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Fall season 2012. - Is it to early to start this thread? Either way, lots of good looking stuff. Will most likely be watching;... [353 replies]
No Subject - So, ZUN got married.... [20 replies]
Fall 2012 Preliminary First Volume Sales - Japan Would Buy Cancer if KEY Made it Edition - 16,782 *2 Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! [DVD+BD]: 2012/12/19... [27 replies]
[Anime] Movies, OVA, etc - New general anime thread for older and/or non-seasonal anime. (ie. ones which don't fit into the current season... [353 replies]
Saint Seiya ・ω・ - Is anyone still watching this? [13 replies]
[Anime] Spring Season 2012 - The next season is almost upon us, and thus it is time for a new thread.... [347 replies]
Learning Instruments / General - Let's get this thread going again.... [80 replies]
No Subject - Let us play a little game, /bun/.... [237 replies]
[Anime] Summer Season 2012 - General anime thread for the summer 2012 season. [355 replies]
Minecraft! - For when you want to waste time... constructively. [19 replies]
Bunbunmizzle - http://www.gizoogle.net/xfer.php?link=http://bunbunmaru.com/wakaba/general/&sa=U&ei=R4jLUKfcFYSo0AWnuYHIAg&ved=0CBQQFjAA&usg=AFQjCNELMcDq7-Sd-Xit4mRndW1y1ysPI... [6 replies]
Ken Akamatsu thread - ITT,we discuss the different works of Ken Akamatsu and his evolving meta-verse while hopefully learning things we... [4 replies]
Evangelion 3.0 - Opening 6 minutes here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gV4jBw9Tu2k... [26 replies]
[Territory] Official Sanctioning - We hereby claim New General in the name of Bunbunmaru.... [9 replies]
Light Novel Thread - Anyone else a fan of the Index series? I just started them recently and I'm currently on the 12th book and I'm... [22 replies]
マブラヴ Thread - Let's build a new bun with lots of love and courage.... [54 replies]
Video Games: Returns! - The old thread is on auto-sage. [358 replies]
Summer 2012 Preliminary First Volume Sales - Predictable Japanese Otaku Edition - 21,176 *2 Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II [BD]: 2012/09/21... [18 replies]
;_; - RIP /general/.... [68 replies]
[Parenting] Foster Home for Orphan Posts - This is a parent thread for poor >>1-kun. Please do not bump it, OK! [7 replies]
Yuasa kickstarter - Well, that was fucking unexpected. Yuasa really is back... and he wants our money to produce a 10 minutes short.... [8 replies]
Spring 2012 Season First Volume Sales - Japan Haet Undead Edition - *7,834 *1 Hyouka [DVD+BD]: 2012/06/29... [41 replies]
Anime Adventure Time - Does anyone else want to see an anime version of Adventure Time aside from me? ... [39 replies]
C82 thread! - Anticipations/Uploads/Et cetera [11 replies]
[Shitflinging] K-on! Discussion Thread - I'm tired of every thread being derailed whenever someone mentions Keion. [3 replies]
Cute flags --> - Hey ladies, the feature fairy left some cute flags under /bun/'s pillow. Ayachi, if you want to turn this... [47 replies]
PSO2 - No Wipe Before Launch Edition - So, what ship did everyone roll on? [18 replies]
No Subject - New Sailor Moon anime just announced at Japan Expo. Perfect follow-up to yesterday's Jojo announcement. [9 replies]
No Subject - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon%27s_Dogma... [27 replies]
No Subject - China? Is that you?... [11 replies]
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