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File: Konachan.com - 3753 kagami_sumika muv-luv swimsuit.jpg -(194.6 KB, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
199248 No.10985  
Takeru-chan, I love you.
We've been together foreeever, laughing, fighting, doing all sorts of things...
But I'm no good.
I finally understand......that I'm no good for you.

......what the hell do you mean?

I realized it when you said we couldn't be lovers, Takeru-chan.

When did I say that?

At the hot spring......when we were in the bath together......
Back then............I really wanted there to be something.
......I'd been expecting something!

Wh-what are you saying?

That was everything I had.........I pushed through all of my fear.........and did the best I could............but it was no good.

But I'm the one who was too scared of destroying our relationship to do anything......
I knew how strong your feelings were!I knew how much you were pushing yourself!
That's exactly why......I couldn't do anything......

Please............go to her............to Meiya.
It's impossible. Takeru-chan, you and I are always just making fun of each other.
I'm sick of feeling this way.
I didn't want to hurt you............but I couldn't stand the way things were.
It all seems so stupid now.
In the end, it might've been the most painful thing possible.
I know I mustn't say this,but I wish we could've stayed friends forever.

Sumika, what are you......?

............I don't think I can take it anymore.
Takeru-chan..................I'm sorry............bye-bye.

Sumika!? Sumika!!?
Sumika!! Why are you apologizing!?Why are you saying goodbye!?
Hey, I know you can hear me!! Stop doing all these things without even listening to me!!
Sumika! Answer me! Show yourself!!
Sumika! Sumika! Sumika!!

Shut uuup!!!!
Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up!!!


Takeru-chan, shut up and go to Meiya......!!Just forget you ever knew me!!

How could I!?

Hurry up..................and go already......

Continues for fucking ages.
How the fuck can people say they honestly like Sumika after this shit?
"BAAAAWWW I know what's best for you more than you do, poor old me isn't good enough for you, I say I love you but don't care about your feelings BAAAAAAWWWW."
I'm pissed off because she was a pretty decent character up until this point, then it all went Fujibayashi-shaped.

Fuck you, Sumika.
>> No.10988  
Did yo really need proof that Meiya is the best?
>> No.10989  
Didn't bother me in the least. Yeah, she's being melodramatic, but I can't really blame the character in her position.
>> No.10990  
It didn't really bother me either.
I couldn't stand Meiya in my first play-through, but she grew on me during the other routes.
>> No.10991  
Meiya grew on me towards the end of Extra. But, I still don't like her personality that much. She can be cute, but I dunno, just not my type. I'd take Sumika or a few the side characters over her.
>> No.11000  
>I couldn't stand the cute, innocent, devoted rich girl

What the fuck is wrong with you?
>> No.11002  
File: kor21.jpg -(8.6 KB, 234x186) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It irritated me a little, sure, but I could understand where Sumika was coming from. Someone like this girl is far more deserving of such ire.
>> No.11004  
If she was a child, I might have liked her more, since she's so naive.
I can't help but find her inexperience with the world annoying when she is as old as she is.
My impression of her changed later, however, so no harm done.
I won't dis your waifu, as long as you don't dis mine.
>> No.11008  
Ayamine's my waifu, and she's undissable.
>> No.11009  
Ayamine is worse than Sakaki, if that's possible.
>> No.11010  
File: 5269608.jpg -(453.4 KB, 1109x898) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Meiya, sweet Meiya.

Ojou is best archetype.
>> No.11011  
I have no idea what you're talking about. Ayamine is awesome, and Sakaki is a total bitch. Although, the scenes where the two were constantly fighting definitely got on my nerves after a while. The chapter that focused on them in Unlimited drove me crazy.
>> No.11013  
Even Sakaki fans don't believe that.
>> No.11015  
Ayanime has absolutely no substance, she's unsociable and eccentric... and that's about all there is to her character. It's crap. Sakaki's a bitch and has issues, but is still a more interesting character (but she still sucks.)
>> No.11026  
You have a point, but Ayamine is much more likable than Sakaki, which is what I was getting at. I wouldn't really say that any of the characters in Extra are particularly deep, though.

There are Sakaki fans?
>> No.11029  
>I wouldn't really say that any of the characters in Extra are particularly deep, though.
>> No.11031  
The characters in Extra are all pretty shallow, yeah, but I think she's the worst of the bunch and doesn't improve much at all in Unlimited. Sakaki is a bitch, but I think she could be tamed, Ayamine seems like a lost cause though.
>> No.11041  
Trained for what exactly?
>> No.11042  
  (゚Д゚) (゚Д゚)
   (゚Д゚)  (゚Д゚)    (゚Д゚)(゚Д゚)(゚Д゚)   ???????
   (゚Д゚)   (゚Д゚)          (゚Д゚)  ??   ??
  (゚Д゚)     (゚Д゚)    (゚Д゚)(゚Д゚)       ??
  (゚Д゚)     (゚Д゚)    (゚Д゚)         ??
 (゚Д゚)       (゚Д゚)   (゚Д゚)         ??
 (゚Д゚)       (゚Д゚)   (゚Д゚)
(゚Д゚)         (゚Д゚) (゚Д゚)          ??
>> No.11045  
You lost me.
>> No.11046  
That's what I'm saying.
>> No.11139  
He said tamed, not trained.
>> No.11154  
Sumika is the best. Miki, Mikoto, and Ayamine are all great. I liked Sakaki in Extra but not Unlimited (she was too much of a bitch in Unlimited even for me), and Meiya in Unlimited but not Extra (her personality actually made sense in Unlimited's setting so it wasn't as irritating).
>> No.56037  
I like Sumika
>> No.56040  
7 years later, Sumika is still the best.
>> No.56056  
I wanna slap Meiya in the face with my dick

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