as part of some contest. The prize was 1 million GTA bucks which is pretty laughable
>> No.48011  
File: textures.jpg -(1057.6 KB, 1600x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>They say the graphics are "overhauled" but it doesn't look much different than how I remember

Worse, maybe.
>> No.48014  

The one on the left looks like they just crushed the blacks and sharpened things up, like what the xbone does to hide the fact it's shit. Just look at the dirt textures
>> No.48026  
For some reason I'm really bad at playing Dead Rising 2: Off The Record?
>> No.48033  
File: Elona+.png -(529.2 KB, 1280x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I feel quite redundant as a Wizard after receiving Exile from Itzpalt. This hotshot wrecks everything, apparently doesn't run out of MP/spells and he keeps up with my fairy. I should have rolled an archer since I'm currently blasting with my pistol at enemies, hoping I get 'em before he does and for saving my spells. What's the point of worshiping the god for mages and then receiving a pet which outclasses you in every way.
>> No.48034  

pets start to fall off without gene grinding once you get to the second continent, whereas you still get stronger.
or so I'm told.
what you should've rolled in a lich wizard, so you can wear real equipment.

>> No.48036  
After clearing some dungeon levels I realized he isn't totally unstoppable. He can't take much hits, likes to run up on enemies and his spells are only effective against single enemies. If things get tougher for him and easier for me, then I definitely push up my gene skill.

My first wizards were lichs and I had some problems with them. Very low charisma makes it difficult to obtain a sufficient amount of pets ergo makes escort quests tough and every vendor starts to hate your guts. Also I don't want to spend my first three starter feats on charisma to balance this out. The fairy has better resistance, speed and DV stats than lichs and every other race and so far I had no problems with my equipment limit. If I find some enchanted stuff I'd like to use, then I make inferior material scrolls to push it to mica, scale, paper or whatever. Works for now but I'm afraid it won't work later in the game.
>> No.48041  
File: source2.png -(527.5 KB, 900x503) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Source 2, everyone
>> No.48055  
And then character animation and AI looks even sillier by comparison.
>> No.48057  

This must mean Half Life 3 soon, right?
>> No.48058  

no, it means cs:go2 for another 14.99
>> No.48059  

I'm afraid to even play CSGO because I've never played Counterstrike before, and it seems like such a classic internet thing that I would be embarrassed from not knowing how to do basic things
>> No.48064  
Just jump on a server and play. CS isn't like League of Legends where people will rage over players being unfamiliar or new to the game. I don't think anyone would even notice you.
>> No.48076  
For those with an American 3DS, a special version of TLoZ: Four Swords is available for free for the next few days. Has a special single player mode, so no need for friends or such.
>> No.48106  
Make sure you launch the NFL app on your xbox one today to unlock the "Super Bowl XLVIII" achievemahahahaha what the fuck happened to this industry, someone shoot me
>> No.48107  
Tried it, didn't like it. Wish they'd offered the GBA version of A Link to the Past, but for some reason no GBA games are on the 3DS virtual console?
>> No.48109  
For your own sake please play at least 50 hours of Deathmatch and Classic Casual before even thinking of jumping into Competitive.
If you finish your 10 placement matches and you get matched into Silver it'll be very hard to improve since everyone is so bad.
CS is a very team-based game, and communication is key so please buy a mic.
>> No.48111  
File: ニセコイ マジコレ.png -(630.3 KB, 720x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Well, this is pretty cute.
>> No.48112  
This is one of those moments I wish I had a smartphone.
>> No.48113  
>communication is key so please buy a mic.

I guess I am never playing it then
>> No.48114  
>communication is key so please buy a mic.

So that's why they kicked me out when I tried playing on a random server.
>> No.48116  

learn the game on classic casual, including the maps, and general strategies. Even if you don't have a mic, as long as you can listen and follow the guy with one, it'll mostly work itself out. It also helps if you don't take 5 full seconds of standing still to type 1-5 word responses in teamchat.

higher level play does require a lot of teamwork, and voice communication is key. That much is true regardless of genre for multiplayer team-based games, from Tera to starcraft. CS:GO is no different in that regard, really.
>> No.48120  
Preview LPs of Banished are coming out on youtube and it's incredible that this game was made by one person. I hope he makes a ton of cash because so far it looks like he's earned it
>> No.48125  
File: DK.jpg -(45.6 KB, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Will EA ever die?
>> No.48127  

>> No.48128  
At least someone over there has a sense of humour and put the devil pic in.
>> No.48129  

I'm pretty sure he's on every screen in the game
>> No.48135  
>>48127 >>48128
btw if you hit anything less than 5 stars it tells you to register your review via email to EA and won't count it.
>> No.48141  
Flappy Bird is being taken down soon, RIP.
>> No.48142  
There are already like 10k clones of it up in the google play store. "Flappy Chicken", "Floppy Bird", etc.
>> No.48145  

I don't know what that is
>> No.48148  
A smartphone game where you continually tap the screen to keep a bird flying, avoiding objects.
>> No.48149  

That sounds like a billion other games that have existed since flash was created
>> No.48150  
Except for Flappy Bird is the Dark Souls of mobile gaming.
>> No.48151  
>> No.48152  
Valentines Update for GTAO adds a new gun, vehicle, clothes, and 10 missions. Items available for a limited time but once bought are permanent. Friday.
>> No.48153  

I'm going to log in just to get the items even though I don't even care anymore and won't be playing the 360 version ever again once the PC version is out
>> No.48154  
File: videogamesplus.png -(17.7 KB, 797x299) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I just wanted to play video games on my new 3ds. I had the crazy idea that if I bought my games from a smaller store it would somehow make me feel better. I was really looking forward to buying my games there too since they seem to be the only store in Canada that was willing to stock that loli curry making game for the vita. It's not like I wanted that limited edition anyway.

Well now that I'm just buying off amazon, what's everyone's favourite 3ds game so far? I've only played Link Between Worlds and Bravely Default so far and neither has really wowed me. I'm trying to order Etrian Odyssey 4 and Rune Factory 4 right now though. Am I in for the same crushing disappointment?
>> No.48155  
I bought the Catherine special edition from them, and it ended up costing me twice as much as an American or Canadian would have had to.
>> No.48157  

I just don't get how they thought a $100 order for two video games shipping to a city an hour away was fraud. It would have been nice if they emailed me before they cancelled my order so I could have sorted out the problem. At least they had the decency to charge my card before deciding it was fraud though.

I'm never supporting a small company again.
>> No.48158  
EOIV is as good as the rest of the series. A little worse than III but better than II.
The only other 3DS games I've really enjoyed are Professor Layton, VLR, and Animal Crossing, but I have a lot of backlogged games I need to get around to playing (SMTIV, RF4, FE:A)
>> No.48161  
>Am I in for the same crushing disappointment?

No. They're both great games. You might want to think about Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy as well. Despite the name it has nothing to do with the shitty PS3 game. It is actually a remake of the second game in the series and is pretty decent.

On the subject of AC, anyone playing the Infinity beta?
>> No.48163  
Titanfall beta sign ups are live.

>> No.48164  
>Titanfall is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts

as far as I got before NWIH.
>> No.48166  
I watched some leaked footage during the alpha and it really did look like a generic CoD-style FPS dressed up with a very thin facade to make it look like a cool innovative mecha shooter.
>> No.48167  
Steam lets you tag games now. People are adding negative tags to games like Gone Home and making tumblr cry
>> No.48168  
As I posted elsewhere:

Trolls get tired after a couple days. Give it some time and the serious taggers will far outnumber the trolls. Novelty wears off.

Basically, the moment you guys stop posting 'look at what trolls did with Steam tags!', they'll lose interest.
>> No.48169  

I hope they never do and the tumblr indie game community is forever upset that their serious art games are being tagged "walking simulator"
>> No.48170  
GTA Valentines update is out early today. Special items available to buy until end of month

Also adds a free pickup truck with all mods free for it.
>> No.48171  

That truck was actually available before, they just took it away for a while for whatever reason.
>> No.48172  

>> No.48173  
"Walking simulator" might be here to stay, actually. It's a descriptive term (even if derogatory) that categorizes similar games that aren't categorized in another way. I found some games I might want to try at some point in the future through that tag.
>> No.48174  
PS4 had more than double the Xbone's sales in January. RIP Microsoft game division
>> No.48176  
not me
>> No.48177  
Trolls are forever. Though I agree that eventually serious taggers will outnumber the trolls.

