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File: Life_before_her_eyes.jpg -(81.4 KB, 750x1109) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
83345 No.12229  
What's the last movie you watched?

I just saw The Life Before Her Eyes. Overall it was boring, but the ending just blew me away. It was so twisted and unexpected. Basically, at the beginning of the movie, two girls are involved in a shooting incident at school. Then we are fast forwarded into the future, and one of surviving girls is leading a normal life, has a husband, a daughter, but she is constantly reminded of the shooting. Later it turns out that her husband isn't really her husband, and her daughter doesn't exist, and at the end we find out that the whole movie was just something the young girl was imagining right before she got killed during the shooting incident.
>> No.12230  
File: Groundhog Day.jpg -(76.8 KB, 450x691) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Groundhog day. The concept was awesome, most of the movie was just entertaining, and the "ending" was horrible. Suddenly the time loop stops for no reason at all! Protagonist is now in a relationship with his love interest and he now loves the town instead of hating it, but otherwise continues to lead a perfectly normal life. THE END!
FUCK YOU. I know it's a comedy film, but some kind of explanation as to what started the loop and what ended it, as well as how his life has changed as a result of having been in the loop for ages would be great, even if the answers are shitty. Don't just go 'Oh, we only have five more minutes left. Okay, protagonist wakes up, lives happily ever after, THE END'.
>> No.12231  
File: images.jpg -(10.6 KB, 183x276) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The last movie I saw was Evil Dead 2. It was great. I loved the atmosphere, and some of the scenes were absolutely hysterical. Bruce Campbell's performance was great as well (the laughing scene is amazing). It was nowhere near as scary as the first one, but that isn't really a bad thing.

If you haven't seen Evil Dead 2 yet, watch this:
>> No.12234  
File: splice.jpg -(24.0 KB, 550x464) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Splice. Kind of a thriller/horror type dealie it actually managed to be quite unnerving at times. I like the way the movie portrays pretty much everybody as a villian at one stage or another. Dren being able to fly, on the other hand, was less likeable as they never even attempted to explain it. Pretty good overall, I thought.
>> No.12235  
Stalingrad. Quite a bit of action but got kind of stupid near the end.
>> No.12236  
File: Se7en.jpg -(53.2 KB, 476x644) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The last movie I saw was Se7en.
It was pretty gruesome and I liked the feeling the movie had halfway through with all the bizarre murders going on, and the mysterious John Doe.The ending ruined the movie, though. It felt like it was going way too fast like they had used up their budget and just needed to end the movie as fast as they could.
>> No.12323  
File: qq9yc3.jpg -(48.2 KB, 334x475) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Watched Mononoke Hime Hispanic dub version with a couple of friends. I'm not a big Ghibli fan, but the movie was alright. The setting and the designs were nice, but I'd have to watch it again on my own to properly judge it. My friends wouldn't stop joking around, not that it bothered me, but I couldn't listen to half the dialogue.

Also rewatched The Shining. I love Nicholson's crazy face.
>> No.12734  
File: fight club.jpg -(90.3 KB, 300x395) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I watched Fight Club for the first time yesterday. I can't believe how much /b/ shit was based on this movie.

And I had a dream today that I grew boobs like Bob.
>> No.12737  
What do you mean /b/ shit?
>> No.12746  
Like the /b/ rules, and all of that stuff about anonymity.
>> No.12751  
Stuff like "anonymous is legion", "rules 1 & 2", etc. Watch the movie so you understand.
>> No.12779  
File: sympathy_for_mr_vengeance.jpg -(30.2 KB, 300x428) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Sympathy for Mr Vengeance. It's by the same director as Oldboy. I really liked it, it felt a little like a Korean Guy Ritchie movie, except a bit more moralistic and a lot more depressing
>> No.12783  
Have you watched Sympathy for Lady Vengeance? Is Mr Vengeance similar to it? They're by the same director.

I haven't watched Oldboy either, though I think that one's hidden somewhere in the pile of unwatched DVDs in my room.
>> No.12827  
File: 834034CoverPurpleSunsetHK[1].jpg -(86.0 KB, 450x649) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I watched Purple Sunset earlier this week and apparently it's the final movie in a trilogy. I guess I'll have to get on that one day... orz

Well, it's a Chinese movie (with three languages since the characters speak their native language) about three people: a Russian soldier, a Chinese farmer, and a Japanese schoolgirl trying to make it out of a forest nearing the end of Japanese occupation of China during WWII. Not much is particularly said and the movie is essentially has one soundtrack that loops over and over, but I like it. You don't get much of a feel for the schoolgirl though due to certain spoilerific events, but for the other two, you get their PoV of the entire sequence. Despite the dreary background, it gives a pretty positive atmosphere. I'd recommend it, but if you do watch it, prepare for walking. This movie is all about the walking!

As an aside, the Russian soldier is really cute~
>> No.12828  
File: 98202913[1].jpg -(118.2 KB, 704x336) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ah, I meant to bump the thread. Here are the three characters.
>> No.12849  
File: to-live-DVDcover.jpg -(31.0 KB, 328x475) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
To Live. It's by the director of Hero and Raise the Red Lantern. It's about growing up, moving on, family, and communism. I really liked it.
>> No.12854  
That was pretty good, thanks for the recommendation Anon.
>> No.14064  
File: 11 14.jpg -(39.3 KB, 354x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
When I was explaining what Baccano was like to somebody I know (a movie fan), they recommended me the movie '11:14'.

I just finished watching it, and my first response: HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT.

Like Baccano, the story centers around a single incident, and is told from the perspective of most of the characters involved. It starts out as a simple car accident, but grows more and more complicated and insane as you see everyone's role in the situation.

Highly recommended to people who liked Baccano, and also recommended to people who just like good movies. I went in with high expectations, and it exceeded my expectations, keeping my attention from the point the movie really starts to the end of the movie, non-stop awesomeness.

It's currently on the /jp/ FTP (which is temporarily back up, will go back down in a couple days) under /misc/ for those interested.
>> No.14068  
What's a Hispanic dub?
A Spanish dub, I'd understand.
>> No.14142  
Tron Legacy

Fucking. Brilliant. Speaking in terms of atmosphere alone, it would be my favourite movie.
>> No.14304  
Last movie I watched was restrepo. Before that it was...monty python and the goly hrail.
I really liked restrepo. Not the character - the movie. I don't know the character. It's one of the few war movies that felt "real" without placing an afterthought emphasis on certain aspects.
Then again, I've never been in the military. What do I know?
From a purely entertainment perspective, it's not a 5 star movie - you'll have better luck at finding action from iron man and drama from toradora. It's still great and worth a see.
>> No.14360  

I thought Restrepo was excellent. The scene where their squadmate gets killed and we see one of the other soldiers in tears was incredibly moving. The interviews with the soldiers were telling and emotional.
>> No.14689  
File: Winters_Bone_1.jpg -(42.9 KB, 408x605) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Saw Winter's Bone this sunday, absolutely loved it. Jennifer Lawrence was wonderful, atmosphere was freezing, music good, all impeccable.
>> No.14691  
I watched Black Swan at the cinema last week. I thought it was incredibly-well executed, I was uncomfortable for the whole 2 hours and actually felt exhausted after it ended. Probably the best film that I've seen in a while.
>> No.14721  

>> No.14743  
Just finished Gandhi.
It was a very powerful film, albeit a bit on the long side.
>> No.14749  

Was it the version with SIIIIIIIIIIIR BEN KINGSLEY?
>> No.14753  
Man. I watched the first half of the film, then stopped, and haven't gone back to it yet. I keep forgetting to.
>> No.14759  
I didn't know there was any other version.

I don't blame you, but you should finish it.

