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>Seriously, the main thing losing my virginity did was stop me caring at all about sex.
>Sex without love is like awkward masturbation. Love is like having an extra family member who has even more unrealistic expectations of you. Sex is only good with love, and love is worth avoiding.
>> No.16725  
>Best way to measure your penis is by making a spiral of the band. Not only does your penis get upgraded to mummy power, it will be really long.
- Anonymous, /jp/
>> No.16726  
>Everything popular is wrong.
- Oscar Wilde
>> No.16733  
>I hate myself and I want to die
>> No.16734  
>Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?
>> No.16735  
>Track 1 contains programming data. If you use this on a music player, there's a risk of breaking your player, speaker(s), or your ears. Please do not play track 1.
>> No.16736  
>track 2 contains the root folder. It will automatically play all the songs on the disk in order, including track 1.
>> No.16745  
>Gen Urobuchi wants to write stories that can warm people's hearts.
>Those who know about my creative history will probably furrow their brows and think this is a sick joke. Honestly, I have trouble believing it myself. For when I start typing out words on the keyboard, the stories my brain comes up with are always full of madness and despair.
>The truth is, I haven't always been this way. I have often written pieces that didn't have a perfect ending, but by the last chapter the protagonist would still possess a belief that "Although there will be many hardships to come, I still have to hold on".
>But ever since I don't know when, I can no longer write works like this.
>I have nothing but contempt for the thing men call happiness, and have had to push the characters I poured my heart out to create into the abyss of tragedy.
>For all things in the world, if they are just left alone and paid no attention, are bound to advance in a negative direction.
>No matter what we do, we can't stop the universe from getting colder, either, and on the same principle. This world is only maintained in existence by a series of logical, common-sense processes; it can never escape the bondage of its physical laws.
>Therefore, in order to write a perfect ending for a story you must possess the power to break the chain of cause and effect, invert black and white, and act in complete contradiction to the rules of the universe. Only a heavenly and chaste soul, a soul that resounds with genuine praise for humanity, can save the story; to write a story with a happy ending is a double challenge, to the author's body as well as the mind.
>At some point, Gen Urobuchi lost that power. He still hasn't recovered. The "tragedy syndrome" is still continuing within me. Is this a terminal disease? Should I give up on the pure "warrior of love" that I have longed for? Or mount a pallid battle steed and reincarnate into a bearer of the plague... could it be that I can only create pieces that give men courage and hope in my next life? (When I wrote this, I accidentally wrote "courage" as "lingering ghosts". Could this be because of using IME — Ah, I just wrote "IME" as "hatred" — is there no way out of this for me?)
— Gen Urobuchi, Afterword to Volume 1 of Fate/zero
>> No.16808  
And a related quote:
>Crawling in my skin
>These wounds they will not heal
- Linkin Park, "Crawling" from the album Hybrid Theory
>> No.16814  
>Why the change? The old format of local enchantments had proven confusing for a couple of reasons. First, they had words like "creature" and "land" on their type lines, even though they didn't have those types.
-Wizards of the Coast, expressing their confidence in the average player's intelligence.
>> No.16833  
In all seriousness, the enchantment -> aura change was a good thing, because otherwise through type modification you could get really fucked up typelines.
For example, is 'enchant artifact creature' an aura that enchants an artifact creature, or an 'enchant artifact' that has been animated? In either case they'd become an 'enchant artifact creature', but with radically different meanings.

Similar oddities have caused other rules changes. For example, it would make no sense to have a creature die just because you changed its creature type to 'Legend'.

Of course, the removal of mana burn proves WOTC really does think players are dumb. But that's not the reason for all of the changes.
>> No.16840  
That would be quite the situation. How does something that's simultaneously a creature and a local enchantment work anyways? If it's enchanting another creature, does it have to attack and block in tandem with it?
>> No.16843  
>303.4c An Aura can’t enchant itself, and an Aura that's also a creature can't enchant anything. If this occurs somehow, the Aura is put into its owner’s graveyard. (This is a state-based action. See rule 704.)
Looks like it's similar to Equipment. (When Equipment becomes a creature, it is instantly unattached from whatever it equipped and can't equip a creature anymore.)
>> No.16847  
Obsession over the fine wording of the rules of a game is why nobody wants to play with you, Anon.

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