Who is bothered by internet trolls in 20 fucking 14 anyways? Even normals who only really got into the internet with the social media boom should be acclimated to trolling by now.
>> No.48180  

If anyone has an extra PC beta Titanfall code to give... m8r-9ic6ad@mailinator.com

Also Dungeon Keeper Gold is free on http://www.gog.com/game/dungeon_keeper
>> No.48181  
Never mind the first part, got my invite.
>> No.48186  
File: neko drawer.jpg -(113.5 KB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There's a rumor swirling around that Microsoft wants to sell the Xbox brand, and Amazon is looking to buy.
>> No.48187  
>>48186 Amazon Kindle console confirmed?
>> No.48189  
If you did register for the beta, it should now be automatically added to your My Games section of Origin.
>> No.48194  

Can't wait to fire up my Origin account and play this console-based FPS on my PC
>> No.48196  
Finally beat Dark Souls, so I'm all ready for the second game. Pretty good overall. Fuck that Magnus boss fight though. Eventually just wound up cheesing it via the exploit.
>> No.48197  
it's not until NG+ that things get challenging in dark souls.

In normal mode, the boost physical defense/poise + fire resist (if needed) + +5 black knight halberd means you can face tank nearly any boss and kill it in about 10 swings (and they generally flinch after the 4th hit in a row).

Really, the only boss that gets kinda stupid is the lava one that you need to have him jump off the cliff for you, as his normal phases are incredibly difficult to predict and evade consistently and you can only damage him outside of ranged/magic is after he misses one specific attack.

And the expansion bosses are really lackluster. The fights themselves are pretty and have one or two cool and unique quirks to them, but 90% of them is block block dodge-roll block dodge-roll dodge-roll SWING ONCE, repeat and it gets really old really quick. Also, they 1-3 shot you right through medium-weight +5/15 maxed armor.
>> No.48200  
Anyone else in the Wildstar beta? I got a key during yesterday's promotion.
>> No.48203  
How is it? I googled it and it looks cartoonish and furry.
>> No.48204  
>We understand the Media Remote will allow Xbox One users to navigate, launch, and control media apps, and it will also work as an infrared remote to control TV or AV receiver volume. The remote also has a button to launch the OneGuide TV feature, but we’re told the channel up and down buttons will only work in the US within the TV app, largely because this feature has not yet rolled out internationally. Expect a full announcement from Microsoft tomorrow, complete with March 4th availability and pricing details.

>but we’re told the channel up and down buttons will only work in the US within the TV app

Ahaha what the fuck, why. Why is the xbone getting a remote that cant change channels anywhere but America. How does this work
>> No.48205  
File: 1391294174122.gif -(42.5 KB, 500x666) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

international copyright issues, PAL incompatibilities, terrible archaic infrastructure that makes the IR waves do unusual things, US unicode to UTF-8 conversion issues,

also M$ deeming the US population the unpaid beta testers for the service so once they get it to actually work as intended it can be released to the parts of the world that don't watch 45+ hours of tv per week on average.
>> No.48209  
Only Americans have the freedom to use their remote the way it was meant to be used. Like how DVDs don't play properly in Europe and their power outlets are 50 Hz instead of 60. It must be hell living there.
>> No.48215  
Banished has kind of given me hope for video games again. That one man could make a little city building game with no stupid indie game gimmicks (SJW pandering, lazy "retro" pixel art, memes, etc) all by himself is really neat. It's lacking in a few areas but the base is solid enough that when the mods/expansions start rolling in it will be really special.
>> No.48216  
Are you guy who made it?
>> No.48217  

No, if I was gonna make a city builder I would probably make it possible to build on small hills, especially if they pop up everywhere in random generation. probably one of the worst things about it
>> No.48237  
Ahhh, the Japanese locale is fucking up my nethack and I really don't wanna play the graphical version.
>> No.48239  
Install Cygwin!
>> No.48250  
Nintendo Wifi Connection is being shutdown May 20, 2014. Affects all online features on DS, DSi, and Wii games.
>> No.48251  
Atlus USA is bringing over SMT:1!... For iOS.
>> No.48256  

Where is my Eternal Punishment, Atlus?
>> No.48274  
The RE4 port is out now, is it any good or did they fuck it up?
>> No.48282  
I somehow completed Revengeance in half the time I used the first time, even though I was faffing about a lot. Feeling progress!
>> No.48283  
GTAO Business Update today, adds new plane, 3 cars, 2 guns, new masks and clothes. These are permanent additions, not "can only be purchased in a limited time"
>> No.48296  
File: nextgen.gif -(3044.9 KB, 306x175) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Glad I pre-purchsed.
>> No.48297  
File: 1394198547030.gif -(2846.3 KB, 483x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.48298  
What's so awful about this one?
>> No.48299  
It's not like bullshots are anything new. They just figured out how to do it in gameplay and video now.

In the second clip, the car has less detail, the searchlight seems to be missing, and the reflections on the bridge look bad. The viewing angle and field of view look a little different too; I think the first one makes the action look heavier.
Watch_Dogs is also being released for "last-gen" consoles, so I wonder if this footage isn't "current-gen."
>> No.48300  

Why is the bridge flashing?
>> No.48301  

Here's a way better version. If you still can't see what the issue is then I'm sure you'll enjoy your PS4.
>> No.48302  

Strangely GTA5 looks better than both of them despite being a last-gen game.
>> No.48303  
That one actually is much better, you can see how barebones it is compared to the first.
>> No.48304  

Are the different clips in these both actual in-game clips, or is one the promotional video and the other the reality of the game?
>> No.48315  
Does anyone have Little Pink Best Buds from the double fine humble bundle $7 is a lot
>> No.48316  
File: large[1] -(747.1 KB, 900x425) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.48318  

Video game journalism is my favorite thing about video games these days
>> No.48323  

late but, if i don't know you already would you play with me?
>> No.48326  
Sure. Which region?
>> No.48327  
central usa, i'm in the bun group now
>> No.48331  
File: zwlqq0.jpg -(50.0 KB, 686x358) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dark Souls 2 is fun, but I can't consider it better than the first game from what I've played thus far. Feels like they designed the whole game to be played co-op, with large mobs of enemies quite frequent. The game is also much more hostile and out to get you, with traps and ambushes fucking everywhere. This is would be a good thing if it weren't for the fact that some are pretty much impossible to survive/avoid without foreknowledge of the event.

Still good though. Would recommend.
>> No.48332  
I'm thinking that when I'm done with Dishonored and maybe Last of Us I'll get Dark Souls. I just finished Demon's Souls last year, so at this rate I'll finish Dark Souls 2 around the time the next Nintendo console comes out.
>> No.48333  
Sorry man, I'm in SEA.
Maybe next time.
>> No.48334  

East coast here, I'll be down for some cs:go every now and again.

what's the bun group's full name, anyway?
>> No.48342  

I'm guessing it's still this one:

I'm the guy with the latest comment and the really stupid name. I'm on the east coast too and wouldn't mind playing cs:go whenever. I'm so sick of dota 2.
>> No.48343  
Hey bunbun. I've been away from the jrpg and comiket scene for awhile. Are there any good JRPG's like Touhou Labyrinth that came out recently?
>> No.48344  
How long is "awhile?" You could try the Etrian Odyssey games, whose aesthetic I think Touhou Labyrinth borrows from.
>> No.48346  
File: elbow.png -(23.0 KB, 784x53) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.48348  
File: Ihogl4h.png -(40.6 KB, 1188x440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What have you done, /bun/?
>> No.48377  
File: BjDeOiFCEAAdoW4.jpg_large -(37.8 KB, 1024x682) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Sony announces Project Morpheus, PS4's virtual reality headset.
>> No.48379  
File: image.jpg -(22.8 KB, 530x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
OculusVR announces Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2, can be preordered now.

>> No.48396  
Does anyone here play JRPGs
>> No.48397  
I do sometimes
>> No.48399  
What's the best way to be cheesy with snipers in CSGO, apparently tape with a dot on it isn't effective in 2014
>> No.48400  

red dot + macro(zoom->.01 sec wait->fire)

you have to be scoped to get full accuracy.
>> No.48402  
I think there's a inbuilt delay that Valve put in to prevent quickscoping.
It's worth a try though.
>> No.48406  
Speaking of CSGO, what is the weird red mouse symbol I see on peoples' avatars on the top of the screen sometimes?
>> No.48425  
Some people
>> No.48431  
RIP Oculus VR.
>> No.48432  
>> No.48433  

Ahahahah fuck me
>> No.48434  
For real? Oh my.
>> No.48435  
File: OR.jpg -(39.3 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.48437  
This nightmare is awfully realistic, I can even post on /bun/ in it. When do I wake up?
>> No.48439  
Never underestimate the power of modders.
Within a day of release there'll be custom firmwares that will let you bypass Facebook's bullshit, I guarantee it.
>> No.48440  
And some people paid for this nightmare via kickstarter. Oh lord, why can't we have nice things.
>> No.48441  
"They made about ten times the money they asked for, and I was one of the top-level backers.