What was the deal with that five minute intermission by the way?
Were I supposed to get popcorn or did they only do it to showcase some sweet drumming?
I just did some sit-ups and squats, did I do it wrong?
>> No.14770  
>What was the deal with that five minute intermission by the way?
I haven't seen Ghandi, but films do that on occasion. It's purpose is generally to allow the audience to reflect on the first act of the movie before moving on to the rest.
>> No.14775  
I haven't been watching enough films I guess.
Sit-ups and squats were probably the wrong action as well.
>> No.14779  
Well, intermissions had a more practical nature to them, too. They allowed the theater audience to get up and go to the bathroom, get a drink, etc. during a long movie. Of course, that doesn't apply when you're watching the movie at home, because you can just pause it anyway.

There's no "wrong" action. It's just there to give the audience a break from constant visual and audial stimulation. Even if you were doing squats, I'm sure you were also thinking about what you just saw in some fashion.
>> No.14797  
As a smoker I greatly appreciate an intermission in longer movies.
It's nice that at least someone thinks of us and our inability to go 3 hours without a smoke.
>> No.14829  
File: tumblr_lcmkmwqXfT1qd9ke4o1_400[1].jpg -(20.3 KB, 400x398) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I watched Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffany's today!
Audrey is just so moe~

I really wish they'd make romantic comedies like in the good old days, half-pretty girls and Hugh Grant doesn't really cut it for me.
>> No.14841  
Saw the King's Speech yesterday, it was beautiful.
Every single piece of credit is deserved.


I agree wholeheartedly, even if I don't mind modern romcoms THAT much.
Also, Breakfast and Tiffany's is one of my all time favourite movies. I adore Audrey Hepburn.
>> No.14975  
Just saw True Grit, which sets my Best Movie nomination films watched at 5.

It was good. Great, in fact. I don't know what to say, other than "it's a very good western".
Bridges was amazing, Damon was good, the girl was great, and everything was just as I hoped it would be.
Which makes my ratings

Inception=King's Speech > Winter's Bone >= True Grit > Black Swan

Oh, and Made In Dagenham is coming out in a couple of weeks. That came out in September originally, didn't it?
I am officially pissed off.
>> No.15023  

I saw True Grit today. I really loved it, I thought the characters were fantastic and developed believably over the course of the film; the girl was especially great. I LOVED the sharp and witty dialogue and the film stayed true to its premise and themes throughout which made me feel extremely satisfied. I had high expectations from this film, being another Coen brothers Western, and it exceeded them for sure. I enjoyed it a lot more than Black Swan too, though I'm not sure Black Swan was a film to be enjoyed per se.

The night before that I watched Buried, which was a low budget thriller/suspense film from last year. I thought it was an alright film but the twist at the end was really unexpected. It's worth checking out for sure, even though it's a little too long for the amount of content and has a few pointless sequences that will have you shrugging your shoulders.
>> No.15092  
Surprise surprise.
King's Speech won the Oscar for best film.

Any thoughts?
>> No.15097  

Film was tailormade for Oscar commitees, and it was just as good as Inception, and therefore deserving.
>> No.15189  
Mmm. Finally got around to watching Black Swan. Wasn't terribly fond of the jerky camera work. It was interesting though. It reminded me of Perfect Blue and Kanon's chapter in G-Senjou no Maou, with a dash of horror film elements.

Anyway, it was intense, and more than a few times I wanted to look away. Ultimately I don't feel like trying to interpret just what was going on.
>> No.15456  
File: john_wayne_john_ford_fort_apache.jpg -(14.1 KB, 244x335) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Saw Fort Apache yesterday. It was pretty bad.
>> No.15497  
File: undeadoralive.jpg -(130.2 KB, 400x563) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Undead or Alive. It had some entertaining moments, but overall was pretty meh. Plus they cast someone who was obviously white as the Indian girl. Why do they do things like that? Do they think it's not going to be glaringly obvious?
>> No.15500  
File: the-fighter-movie-poster.jpg -(186.4 KB, 550x858) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Watched "The Fighter" for a second time but this time on DVD. The final fight didn't have me on the edge of my seat, like it did when I viewed it at a theater, but the movie was still outstanding after a second viewing.
>> No.15504  
Watched The Dark Knight for the fifth time yesterday, with some friends who had never seen it before, and it's just as good every time I see it. I hate the Oscar commitee for not embracing this.
>> No.15505  
The Oscar committee is made up of grumpy old actors. They will always pick the movie with good actor performances or focus on the actors for best film. For example, King's Speech this year got the best film and Colin Firth got the award for best actor.
It's not like they give awards to bad films though, it's just that they're horribly biased.
>> No.16435  
File: Thirteen_Assassins.jpg -(38.1 KB, 300x423) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I just came home from watching 13 Assassins, and I feel that no movie can compare to this.

It's two and a half hours long, but it felt like about one hour.

The story is basically that in the middle of the 19th century, a senior government official decides that the younger brother of the Shogun, a man who rapes and kills at will, must be murdered before he rises to higher status. To do this, he hires a legendary ronin, who then assembles a team of twelve followers to kill the Shogun's brother.

The first three quarters or so of the movie are gruelling to watch, and almost made me squirm out of my skin. I won't spoil it, but it is gruesome and cruel like nothing I've seen before.

Then comes the bros, who are such good bros that I felt attached to each one of them. I couldn't remember their names, sure, so they were to me "long bro", "young bro", "spear bro", "monkey bro", and so on. But even so, they were all the world to me. They were more than people, they were heroes and ideals.

After the team is assembled, the movie just sucks you in like a nuclear powered vacuum cleaner, and doesn't let go until the very end. I mean, I sat with my legs crossed for over an hour, and I didn't even feel it until the movie was finished.

I couldn't have watched this if it hadn't been for the annual film festival, which also showed me "The Illusionist" (very good and interesting), "Neds" (better, and very, very interesting), "Rubber" (disappointing, but with some laughs, and nice concept), and "Top Floor Left Wing" (brilliant, fascinating, and very French).

I strongly recommend everyone to go and see it, as it is definitely one of my favourite movies of all time. I don't care if you like Japan or samurais or whatever, just sit through it, and you'll be rewarded.

And hurray for archaic Japanese!
>> No.16440  
I paid money to see Sucker Punch at the cinema today.

My god, it was awful. The acting was bland, the special effects were pretty but the action sequences were repetitive and unexciting, the characters were non-dimensional and the story was shallow.

What a piece of shit.
>> No.16443  
I was debating whether to go see that one or not. Sounds like it wouldn't be worth it though.
>> No.16452  
I saw a lady on CNN say it was garbage, but since she basically opened her review with "ugh why are these girls dressed like that" and looked like a typical "I HATE ANY WOMAN MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN ME" feminist I disregarded it. Nice to know the movie actually did suck
>> No.16453  
The first I heard of it was from this review:


At least in this movie's case, I can sympathize with those feminists. I honestly can't believe how the director thought it was a "strong" portrayal of women.
>> No.16482  
>Sucker Punch has received mostly negative reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes reports that only 21% of 168 critics have given the film positive reviews.[74] As of 6 April 2011 (2011 -04-06)[update], the film holds a 33 out of 100 on Metacritic, signifying "Generally Unfavorable" reviews among 29 critics.[75] Although Snyder himself had claimed that he wanted the film to "be a cool story and not just like a video game where you’re just loose and going nuts,"[69] some critics compared the film unfavorably to a video game in their reviews. Richard Roeper gave the film a D, saying that it "proves a movie can be loud, action-packed and filled with beautiful young women—and still bore you to tears."[76] The Orlando Sentinel gave the movie one out of four stars saying that the film is "an unerotic unthrilling erotic thriller in the video game mold, Sucker Punch is Last Airbender with bustiers."[77] The A.V. Club's Nathan Rabin wrote, "With its quests to retrieve magical totems, clearly demarcated levels, and non-stop action, Snyder’s clattering concoction sometimes feels less like a movie than an extended, elaborate trailer for its redundant videogame adaptation." [78]
>Sucker Punch made $19,058,199 in its first weekend, reported Brandon Gray of BoxOfficeMojo, an opening that placed it #2 rank behind Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.[84] As of April 10, the film grossed estimated $33,972,000 in the United States and $65,873,000 worldwide.[84]
>> No.16485  
To be fair, the trailer did make it look pretty interesting.
And the average moviegoer has terrible taste anyways.
>> No.16490  
>Sucker Punch made $19,058,199 in its first weekend, reported Brandon Gray of BoxOfficeMojo, an opening that placed it #2 rank behind Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.[84] As of April 10, the film grossed estimated $33,972,000 in the United States and $65,873,000 worldwide.[84]

...hah? This is exactly what is wrong with popular media these days.
>> No.16504  

I hate western society so much
>> No.16558  
Thanks for the recommendation, Anon! It really was a great movie.

