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File: 1310681005614.jpg -(440.0 KB, 1117x790) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
450566 No.19886  
From >>>/jp/7619842

>A VN where each girl is personifying a different genre of music (classical, punk rock, dubstep etc.)

>The soundtrack will change depending on the route you're currently on

Would you play it?
>> No.19887  
I would give it a try, but the stereotypes of the genres I like would probably make for uninteresting heroines.
>> No.19888  
Eh, it could have potential. Ultimately for me it would depend on if people could construct an interesting story around the idea, but I don't see how.

The whole "personifying objects/abstract concepts into girls" thing is starting to get a bit silly, in my opinion. Oh well, no use thinking about things that will never happen.
>> No.19889  
>A VN where each girl is personifying a different genre of music

>A VN where each route has a theme/plot involving a different genre of music
>> No.19890  
if it's well executed, fuck yes.
>> No.19898  
I agree.

It's like that moe-anthropomorphised viruses VN thing, that was just fucking stupid.
Sure, having a gimmick like different genres of music in each route sounds cool, but in the end that's all it is, a gimmick. Katawa Shoujo has that problem, it's basically built around the idea of dating girls with disabilities and turned into a rather generic romance because of it. If it had a solid story a VN where you date girls who are also cars and you have sex with them by driving them could turn out good.
If you're going to build a house, you don't do it on fucking sand, find some solid rock instead.
>> No.19902  
File: COMPLETE COINCIDENCE.PNG -(605.6 KB, 600x755) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
From the /jp/ thread:

>The year is 2412. Wars and natural disasters have left the Earth a wasteland. The stars can no longer be seen from the Earth, and mankind has lost hope, living only idly from one day to the next.
>However, not all have given up on improving their situation. Our young protagonist is one such example. He has heard of an abstract concept known as 'art', which supposedly gives people hope and enjoyment. Although he does not know what it is he's looking for, he sets out on a journey to find this 'art'.
>After a long journey, he arrives at an ancient building. A plate above the door gives the building a name -- 'Museum of Music'.
>The rest of the story is about the protagonist meeting the robot guides, who are all modeled after a main genre of music, and discovering what this 'art' is and how it can give humanity new hope.
>> No.19905  
Agreed, this is the kind of concept always works well for a couple of concept artworks to get people fired up, but when the writers come around to realise that they now have to write an engaging and consistent story about Dubstep-tan, Technical Death Metal-tan and Avant-Garde Jazz-tan it's not gonna seem so great.
>> No.19945  
Sounds like a total ripoff of Planetarian.
>> No.19947  
But that's the joke. Wait...was that the joke?

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