And I did not chip in ten grand to seed a first investment round to build value for a Facebook acquisition."

-Notch (http://notch.net/2014/03/virtual-reality-is-going-to-change-the-world/)
>> No.48443  
If I was Facebook I'd hope that the old out of touch people still using it also love buying overpriced VR equipment, because everyone else thinks this a disaster and the rift is dead. Have games journalists been paid to gush about it on twitter yet?
>> No.48445  
The only people who have a problem with it are the hardxcore gamer crowd. If they want to push the Rift to the masses they'll be able to, they have the advertising budget for it.
>> No.48446  
I find it hilarious how much crying there is over the acquisition of Oculus Rift by Stalkerbook. Then again, I was never interested in the concept of Oculus Rift in the first place.
>> No.48447  

Well like notch said, people didn't give them millions of dollars so they could sell out as soon as possible, especially not to someone like Facebook.
>> No.48448  
I hope this puts to rest the whole misconception that being a kickstarter backer makes someone an "investor." Participating in a glorified donation/preorder system does not result in any authority over a company's business decisions. I wouldn't say I'm happy that Facebook acquired Oculus, but everything about the gaming community's response to the acquisition smacks of The E Word (par for the course, I suppose).
>> No.48449  
What did they give them the money for, then? I'm pretty sure it's because they wanted the idea to come to fruition, which it probably will with big money behind it, and because they wanted the kickstarter reward. Facebook doesn't come into the picture.
Hipsters everywhere are probably crying about the involvement of a "triple A" company, but who cares about hipsters? The only downside is that this implies an infusion of Facebook's corporate greed, but that sort of thing was bound to happen eventually. It's not like Mark Zuckerberg is more of a piece of shit than any other CEO worth a bazillion dollars.
>> No.48452  
File: kawaii coin.png -(961.3 KB, 552x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.48453  
File: 1369637756773.gif -(872.6 KB, 346x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I can't contain all my laughter. The whole ragemachine and all the people wetting themselves over it. I just can't.

>> No.48454  
Hearing these guys say "Facebook is an incredibly unsexy company" alone made watching the video worth it. There are quite insightful things in there though aside from the pokes at Facebook, though.
>> No.48455  
I'm guessing they believe the idea that will come to fruition will be significantly different from the idea they were hoping for (and believed was presented to them) when they initially backed OR.

I feel they are entitled to their upset. Even if what happened was not technically wrong or against KS rules it seems dubious in an ethical sense. I didn't follow OR but I can sympathize with the people who are angry. Hell, even people who didn't back it are allowed to be upset or at least disappointed that a piece of potential technology is likely going to end up worse now.

I think the takeaway here is that Kickstarter is not a good system. Which of course many of us already knew but hopefully this debacle has opened a few more eyes.
>> No.48456  
File: creator-responsibility[1].png -(41.1 KB, 1024x372) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>What did they give them the money for, then?
As >>48447 said, people have this misguided idea that giving people money on Kickstarter makes them investors, and therefore gives them a say in the company's decisions.
Giving an entity money through Kickstarter is strictly a donation. Technically, they can even just take your money and run as long as they fulfill the stretch goal rewards since those are the only things that the donator is legally entitled to. Pic related.

Anyway, >>48449, the reason so many peoples' panties are in a twist over this is because Facebook is a social company, not a gaming company. Now that they have control of the Rift, which was supposed to be the next big thing in gaming, they'll push it towards social instead.
So essentially what this all means is that none of us can be the little girl anymore.
>> No.48458  
This reminds me of when a bunch of publishers started forcing youtube to be even more insane about copyright and the response from a few guys here was "ha ha who cares about internet freedoms slowly being taken away, i hate pewdiepie!!!!!". Being that simple minded probably feels really nice
>> No.48460  
The discussion wasn't about the legal implications of doing this, but rather about the ethical implications. If I give you a dollar to buy me a certain drink, you have no legal obligation to buy me a drink - you can just take the money and run with it, I gave it in good faith that you'd buy me a drink for it. You could also buy a completely different drink, and you'd be completely blameless legally speaking. However, it still makes you an asshole if you pull something like that when somebody gives you money in good faith on the basis of an informal promise.

Oculus took the money and used it to get super rich at the expense of the product they promised people. They are fully allowed to do it, but they're still assholes for doing it.
>> No.48461  
Not that bun. I don't get where you're getting the idea that they didn't deliver the "product they promised people". They delivered the dev kit as promised.
>> No.48463  
They delivered the backer rewards. That was their legal obligation. The informal promise, the moral obligation, was for them to execute the project they asked funding for in the way described on their Kickstarter page. It reads, in bold text, "Designed for gamers, by gamers." Now it's being designed by a social media giant, for the users of social media. While Oculus kept their legal obligations, they did not develop the virtual reality device 'for gamers, by gamers' they said they'd develop.

It'd be a different thing if the final product had been on the market for years and there's plenty of games out there. But with only beta versions being available at this time, there aren't any real games (not counting prototypes) truly supporting Oculus Rift yet, and with Facebook's involvement, it's going to be a low priority issue, or perhaps just dropped from the roadmap in general.
>> No.48464  
The dev kit was "[d]esigned for gamers, by gamers" as their "informal promise" went, and so was the dev kit #2. They sold out after that.

Just because Oculus was bought, it doesn't mean Facebook is going to immediately shove its shit on Oculus team, devs and users. Facebook is making a long term investment on VR here. It seems highly unlikely that Facebook is going to make FB login or FB ads present for the initial consumer version.

Before the market that Oculus has gotten hyped up cools down, the consumer version of Rift is likely to be released which means we're probably looking at a time of less than a year from dev kit #2's announcement.

Dev kit #1: for gamers, by gamers.
Dev kit #2: same deal.
Consumer version: likely to have minimal or no Facebook service integration.

There's no doubt that Oculus would have been so successful without that amazing Kickstarter campaign, but just how far do they have to carry out this "moral obligation"? A decade-long catering for the people who bought the dev kits through Kickstarter?

>> No.48465  
>Dev kit #1: for gamers, by gamers.
Dev kit #2: same deal.
By gamers, for developers, you mean. The end-user that just wants to play games can't do shit with the dev kits; you need to jump through all kinds of hoops to play some prototypes that don't work well because it's still a beta.

>Facebook is making a long term investment on VR here. It seems highly unlikely that Facebook is going to make FB login or FB ads present for the initial consumer version.
As evidenced by which previous Facebook acquisition exactly? The only thing Facebook acquired that it hasn't raped yet is WhatsApp, because that was only a month ago and they haven't had the time to rape it yet.

>Consumer version: likely to have minimal or no Facebook service integration.
Entirely baseless speculation. It's going to be a while before we see the consumer version, and in that time Facebook will have definitely done their thing to it.

>but just how far do they have to carry out this "moral obligation"?
To the release of the consumer version, and thus the completion of the project they asked funding for. After that, they're free to screw it up any way they like; backers got what they asked for, nothing about continued support was promised.
>> No.48466  
> end-users
Which is exactly why the Kickstarter was for funding the dev kits. Devs are gamers as well.

> hasn't raped yet

> Entirely baseless speculation
> going to be a while before we see the consumer version
> Facebook will have definitely done their thing to it.
The market's hot. I don't see you even trying to support your claim that it's going to be a while.
>> No.48467  
>Oculus took the money and used it to get super rich at the expense of the product they promised people.
Capitalism, ho!
>> No.48472  
Oculus drains Valve again, hired Michael Abrash.
>> No.48473  
Guy whose main interest is the development of AR and VR hardware joins Oculus now that they have basically infinite budget? What a shock.
>> No.48497  
FTL had a pretty big update today
>> No.48530  
File: Untitled picture.png -(967.1 KB, 695x379) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
PV narrated by SakaMaaya
>> No.48531  
File: simcraft.png -(720.4 KB, 768x445) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
ahaha simpsons writers are so desperate
>> No.48533  
Seriously they rely more on pop-culture references and celebrity cameos now more than anything else. Desperate doesn't even describe it.
>> No.48535  

Sounds like a certain other series the Simpsons and that other dead husk of a show would make fun of, except somehow even less funny.
>> No.48537  
Stop watching commercial tv
>> No.48539  
Dark Souls 2 patch.