One thing I don't understand, though: Why does the "not-samurai bro" come back to life at the end? Unless I mistook him for somebody else, I'm pretty she he was impaled through the neck with a sword. I mean, I get the symbolic meaning of the ending and all, but it still seems weird to me that he doesn't die.
>> No.16729  
Sucker Punch was really good.
The girl I saw it with agreed.
>> No.16737  
The wounds weren't lethal, so he burnt them shut is my theory. You could see there was no bleeding and just a black scar, so that's what I think happened. Glad you liked it!
>> No.16875  
Saw Oldboy. Yeah. Friends I saw it with were revoltingly impolite and had no movie etiquette whatsoever.
I liked it though.
>> No.18264  
File: sucker.jpg -(34.7 KB, 482x463) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Sucker Punch is the worst trap ever. She starts dancing (almost a hardon), then NOPE! Ha ha, made you look!

Then, she starts dancing (almost a hardon), then NOPE! Ha ha, made you look.

Then again, she starts dancing (almost a hardon), then NOPE! Ha ha, made you look.

Then, she starts dancing (almost a hardon), then NOPE! Ha ha, made you look.

Cute girl who fought the whole movie not to get a frontal labotomy...
...gets frontal labotomy.

Sorry folks, everyone deserves to know before they waste their time on the most cock-blocking movie of all time.

P.S. And I was hooping and hollering like an idiot in the theatre when I saw the preview...
>> No.18292  
What the hell is up with that cat I keep seeing?
>> No.18293  
You don't know it?
>> No.18374  
File: ilostcovercat.jpg -(32.6 KB, 500x666) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
covercat covers things
>> No.18434  
Saw Super 8. I thought it was kinda... meh. Felt like an adaption of something Stephen King would write. Useless adults, awesome kids, power of friendship, and so on.
>> No.18436  
Source Code.
I thought the ending was pretty dumb, and I was disappointed that they just hand-waved past having to explain by saying "quantum mechanics, parabolic calculus". I've studied both of those things! :V
>> No.18441  
Non-western films I've watched recently and enjoyed are:

Audition - Slow-burning J-horror with good writing and characterisation that makes it creepy and effective.

The Secret in Their Eyes - Argentinian crime/drama that's well-acted and has a great story. Also pay attention out some of the amazing long-cuts, really impressive directing and camerawork.

I Saw the Devil - Unrelenting Korean ultraviolence. Really enjoyed this one, great pacing and acting manages to prevent it from being just a run-of-the-mill grindhouse/splatter flick
>> No.18683  
Just got back from Midnight in Paris.
Pretty enjoyable.
>> No.18731  
Just watched "The Tunnel", an Australian horror that's distributed for free via bittorrent.

Well, although that's innovative, the film itself was a pretty mediocre implementation of the "low-budget faux documentary shakeycamera" style of horror film. Despite the slightly rubbish story, the movie started off strong with good elements to introduce tension and create a feeling of unease, but then it all just kinda fizzled out. The characters weren't that convincing and the camerawork and direction just lent itself to "jumpy" type scares rather than effectively maintaining an atmosphere of terror and claustrophobia like a film of this sort should.

If you want to watch a superior film in this style, I'd suggest the Blair Witch Project, or REC.
>> No.18733  
File: x-men-first-class-poster.jpg -(114.5 KB, 500x344) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Saw X-Men First Class recently, and it really was first class.
Any misgivings I had over what looked like odd casting choices were forgiven inside the first twenty minutes. Some continuity issues with X3 aside, it tied in very neatly to X-Men and X2, and there was just about the right balance of action, drama, and plenty of laughs too, including one cameo in particular that had everyone genuinely laughing out loud. You'll know it when you see it.
Only casting problem I had is January Jones. She's not hot enough to play Emma Frost. Big breasts and blonde hair doesn't make you sexy.
>> No.19204  
Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon

Nine Autobots and a rag-tag band humans defeat hundreds of Decepticons in battle. I think the highlight of the movie was when a small group of soldiers virtually destroyed Shockwave using nothing but their rifles. Michael Bay: King of Mary Sues.

Seriously, a terrible movie. The only interesting 'bot was a giant sandworm thing, and there were no pretty explosions of any real note. Which is bad, as those two things are the only reasons you'd actually go watch a Transformers movie.
>> No.19206  
I'm glad I stopped after the first movie.
>> No.19208  
File: 1303116334174.png -(54.3 KB, 236x374) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I finally watched something since Dark Knight.

True Grit was pretty damn good, everyone's performance was spot on and the setting was amazing. Kind of fizzles out towards the end though, the last 20-30 minutes felt quite rushed compared to the pace of the previous hour or so, and it really didn't sit right with me. I'd recommend it to anyone, but it's not the greatest film I've ever seen.

Also, Scott Pilgrim was meh. I didn't read the comic, but a few friends of mine said it was good and I saw Edgar Wright was directing, so I thought I'd try it. Pretty boring mostly, the special effects during the fight scenes were nice and I guess the story was original enough, but that's about all it had going for it. It was like watching a hipster movie for hipsters by hipsters who think they are geeks (I don't really like using that word but 'hipster' is the only way to describe this movie), and I really don't understand why John Cena is supposed to be a good actor.
>> No.19222  
Fucking shitty movie.
Sentinel thrashed Optimus.
Megatron killed Sentinel without much effort.
1armed and injured Optimus then raped Megatron in 5secs.
I expected these kind of powerlevel in shounen faggotry.
>> No.19262  
i for one am shocked a hollywood blockbuster turned out to be awful
>> No.22518  
File: 028u.jpg -(75.7 KB, 300x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This bleeding movie. It's probably one of my all-time favourites.
>> No.23120  
File: Demolition-Man-1993-In-Hindi.jpg -(189.1 KB, 750x1064) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's really silly but I've always loved this movie for some reason.
>> No.23125  
That's because it's a fucking awesome movie.
>> No.23126  
Anonymous 23125, you are fined 2 credits for recent violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.
>> No.23154  
File: 220px-Videodromeposter[1].jpg -(22.0 KB, 220x344) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I watched "Videodrome" recently. Despite being able to catch on to to some of the symbolism and recurring themes, I couldn't for the life of me understand what it was supposed to be about.
>> No.23156  
File: 220px-Bringing_out_the_dead[1].jpg -(10.5 KB, 220x316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Tonight I watched "Bringing out the dead", by Martin Scorsese, starring good old Nicky Cage.

Well, this film kind of falls in the shadow of Taxi Driver but it was very good in its own right. The acting and the script are very good, and of course the directing is immaculate. It's a film that's sure to make you think for a while about its meaning.
>> No.23159  
File: MV5BMzYyNTQ1Nzk2M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODk0NTQyMQ@@._V1._SY317_[1].jpg -(19.8 KB, 206x317) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This, for the first time about a week ago. Expected to like it because I'm a pretentious git, ended up liking it because I'm a pretentious git and in love with one of the female characters. So yeah!
>> No.23224  
I watched Paul the other day. Pretty mediocre
>> No.23329  
File: Confession2010poster[1].jpg -(65.7 KB, 560x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I watched "Confessions" last night. It was really great, a very cold and calculated revenge story with some slick plot twists that really capture the attention. The atmosphere was dark and brooding thanks to the use of subdued blue and grey colour scheme for most of the film, complemented by a hypnotic, post-rocky soundtrack. I'd highly recommend this fine movie.
>> No.23346  
File: MV5BMzcyNjcwNzg2Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNzA5Mzc2._V1._SY317_[1].jpg -(15.6 KB, 214x317) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Tonight I watched "Irreversible".

