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File: Earthlings.avi_snapshot_00.22.35_[2011.05.04_21.42.43].png -(190.6 KB, 496x368) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
195200 No.17406  
Let's talk about this documentary, /bun/. It's 90 minutes long, but it's worth watching.


Here is youtube version, if you don't feel like torrenting it.
>> No.17407  
>It draws parallels between racism, sexism, and speciesism, and advocates veganism.
>> No.17409  
Plants respond to stimuli too. Salad is murder!

Personally I don't feel any innate empathy for organic beings of less than human
intelligence, be they plant or animal. Projecting human characteristics onto
them, like we do for cats and dogs and other pets, engenders a certain sympathy
for the animal... but cows, chickens, pigs, turkeys, and all other tasty animals
don't get that sympathy, since they're not house animals. Yum yum.

I haven't watched the documentary because there's no point, really. The only way
it can evoke an emotional response from me is by personifying an animal, and
that's called fantasy, not documentary.
>> No.17425  
I don't know what the video is about, but mistreating animals meant for consumption is wrong. Not just because it's alive, but because stressing the animal will only produce bad meat.

And there's no need to add human characteristics to another organism in order to respect life. Perhaps you don't care about preserving the world you live in.
>> No.17447  
When did I say anything about mistreatment? That's common sense.
I was just responding to >veganism.
>> No.40052  
5/5 documentary

would recommend
>> No.40054  
This is what happens when people don't kill their own meat. (I have watched my dinner slaughtered before my eyes when I was 4~6, I am an adamant meat eater.)
The documentary itself is fine from a technical perspective - the usuals, music, tone of voice, bleak caption screens to guide a narrative whether it's true or not. Add in some stuff for the sensitive folks, and bam, you have a documentary.
The main flaw of the documentary is that it has only one perspective - the human one. Everything in the film relies on human perception of animals (and eachother if you get down to it), it doesn't really try to get a conversation going between the human side to the ani-OH WAIT YOU FUCKING CANT BECAUSE THEY'RE ANIMALS
Look, if you want to apply some self-dissipating anesthetic to animals before killing them, fine, better meat, whatever. God knows it ain't right that real americans get second rate steak while the rich go to japan to have kobe. Just don't pretend animal suffering (caused by humans or not) is somehow morally offensive. At best it speaks to the character of the people committing the act, and even then gathering food/conducting tests are hardly the most despicable occupations.
>> No.40058  
It is stupid bullshit
>> No.40063  
File: omnivore.jpg -(548.0 KB, 900x1456) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Been there, went veg and went back. It certainly feels good the first years, but after some time I just didn't care anymore. I love my leather boots, wallet and other small stuff, meat tastes fucking delicious and honestly, there is so much wrong in the world that I think the suffering of animals plays a minor role by comparison. Also we're designed to eat everything. The movie knows how to invoke emotions, but doesn't lose a word about it.
>> No.40067  
>sheep stomach never empties

What does this mean?
>> No.40088  
Their digestion is really slow and they eat a lot, so they have a "second stomach" to aid the process which pretty much always contains food AFAIK. Some herbivores also have pouches that temporarily store food that they send back to the mouth for re-chewing when they're not eating fresh food, if you're familiar with the expression "chewing your cud" that's what cows do.

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