- Changed throwing animation for Corrosive Urns, reduced corrosive damage
- Increase durability of Twin Blade Weapon
- Moonlight Greatsword can no longer be enchanted and buffed. Attack animation has been slowed / adjusted. (!!!)
- Buffed Gyrm Greathelm
- Reduced damage from the Ring of Thorns.
- Reduced damage from the Ring of the Old Sun
- Damage will not decrease for every enemy that Soul Spear pieces trough.
- Increase in casting time and decrease of damage for Soul Greatsword
- Buffed bullet speed of Soulmass spells, decreased stamina drain of Affinity
- Nerfed damage of Soul Geysar
- Increased casting time of recovery spells
- Increased casting time and decreased damage for Wrath of Gods
- Less damage, longer cast time for Fire Storm-type pyromancies.
- Increased defense for summon NPCs (Lucatiel, Benhart, etc)
- nerfed the female mages in Shrine Of Amana, less damage and spell's tracking ability.
- Fire Lizards in Forest of Fallen Giants will spit fire in slower intervals.
- The Last Giant now does even less damage to players and Well-Mannered Pate.
- The Lost Sinner now has less HP and does less damage.
- Royal Rat Authority now has less HP and does less damage
- Duke's Dear Freja's laser breath now does less damage.
- Enemies around Sinner's Rise now do less damage
- Mysterious Shadows in the Flexile Senty's Boss area in NG+ now do less damage
>> No.48540  
>> No.48541  
>- Moonlight Greatsword can no longer be enchanted and buffed. Attack animation has been slowed / adjusted. (!!!)
This is some supreme bullshit
>> No.48544  

twinkling titanite weapons are powerful to the point where they are balanced around not being able to be enchanted.
just like in Dark Souls.
That's an exploit fix if anything, and since you can respec your stats in DS2, it's not like the character you made to max/min buffing that weapon is useless.
>> No.48545  
File: 5.jpg -(99.0 KB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Steam was one of the things vulnerable to heartbleed, might be a good idea to reset steamguard if you use it and change your password
>> No.48547  

Booooo~. None of those bosses were hard enough that they need a nerf. Damn From casualising my Souls experience.


I can't remember my Steam password. Can't remember the password for the email account bound to it either.
>> No.48553  
I played Pokemon X today, and I was not feeling it. Do I just need to play it more?
>> No.48556  
File: smash.jpg -(224.1 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Why is this stuffed animal prop in a wiiu game the most realistic looking thing I've ever seen in a video game?
>> No.48557  
I got Y recently and enjoyed it immediately. Everything seemed pretty fresh and really cute, it might have helped that I chose the female player character. It is extremely easy with Exp Share on though, like silly easy, and most of the new pokemon haven't won me over but I've still enjoyed exploring the world and dressing up and all that. When I did the same thing before and bought a DS to play Black/White I actually had buyer's remorse, so I was afraid I might be repeating a mistake. I've been satisfied though.

So I guess what I'm saying is that if you don't like it yet you're probably not going to. I'm about 30 hours and 7 badges in, but I hear the end game is pretty bad.
>> No.48558  
long answer short, the object that's being modeled doesn't have random textures at all (wood patterns, leaf patterns, traces of wear and tear, all of that stuff), and the lighting in smashbros shines on the dull in such a way that you don't have to worry about shadows too much - just normal shading on the doll is fine, you don't have to worry about the shadow it casts on the ground (or how the lighting is reflected by the facial features, or how random the moustache line is, having to change moustache line/hair structure a bit to reflect wear and tear between scenes, etc)
>> No.48559  
>I hear the end game is pretty bad.
It's not really bad, it's just non existent which is worse than bad end game.
>> No.48560  
With the huge Kalos dexes, Exp. Share, Battle Chateau, and powerful mons typically found near the very end being available very early (such as Bagon on route 8, and numerous others), and the rice-O-powers you get, I'd argue the traditional Pokémon endgame starts at around the third gym in XY. You do still have the Poké Radar, fishing chaining, finding the Mega-Stones and other fun things to do in the postgame, even if there's no 10-legendary dungeon crawl.
>> No.48562  
you two really meant post-game.
for better or worse the post-game content (for me at least) focused on the player character's collectibles.
There's a shitload of clothing to collect, the luminose city detective storyline is pretty good, and x/y probably has the battle building with the lowest entry requirements since
>free torchic
>visible EV
>group battle for ridiculous EV
>shitload of OP pokemon available from extremely early on
>mega evolution
there's really no excuse not getting through at least 1 beginner's course at battle chateau.
>> No.48563  
I'm six hours and one badge in. One of the biggest problems I have is with the bigger cities, which I fins confusing and way too big. The game looks real nice, though.
>> No.48565  
I can understand finding Luminose City confusing but what other cities are you having trouble with?
>> No.48572  
Just that one so far, but it really created an offtaste.
>> No.48574  
Capture Creator update for GTAV is out.
>> No.48575  

Is this the update that adds fun?
>> No.48576  
Just wait until you unlock the city fully later in the game. Although at that point you can use the taxis that were disabled before to get around and should have enough money to do so, so it becomes much more manageable.
>> No.48577  
The place holding PAX had to temporarily turn a few female bathrooms into male ones for the event (because surprise: there's barely any women) and tumblr/twitter is handling it about as well as you'd expect.
>> No.48585  
The first two badges came really slowly, but the rest speed up a lot if I remember correctly.
>> No.48586  
File: Civilization Beyond Earth.jpg -(68.1 KB, 610x359) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Civilization Beyond Earth has been announced, coming Autumn 2014.

It looks like a mix of Civ V and Alpha Centauri. All civs are human. Technology is now a 'web' instead of a 'tree' (no screenshots of that yet), and apparently your tech is very different from other civs' techs in the endgame. According to the info so far you have to choose between three different paths during the game: Supremacy, which is using technology to make mankind independent from its environment, Purity, which focuses on terraforming the planet to become Earth-like, and Harmony, which is mankind adapting to their new environment. Each path has its own win condition. There are two shared win conditions, which are military victory and contacting intelligent alien life (sounded to me like Science Victory with a different theme).
>> No.48587  
Alien Life Project was the science victory in CtP, so probably.
>> No.48588  
Ascent to transcendence or go home
>> No.48589  

Extensive interview with the lead designers of Beyond Earth.

That is apparently the Harmony victory.
>> No.48718  
star citizen is a really cool scam
>> No.48721  
I'd hesitate to call it a scam just yet but they've been a little slow in following the timeline.
Wasn't the dogfighting module supposed to have come out December last year?
>> No.48724  

Red Orchestra 2 is free to own today only.
>> No.48725  

Much appreciated, comrade.
>> No.48728  
I really miss the first Red Orchestra. Such a great unique fps. The second one blows ass.
>> No.48753  
The weirdest thing about Star Citizen is seeing all these people talk about combat strategies and what ships are the best in a game that doesn't exist.
>> No.48763  
Anyone here play Star Wars: The Old Republic?
I don't normally play MMO's, but I like the KotOR games, so I'm thinking about giving it a bash. Just thought I'd ask for opinons before fartassing around with a huge DL/install.
>> No.48766  
Bought it when it launched, lasted 10 days.
It's horrendous, and the amount of restrictions on a free account mean it's not worth even a trial.
>> No.48770  
>> No.48771  
I also liked KotOR and TSL, and ToR wasn't much like them. Some parts resemble KotOR a bit with multiple-choice dialogue, voice acting, and NPCs to talk to, but the gameplay was still standard MMO walk in corridor, beat up mob fare. I'm not into MMOs so I only lasted 1-2 hours, and the KotOR-like parts seemed a good bit worse than KotOR.
>> No.48776  
Star Wars is such a terrible franchise that Lucasfilm just told everyone to forget everything about it except movies, so no SWTOR probably isn't worth checking out.
>> No.48778  
Do not misrepresent, The Clone Wars series content is also part of the main universe.
>> No.48779  
The animated shorts series?
>> No.48780  
“The team threw a Hail Mary to George, saying the game would have more credibility if the apprentice had a ‘Darth’ title,” a Force Unleashed team member says. Lucas agreed that this situation made sense for Sith royalty, and offered up two Darth titles for the team to choose from. “He threw out ‘Darth Icky’ and ‘Darth Insanius.’ There was a pregnant pause in the room after that. People waiting for George to say ‘just kidding,’ but it never comes, and he just moved on to another point.”
>> No.48808  
ZeniMax Media is going to sue Oculus/Facebook for John Carmack stealing ZeniMax's technology.
>> No.48809  

Facebook is going to use their recently purchased police department to murder them with robocop drones
>> No.48822  
I started Pokemon X again, and after switching out half my team I am more hopeful. I will also refrain from using EXP Share, because that's just silly cheap.
>> No.48823  
Super Robot Wars Z3 seems great, though it could've been better for a PS3 release. I'm only up to stage 3, but the main character seems like the biggest edgiest douche around.

