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4961 No.50673  
I'm not sure if this merits it's own thread but I thought it's distinct enough from the VN and Video Game threads.

I find that Non-VN Eroge have been severely underlooked and there are a lot of well developed titles. One of my favourite publishers/developers had been Elf who created titles such as the Dragon Knight series and Wordsworth, both of which I hold very dearly. Unfortunately, Elf have itself declined in recent years and are no longer as prolific as it once were. In its stead the likes of Eushully and Alicesoft have steadily grown to become the main players in the industries.

On the other hand, the doujinsoft scene is flourishing as well and have produced quite a number of decent titles. I'm personally glad that despite the (arguably) declining Video Game industry in general, at least eroge have managed to maintain it's own existence and somewhat distanced itself from the former.
>> No.50710  
File: the greatest liar.jpg -(107.8 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm re-playing Sengoku Rance. Oh gods, where has my time gone.
>> No.50718  
Night Slave for the X68000 is well worth seeking out. It's a run 'n gun game with some lewd cutscenes.
>> No.50770  
This looks really neat! especially since it was supposedly influenced by Assault Suits Valken and Gradius, thanks for sharing.

Seems like the rance translation projects are becoming official.
>> No.50831  
I don't think eroge will ever die. Even if the formats aren't the same, the need for erotic games will be eternal.
>> No.50981  
File: ALCG0001.jpg -(165.1 KB, 640x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Seems like the rance translation projects are becoming official.
Not quite. Almost everone from the Rance Translation Project already translated officially, but not in Alicesoft games.
Now that Alicesoft decided to approach the west, they had to freeze all the translations and have to work on what Alicesoft wants to sell here, who knows when they'll do Rance.
>> No.50982  
Unless we somehow get a decent amount of moonspeakers, this thread is doomed to be the Rance and Kamidori thread
>> No.50985  
Porn is part of a man's soul, after all.
>> No.51062  
Always has been. Especially the illustrated type, thankfully.
>> No.51085  
Speaking of eroge not dying and elf, elf just died.
>> No.51086  
File: 1433112464396.jpg -(57.4 KB, 1024x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

As long as Innocent Grey lives on and doesn't follow suit, I can live with that.
>> No.51087  
Took long enough. They've been on life support for years after the fallout of Kakyuusei 2.
>> No.51104  
That's really really sad and unfortunate but as the previous poster pointed out, it is hardly a surprise considering they were hanging by a thread for a few years running now.

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