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File: 1440539574757.png -(251.1 KB, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
257104 No.53534  
Is this even alive?
>> No.53536  
Define alive.
>> No.53537  
We have spambots posting daily.
>> No.53538  
dont forget the dead on the inside jannies!
>> No.53539  
I'll never leave. Until I die of something unrelated, of course.
>> No.53540  

there's only Aya and Jones, and I dont think they have allowed any maids to join the ranks....ever.
>> No.53542  
File: bf.png -(209.8 KB, 704x392) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
no, but the old threads are still worth browsing
>> No.53543  
I don't think he's been near bun in years.
>> No.53544  
>> No.53560  
the IRC channel is more active.
>> No.53607  
File: 1468888863356.jpg -(69.0 KB, 601x634) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>join the discord

no pls.
>> No.53611  
who said anything about discord
>> No.53612  
the IRC's MOTD
>> No.53697  
File: 1505645958085.png -(455.4 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.53971  
Does this place even have a Discord?
>> No.53972  
If it does then let's just pretend it doesn't exist. Not every community has to be moved to Discord...
>> No.53973  
Yeah, sometimes I feel as if I'm one of the few people who don't use Discord left.
>> No.53975  
Really about to stop coming here due to faggots like you.
>> No.53976  
What happened? What post did you bully him into deleting?
>> No.53977  
I'm not him, but it was a spam post with links. I don't know why that one in particular set him off.
>> No.54012  
how the hell do the dates work. I thought it was day/month/year but you guys can't be from the future!
>> No.54014  
year/month/day, the only date format that makes logical sense.
>> No.54045  
Seems dead to me. Im surprised this place even exists in the first place.
>> No.54061  
File: 1434054187428.png -(201.6 KB, 1087x449) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's better to be on the left side.
>> No.54064  
I wonder if she'll show her ass?
>> No.54124  
Yes it is you dipshit.
Now go fuck yourself
>> No.54134  
Got into a fight with a coworker today because he thinks that month/day/year is better than year/month/day.
>> No.54140  
Maybe you wouldn't be such a bully if you noticed this thread was 3 years old.
>> No.54155  
Well you are both wrong, day/month/year is best.
>> No.54157  
Absolutely right
>> No.54158  
Day-month-year can be confused for month-day-year during the first 12 days of each month. Year-month-day (written with full year) is unambiguous, in addition to making more sense when combined with a time indication (2020-02-15 03:00 is ordered from most significant value to least significant value, while '15-02-2020 03:00' is not and '00:03 15-02-2020' would make no sense).
>> No.54159  
You will never get confused if it's the only or primary system you use, in addition the most significant value should not be in the foremost position in this case as it is the value we use the least. I know what year it is, the day is what changes most so it's the information that I would rather have at the fore so I can see it easier and faster.
>> No.54164  
>You will never get confused if it's the only or primary system you use
But I'm not the only one writing dates and timestamps. At some point I'll be looking at both my own timestamps and someone else's timestamps, and I don't think we're ever going to convince Americans to move away from the dumb month-day-year system, so having unambiguous timestamps eliminates potential for confusion.

>I know what year it is
>>53534 was posted in 2017, >>53697 was posted in 2019, >>54124 was posted in 2020. You know what year it is right now, but you don't know what year it was when the date was written. If you don't specify the year, timestamps have an expiry date of less than a year before you need to reference external information to find out when that was. (This problem is most apparent when seeing a December timestamp in January - was this posted on December 1st, or January 12th? You NEED the year.)

>the day is what changes most
But that's wrong. The millisecond count changes most, after which come the number of seconds, minutes and hours, all before the day. By that logic, full timestamps should be written 003.20:26:16 15-02-2020, which is very confusing as HH:MM:SS.mmm is the universally agreed upon format for hours-minutes-seconds-milliseconds. To fit that, the date should be formated as year-month-date. You can then just read from right to left if you want to check the least significant values first, just like you do with numbers.
>> No.54176  
>YY 20
>Europeans still seething about MM/DD
God bless

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