I've also most likely spoiled the last stage of the game for myself. I only read the title of the map, but any self-respecting mecha fans would be able to tell just from that alone.

Doesn't matter, it only makes me all the more hyped up, though I'm surprised they'd end an SRW game with something like that.
>> No.48824  
EVE Valkyrie is now on Unreal Engine 4 instead of Unity.
EVE Dust 514 spiritual successor Project Legion will be for PC.
EVE is switching to 10 updates a year instead or 2 big ones a year.
>> No.48825  

EVE has always seemed interesting to me but the gameplay looks boring and I don't want to have to team up with goons or reddit or whoever else you need to get anywhere. Hopefully that shooter is fun and the valkyrie thing will work with something other than oculus rift
>> No.48826  
I'm really glad they did, it makes him feel like a bigger villain then just one of the final bosses of a series as you make your way to the original final boss. I do agree that it would have been better as just PS3 since it feels kinda incomplete. FMP units have awful animation and a lot just feels missing. Hopefully Z3.2 will be great and as good as Z was.
>> No.48827  
Valkyrie will be for Oculus Rift only at PC launch at least. They haven't said whether the deal is a permanent requirement.
>> No.48828  
So he's the final boss as well? Great. Man why you gotta do this to me?

But really, when was the last time they did this? @2's supposed botched ending is the only one that I can think of.

Can't wait to finish it myself. I just wish I did my reps more, having to look up the dictionary every 10 lines makes playing the game slow. I also wish I'd buy it off of PSN instead of waiting for my copy to arrive.
>> No.48840  
I was playing EDF on the Vita, and I didn't figure out that I had to kill the drop ships, so I killed ants for about an hour. Scrolling through the items took over ten seconds.
>> No.48841  
File: InfinityWars.jpg -(142.5 KB, 1286x746) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Anyone played Infinity Wars? Online card game, pretty fun from what little I've played. Seems to have a fair chunk of solo stuff as well as the multiplayer stuff, which is nice.
>> No.48860  
GTAO High Life update is out, adds mental state rating, can own two properties at once, new vehicles, clothes, and a new gun, there are now two player toast animations.
>> No.48861  

The only good feature is the ability to switch your hats/glasses/masks on-foot in single player now.
>> No.48864  
File: watch_dogs-pcgh.png -(617.2 KB, 1280x456) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Why is the video games industry allowed to outright lie to its consumers like this?
In any other market they'd be ripped to shreds.
>> No.48865  
File: watch_dogs-pcgh.png -(617.2 KB, 1280x456) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Why is the video games industry allowed to outright lie to its consumers like this?
In any other market they'd be ripped to shreds.
>> No.48866  

Time traveler please have mercy
>> No.48867  

Because people who like video games are really stupid, especially console games.
>> No.48869  
>"We're a pioneer with Kinect," Microsoft says

>Microsoft: Stripping Kinect from Xbox One will actually lead to more Kinect sales overall

>Why is the PS4 outselling the Xbox One? Microsoft weighs in
>Yusuf Mehdi says, "They're in 40+ markets, we're in 13," and claims Xbox 360 owners are enjoying the systems so much they are less inclined to upgrade.

You have got to be kidding me.
>> No.48872  
It's impossible to deliver the XBOXONE Experience without Kinect.
>> No.48878  
Free game.

>> No.48879  
Thanks, bunbun.
>> No.48888  
Twitch is getting bought by Google.
>> No.48889  
According to Wikipedia,
>In May 2014 Variety reported that YouTube would be acquiring Twitch for US$ 1 billion.[6]
According to Variety,
>Google’s YouTube has reached a deal to buy Twitch, a popular videogame-streaming company, for more than $1 billion, according to sources familiar with the pact.
According to "sources". No indication of what those sources are, just "sources". It could be legitimate head honchos, or it could be the author's wishful thinking. Or it could've been that meeting yesterday where they decided they needed an attention-grabbing headline. Whatever the case, we just have to take the author's word for it that such a big thing is actually happening.

And until we have more than this one nobody's word for it, you shouldn't trust anything you read. Journalism nowadays is dead, and most sites just mindlessly copypaste hearsay.

A year ago, someone tried an experiment with gaming sites to see how hard it is to be a "source". (http://x-surface.tumblr.com/) Within 6 hours, it was not only all over gaming sites, it even reached to tech sites and even some mainstream news sites. Anybody could send in an e-mail with any kind of bullshit, and most of the time they'd just publish it because hey, free pageviews.

Please don't state things as facts until they're actually proven.
>> No.48890  
Wall Street Journal says the talks have only started and aren't a done deal.
>> No.48892  
Verge says Twitch has accepted Google's price but is still finalizing details.
>> No.48893  
My uncle says Google is going bankrupt.
>> No.48895  
Since there seem to be a bunch of Paradox fans on /bun/, figured I'd post this here: There's currently a Humble Bundle sale for Crusader Kings. Any amount gets you Crusader Kings 1 (though $1 is required for the Steam Key), $8 gets you Crusader Kings II, and $20 gets you all of the DLC (I think it's all of it? 21 packs). The sale lasts for 5 more hours.

I bought the $8 tier since it looks kinda fun, but I think I'll be too busy for a while to actually play it.
>> No.48896  

Sweet! Say the word if you need any help getting started, or want to play online. I'll try, if nought else!
>> No.48897  
In case you weren't aware, our old friend Anon of Russian Federation wrote a DLC unlocker for Crusader Kings 2 which works with the Steam version of the game so there's no need to actually buy any of the DLC. Most of it is just faces and music anyway.

It's a pretty good game. If you ever buy/steal the Sword of Islam DLC I recommend playing as a Sunni Muslim in Andalusia first, that is definitely the most fun area to start small and Muslims don't need to wait to fabricate claims.
>> No.48907  
I kind of want to get a new game for my 3DS, but I have no idea if I should just wait until July and Smash Bros, and play Pokemon and AC in the meantime, or if I should get Fire Emblem or Bravely Default or something.

Maybe 999, and then VLR. It's backwards compatible, right?
>> No.48908  
I lost interest in the new Animal Crossing after a month and haven't played it since last year. It's strange because I had fun with it and played it a bunch but overnight I stopped caring
>> No.48909  
The same thing has sort of happened with me, but I'm working on remedying that.
>> No.48910  
Yeah. DS games can be played on the 3DS.

Are Ace Attorney 5 or The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds not your thing? Neither game is very long to complete (~20 hours), but they're both good. I'd also recommend the Professor Layton games, if you've been following the series.
>> No.48912  
File: 1401034642182.jpg -(91.2 KB, 436x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I approve.
>> No.48913  
I've been thinking about both.

I've only played the first AA, and I really liked it. I don't have too much personal Zelda experience; I never had any of them myself.
>> No.48914  
Play the AA games in order!
>> No.48916  
File: objection.gif -(4.7 KB, 260x192) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
As >>48914 said, the Ace Attorney games should be played in order.
Phoenix Wright 2 uses story elements from PW1.
Phoenix Wright 3 uses story elements from PW1 and PW2.
Apollo Justice uses story elements from the Phoenix Wright games in general (don't think there were specific elements unlike PW2 and 3, but at least #1 needs to be played for familiarity with Phoenix).
I haven't played Ace Attorney 5 (no 3DS), but from the previews I've seen both Phoenix and Apollo are in the story, meaning it likely depends on all four previous AA games.

Ace Attorney Investigations 1 & 2 are side stories and AFAIK they're not important for the main storyline.
>> No.48917  
For Dual Destinies it's not really too heavily reliant on AJ other than a few character references.
>> No.48919  
File: e947245fe34fef6ad72801ddf1de4dcf.gif -(3064.7 KB, 264x203) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I've been playing a lot of RE4 recently, and I just did the sword puzzle. I played until the invisible monsters part, but then my PS2 controllers died. Semper fi, they were. Now, the first time I didn't like it very much, but I've taken to it on the PS3. I especially like that I feel much more competent this time around. Why that is, I couldn't say. Some scenes are weird, though, especially all the ones with Luis. Still, Ashley's cute, and I think Leon might be cool in his uncoolness, so who knows, maybe I'll grow to love it...
>> No.48922  
Watch Dogs is completely broken even after the day one patch. Frame stutters and stops anytime you load new new section of textures. The UI is pretty much a free for all, every menu uses different navigation controls.
>> No.48924  

so you're saying it's going to be nominated for GotY
>> No.48925  
Does it at least have shadows now?
>> No.48932  
Speaking of EVE, did anyone else pick up a basically-free starter pack from humblebundle recently?
>> No.48933  
I bought a starter pack via steam less than three days before that was announced and went live.
I regret nothing.
>> No.48934  
File: 97cd5b40f8f98f6e8c7a680eb8dc9881_large.jpg -(119.5 KB, 700x327) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
No! Stop having fun!

