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File: shrek27.jpg -(458.2 KB, 1500x844) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
469162 No.10216  
You're wrong. The true message of Shrek is that fine, honourable, purebred and cultured White people should be spit on while mixed-breed mudraces (represented by ogres) should be empowered. It really reveals the agenda of Spielberg and the other jews who run Dreamworks, the studio that produced the shrek movies.

I have seen Shrek 1 and Shrek 2, and both of them showed white royalty or noblemen being denigrated. And what of the character "Princess Fiona", who, being a beautiful white princess, then transforms into a far more ugly and fat ogre and has sex with Shrek? Is this saying that beautiful Aryan women should get fat and breed with negroes or other coloureds? Again, we are seeing the anti-white jewish zionist agenda from Dreamworks.

You're right that Shrek distorts the fairytales--just like jews distorting white culture and perverting and corrupting the White race. If your kids are interested in fairytales, then I suggest you let them read the original fairytales themselves, and keep them the hell away from Shrek.
>> No.10217  
sup shru
>> No.10220  
When you say original fairytales do you mean the original originals, or the kid friendly versions most are familiar with?
>> No.10222  
The kid friendly versions are still horrifying. Hey, let's leave our kids in the woods! Let's burn the witch alive! Let's cut off children's fingers for thumb sucking!
And those are the ideas with which coming generations are educated. I am not in the slightest surprised at the state of the world.
>> No.10316  

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