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File: goldengatebananasplit.jpg -(1532.5 KB, 1500x1222) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1569265 No.14480  
You see this in front of you. What do you eat first, and what do you eat last?
>> No.14492  
I eat those crackers to the side first, and ignore everything else. Sweets, not so good
>> No.14493  
Eat the strawberry ice cream first, then the vanilla while occasionally having a bite of banana. Fuck the chocolate, chocolate ice cream is gross. Is this some kind of psychological test, how gay am I?
>> No.14494  
Try to balance the amount of everything I eat equally to taste a mix of all the flavors at once, but end up stuffing my mouth and making a mess.
>> No.14501  
From the looks of it, start from left to right and just finish it like that.
>> No.14507  
First I eat from every ice cream a bit, then again but this time with a piece of banana, then again, but with a little chocolate sauce. I will try to balance my every spoonful so, that I finish the whipped cream, the banana, chocolate sauce and the ice at the same time. The strawberries will be eaten evenly distributed of the course of the meal with a different sort of icecream each, maybe with a little chocolate sauce. The little round, red sweet will be left on the plate since it tastes disgusting.
>> No.14510  
Firstly, I scoop up the chocolate sauce that's about to drop onto the table. I then proceed to remove the almonds (I'm allergic). Now I start eating by scooping up ice cream with those crackers in the corner of the photo in this order: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, strawberry, chocolate, strawberry, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, vanilla. Between every other taste of ice cream, I eat a piece of the fruit. During the process of eating ice cream, the crackers are of course devoured before it. I switch to my spoon when this happen. I'm done with the ice cream now, that was fast. There's some vanilla left, I feed it to my dog. Her tail is wagging, she wants more, I push her muzzle away from the table. Bite sized chunks of the fruits are still left, I eat them, savouring the taste, regretting the fact that I ate the ice cream too quickly. That cherry thing on top is still left, I eat it. It tastes somewhat artificial, too sweet. I clean the platter with my spoon until no more is left. I wipe my face with a napkin. I'm done. I go to the bathroom to wash my sticky fingers.

>> No.14512  
I start from the outsides and work my way in. I cannot afford to let so much as a drop escape the bowl.
As the ice cream will melt, it has a higher priority than the fruit, so once the perimeter has been taken care of, I will begin whittling down the ice cream. Finally, I will eat whatever is left in the middle.

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