>> No.48935  
How are you liking it? What are you training for?
>> No.48939  

I, personally, am quite fond of the game. I've played several trials over the years, but this is the first time that I took the plunge and bought it. The +9 all stats booser in the pack is very useful, it let me get up to 1M skill points in two weeks.

Currently, I just finished drones V, and am working on getting some of the basic seaman ship skills up to make farming lvl. 3 missions easier and quicker. That's the short term. As for the medium term, I need to work on finding a passive form of income to supplement mission running, most likely leaning on production combined with riding the mineral market and refining. From there, the longer term goals are to add invention to the production, give PI a whirl, and eventually have enough skill points to hold my own (with damage output) in pvp.

Eve is a fun PvP sandbox, but it does take a while for the PvP to come online, at least one T2 weapon (guns/drones/missiles) is just about required, and each size tier takes an additional 3x as much time to get, but if you don't have tons of hours to pour into the game on a weekly basis, you won't fall behind your friends if you start at the same time in the same way you would a traditional (wow-like) MMO.
>> No.48940  
I know I'll never pay for a subscription game so I didn't bother paying for the 30 day trial.
>> No.48941  
I'm in the same position as you, this is about the 6th character I've played as. I recently moved into nullsec for the first time, where my old corp relocated to, and apparently the Ice and ratting income is in the hundreds of millions for a few hours work.
On the subject of minerals, you may have seen this already: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/reprocess-all-the-things
They're changing the ease of refining to benefit players with SP invested in the skills, making it all far less lucrative for mission runners doing it on the side.

On a 21 day trial and a month from one of these $2c month subs you can train enough skills to make more than enough isk to buy a PLEX aka a month sub. A significant proportion of EVE players have put no IRL money down for years.
>> No.48957  
why does steam keep giving me free coupons for games i will never play
>> No.48958  
I'm playing Dragon's Dogma,and holy shit my attacks are fucking worthless as a mage. Will this shit ever get better?
>> No.48959  
Mage is mostly a support class. They're meant to buff/debuff while the other guys take care of the enemy.

Sorcerer is what you want for annihilating things with magical nukes from the sky. They also have better MATK growth, so you're hurting your offensive potentials by staying as a mage.

You can play mages offensively, but I found it's only effective against boss enemies, since exploiting their elemental weakness usually yields a higher reward. You can make drakes a joke by spamming ice at their weak spot, for example. Although sorcerers can also do that, and to a much greater effect as well.
>> No.48960  
Oh, and if you ever want some free Rift Crystals, just post your PSN thingy. I'll be sure to be gentle with your pawn.
>> No.48962  
Could I hook a WiiU up to a PC monitor on my desk and be able to play comfortably, or is it like the Wii and if you don't sit a certain distance away everything is fucked?
>> No.48967  
Free game

>> No.48970  
Dead Rising 3 is coming out on Steam
>> No.48973  
Ace Combat Infinity is actually pretty fun. The pay-to-play campaign mode is bullshit but the co-op is a blast, and very pretty to look at.

>> No.48975  
Really looking forward to whenever I get to buy Dragon's Dogma, because it looks really fun. Is Dark Arisen just a "complete edition" of the game?
>> No.48976  
Yes, DA is the complete original DD with the DA extras on top.
Some people were pissed off they had to buy the game twice, but it was priced cheap enough (RRP was 19.99) that I was cool with it.
>> No.48977  
Cool, thanks! I can't wait to play as a barbarian.
>> No.48984  
Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC this Fall. GTAOnline progress can be transferred over, currently unclear if this applies to all platforms.
>> No.48985  
>GTAOnline progress can be transferred over

Oh wow that's awesome. Now I feel like I didn't waste time, assuming 360 to PC will be possible
>> No.48986  
Rockstar has confirmed the GTAOnline transfer applies to all platforms.

PC version will have a movie maker feature.
>> No.48987  
File: 1338848171.4745283.jpg -(79.8 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I moved into Warrior after spending a good part of the game as a ranger.
Rorigaatsu was hellafun to play as.
>> No.48988  
File: gtacompare.jpg -(348.4 KB, 1920x489) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.48990  
I look forward to not giving them money.
>> No.48991  
File: He doesn't own a WiiU de geso!.png -(794.8 KB, 1296x1186) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Was E3 really so dead that it gets no mention at all?
>> No.48992  
File: Splatoon.jpg -(165.0 KB, 854x470) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The only company that said anything interesting was Nintendo, and anyone interested in Nintendo will hear about it even without it being posted here.

That said, it was already inevitable that I'd get a Wii U for SSB4, but it's good to see there's also other interesting games coming for Wii U. Splatoon looks very interesting.
>> No.48993  
I own a Wii U but I have zero interest in Splatoon, it just seems like a shooter but now with paint. Everything else Nintendo said was basically games everyone knew about. The only thing that caught my interest this year was Bloodborne.
>> No.48994  
Splatoon looks like a creative take on the genre, kind of like what Smash Bros. was to fighters.

I'm cautiously optimistic for Yoshi's Epic Yarn Wooly World, and that's after I was jaded by Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's New Island.
>> No.48995  
I don't care about Splatoon or Nintendo, but I want to fuck a Splatoon girl.
>> No.48996  
The GTA5 PC announcement was the only thing I cared about. The Starbound on PS4 reveal was funny though, that game is nowhere near finished and its development is dead as a doornail
>> No.48997  
E3 is really boring. It's been exactly the same stuff every year for the last half decade or more, just with different names and hardware.

The only things stood out to me: Sony bringing the Vita TV overseas (despite mediocre sales in Japan), and Nintendo's Robot Chicken skit.
>> No.48998  
I liked the look of Splatoon, but I don't have a Wii U, so I'll just play none of the games, I guess :\
>> No.48999  
>cautiously optimistic
This is such a stupid fucking phrase. No matter what the outcome is, you can say you were right. Good job, I guess.
>> No.49000  
You showed him dude
>> No.49001  
Good thing being right is the only reason for any type of communication.
>> No.49002  
I increasingly feel like people are seriously considering "being right" in an argument to be more important than giving good arguments for your position. I guess a lot of people have always been that way, but it seems like I've lately been seeing more and more non-arguments like 'you're in position X so you have no right to be talking about it', 'what you say is wrong and you should feel bad about being wrong', and so on.

'Cautiously optimistic' is just shorthand for 'I'm keeping an eye on it in case it turns out good, but I'm not getting my hopes up too much'. Which in many cases is a far more reasonable position than 'I haven't seen or played it but it sucks!' or 'I've yet to play it but it's totally awesome!'.
>> No.49007  
In that case, you would be cautious, not optimistic. You seem to be a retard that doesn't understand basic definitions.
>> No.49009  
Looking forward to playing more video games during the vacation than the preceeding ones! Time to finish Outland!

Please don't be mean to each other.
>> No.49010  

fucking retard
>> No.49011  

Now the lead Starbound dev has retreated into SA, probably because people who insult him there risk losing 10 dollars. I think I'm just gonna uninstall it, what a fucking disappointment.
>> No.49012  
>its development is dead as a doornail
>Now the lead Starbound dev has retreated into SA
What are you talking about?
>> No.49013  

Starbound devs promised regular updates after release and failed to deliver, so adding another platform to the mix sounds like disaster. SA goons are of course the anti-internet, so they instead talk about how the lack of content is totally fine and how great the devs are (and how bad everyone else is). The lead dev thanks them for being "sane" and says they are more worthy of his time than others.
>> No.49014  

I, for one, look at his track record of how well he treated Terraria fans with lots of extra content and recommend patience.

