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File: 79cdaafdf14821b0b8102ca094fd8c99bf968edc.png -(588.6 KB, 733x733) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
602741 No.14458  
At what age did you get your wisdom teeth pulled out? And what is it like?

I didn't even know you had to pull them out until a short while ago. I'm in my early 20's but my wisdom teeth never bothered me and they didn't even come out yet. I know all four of them are there, but they are still covered with gum. Is it really that important to get them out?
>> No.14459  
I got them pulled when I was sixteen, I think. They didn't bother me at all or anything, but the way they were growing in, complications would have arose in the future. The procedure itself was easy and painless, and even after the anesthesia wore off I was so hopped up on painkillers I didn't feel a thing.

If I were you, though, I wouldn't worry about it. Go see a dentist when/if they start bothering you, unless you currently have somebody to pay the dental bills for you.
>> No.14460  
My dentist insists that I keep them for as long as I can, since they aren't in the way of my other teeth. I sometimes get infection in those flaps that lie on them, which hurt like a bitch for several days.
I want to have them pulled out, but its pretty expensive, and since they aren't destroying my mouth, I'll just let them be until I can afford it or get tired of them.
>> No.14461  
Wow, I saw my dentist just two days ago and am currently deciding whether to have mine out or not.
How painless is painless?
>> No.14462  
I had them pulled out a month ago, not long after I turned 25. Whether or not it's necessary is something you should consult with your dentist. If your teeth have no room to grow, it may be a problem in the future.

As for the procedure itself, painless. (Partially) emerged wisdom teeth can come out in under a minute, but impacted ones are more troublesome and will make recovery more difficult.

A word of warning about the recovery: Absolutely make sure to ice the area as much as possible after the operation. I had my left two taken out first, I didn't ice enough, and my face was insanely swollen for the next four days. I learned my lesson after that, and when my right side was taken care of, it healed pretty fast.
>> No.14463  
My wisdom teeth are are big as any other tooth in my my mouth, had them for a long, long time.
I guess I just don't like the idea of pulling teeth that don't really need pulling.
>> No.14465  
>make sure to ice the area

You mean like holding an ice cube next to the area?
>> No.14466  
Well, not directly, but yes. Have an icepack, wrap it in a towel, and hold it near the area.
>> No.14468  
20. Completely painless.
>> No.14469  
File: MAKE IT STOP2.JPG -(51.2 KB, 514x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
At the age of 18 (or was it 17), I had eight molars removed under complete anaesthesia (i.e. completely unconscious), I think my wisdom teeth were among those. My face was swollen as fuck for several days.

When I left the hospital, it didn't hurt at all, so I didn't take any painkillers.

...then the anaesthesia that blocked the pain in my mouth wore off.

The crushing pain I felt when the anesthesia had completely worn off was without a doubt the most devastating pain I'd ever felt in my life. It was literally the kind of pain that makes you go mad; when it started, my mind went into a panic, and I reflexively flailed around trying to stop the pain (obviously to no avail). I managed to get some painkillers in eventually, and after some time the pain was finally over.

Lesson learned: If you're given painkillers, YOU'RE GIVEN THEM FOR A REASON. Use them, at least for the first day.
>> No.14470  
I just had mine out this past fall. I'm 21. My dentist said I didn't absolutely need them pulled but that it would be a good idea, so I decided to go ahead with it. The pain wasn't very bad, mostly just a dull ache, and didn't bother me even without painkillers. The bleeding was annoying as hell though. Both times it lasted from when I had them pulled in the afternoon to when I went to bed late at night, with little sign of stopping. The dentist said that's very unusual though.
>> No.14471  
What you really don't want is to get dry socket. Your dentist should tell you all about it, but basically don't drink through straws, spit, etc., for about 24 hours after your operation. It's a condition where a blood clot is dislodged and part of your jawbone is exposed. It becomes inflamed and hurts quite a bit for a few days.

Basically, don't be like >>14469. Listen to your dentist, and it won't hurt at all.
>> No.14474  
I think 19 or 20. Probably 20.
I don't remember what they gave me, but I have no recollection of pain because I was sleeping most of the next couple days. After that it was annoying, but livable. The worst part is waiting months and months for the holes to go away.
>> No.14475  
What about brushing your teeth/gums/holes afterwards?
Doesn't that hurt?
>> No.14476  
I don't recall it hurting. Maybe feeling a little weird, since there's suddenly a gap.

I think mine were pulled when I was 18. My face was swollen for about two days. Spent a full day sitting in a chair holding gauze up to my mouth to catch the bleeding. I can't remember if I took any painkillers, but I must have as I don't remember it hurting, just an aching and feeling disoriented.
>> No.14479  
The first day you shouldn't brush. For a few days after that you should avoid brushing the area. In about a week or two, when the wound should be just about healed, brushing is fine and it doesn't hurt.

What's REALLY annoying is the fact that food keeps getting stuck in the gaps, and they're very difficult to remove. Even now, a month later, random clumps of food will unexpectedly pop out from wherever they were jammed.
>> No.14506  
I had my wisdom teeth removed earlier this week. I'm underage.

The entire process was surreal for me, but altogether not very painful. I decided to go under for the operation; the half hours before and after were the first drunk-like experience I've had in my life. After my first or second dose of post-op pain killers I slept for somethings like 18 hours. By now I'm almost fully recovered, with no aching or swelling to speak of.
>> No.14569  
I'm 21 and I still have them.
I've switched dentists twice in the last 3 years and none of them thought/think there will be any problems if I don't get them pulled.

But the people I know who got them pulled had everything from a slight sting for a few hours to incredible pain for an entire week.

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