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143177 No.51199  
So with TPP and other recent events, there's been talk at certain places of beginning an archive of weeb shit we like - anime, manga, visual novels/eroge, and the like. It wouldn't really be selective, but rather, of everything you can.

The plan would essentially be to do it by eras, mainly 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. Anything pre-70s would be handled by a separate team.

Would /bun/ be up to participate?
>> No.51200  
This doesn't seem like the kind of project you can just do on a whim.
>> No.51201  
Good point. That's why it's already starting. But if there's any interest from our /bun/nies, then the better. All the help possible is welcome.
>> No.51202  
How can one help? Who'll be in charge of pre 70s content? I wouldn't want to see anons' efforts to make Nihon Art Animation Eiga Senshuu available go down the drain because of this.
>> No.51204  
The plan is essentially:

>hoard everything
>keep it ready and safe
>move everything to i2p
>have all the saved material available for sharing

The best way you could help would be to preserve whatever you have right now, and decide on what you'd like to participate.

Do you want to preserve vintage anime? Or new anime? Or do you feel like working on VNs/eroge instead? Or manga?
>> No.51205  
File: 1427654221093.jpg -(621.9 KB, 1280x1245) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>The best way you could help would be to preserve whatever you have right now, and decide on what you'd like to participate.

I have a terabyte worth so far.
>> No.51206  
File: 1448139482653-0[1].png -(200.8 KB, 700x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Then have it ready to follow the eventual steps. Everything and anything that can be contributed is good enough.

This is a guideline regarding the format of file/folder naming.
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>> No.51208  
Don't you have any common sense? Why didn't you upload this image in the first place and provide all the information on how to contribute in the OP, instead of having people to prompt you for answers?
>> No.51227  
Oh yeah, 8ch and a sticky with a picture of Hitler, that totally makes me want to participate
>> No.51230  
you can't be that surprised that the tinfoil hat parade is running this thing
>> No.51247  
What's wrong with 8ch? What's wrong with Hitler?

>tinfoil hat
Why be so dismissive? What is so tinfoil hat about being rationally proactive? Being reactive is for chumps and women.
>> No.51249  
Hitler is for edgy teenagers and tinfoil hatters, mate.
And being a paranoid weirdo is not "rationally proactive," either.
>> No.51268  
Where are all these new people coming from?
>> No.51272  
I was here from day one, you degenerate
>> No.51281  
This post made me laugh.

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