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File: iraq-war-life-magazine.jpg -(50.5 KB, 516x345) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
51684 No.13078  
So, the Iraq War Logs have been leaked. (See http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/oct/22/iraq-war-logs-military-leaks or any of the other countless news site if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

What does everybody think? Is anybody here surprised at all?
>> No.13081  

Oh, and if you haven't seen these yet, please do.
>> No.13085  
Not really, this is a fucking idiotic thing to do however, the person who leaked this information should get snuffed in my opinion.

Why do I say this? Simple:
This information will be used to feed radical muslims into further hating the west, specifically America. It will help stabilize support for the terrorist organizations, and because this is the internet, and information can spread far and wide quickly, it will help increase the number of fresh recruits in the west.

This is war.

Is it a "just" war? No. Has any country truly played by the rules of war? No. It is by no means a pretty sight, and I can understand the need to leak the information to confide in one's sense of "justice", but all this has really done is stir shit that really does not need more stirring.

It's deeply hypocritical, because by saying this I am betraying any sense of justice and moral values that I ever had, but I think the general population would have been better off not knowing. It's wrong to say this, but we are the evil ones here. You reap what you sow, and all this will do is just put more people's lives in danger.

Also lol-ing at the lawyer who plans to sue the british government, a truly spineless repugnant piece of shit who will try to make a quick buck off of anything.
>> No.13089  
File: Ministry-of-Truth.jpg -(19.7 KB, 400x479) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Total deaths by terrorist attacks in the Western world in 2010:
France: 1 (ETA, not a middle east terrorist group)
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1 (details unknown, source went 404)
Kosovo: 1 (demonstration against government office due to territory conflicts; details unknown as source went 404)
Three attacks, of which two have been confirmed as being completely unrelated to anything in the Middle East, and the other probably being unrelated as well. I don't think we really have anything to fear about terrorists. Hell, the Western governments kill more people IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES, let alone outside of it 'to protect us from the dangers of terrorist attacks'.

Oh, and the CIVILIAN death toll in Iraq in that same timespan? 1,989.

I don't know, but I think that even slightly pressuring the government to stop killing innocents will save many more lives than preventing terrorists from obtaining war logs.
>> No.13091  
On one hand you have an army occupying a country, where there are insurgents still running around between the people killing soldiers, on the other you have a death toll of 3 with no sources from any of them.

Are you retarded?

>I don't know, but I think that even slightly pressuring the government to stop killing innocents will save many more lives than preventing terrorists from obtaining war logs.

Do you have any idea why so many civilians died? It's because the terrorists meddle between them, dress like them, and act like them. It's not in any government's interest to kill innocent people, mainly because they're not worth the bullets shot if they don't represent any kind of threat.

These logs will be used as a tool to recruit and brainwash people who hate the west, implying that they'll automatically go around and kill people is just jumping to premature conclusions.

There's more to terrorism than just strapping bombs to yourself and running in a public mall, you know.

>> No.13094  
They don't kill because they have to, they kill because they're trigger-happy. "Come on, let us shoot!"
Not to mention that this entire thing happened because SOME COUNTRY wanted to invade Iraq. Oh, but it was justified because they had WMDs, right? At the time they declared war, there was no proof they had WMDs. To this day, no WMDs have been found.

As for the terrorist death toll, the burden of proof really isn't on my side: you go prove that more than three people died from terrorist attacks in the Western world in 2010. (Bonus points if any of said attacks were actually executed by terrorist groups from the Middle East.)
>> No.13102  
Yeah it seems like bullshit to me. Going to war and killing heaps of people in another country, just because of some terrorist attack.
>> No.13189  
Are you seriously dumb enough to believe what you're saying, or is this some kind of joke?

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