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File: MOON DINOSAURS.PNG -(1570.4 KB, 1680x1050) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1608138 No.16006   [Reply]
What does /bun/ think about the unexpected new Rewrite trailer?

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>> No.16013  
>> No.16017  
>Jun Maeda
>> No.16029  
I know you're probably being facetious, but Maeda's not doing the scenario this time around.

Instead, you should be saying:

>> No.16047  
Too bad Ryuukishi isn't doing the scenario either, then. This is mainly Romeo's game, Ryuukishi and whatever's his name from LB are only doing minor routes.
>> No.16052  
Actually, the Key writer is the main writer, and the original idea is from Itaru Hinoue.

File: Susumu Hirasawa.jpg -(30.4 KB, 340x340) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
31118 No.16026   [Reply]
This guy made me lose confidence in my own music. He's a fucking genius, and even if I were to dedicate my entire life to music I would never be able to reach up to his level.
Seriously, just...wow. Why did I never hear of him aside from the Paprika soundtrack, and why isn't he universally accepted as the greatest electronic artist of our time?
>> No.16027  

>why isn't he universally accepted as the greatest electronic artist of our time?

He is among us enlightened elite.
>> No.16037  
File: tenko_suru_wakusei.png -(306.2 KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>why isn't he universally accepted as the greatest electronic artist of our time?

Because he isn't, but that's cool if you like him. I personally feel his music sounds dated, and at times uninspired. I'm not sure if not hearing him outside of Paprika means you haven't explored his other work, but here have an album.

>> No.16040  
I downloaded some albums by him after I saw all the praise he received in Berserk threads, and it wasn't as impressive as I expected. There are only a few tracks from the Berserk and Paprika OSTs that I'll feel like repeating when playing my music collection. The rest are just there in my playlist, not getting played.
>> No.16048  
I meant that until I decided to look further, the Paprika OST was the only Susumu Hirasawa work I'd heard.
I recently decided to check out his other works on a whim because the Paprika OST was so awesome, so I only recently discovered how amazing an artist he is, and I was wondering why nobody told me before.

File: WE WILL MAKE IT BIG.jpg -(29.1 KB, 496x585) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
29809 No.14992   [Reply]
Is it better to underestimate oneself or to overestimate oneself?
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>> No.15051  
File: Man.jpg -(107.7 KB, 1028x501) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.15702  
File: takerusurf.jpg -(99.2 KB, 600x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.15704  
It is better to properly estimate oneself. Spend time learning how to do that, not quibbling about this alpha/beta nonsense.
>> No.15744  
Sounds like BETA talk.
>> No.16044  
I love this post.

File: 70c46df4e6eac94f793fcdcba9e7cdc5.jpg -(2010.4 KB, 2480x1753) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2058642 No.15883   [Reply]
When in doubt, is it better to take action or to not take action?

(Assuming waiting for more information is not an option.)
>> No.15884  
its better to regret doing something than regret not doing it. naturally i always choose to not do anything
>> No.15958  
Wait it out.
Sure I could talk to 3DPD ,but I'm waiting and in 1 or 2 more decades I have a feeling Japan will save theentire world from lonliness
>> No.16042  
Taking action is almost always better than not taking action.

I rarely follow my own advice though.

File: 1248643150724.png -(111.6 KB, 560x560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
114232 No.15778   [Reply]
Is there any way to increase traffic on /bun/? I'd love to move over here permanently but the board is way too slow. On a good day we'll get 30 posts, and on a bad day we'll get 3-5.

We should probably do something about that.
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>> No.15828  
Even if /jp/ was deleted I doubt they'd all migrate here. /bun/ has been trolled to hell and back so they've all got it in their head that we're Pooshlmer 2.0 and have nazi mods or whatever.
Promoting doesn't always bring in bad users. It really depends where you look. If you're going to be promoting on places like AnimeSuki and ANN, then yeah, the whole board will become a terrible mess. But there's a few decent communities out there that we could try and grab some users from. I'm not really sure where other than VN translation sites and Hongfire and such. There's a few other decent imageboards too.