What can I say, I just couldn't really bring myself to enjoy this film nor see it as anything special. The camera wouldn't goddamn stop spinning, which didn't add anything to the and made me want to be sick. And sure, I love non-linear storytelling, but the whole "telling the story backwards" gimmick didn't add anything to the film either! When the story is told in reverse order it's incredibly hard to empathise with the characters - but on another note, who is the main character in this film anyway? Who am I supposed to relate to and place my emotional investment in? Anyway, ninety percent of the dialogue in this film was just sex jokes and swearing.

I can't recommend this film, the directing is heavy-handed and the plot sucks.
>> No.23367  
File: gijoesea1sheet8290861[1].jpg -(314.7 KB, 800x1174) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Slowpoking, but I watched Sucker Punch and it's not like anyone's posting around here anyway.

It had some very nice effects and some pretty girls, but everything else was shit. Seriously, no one in that film could act even if their life depended on it. I did feel like doing something more worthwhile several times while watching, but I saw it all the way to the end. So I guess it's not that bad. I really didn't like it though, which is strange, because it basically has the exact same premise as G.I. Joe, a film which I enjoyed very much. Yes, I'm serious. Go watch G.I. Joe with a friend or something. It is hilarious.
I think the core difference lies in the fact that G.I. Joe never, ever takes itself serious, it's a stupid film, and the staff knows it (also it has ninjas). Sucker Punch on the other hand, constantly shoves "symbolism" and deep imagery down the viewers' throat. The whole thing with the oh so strong, female characters is also incredibly tasteless. I am actually sympathizing with feminists here. That feels funny.

Bottom line's that Zack Snyder is a shitty director and that we should use his budgets on doing something else. Curing world hunger maybe.
>> No.23687  
File: displaymedia[1].php_id=29458&sizew=500&cat=3&type=1&page=0 -(139.0 KB, 500x707) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Saw this the other day. Highly entertaining.
>> No.23842  
File: Up_Poster[1].JPG -(16.0 KB, 200x298) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I finally watched "Up".

I-I think I got something in my eye...

I encourage everyone to check out this poignant and beautiful film. It just goes to show that you don't need melodrama to evoke emotion from your audience.
>> No.23854  
I watched this on Christmas day last year. It was pretty good.
>> No.23856  
File: Kick-Ass-Blu-ray1.jpg -(124.3 KB, 492x657) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I bought this on BD last week. I still like it for Hit Girl alone.
>> No.23859  
Yesterday afternoon (I think it was yesterday anyways), I went out and watched Sherlock Holmes in theaters. It was pretty crowded at the theater so I did get nervous, but the actual screening room was empty (2pm).

It was okay I guess. I wish they'd have focused more on the plans and sleuthing rather than cheap action.

It ticked me off how they made Holmes dumber than he should have been. Foreshadowing you could see a mile away, and large details the best detective should have picked up were not. I'm assuming those were intentional though, to make you seem like you're smart for taking note of it. That I did not like, it's patting yourself on the back for following an obvious lead.

>> No.23861  

I love Hit Girl. And the actress is really cute and funny, too. It's pretty much the one movie where Nicholas Cage's equine acting actually feels appropriate, as a weird, slightly crazy outcast.
>> No.23864  
Watched Synecdoche, New York last night. I felt depressed for at least a good two hours after the movie finished.
>> No.23876  
The first 15 or so minutes were awesome. The rest of the story was maybe a bit too fantastical for my tastes, but it was still pretty good, just not Pixar's best in my opinion. Sweet soundtrack though.

Yesterday I watched "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" in the cinema. Didn't know anything about it coming in. It had some pretty intense moments, and Rooney Mara did a great job as Lisbeth. The resolution felt a bit drawn out and weak, though.

Unsurprisingly, the directing and cinematography were top-notch. The title credits sequence was kind of like a James Bond film but weirder, and I can't help but think it didn't serve much purpose.
>> No.23900  
I watched Machete, Rock'n Roll Wolf and Tri Orisky pro Popelku (Three Nuts for Cinderella).

Machete was good, in a ridiculous kind of way. The amount of famous actors/tresses in it was surprising. High points were Steven Seagal repeatedly abusing the word puñeta and Lindsay Lohan basically playing herself.

I watched Tri Orisky with my cousins, a Christmas tradition in my family. It's my favourite film based off a fairy tale and the lead actress is really, really cute. The version they show here is dubbed, sort of, by one Norwegian dude. Basically he repeats everyone's lines, but translated into Norwegian. It works out better than you'd think.

Rock'n Roll Wolf is also a good film. It has some very cute costumes. Though for each time I see it I get more and more convinced everyone was high during production.
>> No.23902  
Just watched Schindler's list on TV here, any other similary-styled/themed movies you guys could recommend?
>> No.23904  

"Boy in the Striped Pyjamas"?
>> No.23924  
I just saw the live-action Space Battleship Yamato.

That was some shitty nonsense.
>> No.23939  
I rewatched The King's Speech two days ago, and it's still one of last year's best movies, hands down. Colin Firth is simply spectacular.
>> No.23941  
I agree it was a spectacular movie. By the end of the speech, I almost wanted to pick up arms and sing God Save the Queen.
>> No.28369  
File: 0001877188932_600[1].jpg -(112.1 KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I watched this yesterday and thought it was amazing. I think this is a movie all /bunners/ would enjoy.
It has a really cute girl in it, just so you know.
>> No.28371  
I wish this film was showing near where I live. I'd have to travel 80 miles to the next city over just to see it.
>> No.28381  
It doesn't look very interesting. Tell us why it's 'amazing'.
>> No.28384  
File: moonrise-kingdom-kara-hayward.jpg -(42.4 KB, 700x525) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'll admit that the story is a bit clichéd (two twelve year olds in love run away from home) but it's hilarious, exciting and wonderfully executed. The two mains are excellent, and their interactions are really cute and innocent and everything. The supporting cast shines too. You've got the Anderson regular, Bill Murray, doing an awesome job, Ed Norton being adorable and also god damn Bruce Willis with his best performance in years. Not to mention that the film is fucking beautiful to boot, from art/sound design to the scenography.

The usual Wes Anderson caveats are present, but who gives a shit. This is the most perfect film I've seen in years, and probably the purest love story ever captured on film.

I feel your pain.
>> No.28386  
I watched Jack and Jill a few weeks ago. I really recommend people watch it because it's an eye opening experience to just how shitty a movie can be. Or you could watch this http://redlettermedia.com/half-in-the-bag/jack-and-jill/
>> No.28391  
Went and saw The Dark Knight Rises. It was... pretty average at best, to be honest. Very bloated, disgustingly cheesey ending, a rather stupid plot. On the upside Bane's voice was just lovely, and I didn't forsee the pit-child twist. Also, the Joker must laughing in his grave at being proven right that the comman man actually is a total bastard.
>> No.28405  

Is the Joker actually dead in the movie logic or do they just not mention him ever?
>> No.28406  
don't you mean anime logic?
>> No.28410  
As long as it's not as bad as the steaming pile of shit Avengers was, I'm cool.
>> No.28415  

I thought The Avengers was better but thats just, like, my opinion man.


They just don't mention him. Which is funny, because our old friend Scarecrow shows up yet again.
>> No.28429  

It was horrible how calm he was as he tossed the tear gas and started shooting. I saw a young girl with bullet holes in her back and I don't think I'll ever get that image out of my mind. I was sure we weren't going to make it out, that he'd see us as we reached the exit and shoot us then. I give the movie 3 stars.
>> No.28469  
I watched The Three Stooges. I like the original shorts enough, and they definitely nailed the "feel" of those in certain scenes (there's even a part where they fall from a building and it's clearly stunt dummies falling), and the actors do a great job of emulating the originals. But there was way too much modern crap and plot. The plot just got in the way, it's like trying to watch hentai where there's a lot of talking and backstory when all you want to see are some tentacles filling wombs.
>> No.28909  
File: MV5BMTgxODQyNTY0MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjMwMjU0Nw@@._V1._SY317_CR0,0,214,317_[1].jpg -(25.6 KB, 214x317) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I watched "The Raid" after Mark Kermode included it in his top five films of 2012 so far.

