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37378 No.18017  
Google's Web History is pretty neat.
The general trend of my search history reflects the time I spend online with the greatest number of searches during times I am most likely to be online, but with a mysterious dip at 2:00 in the afternoon. I wonder what makes me less likely to search at that hour?

On closer inspection, I discovered that my most frequent search patterns go from the mundane (news, weather forecast, academics-related, travel directions, etc) before noon to all sorts of debauchery after noon until midnight, where it promptly becomes chaste again.

Do you have any interesting Internet usage quirks, /bun/?
>> No.18018  
File: 1303586438071.jpg -(158.4 KB, 600x837) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Honestly, I already know that Google is spying on me. I don't want to reminded by having all my activities charted down in pretty time graphs.

For internet usage though, it's mostly me checking a couple of sites everyday and searching new things that I encounter like brief mentions and the like. Given that, I don't know how I waste so much time on the computer when I do absolutely nothing at all.
>> No.18019  
I never use google while being signed into my gmail account and I usually clear all my cookies/history periodically.

It's not as useful as it used to be anyway. Usually all my searches are on more specific websites. Wikipedia, Youtube, filestube, /rs/, Merriam-Webster, wikihow, gelbooru, torrent sites, porn sites, irc, bookmarks and rss feeds do a good job to satisfy my online needs.

I use google most often for the calculator and maps or when I don't know/can't remember a url. Sometimes, when none of the other tools give satisfying results.

Same here. At the end of a day all I ever seem to have done is verify that everywhere on the internet it's all the same shit as usual, while touching my privates.

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