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File: sigh.jpg -(28.4 KB, 282x418) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
29095 No.18398  
ITT: Things that depress you.
>> No.18399  
File: how do i baked pancakes.PNG -(129.6 KB, 459x398) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Failure to do simple tasks. There's no worse way to realize you're a failure than by failing to do something even the most retarded idiots can do.
>> No.18426  
File: tumblr_ll45z345qP1qdpo8m.png -(400.7 KB, 666x612) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
People who listen to shitty mainstream music and think that auto-tune sounds good.
>> No.18429  
Waking up in the morning, still alive
>> No.18432  
Too many things. I used to be able to forget about anything that bothered me and brush it off. Nowadays I can't do that.
>> No.18745  
not taking my pills in the morning.......
>> No.18746  
I have to leave town to get anything higher than a Bachelor's degree.
>> No.18748  
Buying something only to realize later that I was spending frivolously.

Making minor typos when I know I should proofread.
>> No.18749  
Thinking about the future. Thinking about the present. Thinking about the past. Waking up and still being alive
>> No.18752  
The thought that my life is being controlled by a small group of middle aged people making sure laws that were written decades before my birth and I had absolutely no say in are still being enforced.

>> No.18757  
Having finished MLA 2 days ago. I still can't listen to the OST without getting instantly depressed.

On a broader note, thinking about the past and my complete and utter failure to keep my social circle. There really is nothing worse than regret.
No matter how many new contacts I make they'll never compare to the people I had around me back then.

Although that strong fixation on home, "the good old times" and my old friends is probably just a sign of my own immaturity and inability to let go and move on.
Haaah, now I'm getting depressed again~
>> No.18775  
File: 5e9f078dec61bac07f6d1da946422b01.jpg -(670.5 KB, 850x811) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
All the stuff in this thread and ntr
Tyranny by the majority's, the new thing, pal
>> No.24834  
Not being able to protect the ones i love.
>> No.24837  
I live in a fascist state and my fellow citizens are too ignorant and enamored with propaganda to realize that the world can be a better place than it is.
>> No.24840  
File: 1327704770575.jpg -(17.3 KB, 364x336) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
having to read about stupid fuckign weeaboo faggots crying about not getting any pussy and not getting into college fuck you faggot black swag #ballhard
>> No.24846  
The current state of /jp/ and 4chan as a whole. Thankfully there are still other, better places that I can visit on the 'net.
>> No.24847  

I hate it when I think too much that my thoughts turn into pasta and my head just feels heavy from all the intertwined noodles.

Also this >>24846, but without having other places to go to.
>> No.24848  
What! There are plenty of places to go to.
Here, take your pick:

And for textboards:
>> No.24850  
I get depressed whenever I make music.

Thing is, I love making music, and at times, it's the only thing that's enjoyable and pleasurable to me. Even worse, if I don't write for an extended amount of time, I start to suffer from withdrawal syndrome, and get depressed anyway. It's suffering.

This place is pretty interesting, too. Kinda. It reeks of weeaboo at times, though.

>> No.24854  
File: 1317667825260.gif -(345.4 KB, 306x301) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Thanks for the textboard link; I have been looking for something like that.
>> No.24855  
Oh yeah, I forgot about that. There's also 2ch of course, specifically http://awabi.2ch.net/english/

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