Probably one of the most exciting martial arts films I've seen since Ong Bak, "The Raid" is worth checking out for the excellent fight choreography and fast-paced action.
>> No.28910  
I watched Uncle Boonmee who can recall his past lives. It was a very unique, calm and dreamlike film and I would have loved to love it, but it just didn't stick enough. An enjoyable and very interesting watch, though.
>> No.28912  

Another Wittertainee? How wonderful! I have been looking forward to The Raid with great anticipation, but since it's never going to come out in the cinemas here, I'll have to get it on blu-ray. Did you get to watch it on the big screen?
>> No.28938  
I finally found a nonprofit cinema that billed this. It was great, I even chatted with some people in the bathroom (I am just really hard up for socialisation, I swear) about some other Wes Anderson films (for some reason, The Darjeeling Limited???). I feel obscene (or perhaps manufactured) for liking his movies as much as I do, but oh well. I guess a little crisis of character is necessary.

I think I liked it a lot more for having children as the main/prominent characters, actually. A lot of his other films have people as broken adults, to the point where it's basically their own fault. Not as compelling, undue sexual overtones, that kind of thing.

I saw two movies about more adult relationships also, Ruby Sparks (not so likeable, protag is a self-absorbed douche) and Hope Springs (I think?) I was really surprised by the latter and generally enjoyed Tommy Lee Jones being inconsolably grumpy throughout. I concluded after seeing the latter and agreed with myself after then viewing the former that it was a lot more interesting with older people, after the fresh/sexy (forgive me for this word)/attractive/young element has worn off. I mean, in most romantic films, the characters are relatively young so of course they're going to agree to sex and romance involving each other. It's so much more interesting to see the aftermath of that, I guess I mean? I suppose paralleled with what I've just said about Moonrise Kingdom I sound like a hypocrite or fake, but I suppose it's just extreme and challenging ages that I mean to mention? I don't know. Anyway, Ruby Sparks is about some immense douchebag that makes up a girl and writes about her, then she becomes real and he kind of abuses the power. Like a douchebag. Also, he doesn't appreciate anything in his life and hangs out with his dog pretty often that he also has a slight disdain for. When Ruby becomes her own person he gets all pissy and controlling about it, then tries to redeem himself by penning freedom and "shockingly" it doesn't work. Then there's some hokey ending and whatever, even though the concept is kind of cool the protag ruins it. You should just watch Stranger Than Fiction instead. Same idea, sort of.

I meant to see Beasts of the Southern Kingdom today but I can't compel myself to drive that far today. Ah well. Monday or Tuesday, maybe.

There's one upcoming about a sleepwalker that sounds interesting, I'll probably see it also.

I have some things on DVD that I've seen (Hugo was an excellent movie about movies, also if you're reading this, >>23856 the same girl is in it also, what a bonus!) but I think I like the unspoken camaraderie of theaters (NO FRIENDS WHATSOEVER) and I sort of like people's character filtering through via laughter at different moments. Did you know that people express their morals and whatnot via humor? I mean, you probably did, but have you ever acknowledged it, ever meditated on why it is you so often share a sense of humor with friends and family? Yeah! Yikes, what a tangent. I should probably stop this here...
>> No.28965  
I got Netflix.Holy fucking balls.

Last movie I saw was Hot Tub Time Machine.Imagine back to the future with a set of dysfunctional friends.

So many things I would've done differently,to make this a better movie.Damn shame.
>> No.28969  
>people's character filtering through via laughter
I noticed that when I watched The Avengers. When Hawkeye shot an arrow into the USB-port of a computer and hacked it or whatever, it was completely and utterly ridiculous. Anyway, I instantly roared with laughter, since it had to be intentionally funny, right? But then I noticed it was supposed to be cool, and no one else in the theater was laughing and some were giving me the weird eye. So I laughed again, 'cause I realized was trapped inside a large room and surrounded by a throng of action-gorillas and I found that immensely funny for some reason.

I didn't learn my lesson though. I saw Dark Knight Rising a couple of days ago. I was pretty excited about it, not because it was Batman or anything, but I was going to see it in the fancy cinema! The chairs were big and comfy, and you even got a small table to put your stuff on. I felt kinda cheated when I had bought a cup of joe and a bottle of water, but then found out that there was free coffee and water inside the theater. Oh well.
Anyway the movie was pretty shitty and bloated. It's also the noisiest film I've ever seen, I felt like I'd been at a rock concert afterwards. I'm never watching another super hero movie from now on. I swear!
>> No.29007  
I saw Dark Knight Rises also. I admit, I was a little endeared to the movie, but only because I really liked Alfred's character. That servitude, oh god. I actually got teary at some point (though I can't remember if it was Alfred musing on his failure to protect, overlooking Bruce's grave or when Bruce was going into /kickban mode after their exchange on the stairs). I didn't really care about the movie too much otherwise, though.

Also, I ended up seeing Beasts of the Southern Wild. It was alright, and I can only assume there's a lot of deep stuff I didn't grasp as it's gotten very excited reviews. I still liked Moonrise Kingdom better. A friend said her dad was likeable but all I saw was some very angry, irate, fairly incompetent alcoholic. All muscles. The protagonist is pretty interesting, I guess, even if hideously underinformed. One of the most interesting interactions throughout the whole thing was the resistance of all the "bath-tub" residents against the people trying to help them and give them proper medical care. The citizens were all really low-income and not really educated (sheesh, typing this makes me feel like an insufferable snob) so I guess they saw the act as hostile.

I found out the director of Ruby Sparks is also the main character. She's sort of cute, I guess, but why write such an insufferable character and then portray it yourself? She spends half the movie as a manic-pixie-dreamgirl archetype (it's a legitimate term now, I heard it on the news!) and the rest as a FREE LIBERATED WOMYN getting in various states of undress around some co-worker of the unlikeable protag's. You should probably just stick to Two Days in New York. Same director-actress scenario but with a better character. I don't know.

Film festival this weekend. Really excited, there will be tons of original films, some come with the director included in the audience!

Also, the film about sleepwalking is entitled Sleepwalk With Me.

I probably watch too many movies...
>> No.29011  
Where can I find one of these fantastical fancy cinemas and how much do they charge? I want to pretend to be a bourgeois ojou-sama and watch movies in relative luxury.
>> No.29058  
File: expendables2[1].jpeg -(90.8 KB, 625x417) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I just got back from seeing "The Expendables 2".

Forget the semi-serious piece of shit that was the first film, this one kicked reason to the kerb with hilarious dialogue, great action sequences and snappy one-liners reminiscent of the good ol' days of action flicks.

A violent, fourth wall-breaking, self-referential hour and a half featuring all the action greats, this movie is a ton of fun with lots of rewatch value.
>> No.29060  

>Forget the semi-serious piece of shit that was the first film

I'm glad you say this, because most reviews I see phrase it as "even better than the first!!" and the first was garbage, so I don't trust them. maybe I'll watch this eventually
>> No.29101  
Alfred was my favourite DKR character as well! I think he was the only character I could even begin to empathize with. I liked Gordon a lot in the previous films as well, but he was out of commission for the most part in this one. So we got Robin instead, and to be honest, he's one of the biggest reasons I disliked DKR. He's the flattest and most predictable 'good cop' character ever, and he got waaay too much screen time. I just know they did it to hype an definitely up-coming Nightwing film, which is terrible enough by itself, but they could at least have tried to write him not appalling.
But I anyway, yeah, I love butlers! And maids! I totally teared up when I saw that part in The Artist where the butler was there, and he was waiting by the car, and yeah! It was terrible! It's too bad that even though they're so prevalent in anime, they're usually not 'real' maids or butlers. More like some strange breed of golden otaku calves.

