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300526 No.12813  
Time goes by fast.
It's already Sunday, but it feels like Monday was only yesterday.
I feel like I've wasted an entire week.
>> No.12814  
Every day is Sunday, etc. etc.

>I feel like I've wasted an entire week.
You probably did.
>> No.12815  
Weird, this weekend felt really long to me.
I've got so much free time, but I don't feel like doing anything with it~
>> No.12816  
Weekends are so short! I wish I had more time to do nothing.
>> No.12818  
>Time goes by fast

Tell me about it. We're now in October, but I could swear it was only February not that long ago.
Hell, I don't even know what day it is sometimes, this whole year has been one big blur to me.
Possibly because I've spent nearly every day of it sitting in front of the computer.
>> No.12819  
That means your life lacks variation. Try to work towards something, or do anything else that makes today different from yesterday.
>> No.12824  
The free heroes weekend for LoL is over and I only tried out 2 heroes... orz

Akali was fun though.

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