That said, I have not bought starbound and won't until the actual release goes on a 30%+ discounted steam sale, I don't like the "prepurchase beta" model of game sales.
>> No.49015  

The guy who made Starbound was just an artist on Terraria, not a dev. Unless he had a bigger role than I thought
>> No.49017  
Unannounced Hipster update for GTAO. New cars and clothes and hair and tatoos and a pistol and a knife.
>> No.49023  
What's the best way of knowing when a game is on a Steam flash sale?
>> No.49024  
Checking Steam every 8 hours.
>> No.49027  
Got MGRising and a few other games, but overall this has been a shitty sale so far.
Castle Crashers for 1bux is probably the best bargain.
>> No.49045  
The Sims 4 isn't going to have swimming pools at launch. I wonder what the first DLC will be!
>> No.49085  
Independence Day update for GTAO adds clothes, a motorcycle, a monster truck, a musket, and a fireworks rocket launcher. Only purchasable for a limited time.
>> No.49097  

It's also not going to have story progression (the thing that makes sims you don't play as get married, get jobs, have kids, etc), so everyone else in town will do nothing but age and die, eventually getting replaced with random new sim families. A dev on twitter said he's not even sure if children will exist in town without the player going out of their way to make them. I can't believe I even considered playing this.
>> No.49108  
Even thouhh I can barely run it, EUIV is pretty great.
>> No.49109  
I prefer Victoria II.
>> No.49112  
I have immense respect for people who can play Vicky 2. After watching an LP or two of CK2 and EUIV I had a pretty good understanding of what to do and when, but Vicky is simply too much for me.
>> No.49114  
Ehh, Vic2 is just as easy as EU4. It just takes slightly longer to get the hang of the game mechanics.
>> No.49123  
File: apartheid.jpg -(426.2 KB, 1600x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'd say it's a lot easier, although the game becomes somewhat unplayable after 1910 or so when you have commies, fascists, anarcho-liberals, and jacobins (minus one for your government type if you've passed all the reforms) each revolting twice a year.
In terms of blobbing potential, you're seriously limited if you start with a small accepted culture population since you can't force culture conversions with a button click or add them by conquering vast tracts of land, but it's much easier to reach a critical mass of military force that makes you unstoppable.
>> No.49124  
>since you can't force culture conversions with a button click

That's one of the things I dislike about EUIV, to be honest, I prefer the way EUIII handles it. Or the way cultures assimilate in VicII. But in EUIV, by just spending some DIP points, you can completely eradicate Greek culture in less than 10 years.
>> No.49126  
You have to spend a lot of diplo points to convert rich Greek provinces, though. But in the steppelands, sure. I suppose I just like that it's so abstract, unlike Vicky 2.
>> No.49127  
>Mighty No. 9 Gets A Second Crowdfunding Campaign
For a moment I thought I had accidentally opened P4R (the best video game journalism site) instead of Siliconera. What the heck is Comcept thinking? This is just begging for a backlash.
>> No.49128  

The only things I remember about this game are that it looks like megaman, and the devs hired one of their non-gamer insane feminist girlfriends to be the community manager and artist. I hope it tanks
>> No.49158  
Oh man! I cleaned out my computer fan, and suddenly I can play the games? Who would have thought!
>> No.49171  
I held off on beating the second to last dungeon in P4G for almost a year, and now I've suddenly started dreading finishing up the game, which shouldn't even take five hours. I wonder why...
>> No.49172  
I played Dwarf Fortress for the first time. The first thing I did after figuring out how to move was walking into a church and throwing the priest around by his nose until he died.
>> No.49173  
File: 1404857016199.png -(5.9 KB, 714x114) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

for the love of armok play fortress mode.
>> No.49181  

Adventure mode is cool because your player character is still an individual entity with their own thoughts and emotions, but it cannot do anything. The only thing they can do on their own is cry about the horrible things you're making their body do.
>> No.49192  
I tried to watch the dota 2 final but I fell asleep during it because it was so boring.
>> No.49193  

I was at work and missed it :(
Glad to hear it was a snorefest compared to the EG and Na'Vi matches.

RIP in pieces, my beloved AXE. One day, you will rise again.
>> No.49196  
EUIV is so fun, even if I mess up a lot. I have to stop playing it to actually finish other games, though. I can't seem to stop once I start.
>> No.49206  
You can get Sims 2 and all of it's expansions for free right now on Origin. It's nice because it looks like TS4 is going to stink and TS3 wasn't too much better than 2 anyway
>> No.49208  
Is there any way to download mods for EU4 outside of the paradox forums? Seems like you need to register your game before you can access the forum.
>> No.49212  
There's really no reason to register to the paradox forum, you just enter in your cd key and you don't have to post or anything. But if you're criminal scum, you can always just google popular mods, download them from whatever site, and drop them in the mod folder. The only DRM in the game is for DLC.
>> No.49214  
Steam Workshop?
>> No.49217  
This is great news, I always wanted to try all of the Sims 2 expansion packs.

And I can't stand the chubby-faced small-eyed ugly Sims 3 characters, so I could never get into it. Am I the only one who finds them weird looking?
>> No.49219  

No, the sims in 3 are really shitty looking and turned me off the game too. 4's sims look really good and so does the creation tool, it's a shame about everything else
>> No.49226  
i finally got a super famicom
>> No.49259  
Twitch implementing JewTube audio scanner.
>> No.49260  

Haha yeah, saw this coming. Twitch will be completely dead by next year at this rate
>> No.49261  

Whats it doing? Audio scanner?
>> No.49262  

>> No.49263  
Twitch will also only save videos for 2 weeks before deleting them now unless you buy a sub (then it's 2 months). Google only bought twitch to kill it, basically.
>> No.49275  
Hidden weeb game sale.
>> No.49276  
Neat. World End Economica is on sale.
>> No.49277  
So SH is getting a reboot, made in the FOX Engine by Kojima and Del Toro.
Is this what they call cautious optimism?
>> No.49278  
Another question: Are the film industry and the game industry going to become the some thing?
>> No.49279  

"Silent Hills".
>> No.49280  

Is it going to have a PC version?
>> No.49281  
That kusoge isn't worth $6.49 of your hard earned cash.
>> No.49282  
File: blah blah blah you want to slap that bitch but refrain from doing so now move on with the story.png -(87.9 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
While I won't go as far as calling it a kusoge, I have to say I didn't really like it either (as far as I've read it, I didn't finish it). The writing (at least in the translated version, but I have a feeling it's not just the translation) is very boring and the story doesn't make up for it.
>> No.49283  
File: 100 percent RNG and rigged AI.jpg -(242.4 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
In case anyone wants to get 100% Orange Juice or 99 Spirits or its DLC, it can be gotten for (apparently) $0.50 for one, $1 for two, or $1.50 for all three (regardless of region) at https://groupees.com/babmb (19 hours left). One Way Heroics can be gotten slightly cheaper together with two other games at https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly (6 hours left, minimum $1 for Steam keys).

I haven't played 99 Spirits, but I can recommend the other two. Orange Juice is a great online multiplayer board game with a bit too much randomness, One Way Heroics is a great simplified roguelike with the twist that you have to keep moving forward.
>> No.49284  
This is surprising, as I was excited for Hasekura.
>> No.49294  
It's been revealed that Zoe Quinn, developer of "Depression Quest", was a huge slut who fucked any man who was on a higher rung than her to advance her career/fame. Normally this isn't news because obviously that's just how women get ahead in life, but she's one of those "smash cis patriarchy rarr" indie game dev types so it's especially funny
>> No.49298  
I read her Facebook logs. Reminds me of how my ex acted regarding the subject of cheating (while being the one doing the thing).

I hope SJW and "feminists" around the world stop to take a look at the kind of person they are defending.
>> No.49299  

Actually the SJW response is to get any discussion of it deleted as soon as possible. I expect as much from SA (which is where the news first broke from what I understand), but apparently it's happening on reddit too
>> No.49300  
After the tumblr gif thing around the 4th of July Gawker networks' lawyers got involved and forced many places to get rid of non-sjw mods. So that could explain it.
>> No.49302  
What thing?
>> No.49303  
Regarding the Quinn scandal, I feel this needs to be pointed out: Nathan Grayson, the Kotaku and RPS she slept with, never wrote anything on Depression Quest beyond mentioning it got greenlighted and reporting on the GAME_JAM incident (which Quinn was involved with). Neither site posted any review of the game (by any author), and Kotaku didn't even make a post to announce its release.

