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File: 258ed7011034186ac9e597e00b4fcc59.jpg -(207.0 KB, 425x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
211925 No.19853  
/bun/, tell me about your day.
>> No.19854  
File: 1210757994659.png -(13.7 KB, 142x66) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Today I woke up after about 3 hours asleep and went to work, where I spent half the day fucking around on IRC and the Internet because there was no real work on. I left an hour early to get my monthly hair cut, but the guy who does my hair was not working today, so I got some beers and went home to sit at my PC, where I have been for the last 7 hours. I will watch some anime tonight until about 4-5am, where I will go to sleep and start the whole cycle again.

At least tomorrow's Friday.
>> No.19855  
I'm playing Deadlands and these Indian zombies are fucking killing us send help
>> No.19856  
I woke up and procrastinated on getting up because I hate not being a NEET. Then I was ~10 minutes late to work (they don't really care) and did nothing for several hours because there was nothing to do. Went to my psychiatrist's office and wound up getting a prescription for Prozac, not too sure I want to risk that. Currently letting dinner (a one-pot of oats, split peas, leeks, broccoli, and tofu) cook. I'm not sure whether I want to go back to watching Monster (last watched episode 36 probably over a year ago), start this Terry Pratchett book "Going Postal", or play some Mass Effect (just started it last weekend) tonight.
>> No.19857  
I was awake by 1:30 in the afternoon, lazed about in the bed until 2 since I was really tired, then I woke up and did my assignment until 4:30, then I walked to class and handed it in at 5:20 (late for class), then I stayed in class until 6:15 when the prof began exam review and I decided to head home. On the way, I had a mcribs combo and a fish filet burger. then I did some shopping at the local loblaws, picking up a whole chicken, 2 liters of chocolate milk and breakfast sausages.
After I came back, I left the keys on the front door, and went in panic mode for a minute after putting everything in the fridge. Then I remembered that if I really had lost my keys, I wouldn't have been able to open the front door - CRISIS AVERTED.
And here I am now!
>> No.19861  
I woke up at noon, drank some coffee with my parents, then went to my room and got on the computer where I have been all day. This is pretty much my routine every day, except for saturdays when my parents go out and I watch tons of hentai and/or shemale porn and masturbate without fear of getting caught
>> No.19862  
File: dunsany.jpg -(79.1 KB, 791x592) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Woke up at 8, fell back to sleep and woke up at noon. Ate lunch at 14, then continued reading Demonbane and finally finished all of Al's routes (bad end feels bad, man).

Went to my summer class at 18, ate dinner at 21, and now reading Ruri's route. It's quite hilarious--Dunsany is great.
>> No.19863  
I ran Deadlands and killed some people with zombie Indians
>> No.19864  
Woke up, had a shower, played World of Tanks for about an hour before getting bored, sat around doing nothing for a while, went for a walk and bought the new George R.R. Martin book (which I probbably won't actually read), and now here I am sitting around doing more nothing.
>> No.19868  
Overall it was painfully normal, and the highlight was the few hours I've spent up until now playing an MMO that's almost a decade old. I'm now preparing to put on my wrist braces and go to sleep.
>> No.19882  
I missed my group's killing floor night thanks to my messed up sleeping schedule. Waiting patiently for the next one.
>> No.19884  
Woke up late morning and watched some starcraft with my flatmates. Went on to do a little bit of packing as tomorrow I'm moving back home from our place up near the university.

Played around with some of the stuff that had been hiding away in the flat for the past couple of years, made some water balloons with condoms - those banana and chocolate ones taste pretty disgusting, but I guess they taste nicer than a dick. I got my exam results (I passed!), then played starcraft for a little while. Ate a doner kebab for dinner and watched a horrible film (M. Night Shyamalan's "Devil"). Tonight I will probably smoke some ganja with my flatmates and watch anime. So exciting!
>> No.19891  
I woke up around 2:00 PM. Sat around on the internet and watched some anime until around 4:30~. Then I went to set up my sister's new desktop (it was her birthday gift) and then went out to eat with my family. We went to a Spanish restaurant. I got home around 8:00 and checked my email. I got an email from my college about what dorm I'm staying in and who I'm rooming with. Not looking forward to sharing a room with someone, but not much I can do about it. Then I browsed the internet some more before finally watching the second episode of IM@S. Browsed the internet some more and here I am.

It was an eventful day.
>> No.19894  

Jeez, sharing a room with someone must be really troublesome.

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