I'm thinking that if you don't know about it already, you probably live too far away anyway.
Too Bad!
>> No.29167  
>I liked Gordon a lot in the previous films as well, but he was out of commission for the most part in this one.
W-was that intentional?
>> No.29398  
I watched Chernobyl Diaries. It was awful.

Then I watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Diaries, and it was very mediocre.
>> No.29570  
File: MV5BMTI5ODMyMTgzOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTA0ODY0NA@@._V1._SY317_CR5,0,214,317_[1].jpg -(13.6 KB, 214x317) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This film was randomly playing on TV tonight, so I decided to watch it on a whim. And I'm glad I did.
Basically it's about a family that's gathered to commemorate the death of the eldest son, who died 10-something years earlier.
It accurately portrays that feeling of a family reunion with tight scenography and direction, and some deliciously long cuts. The actors carry their load too, of course, it would be a bad drama otherwise. The way everyone shows their 'dark side' at some point or another was perhaps my favourite thing in the film. Especially the grandma, great performance from her side. Second favourite thing: The atmosphere was terrific, and reminded me of Tokyo Monogatari in many ways.
So go watch it if that sounds like something you'd like to watch. The cuts were great! Really long!

You know what's the worst kind of person? Someone who points out his own puns.

>Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Diaries [...] was very mediocre.
Well, what did you expect from a film with that kind of name, mang?
>> No.29639  
Better action sequences than what I got, at least. Can you blame me for wanting at least that much?
>> No.30408  
File: beasts_of_a_southern_wild2012-poster-wide.jpg -(42.2 KB, 561x408) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I saw Beasts of the Southern Wild! I think it was amazing considering it's a directorial debut and that they operated on a shoestring budget. I was also very impressed by Hushpuppy's performance. She's an Oscar-favourite apparently, well deserved, I say. Really hope she don't turn into a crack-ho like all 95% of the other child stars though...
If I had to pick out something I didn't like I guess maybe the final scene with the aurochs got just a little too dumb, and Wink's death scene went a little overboard with the melodrama. I also feel that the way Hushpuppy found her mom didn't make a lot of sense. But who cares about that?? The film has the most megas cute little brown girl ever. Go watch it.

Funny how you'd compare it to Moonrise Kingdom, since they're pretty much the opposite in a number of ways. I think it's a little unfair too, Wes has a lot more monies and exp in him than Zeitlin.
>> No.30410  
File: Hello, Anon. I want to play a game.jpg -(336.6 KB, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Recently watched Saw. I'd always heard about it being just torture porn, but the premise sounded very interesting and the theme music is awesome, so I gave it a try.

I came for dramatic torture. Instead I got an awesome plot that stays interesting throughout the entire thing (and a surprising lack of dramatic torture). The gradual reveals regarding the two main characters were very interesting, it was interesting to see how everything fitted together, and the ending (I went in unspoiled) was probably the best movie ending I've ever seen. (I rewatched that part directly after finishing the movie, then rewatched that part again the next day.) It was a great movie, much better than I expected.

I'm considering watching the rest of the series because it has more related plot, but from what I heard it becomes more of a gorefest and the plot in general seems to get weaker in the rest of the series. In case anyone here has seen the later movies, are they worth watching for anything other than the gore? And the torture, does the focus remain as psychological as in Saw, or does it get more 'BLOOD LIMBS INTESTINES EVERYWHERE LOTS OF PEOPLE DIE'?
>> No.30411  
Thanks, people always told me to avoid Saw movies, but I guess I will give it a try.
>> No.30414  
Sadly enough, it gets worse. More gore for the sake of gore and less of the psychological aspects. Read the reviews for the later movies on rottentomatoes.
>> No.30415  
I don't trust Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes for movies. Saw only has 46/48%, while I really enjoyed it. Similarly, The Butterfly Effect has 30/33%, while I thought it was a pretty good movie. The classic Demolition Man has 34/63%. Meanwhile movies that were mostly disappointing to me like Idiocracy get ratings like 64/73%.

Regardless of the reason (whether reviewers are biased to certain kinds of movies, whether the movie review industry is as fucked up as video game reviews, or if I just have a very unusual taste), there is no correlation between a Rotten Tomatoes/Metacritic score and my opinion of a movie.
>> No.30418  

Yeah, the movies just get worse as the series goes on. Gore for gores sake, and what is left of the plot gets really derp. Just stick with the first one, maybe watch the second, and pretend the rest don't exist.
>> No.31600  
File: Despues_de_Lucia-751030577-large.jpg -(115.6 KB, 600x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Watched Rise of the Guardians this week. It was expectedly corny but silly fun with cute characters. I laughed (or at least giggled) more than I thought I would, which is a good thing for this type of film I guess. I would have enjoyed it better if the villain had been treated better by the writers, I feel like that whole being similar to Jack Frost deal could have been treated with more depth, and it would have been nice to learn more about the other guardians. I heard this movie is based on a book so maybe things are treated differently there. I must also confess Jack's bare feet gave me inappropriately lewd thoughts throughout the film.

On the subject of fuel fetish, I watched After Lucía today. The film exceeded my expectations, set low by some negative reviews I read in a website. I'd say it's more of a "people can be terrible" film than a bullying one, but it managed the story pretty well. I never felt like I was being patronized on the subject, like that one Bully film seems to do, instead being shown a series of events plainly cruel as they are. There is no use of music, which I think worked pretty well. I didn't need sad violins to enhance my emotions.

I had a terrible feeling in my stomach from beginning to end, with the final scene giving me some sort of bitter, but not unexpected, release from this. I don't usually watch mexican films (last one being some futuristic crap with terrible acting and worse writing that I can't even remember the title of), because I am too lazy to go to the movie theatre and mexican movi only seem to be able to stay a week at most, but this was a very, very nice surprise. My problems with After Lucía are mostly with the characters, the main character to be precise, but not the characterization. I just found her pasiveness overwhelming and uncomfortable, though I understand the reasoning behind it. It just doesn't sit well with me at all. I think I'll give the contemporary mexican scene another try and look up for more of these less "mainstream" films that don't require the same old stellar cast straight out of your favorite soap opera to catch the mexican public's eye. Gonna try Carlos Reygadas' films next.
>> No.31890  
File: 2001.A.Space.Odyssey.1968.720p.BrRip.x264.YIFY.mp4_snapshot_01.32.20_[2013.01.14_03.22.42].jpg -(39.7 KB, 1280x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Finally got around to watching 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I didn't like it at all. The entire start of the movie was completely uninteresting up until the Jupiter mission (as we're not really given any reason to care about anything and don't even know the characters at all, and 'zomg space special effects' doesn't cut it anymore in 2013), but even after that it was just a simple, relatively badly executed AI goes mad and kills people plot. I understand it's a very old movie and it was probably really original and new back then, but it really didn't stand the test of time. The ending made little sense, but I still liked it better than the rest of the movie as it was actually interesting and unpredictable.

Do people really still like this movie nowadays, or is it one of those cases where it's just a classic movie and you're supposed to agree it's good, regardless of how good it actually is compared to modern works, because of its influence?
>> No.31891  
I thought it was a pretty good movie. Obviously the special effects don't hold a candle to what we have nowadays, and the pace is pretty slow by modern standards, but it had some great background music and the plot was solid enough. Maybe it makes more sense if you've read the novel though...it's been years, and I don't really remember the separation between the two. The ending at least is explained way better in the novel than the movie, and maybe the opening is as well. I guess the AI going mad idea may have been beaten into the ground since then, but it's hard to fault one of the works that popularized it in the first place.

It's definitely dated, but I thought it was still enjoyable to watch.
>> No.31899  

people like things for different reasons my little bunbunmary
>> No.31901  
File: 2001_460.jpg -(39.9 KB, 460x276) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There's so much to the film in an artistic sense. Some of it loses its significance in our current time, such as the implicit Cold War tensions, but I would definitely say that it qualifies as a timeless classic of cinema. So many of the shots are absolutely mind-blowing (pic related). Stanley Kubrick has such an eye as a director, and he's ruthless in perfecting his vision. I think most would agree that 2001 is easily among his top films, if not his best.

