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Password (for post and file deletion)
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File: wd-mypassport.jpg -(29.1 KB, 400x334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
29826 No.17431  
I am so fucking mad right now!
My external locked itself, and it won't accept any of the passwords that fit the "hint". Now it's telling me to suck it up and format the hard drive, but fuck that! I was gonne watch so much anime this summer, but now it's all gone. And I had a lot of stuff on it, too! Some I worked hard for, some I got when having lent it away, but it was all mostly stuff I have not seen. And a lot of awesome music too!
>> No.17432  
It's actually a good thing it did that. What if the FBI seized your external and tried to decrypt it? They'd find all of the kiddy porn you put on the disk.
The entire idea behind a password is that someone who doesn't know the password can't access it. So make sure you remember your passwords.
>> No.17433  
Why did you even encrypt it in the first place? It doesn't sound like you have any sensitive documents or anything on there.
>> No.17438  
I have all my info for stuff on a .txt in case something like this ever happens. I don't put passwords on any hdd though.
>> No.17442  
I'm not even sure I did it, because it's a damn hassle.
All I got is anime and manga, so I wouldn't need to, yet no one else would have any interess in it. And there're two possible solutions, and I don't have the patience to try every combination.

Started making a list of all the stuff I'll lose, but I realised now that I don't even remember half the manga I have on it.
>> No.17500  
Did you try banana?
The password is always banana.
>> No.17512  

I actually think I did.
>> No.24273  
Try swordfish.
>> No.24274  
What's the hint?
>> No.24282  

Can't remember, but I formatted the piece of shit, and it works well for now.
>> No.24313  
It was probably banana.
>> No.32001  
File: Capture.JPG -(43.1 KB, 580x503) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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