In light of this, I'd say complaining about Quinn on a professional level is no better than complaining about Mozilla's former CEO because he voted against gay marriage. What people do in their personal lives, regardless of whether or not they are terrible people, shouldn't affect their career if it's unrelated.
>> No.49304  
what the fuck why the hell is quinn on /bun/
>> No.49305  
Video game drama in a video game thread, I dunno.
>> No.49306  
Clearly we are all depressed here and crossed out options in multiple choice selections are an amazing artistic reflection of our state of mind.
>> No.49307  
no I meant quinn the person not the drama
hard to keep it separated but please try
>> No.49308  
File: white knight.png -(133.9 KB, 550x536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There's tons of other horrible shit that's come out about her beyond merely being a hypocritical slut, but keep taking up that shield buddy
>> No.49310  
File: 1408263104971.gif -(946.5 KB, 500x229) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>What people do in their personal lives, regardless of whether or not they are terrible people, shouldn't affect their career if it's unrelated.

but it clearly was related.
Either she is an anti-social nutjob, and the only avenue for being introduced to men is through production companies (somewhat plausible, as she is an active SJW womyn), or she was deliberately trying to forward her product with extra "advantages" given to those in a position to do so, or she's a mere slut and slept with them as a thank you for taking the time to actually do the job they are supposed to (People being paid to do a job and actually doing it is somewhat contrary to SJW beliefs, so this possibility be taken out of context somewhat).
Alternatively, any combination of the above.
>> No.49311  

Also it's related because her "career" of being a game developer is 95% personal blogging about stupid sjw shit, and 5% actually developing games (one game, which was a self-absorbed low effort text adventure that really isn't a game in the first place).

Well, maybe it's more like 50% personal blogging, 45% sucking and fucking people in the industry, and 5% pretending to make video games. What a career!
>> No.49312  
>she was deliberately trying to forward her product with extra "advantages" given to those in a position to do so
Precisely what I mean. She didn't get the positive treatment you'd expect a woman to get from someone she slept with for business purposes. The other cases are her personal life, and there doesn't seem to be evidence for this case.
>> No.49313  
File: quinnscandal.jpg -(184.6 KB, 1293x758) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I think this scandal and discussion about it will be going on for a while. Should we make a separate thread for it?
>> No.49314  
I don't think it's necessary unless there's like 50 posts on the subject.

The thing that disturbs me most regarding the situation was the view of Greg Tito, editor-in-chief of The Escapist.
>> No.49315  

Just because they didn't write glowing 10/10 reviews doesn't mean she didn't get any perks for sucking their dicks. Also they are clearly scared of something since at least one is scrubbing any article mentioning her and lying about when they met.


I don't think 2 or 3 people arguing with a retard needs a new thread. You can just post funny stuff here or whatever
>> No.49316  
What are those links? I'd like to read on the subject but fuck URL shorteners, I want to know what I'm clicking.
>> No.49318  
They link to two posts written by Greg Tito in The Escapist's forums. The full URLs are mildly long and ugly, which is why I didn't want to post them.
>> No.49319  
i think the problem with all this is less that she sucked dicks for review scores (which is wrong but whatever), it's that she basically shut down a game jam charity with the help of her fuckbuddies because she wanted no competition for her own one, and that the game jam she is running (with no location, date or othe rinformation available) is taking donations straight into her personal paypal.
>> No.49321  
I think the problem with all this is that you guys are still obsessing over this slut. Who cares? Plenty of fish in the sea.

Is the game any good?
>> No.49328  
>> No.49344  
File: 1397774401927.jpg -(110.5 KB, 500x688) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Is the game any good?

it's like >>49328 only filled with "pls donate money to my paypal" spam and without the humor. Change oppression to depression in the link to view it yourself. I strongly, strongly recommend having adblock on else you'll get popups and shitty auto-play video ads.
Actually, that's not quite true. There is a good amount of humor.
She thinks that people with depression or PTSD are like children or women or dogs and can't help themselves, and shouldn't be held accountable for their actions, analogous to a dog crapping on the carpet because he isn't housebroken, only without the ability to learn (such as a dog learning how to poop only outside and never in the house). She's such an egotistical cunt, she only "cares about her cause" in the sense that she feels they are lower on society's totem pole and pitying them makes her feel better about herself. If she wasn't such a basket case, I'd feel sad for her, but she's trying to dig downward in an attempt to get out of the hole she dug herself into; it's both amusing and humorous.
>> No.49352  
Amazon acquired Twitch for $970mil

Google gave up because they feared regulators would block it and couldn't agree on a penalty fee if that happened
>> No.49362  
It was fun reading about this in real news outlets, because they were completely astounded that someone would pay that much money for a site where you can watch people play games.
>> No.49372  
>> No.49373  
I'd rather have it for the Vita, but eh, this is fine, too, I guess. Or it would be, had I had a PS4. Anyway, it's probably a step in the right direction.
>> No.49374  
Well bunbun, you are in luck.

>however, titles for the PlayStation Vita are also scheduled

The only concern right now is that only derivative games are scheduled for release. There are no words (yet) about a release for the original ZUN games.

Although getting to play TSA (and hopefully the much better MBAN, soon) on the Vita is still pretty awesome.
>> No.49375  
Ah, I 100%ed SMW the other day.
>> No.49377  
I started playing LoL since my only friend started playing it. It's alright but I hate how you have to buy heroes and I'm bad at it.
>> No.49378  
File: 1392959917492.jpg -(2590.6 KB, 2550x3300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>I started playing LoL since my only friend started playing it. It's alright but I hate how you have to buy heroes and I'm bad at it.

Get your friends to try Dota 2.
It's the moba that kicked guinsoo off their dev list (he then joined LoL's dev group).
It plays similar to LoL (league was based on Dota, after all), only there is no bullshit of buying heros or rune pages or any of that other bullshit where you have to pay money or grind stupid amounts of games to meet the minimum requirements of competitive play. The only things sold are tickets to watch tournaments and 100% cosmetic items.

The learning curve is notably higher as there are multiple viable meta strategies (league only has one) and a much stronger focus on ganking and not dying (you don't gain xp while dead, much higher max level, and you don't gain xp/second as in LoL).
>> No.49379  
File: samsung-unpacked-gear-vr-4_2040_verge_super_wide[1].jpg -(294.8 KB, 1020x680) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Samsung Gear VR Innovator's Edition Powered by Oculus has been announced. Requires a Galaxy Note 4. Release this Fall, no price announced.

>> No.49380  
Is ZUN selling out? Will I have to buy a PS4?
>> No.49381  
Don't play either. They're both a huge timesink with very little payoff other than occasional feelings of mild satisfaction once the novelty of learning the game wears off. Most of your feelings will be frustration or annoyance, however. You may not believe me right now but eventually you'll reach the same conclusion. You'll be much better off if you don't play them and instead play things from your backlog or do something else entirely. That time is better spent on other things.
>> No.49383  
MOBA is the worst genre ever created.
>> No.49384  
I don't like it either
>> No.49385  
From playing some bot matches one dota2, I think I like MOBAs, but I can't justify spending the time required to learn to play them properly without having people I know play with me
>> No.49388  
People who play MOBAs are bad people.
>> No.49390  
I had fun playing a little LoL vs bots too. Never really figured out what I was doing though, and no one I know in real life plays it, so yeah...
>> No.49393  
File: dasdoto.png -(44.8 KB, 2202x845) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I made an image of the dota curve.
>> No.49396  
I prolong dota 2 games for as long as possible and then lose the game for the team. I've lost close to 700 mmr in the last month. I have fun doing this and have no plans to stop.

Does this make me a bad person?
>> No.49397  
I think online friends would work too, just as long as you didn't have to second guess the skill of your team-makes
>> No.49398  
Playing mobas is like putting your face next to an anus and then inhaling deeply.
>> No.49399  
what if it's a cute tasty little anus
>> No.49425  
Contrary to popular belief, little girls' anuses are just as stinky and gross as adult ones. Maybe even more, because they don't clean themselves properly.
>> No.49427  
GTAV PC release is January 27 2015
>> No.49436  
I'm so fucking bad at Victoria 2
>> No.49444  
This is gonna sound insane but Sims 4 actually owns
>> No.49447  
File: 91df6e2314[1].jpg -(282.7 KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Anybody here playing ArcheAge?
Trion fucked up the launch big time and there are huge queues across all (8) servers, and massive problems with player's patron statuses.
>> No.49463  
css is fun even though im pretty bad
>> No.49668  

I only wish that they added children. There aren't many games where you can destroy kids.
>> No.49693  
One of the last big no-nos. I would've been throwing children all day at walls/cars/soldiers/helicopters/tanks/other children in Prototype. Anyway, this looks like a game I'm gonna buy at day one.
>> No.49729  
Anyone else getting the NA version of Freedom Wars?
>> No.49870  
I've been playing VC on and off for a few days for the first time. It's pretty nice. Only up to chapter 7 but already my terrible strategic sense is making things difficult.
>> No.50065  
I really have the feeling that this game could become something really fun. From the trailer I can gather that this'll be some kind of highscore shooting game and will thus have tons of potentail. Actually, I'm so excited that I don't know what to expect or what I'd like to see.
>> No.50659  
File: CGwJlE-W8AAyQwU.jpg -(492.7 KB, 1024x1729) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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