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202546 No.14536  
ITT: Critical research failures in VNs.

(no need to post anything about hitting the womb, we all know about that by now)
>> No.14537  
File: uk-flag[1].jpg -(19.8 KB, 480x239) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Research failures in G-Senjou? Might as well just post the game's cover and be done with it, amirite?
>> No.14544  
I've never so much as touched a sniper rifle, and I have no idea about the muzzle velocities or the effective range, so could you elaborate?

I assume that since you're bringing up the distance you're hinting that anything that alters the bullet's trajectory (air currents, variable pressure, etc) won't have enough time to make the bullet miss?
>> No.14545  
Modified copypasta from an MSN conversation I had with someone about it:
Him: what about it?
Him: distance?
Me: 1. If you suck at aiming, you miss regardless of how awesome your scope is
Me: 2. I've never heard of ceramic-tipped bullets, and would imagine it would totally fail to penetrate anything
Me: 3. Sniper rifles don't fire shells
Me: 4. At such a distance, humidity, air currents and other small factors don't matter at all
Me: 5. How the hell do you adjust your sights to take into account the crosswind?
Me: I've never used any kind of gun before, but this is so horribly inaccurate even I notice
Me: There were some other parts that made me raise an eyebrow but I wasn't sure whether it really was wrong
Him: 1) If you suck at aiming, scope brings a slight difference there.
Him: 2) explosive shell
Me: 1) "even if my aim is a little shaky, I shouldn't miss my target"
Him: 3) look at 2). (Denel-Mecham Rifle as example)
Me: 2) "ceramic, designed to pierce through most bulletproof vests"
Him: 4) Wind always matters
Me: Ceramic doesn't penetrate. Just because you can block bullets with ceramic doesn't mean you can use ceramic to penetrate
Me: You use a heavy material for penetration, like depleted uranium. Ceramic won't work
Him: but yeah
Him: sounds stupid
Me: 4) 200 meters
Me: Do you have any idea how fast a bullet travels?
Him: yep
Him: so?
Him: speed doesn't matter
Him: at all
Me: Gravity will affect it, but unless there's a HUGE WIND it's not going to change course over 200 meters
Him: but whatever
Him: this argument is pointless
Me: Speed does matter
Him: biathlonists miss from such a distance
Me: The more speed it has in a certain direction, the more difficult it is to change the direction of the overall movement
Him: and they take wind in account while shooting
Him: I guess there is a good reason for it
Me: Yes, I suppose it matters if you're shooting at a <1cm circle for 10 points
Me: But if you're going to somebody in the chest, it doesn't matter
>> No.14628  
To be fair, britain is pretty goddamn silly these days.
>no knives allowed
>knife crimes happen anyway
>local charity sets up "drop your weapon box" to encourage kids to throw away their knives
>box used to dump murder weapons
>TV licenses
>> No.42156  
File: 1394382548401.jpg -(96.9 KB, 640x1002) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Are you saying it's impossible to hit a womb with a penis? Or rather, a cervix, which is the entrance to the womb?

Well, as a student of medicine I can say it's very well possible, whether it's during (female) arousal or not. Vaginal canal is very short when not aroused, but stretches out about two-three times the normal length during arousal. Because of that you either need:
1. An abnormally long penis
2. A woman with a short/slender stature (that can be an 11 years old girl for example, which almost every 2D girl is modelled after)

However hitting the womb itself is impossible, due to extremely narrow canal (during arousal or not) which only extends (enormously) during child birth. Even if you managed to get your penis in there, I imagine it would be extremely painful. However, I'm sure it's just the lack of anatomical knowledge and education of the said girls or protagonists, and such, they mistake the entrance of the cervix for the womb.
>> No.42165  
No air currents then wind? I think that's kind of grasping straws, a crosswind isn't something that would "upset" a shot so much as it is a mostly predictable difference to be accounted for. 200 yards is extremely reasonable for lots of cartridges.
>> No.42167  
Scope zeroing actually matters a lot to how easy the shot is and it is an art. I've never heard of ceramic tips either, but all an armor piercing round is is a normal bullet with a harder (usually alloy, but ceramic is a very hard material that is actually used for bullet proof plates) substance at the tip. All rifles dispense shells "after the fact", the shell is the cartridge case. Precision rifles are often bolt action and don't automatically eject them, but if he's talking about shells then he's going to have to eject every shot until his last one. All of those things matter at 600 ft for a clean shot. Scopes actually have adjustment dials on them specifically meant to let you account for wind and distance.
>> No.42171  
Here's an article that discusses adjusting scopes for windage.


Now remember that if you don't hit the heart or the head, you don't have a 100% kill. Those are small targets and every fraction of an inch counts.
>> No.42176  
>implying you have to hit the heart precisely to kill
bone fragmentation, tumbling, cavities and various other phenomenons all take place after bullet hits the flesh.
It really comes down to "aim for the chest, the bullet will take care of the rest".
>> No.42190  
Did they teach you that in Ranger sniper school? Armor piercing rounds aren't designed for great trauma or wound cavities in the first place and you lose a lot of energy at 600 ft. Mortality rates from gun injuries are lower than Hollywood would have you believe. http://nyp.org/health/cranial-gunshot-wounds.html

The biggest issue, though, is that your margin of error needs to be as small as possible because the second shot 100x harder if not impossible. Shots at that range are very hard, high power scopes are twitchy and going for smoother, lower powers gives you a smaller target. Remember this is an assassination, not a day at the range. Failure is not an option.
>> No.42192  
Oh and the idea of just aiming for center mass is a heat-of-the-moment self defense practice. Kill shots are hard to make under pressure so you go for immobilization ("knockdown") instead. Your goal isn't to be an assassin, but to maximize your chances of survival.
>> No.42330  
>you lose a lot of energy at 600ft
you...kittings me?
5.56 is lethal up to 400m.
that's 1200ft.
And that's one of the smaller rifle cartridges, designed for burst/automatic fire.
>> No.42333  
Just to add to this, it's not that "5.56 loses enough energy at 400m to stop being a threat", it's "you can't possibly fire 5.56 in an accurate enough manner with the drop it has at 400m".
Hip-fire 5.56 round has been recorded to hit targets at 700m accurately (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bn3GvvkA6U)

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