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1625429 No.54728  
Haven't finished it yet, but wanted to hear everyone's thoughts because I'm bored and opinions seem really mixed. I like Ayana
>> No.54729  
I have a divided opinion on the game.
Since the opinion is really based on how the game resolves itself, I'll wait until you finish.
In the mean time I'd rank it as a top tier VN - right below the big two (baldr sky and muramasa), alongside VNs like kara no shoujo, ace attorney games, ghost trick, cross channel, etc.
>> No.54732  
SubaHibi is the best thing I ever read, it instantly took the top spot.
>> No.54760  
This game is the second best piece of Japanese literature produced
>> No.54764  
What's the first?
>> No.54781  
I've been in suspense for 2 months.

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