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[Magical Girls] Precure et Cetera - There's at least... four people watching Smile Precure here? Anyway, that's like half of /bun/'s active... [354 replies]
Fall 2013 First Volume Sales - This Sure Is Late Edition - 26,601 *4 Infinite Stratos 2 [DVD+BD]: 2013/10/30... [5 replies]
Summer 2013 Rankings - Are You Gay Yet Edition - 28,852 *2 Free! [DVD+BD]: 2013/09/11... [35 replies]
Video Games - A new thread, for a new world! [356 replies]
OK WE ARE UP AGAIN - For those who missed it, we were hit with some malware. We've cleaned things up and changed passwords and all... [15 replies]
No Subject - Hi, I've been thinking of getting into Oshii's works lately, but I'm unsure how to go about it. ... [2 replies]
No Subject - Rejoice bun, as our god Barasui blessed us with a new (short) IM chapter! [120 replies]
Ero-anime discussion - Episode 3 of Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu zanmai is out.... [3 replies]
Binaural Recording - Reviving the binaural recording thread.... [3 replies]
No Subject - Here is the initial chart for the the fall anime season [72 replies]
[Anime] Summer Season 2013 - The start of the summer season isn't too far off now, so let's have a new thread.... [292 replies]
No Subject - This is the initial Winter 2014 from Stargazed charts... [9 replies]
./school_rumble/ - School Rumble general discussion thread [3 replies]
No Subject - Jin Kobayashi is probably this century's most talented mangaka and yet he hasn't produced anything of note in... [4 replies]
program - what do you program? do you program in languages?... [4 replies]
No Subject - http://qntm.org/files/perl/perl.html... [7 replies]
Final Fantasy 14: Catgirls Online - Early access starts on Saturday, are there any /buns/ playing? [8 replies]
Dark Souls M3Ra1.jpeg [43 replies]
Spring 2013 Preliminary First Volume Sales - The Strongest Event Ticket in Anime History Edition... [18 replies]
TH14 - Just in case anyone hasn't already heard: TH14 has been announced, surprising absolutely no one. As this is... [29 replies]
Video Games - Old thread on autosage, you know the drill! [364 replies]
Touhou 13.5 - Can we talk about the new Touhou eyelashes? [8 replies]
Tera General - EU Sneak Peek and US closed beta all this weekend, as good a time as any to start this.... [83 replies]
No Subject - Do you have a favorite Touhou? [9 replies]
Memorable Lines from VNs - 【Gen. Radhabinod】 「Our best efforts, truly all of our resolve has been in vain. Countless lives and valuable pieces... [5 replies]
/photos/ is gone! - What happen? [4 replies]
Video Games - The old thread is on autosage [374 replies]
Nippon gifts VPN - >The Graduate School of University of Tsukuba, Japan, has just launched the VPN Gate Academic Experiment... [2 replies]
Mordheim - I don't know if any of you guys remember this game, but a few people from /tg/ have started a freeform league... [5 replies]
Fall season 2012. - Is it to early to start this thread? Either way, lots of good looking stuff. Will most likely be watching;... [353 replies]
Listing threads 121-150. Page: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
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