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File: anime.png -(14.0 KB, 444x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
14377 No.50808  
Do you think it's worth it to keep all the anime you download?
>> No.50809  
When I was new to anime, I burned all of my downloaded anime to CDs (yes, the 650 MB ones, three episodes per disk; only later did I get a DVD burner and use DVDs instead).

However, over time I noticed that it was easier to re-download an episode or series than it was to find the disk it's on, so I stopped keeping my anime permanently.

Later, I found myself hosting an FTP for visual novels. Since I was hosting an FTP anyways, I decided I might as well upload any complete series I download there, so since then I've kept most anime on my server. However, I have no qualms with deleting any of them again if I'm short on space; it's easy to re-download them again.
>> No.50810  
I only keep shows with rewatch-value.
>> No.50811  
I used to horde everything before I got a 150mb connection.
Now I don't care. I'm sure it's the same for most everyone without third world internet.
>> No.50813  
Please don't be mean to Australians.
>> No.50815  
More or less the same thing happened to me, except for the FTP stuff. CDs became DVDs became external hard disk space as technology evolved. The transition from intermittent stolen DSL to fairly stable HDSL killed off any need to hoard anything.

>>50811 >>50813
Rural American internet is pretty much third world, I've only recently moved to the east coast and discovered the joys of 50mb fiber optics. But even with hicksville internet downloading an anime only took half an hour, so why bother keeping them around?
>> No.50816  
I'm hording everything in preparation for the eventual animucalypse. Local storage is dirt cheap anyways.
>> No.50818  
I almost want us to return to the dark ages. Not the VHS trading days, but that glorious period in the late 90s when the internet was still mostly for faggots and anime was up for download if you knew where to look for it.
>> No.50820  
Pretty much this. $100 will get you over a terabyte of storage nowadays. Why not?
>> No.50821  
Because as storage capacity increases, so does the amount of space taken by data. It used to be that an anime episode was big if it was over 200 MB. Now we have 450 MB episodes and nobody thinks anything of it. (And I download my stuff in 720p, not 1080p.)
>> No.50825  
Even at 450 MB an episode, you could store over 2000 episodes per TB. At 20 minutes per episode, that's 1666 hours hours of anime. If you spent 30 hours a week watching anime it would still take you over a year to fill up a single terabyte.
>> No.50829  
I've stopped caring about anime enough to warrant it to keep it. If I really like it, I do it like I used to ten years ago: burn it.
>> No.50922  
I used to, but don't really care about torrenting anime anymore. I just watch whatever is on netflix and crunchyroll.
>> No.50923  
Thanks to this thread, I have decided to delete all my anime. I'll still keep hoarding porn in case something like the fakku ordeal happens again. It's more likely that certain porn disappears than it is for anime, I figure.
>> No.50924  
That was stupid in my opinion. A whole bunch of stuff has disappeared from the public share, e.g. some of Eclipse's stuff is no longer available since their site went down and external torrents died off. Definitely save the quality stuff if you appreciate good subbing.
>> No.50925  
>> No.50927  
Oh sorry, is it still considered cool to hate streaming anime websites?
>> No.50930  

Yeah you nailed it. It's not that streaming websites are shitty, it's that he's trying to be cool. They money you pay every month is way too little for the top-quality content that you receive.
>> No.50931  
Netflix and crunchyroll are complete garbage though
>> No.50932  
So you guys are angry because I'm spending money on things instead of pirating them?
>> No.50934  
I don't like seeing both sides of the argument being this retarded.

No, they're saying Netflix and Crunchyroll deliver a subpar service and implying they're too expensive for the amount of content they offer.

While I can't speak for Netflix, I simply can't agree with that for Crunchyroll. Nowadays, fansubbing is dead. Either you watch the Crunchyroll stream or you watch a rip of the Crunchyroll stream. The difference in quality is almost nonexistent (and the stream is slightly more convenient). And as for pricing, it's $5/month. Even for someone like me who's getting screwed out of half of the content due to region locking, that's very cheap for the amount of content they offer.
>> No.50935  
>The difference in quality is almost nonexistent (and the stream is slightly more convenient).
excuse me do you have any idea how terrible crunchy's encoding is
>> No.50936  
File: lol.jpg -(36.4 KB, 463x502) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Nowadays, fansubbing is dead.
>Either you watch the Crunchyroll stream or you watch a rip of the Crunchyroll stream.
>> No.50937  
It's not that I'm angry, I was just trying to point out that I think you're a retard for not understanding that someone might think less of you for using some streaming service. Thinking about it more, you're probably even dumber than that since it sounds like you're suggesting it was ever acceptable to use a streaming site. Sorry if that wasn't clear enough for you.

