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No Subject - Is this even alive? [8 replies]
[Anime] Spring Season 2017 - It took a while for the chart to get posted, but here it is.... [34 replies]
ITT: Original Content - I'm reviving it. ... [146 replies]
No Subject - Let me tell you a tale.... [2 replies]
[Anime] Movies, OVA,s etc, part 3 - Once again, the old thread is on auto-sage. [5 replies]
[Anime] Summer Season 2017 [Uncharted Territory] - Enmusubi no Youko-chan kicks off the new season. ... [43 replies]
Yume Nikki: Gensou - PLEASE!!!!! PLEASE!!! Can anybody tell me here I can download this game?!?! Every link i get is dead!! [3 replies]
No Subject - Dunno about you, guys, but the new Code Geass series looks super interesting. [5 replies]
No Subject - Hi, I drew Aya:... [2 replies]
[Anime] News - A thread for hyping upcoming anime and other news related to anime. [290 replies]
Eroge extras thread - http://www.coremagazine.co.jp/megateleca2012.html... [3 replies]
Manga thread - Can we revive the manga thread? It had some great suggestions and I haven't yet checked them all. If everyone can... [324 replies]
[Music] Denpa/Moe music [電波系] - This thread was in the old /bun/ and it got me hooked on moe music. It seems there were some people interested too so... [197 replies]
Excel Saga - As mentioned in the anime thread, I'm going to continue scanning the Excel Saga manga, and hopefully this... [23 replies]
Source and Identification Thread #2 - Previous thread >>36940... [98 replies]
No Subject - Do you think it's worth it to keep all the anime you download? [50 replies]
[Anime] Fall Season 2016 - The first series of the new season will start airing tomorrow. [49 replies]
Hentai/ero - What hentai/ero anime does /bun/ enjoy?... [44 replies]
Nobody will see this thread - You are not allowed to post in this thread if you are a sad man on spam patrol. [6 replies]
[Anime] Movies, OVA, etc, part 2 - The old thread has auto-saged, so here is the new one. [354 replies]
[Anime] Winter Season 2017 - Winter season. Is there anything to look forward to? [60 replies]
[VN] Visual Novels #2 - The old thread is sinking. Please use this new thread with care.... [24 replies]
No Subject - W-wait, is this the place people refer to when they post, "we're waiting for you on /bun/", or... [24 replies]
[Anime] Spring Season 2016 - So another anime season is upon us.... [39 replies]
Buyfag thread - People who purchase otaku goods,what have you recently bought?... [239 replies]
Fat Stupid Garbage - Japanophobia - You are invited to watch Fat Stupid Garbage.... [9 replies]
No Subject - I want to shoot my warm semen into Akari's 13-year-old vagina. [10 replies]
[Anime] Winter Season 2016 - A couple days left until the new season. Nothing on the chart seems particularly interesting to me at a glance except... [80 replies]
Which Pokemon are you? - enter your birthday here http://pokemon.vukki.net/en/ [5 replies]
Spring 2014 Preliminary First Volume Sales - The End Of Days Edition - 103,004 *3 Love Live! 2nd Season [BD]: 2014/06/20... [29 replies]
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