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57732 No.14408  
I'm frustrated.

There's still a whole lot I have to do this weekend, but I don't feel motivated to do any of it at all. I try to at least do something productive, but any attempts at doing so fail miserably and make me feel more miserable. I try to play games to relieve stress, but I'm not really enjoying them and only make me feel like I'm wasting my time, making me feel even shittier. I just tried doing something productive again, and it failed again.

I'm frustrated.
>> No.14411  
I understand that feeling. Try taking a walk or (depending on where you live) a trip to a beach. Some fresh air can help, even if not much.
>> No.14412  
It's 2:36 AM, so it's kinda too late for a walk. Wouldn't be able to go to the beach either even during the day, at least not without paying lots in bus fares.
>> No.14418  
Well don't take it out on keions, that's not nice.

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