Crunchyroll is pretty ass in terms of quality though. Encoding issues aside, the subtitles are often lazy or just plain wrong. I did however snicker a few weeks ago when I was reminded that some jew owns crunchyroll while watching Kyoukai no Rinne when Mamiya's line was translated to "Oy Vey". Although funny, that kind of stuff is distracting and I'd be pissed if I paid money for that shit. I really don't understand how you can defend it.
>> No.50939  
File: ss+(2015-09-10+at+07.32.03).png -(11.4 KB, 357x472) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>I think you're a retard for not understanding that someone might think less of you for using some streaming service

I understand that perfectly well, I just find this whole conversation hilarious. There is seriously something wrong with you if you're that bothered by people who don't watch cartoons the same way you do.

I'm not even defending crunchyroll. Obviously watching 1080p anime in a customized MPC-HC player done by a quality fansubbing group is the best way to go, which is why I still have a 400GB folder of older anime, but I'm just too lazy to care about that shit these days.
>> No.50941  
Do you have Windows 10?
>> No.50942  
Yeah, that's windows 10
>> No.50943  
I think it's pretty clear that I use shitty streaming sites too. I'm not really sure how that makes me angry at everyone. Now I'm even more confused about what your point was in >>50927
>> No.50945  
>> No.50946  
My point was that >>50925-kun's overreaction was dumb.
Now I regret replying to him though.
>> No.50983  
Not at all, there isn't a single show I've ever wanted to rewatch. I always download, watch and delete.
>> No.50986  
I only save shows I really like.

Although I've had some series on my hard drive for years now because I've been meaning to watch them that are just taking up space.
>> No.50988  
I limit myself to 2 TB worth of content and delete old stuff to make room for newer stuff I care more about.
>> No.50989  
Yeah. Sometimes I get the urge to go back and watch a scene or episode I liked or rewatch the OP or ED if it's nice. Other times it's handy for screenshots and rewatching something for the sake of discussion.

I'd think it's better to have it than not unless you're strapped for space.
>> No.50991  
Personally no, because I'll never rewatch it all. I only keep the shows that I really enjoyed that also have some rewatch value.

I think it would only be worth it if you had so much space that you didn't know how to fill it all.
>> No.50992  
Storage is cheap, so I don't see why it wouldn't be worth it.
>> No.50993  
File: anime.png -(13.7 KB, 247x158) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.50997  
Because anime isn't worth it.
>> No.51010  
Yes. Even if I don't want to watch it, some day, it may no longer be available and someone will want to watch it.

That's when I charge thousands of dollars per episode and become the first anime-speculating millionaire.
>> No.51024  
File: chinese cartoons.png -(15.6 KB, 367x474) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
No reason to delete them really
>> No.51025  
I thought 10TB hard drives were only released this year by HGST?
>> No.51028  
It's actually just a JBOD array of 4 hard drives.
>> No.53141  
Of course it is.
>> No.53359  
File: 1396574037994.jpg -(28.7 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
So now that nyaa is dead, what venues are you using at the moment, /bun/? I've dusted off some of my old private tracker accounts and hoarding all the pre-2005 anime I can find.
>> No.53362  
https://nyaa.si/ intends to be a replacement for Nyaa, though I haven't downloaded anything from there yet. For anime I now go directly to HorribleSubs's site.

I also used Nyaa for OP/ED singles and soundtracks. Does anybody know a decent replacement for that?
>> No.53363  

Try https://nyaa.pantsu.cat/
>> No.53368  
Mostly XDCC for airing stuff and BakaBT for older shows.
>> No.53373  
I think it should be known that nyaa.si is run by the mods and cronies of old Nyaa, the "Cartel" as they're sometimes known, while pantsu.cat is run by an anonymous /g/ user.

Some advantages pantsu.cat has/will have is allowing uploads from any groups, meaning no more excluding Doki etc., being FOSS, and having regular database backups.
>> No.53390  
theres nothing wrong with forcibly excluding shitsubs
i'm glad hadena died
>> No.53391  
In that case, I hope you block uploads of [gg] subs to your site
>> No.53393  
yeah i saw one ep of their stuff in april
its all like that?

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