For reference, I first saw the movie about five years ago.
>> No.31905  
>No shadows allowed, we're in SPAAAAACE
>> No.32303  
I saw 2001 just now, and I thought it was great.
Sure, you can do a lot more with special effects now, but I still prefer pre-CG era effects in some cases. For example with the artifical gravity scenes inside the spaceships in 2001. Since the special effects people had limited resources they were forced to get creative, and I like that a lot. You don't really get those 'how the hell did they do that'-moments anymore because everything is done with computers nowadays.
Overall it's definitely my favourite out of the Kubrick movies I've watched, 11/10 would watch again.

>the pace is pretty slow by modern standards
I don't know about that, it was criticized for being slow back in 1968 too.
>> No.32379  
Lawrence of Arabia is the most beautiful movie I've ever seen.
>> No.32401  
File: C The Movie.png -(712.3 KB, 759x647) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I watched c. It was nice to watch something that I had funded through Kickstarter come to fruition.

>> No.32403  
How did it compare to 5 cm per Second and Around the World in 80 Days? I bet it was faster paced
>> No.32410  
Playing in a cinema near me. But it's so long.
>> No.32424  
It's totally worth it. The glorious 4K restored version of Lawrence of Arabia looks amazing on the big screen. It doesn't have the same impact on a TV.
>> No.32435  
Kon Tiki was really good, even if Tor's ability to translate French words five seconds before they were spoken was rather strange. Knut is a total badass. I had a serious boner from the moment they got on the raft.
>> No.33450  
File: end_of_watch_ver3[1].jpg -(138.3 KB, 553x755) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
"End of Watch."

I saw the trailer for this way back when I watched Skyfall at the cinema, and was convinced that it was just going to be a crappy and generic shoot-em-up riding the handheld footage trend that seems to be so popular these days.

It was actually a great film. The script was great and the main characters were likeable, believable and had superb onscreen chemistry. The handheld camera aspect was a little unnecessary and a bit ridiculous, since it was hard to believe that all these dangerous gangsters would go around shoving video cameras in each other's faces, but it didn't really detract from the film and did help to make the interaction between the two main characters feel a lot more personal.

Overall this film doesn't tread any new ground in terms of premise or plot, but the characterisation is so strong and the writing so sharp that I would highly recommend it.
>> No.34106  
File: kakusei_miki_at_the_medieval_fair.png -(507.6 KB, 801x1079) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I saw Tangled today and I was pleasantly surprised with it. I wouldn't call it 'great' or anything, but it was a satisfying romp with some likable characters and it looked pretty good to boot. I was especially impressed with how Rapunzel's hair was animated.
One thing I've been wondering about though, is why Disney, which is so good at portraying 'teenage princess'-type characters, never try making a film set in the real world. That could be interesting, and it's not like it's an especially risky move either.
It's strange how neo-realist animation never caught on in the US. Maybe producers think a Disney film without Disney Magic™ is unappealing to children.
>> No.34109  
File: thebay[1].jpg -(49.0 KB, 680x376) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
"The Bay".

An interesting horror film with an ecological theme. I liked its rather unique approach to the tired old "found footage" movie, but other than a couple of jump scares here and there the film was not really that frightening.
>> No.34111  
Don't they have one set in modern times? Except the girl is still a princess from a fairytale/medieval times and it's a live action. I don't remember the name and I never watched it.
>> No.34115  
Enchanted? I thought that one was targeted at an older audience.
>> No.34131  
Enchanted! I love that movie! It's really funny and silly and Susan Sarandon and Patrick Dempsey are in it, and everyone's having fun. And the princess is really cute, too!
>> No.34132  
File: creation_of_bear.jpg -(128.2 KB, 1920x804) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Next on my quest to watch the CGI animated movies I never saw for some reason is Brave. Overall, while better than Tangled, I was a little disappointed. It's not straight-up offending like Cars, but it felt like Pixar just haphazardly cobbled together some Disney cliches and called it a day. The movie doesn't hold up and it lacks unity.
On the technical side it looks gorgeous, of course. Especially the cloth and hair.

Yeah, I've seen it, but when I say 'film', I mean animated film, and when I say 'neo-realist' I mean no magic allowed.

I think it was targeted at Disney's usual audience, i.e. everyone.
>> No.34133  
File: baldmountain.gif -(2901.6 KB, 390x283) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Watching Fantasia after probably more than a decade confirms the only part I truly like from it is Night on Bald Mountain. I wish Disney did this kind of thing more often, that strays from their usual artstyle and story. Really liked the animation effects in it too.
>> No.34135  
I forgive the lack of originality in the story and its progression in Brave because it makes up for it in its visuals. Should have rewatched it at the movie theatre when I had the chance to.
>> No.34200  
That's the only part you like, really? Granted, I haven't seen it in something like a decade, but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9kiG2Ulsgk is a classic!
>> No.34201  
Well of course other segments I found good in one way or the other, and that one in particular is now considered THE Fantasia short, but it just doesn't stick in my mind. It's good and it's fun, but I've never been particularly fond of it.
>> No.34290  
The Street Fighter movie was impressively good, and quite funny, too. Van Damme is pretty hot.
>> No.34310  

If you liked SF, you should check out the Dead or Alive movie.
>> No.34320  
They should make a Marvel vs. Capcom movie.
>> No.34327  
Seen it once or twice. SF is actually a good movie, that one's barely funny if sober.
>> No.34374  
If you're into Mortal Kombat the first MK movie is pretty good.
>> No.34378  
Warm Bodies wasn't terrible but it wasn't very good either. An interesting take on the zombie fad with bad acting, a kind of lame way to develop the story and weak attempts at humor. I heard it was based on a book.
>> No.34486  
I saw Life of Pi, and while it was quite good, and both the tiger and the water was very impressive, I couldn't get that into it.
>> No.34488  
I don't understand why /tv/ claims the CGI was shitty.
>> No.34910  
File: ran movie poster 1.jpg -(359.7 KB, 1000x1528) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Now this how you make a movie, wow!
Also, I want Kaede to rape me and murder everyone in my family.
>> No.34914  
I tried to watch it, but the library's copy wouldn't even try playing.
>> No.35642  
File: CuteIsraeliSoldier.jpg -(66.1 KB, 1024x682) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
World War Z

Okay, first off the movie is nothing at all like the book. Makes it a little strange that they'd call it that then, but whatever. It's not bad though. One of the better zombie films in recent memory. Plus pic related is cute and best character.
>> No.36315  

I found it with English subs on Youtube and thought it'd be good to share it here. The subs are mistranslated at times (seems like they try to translate things literally, automatic CC maybe?) but overall I think they're good enough to get the idea of what's going on. During this second watch the ending seems more of a metaphor than anything. At the very least, Alejandra's scenes do. Still unsure of whether I should take the kidnap and murder literally or not.
>> No.36322  
So how's that Pacific Rim?
Still another month till it comes out here.
>> No.36324  
I really liked it, the story was a bit boring and none of the characters other than Charlie Day had much presence but the action was really good. So if you just want mechs fighting monsters it's good.
>> No.36331  
Good to hear. All I wanted was hot mech-on-monster action, really.
>> No.36401  
Saw Pacific Rim earlier. It was okay. Would've been great if they hadn't had a big bit in the middle about the puny humans getting over mental problems and such. Should've had more mecha on kaiju action instead.
>> No.37926  
File: 37516.jpg -(347.3 KB, 1008x1428) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Rewatched Fehérlófia last night. I really wish this got a BD release, the available DVD quality isn't bad but after seeing a cel from it I can only imagine how great this could look with a higher quality release.

