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File: 8342eb87664036b1158c554f884aaf10.jpg -(291.1 KB, 700x989) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
298102 No.19878  
Dammit, why is /bun/ so inactive?
>> No.19879  
Taking it easy all the time.
>> No.19880  
Taking it easier than anyone can handle.
>> No.19881  
Why do people always complain about activity? You either get a slower board with less shit or a fast board that resembles /a/, and I personally prefer the former
>> No.19883  
I check to see if there is anything of interest to post in, if not then I don't post. I'm sure all of us do that so that is why it's stagnant when nobody is making threads or posting.
>> No.19885  
It isn't.

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