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7541 No.14690  
Missile Command cannot be fully understood without taking into account its historical context. It is a direct product of its time, a cathartic experience dealing with the fears of the Cold War era. To attenuate its bleak tone, unique in video game history, geographical references to the Californian coast were ultimately dropped from the game.

"It was pretty scary. During the project and for 6 months after the project, I'd wake up in a cold sweat because I'd have these dreams where I'd see the missile streak coming in and I'd see the impact. I would be up on top of a mountain and I'd see the missiles coming in, and I'd know it would be about 30 seconds until the blast hit and fried me to a crisp."
-Dave Theurer, Creator of Missile Command

Just before release, the title of the game was changed to Missile Command. It was originally meant to be titled Armageddon.
>> No.15763  
This truly comic aspect of this pasta is - ironically - rarely appreciated by it's reading audience. The pasta itself is a slightly cute attempt to put into words the exceptional level of fear and paranoia average people felt during the cold war's three decades period in which global thermonuclear war could start and end before most of the victims were even aware of it. The irony of the viewers not catching it's drift is that the internet was formed for the purpose of increasing the communication speed between antimissile radar sites, which is to say that this game functions effectively as an early internet simulator, but the internet's denizens never realize it when they read this pasta just as they'll never the true terror of being a human during the cold war.
>> No.16422  
Missile Command is an excellent game, and I urge every single one of you to play it if you haven't.

>> No.16438  
Hard to believe that people haven't played this game.
I was pretty good at the Mac clone of this ("Patriot Command") when I was a kid. It had a whole bunch more cities, and I'm pretty sure San Francisco was one of them (they weren't the generic cities of the Atari version in the OP).
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File: my inbox ain't google bitch.jpg -(13.5 KB, 299x299) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>16438 I wonder if you can help me, I'm looking for a Missile Command clone I used to play on an old iMac. It was set in North Korea, and the “enemies” were food and shelter drops from the UN for the Korean people, and you had to blow it out of the sky. The Glorious Leader was the Sun, which you could blow up.
>> No.60838  
That's my 10 year old post you're replying to, but I can't help you, the game I played as a kid was some computer gens before the iMac
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File: the plot.jpg -(396.5 KB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>60838 I knew it was 10 years old and I also somehow knew you would respond! Thanks anyway, the game was called Kimdom Come (I remembered about search engines after asking earlier)
Peace out x
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