I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of symbolism here, not knowing the myths the movie is based on, but what I managed to understand I enjoyed, and the animation alone is enough to make this film worth watching.
>> No.37983  
File: Snezhnaya Koroleva 1957.mkv_snapshot_00.44.05_[2013.10.01_00.23.43].jpg -(28.0 KB, 512x384) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Came for the soviet animation, stayed for the yuri.
>> No.37986  
Oh that bandit girl was so cute. It's been over 15 years since I last saw this movie, but I still remember her. I need to rewatch it.
>> No.37990  
Thanks for the heads up; I'll steer clear of this.
>> No.37991  
It's not actually yuri, just girl being nice to another girl.
>> No.37998  
File: Snezhnaya Koroleva 1957.mkv_snapshot_00.44.55_[2013.10.01_00.24.10].jpg -(23.5 KB, 512x384) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yeah, not yuri.
>> No.38010  
She wasn't cute at all.
>15 years since I last saw this movie
Don't tell me you are
>> No.38011  
She was really cute, what are you talking about?
>> No.38014  
Don't bother having conversations with the kind of people who avoid yuri, my friend.
>> No.38016  
Okay, thank you for the clarification. They look cute.
>> No.39332  

Soon my friends, soon.
>> No.39337  
Oh this looks interesting.
>> No.39366  
File: only_god_forgives_ver2_xlg[1].jpg -(420.7 KB, 1102x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
One of NWR's worst films.
The pacing was unfocused, the acting was bad and the excess violence was cringeworthy.
The entire story was essentially a bad metaphor for Freudian psychology.
Cinematography was good though.
Would not recommend.
>> No.39631  
File: Fountain-1.jpg -(52.3 KB, 304x448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
After stumbling upon the OST circa 4 years ago I finally decided to order The Fountain with Evangelion 3.33.
How funny considering the end left me, just like Evangelion with a simple "Ah, what was that?". If you don't enjoy artsy movies with a lot of talking and some corny scenes then this is nothing for you, but if you like the themes of overcoming death and immortality then you should give it a try. The 3 different, intertwined aeons about defeating certain death of your loved one made a suspenseful watch, even if the ending pulled a Gainax.
The calm OST and the whole atmosphere with the deep golden lights and the black darkness makes an tranquil experience, somewhat similar to Mushishi, only drabber and sadder. Also despite being a science fiction movie there's not much techporn to look at, but I didn't missed that, since the future timeline is the one with the least screentime and with a more organic style with the space nebula and the tree of life. The shaved Wolverine is also a amusing sight.
I don't regret spending 8 bucks on this one, but I'm not sure if I could call this movie great. It's one of the love-it or hate-it types which you should see more than once to understand what the fuck was going on.
>> No.39646  
I liked the second Hobbit movie better overall. I didn't know Smaug talked so that was a really nice surprise, I liked him a lot. His conversation with Bilbo (which I've been told is longer in the book) was great. The river scene was hilarious, the effects look good most of the time, and the story progression didn't feel as disconnected as it did in the first film.

I have been putting off reading the book for a while now but I think I might as well just wait until the third movie so as not to ruin the experience by constantly thinking "all this stuff isn't in the book", like my friend does.
>> No.39708  
I didn't like the spot at which they cut off the film. Isn't it called "The Desolation of Smaug"?!
>> No.39710  
I feel like I can't fully enjoy Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind because I can't directly relate to any of the characters. They just don't make movies like this about kissless virgins.
>> No.39711  
Heh, I kept asking myself the same thing. I was a bit disappointed at how little Smaug there actually was. I'm pretty sure everyone in the movie theatre groaned when the screen went black, Peter Jackson is trying really hard to spread the content in three movies. They're already there, the dragon's awake, the battle or whatever has begun, I can't imagine what else they can do for another three-hour long movie. I guess the orcs are coming but there's no more traveling so I have a hard time imagining how they'll manage to keep the third movie interesting.
>> No.39712  
Are these movies really just based on The Hobbit?
I don't remember The Hobbit being long enough for 3 movies.
>> No.39714  
I have neither watched the movies nor read the book, but from what I heard they added tons and tons of movie-original content.
>> No.39720  
>>39714 >>39712
Yup, both of you are right. This would have been better as one movie.
>> No.40084  
I thought it'd be better to post this on the movie thread. Do you remember any other movies that use props out of their historical context on purpose? I remember this happened in Caravaggio (1986), but that's all I can think of.
>> No.40252  
I watched Django Unchained. The only great part was Christoph Waltz, so, I'm at least glad Tarantino liked the guy and decided to keep him in his circle of recurrent actors.
>> No.41037  
File: Jagten aka The Hunt (2012) 720p 5.1 BRRiP x264 AAC [Team Nanban].mp4_snapshot_00.30.37_[2014.02.21_23.42.06].jpg -(39.9 KB, 1280x544) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The Hunt

A story about a man who is wrongfully accused of child sexual abuse.

Emotional, very good and very depressing.
>> No.41138  
I watched "Wreck-it Ralph". What a nice movie; fun, energetic, and colourful, with a bunch of cool gaming related jokes and references.
>> No.41139  
The Lone Ranger is fucking garbage except for the action scenes involving a train. So, 10 minutes out of a 2.5 hour long film
>> No.41163  
Yeah I was pleasantly surprised by it.

Was not expecting an AKB48 song for the credits either.
>> No.41170  
Robocop was okay. I wouldn't watch it again, but I'm not going to pretend it's the worst remake in the history of film, because it's not.
>> No.41187  

Might be cool. Certainly can't be any worse than Hollywood's other attempt.


'Okay' would probably be the best way to describe it. That scene where they stripped him down and showed what was left of his original body was pretty damn cool, though.
>> No.45518  
For whatever reason I kept putting off watching From Dusk Till Dawn for what must have been a decade, and now that I've done it, I am extremely disappointed. Trashy film in a really boring way.

Also, I knew Tarantino's a disgusting pig but never before did I have to actually see him indulge in his fetishes.
>> No.45661  
File: 51cz1IjGNjL[1].jpg -(32.6 KB, 355x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I've just watched a Korean film called Secret Sunshine.

On the whole I found it a very engaging although slightly pointless watch.Jeon Do-yeon's performance was powerful and genuine, and Cho Yong-gyu's ruthless cinematography brought it to life.
Plot-wise, it's an intricate tale of human suffering, grief and madness. No other film more powerfully illustrates the trusim: 'Hell is other people'
Although the film superficially seems like an anti-religious film, I think that the hypocrisies exposed are intrinsically human, and Lee Chang-dong merely uses the lens of religion to examine them. People are scumbags, whether they're Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or atheists.
And in the end, I don't think the acceptance of Jong-chan's help means that she's found redemption. On the contrary, I think it simply emphasizes her continual inability to connect emotionally with other people, and her instinctive manipulation of those around her.

>> No.45672  
A couple of films with some cool underage nudity scenes, both of which are luckily on youtube:

First is Walkabout, with Jennifer Agutter

Second is Swallowtail, with Ayumi Ito

Even if you ignore the teen nudity, they're both pretty good films.
>> No.45718  
>guys, we need an average actress that people think she's an amazing actress, to get naked in our film, otherwise this movie is screwed.
>Eva Green!? what are you doing here?
I heard you guys needed tits in this movie and jinx it so here I am, i'll show my vag if you like, shaved? not shaved? i'm progressive, i'll grab someone's dick if you want? want to see my asshole?
>n-no thanks, we just want you to get naked and do that serious deep throaty voice that shifts like you're on the verge of crying that you do for every single role, you know the one where people take your seriously and think that's good acting?
you MEan thIS VoICE?
>> No.45794  
>want to see my asshole?
Which movie?
>> No.45799  
I watched Inception last night, mildly disappointed after the hype.
I was expecting a lot more ambiguity and far less random explosions, but I suppose that's how you sell movie tickets these days.
>> No.45808  
Now watch eXistenZ, the superior version.
>> No.45812  
I watched that on SciFi years ago.
>> No.47015  
File: lesson of the evil.jpg -(76.1 KB, 513x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I want a shotgun now.

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