The best way to promote the site is to link /bun/ threads in other places. For example, you could make a post announcing the MLA patch and then link to the post here on /bun/. Out of 10 people that look, we might get 2 new users out of it.
>> No.15829  
yeah, but those two users are the kind that click on random links in blog comments.
To put forth an example, I got here by advertisement and I've been shitting this place up nice and propa for a long time now.
>> No.15864  
>decent community
what the fuck
>> No.15874  
Suit yourself then.

If you vehemently hate any community that isn't /bun/, then enjoy the current speed I guess.
>> No.15876  
I think he meant hongfire alone.
The other ones didn't seem like issues.

File: 16337.jpg -(181.2 KB, 1024x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
185519 No.15821   [Reply]
A full translation patch for Muv-Luv Alternative has been leaked on /jp/:
>> No.15827  
is that so.
Well, I've already played it so yeah.
How many days until /jp/ gets filled to the brim with NERDRAGE and discussion?
>> No.15833  
It took less than 2 hours.

File: dark-alley.jpg -(72.1 KB, 375x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
73784 No.14372   [Reply]

I will kill.

It doesn't matter who.

It doesn't matter how.

It's just--

--I want to punish the world for what it did to me--

I tighten the grip on the object in my right hand.
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>> No.14983  
A male secretary?
He deserved to die.
>> No.14984  
Huh? What makes you think the secretary is male?
>> No.15016  
the secretary reported the crime, and is named Amy. Not a guy, nor dead.
>> No.15543  
File: police.jpg -(45.3 KB, 120x120) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Last update: February 1st, 2011 16:24

DAKMAR - Two police officers were killed and another three
officers injured when a chainsaw-wielding 21-year-old man
attacked a Dakmar police station on Monday night.

Around eleven o'clock, a man was reported swinging around a
chainsaw near the police station. Upon finding the station, he
entered it and started to attack nearby officers with the
gardening tool, injuring two officers. Other officers soon
arrived at the scene after hearing the noise, and the man was
held at gunpoint.

However, the man continued his attack even under the threat
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.15695  
>Chinese sword
>laying the blame on video games

I feel trolled, even though it's fiction.

File: de305d50d52e579ca73c389291ef21dc.gif -(575.7 KB, 640x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
589500 No.15533   [Reply]
>> No.40968  

File: 1289527146994.png -(573.6 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
587381 No.15324   [Reply]
Here you go, boon
>> No.15329  
>> No.15331  
Soviet Union, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, People's Republic of China, Republic of Korea, United States, United Kingdom, Turkey...
Which are the other three? France, Philippines, Canada?
>> No.15430  
Blond girl is Australian and the girl with the mountie hat is Canadian. Don't know what the hatless girl is though.
>> No.15502  
I think hatless girl might be Greece, except the Greece elsewhere has a blue headband and brown hair.

Reference: http://boards.4chan.org/i/res/351774
>> No.15506  
She also has whiter skin tone. Given the red headband she might be Thailand.
Also thanks for the link, I checked his blog too. Looks fun. I like how they are a bunch of moving cliches. Its like Hetalia with women.

File: eye_of_god_1350800c.jpg -(45.0 KB, 460x288) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
46069 No.15463   [Reply]
Does /bun/ think there might be a God? If so, what do you think He's like?
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>> No.15467  
Evil dick.
>> No.15476  
Depends on if it's a monotheist god or a polytheist god.
Being a polytheist god would be pretty fun. Monotheist gods are probably bored to hell and back though (possibly literally).
>> No.15480  
While I would describe myself as spiritual, I'm reserved on the existence of God.
>> No.15489  
File: lolicon gentlemen.png -(134.4 KB, 282x602) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Epicurus, God, etc.

Personally, I don't know and I don't care. A god is by definition impossible to prove real or unreal. If it makes you happy, I don't hold that against you. Just don't try to convert me, because you don't have any evidence that your belief is any more accurate than the others, and I wouldn't want to get it wrong and make God mad!
>> No.15496  
I think there's some sort of omnipotent presence, but what's commonly thought of as a God in most religions is a load of shit. "God" is probably a thing, not a person.

But I don't really know or care either way. We will never know for as long as we live so there's no point working our brains over it.

Agnosticism is king.

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