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File: 1230026289344.jpg -(329.5 KB, 772x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
337431 No.20373  
I'm thinking of trying my hand at translating doujins.
If anyone has a 10-30 page doujin they want translated, post a link to some scans in this thread and I'll see what I can do.
H is fine, non-H is also fine.
>> No.20376  
I honestly can't think of anything that I could give you the raw.

I'm available if you ever need cleaning/typesetting by the way.
>> No.20377  
File: YUKIHO-001.jpg -(568.2 KB, 2823x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Could you try this one?
It's about 30 pages not counting illustrations.
>> No.20381  
Just doujin, not manga?
>> No.20384  
I'll call on you if I need your expertise.

Sure, the art is pretty as well. I'll try to finish it within seven days, but I'm horrible at deadlines so don't expect anything.

I was thinking of branching out to manga later. Translating manga takes much more discipline and dedication (especially if they're on-going,) which I'm not sure I have. I'd like to have some sort of team for that, they could keep my procrastination in check.
If you have any one-shots I could take a look at them. I'm doing the doujin the guy over you posted right now though.
>> No.20385  
File: knh.png -(135.7 KB, 246x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
If you ever do decide to try a manga, I request Koharu no Hibi.

>> No.20391  
File: f8e1ff7191aae439b951f9921c6d02c6.png -(202.4 KB, 469x663) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.20753  
File: testing.png -(142.4 KB, 533x513) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Translation is going smoothly. I still have eight pages left, but that's because I started yesterday. I expect to be done tomorrow.

I have a typesetting question though. It's H, so of course there's a lot of moans and stuff. I was thinking I'd use my writing in the translated version. How does it look? If it's shit just give me an appropriate font I could use instead.
And speaking of fonts, I'm assuming Wild Words will suffice for most of the dialogue, but there's also this handwritten text. Which font should I use on that?
>> No.20755  

Typesetting is fun. Just go around the fonts and see which one fits best.
>> No.20756  
Just what I needed.
Thanks much.
>> No.20764  
It looks terrible. Did you draw lines in mspaint or something?
>> No.20766  
Yeah, I was thinking of drawing them in photoshop, but I didn't bother.
In retrospective it looks horrible. I rarely make any good decisions after 00.00 it seems.
>> No.21023  
I'm done, and terribly late. Sorry 'bout that.
[Shoujo Kishidan] YUKIHO HAGIWARA in the Bird Cage (THE iDOLM@STER)(C78) [ENG].rar

If anyone else has a request I'd love to hear it.
The criteria are written in the OP.
>> No.21028  
This should be easy.
Half of this is just hiragana SFX.
>> No.21029  
The other half is rather text-heavy though, and it's long.
But I'll try my hand at it, I'm a fan of this series to be honest (then again, who isn't.)

>hiragana SFX
Is it okay to leave this untranslated or am I committing a cardinal sin here?
It's just such a fucking bother and so demotivating to sit there and type in "Nha..!" and "Ahn..!" for three hours plus plus. I'm assuming most of you can read basic kana anyway.

And if anyone has any criticism, bring it on. I'm very new to this so it would be beyond helpful to get some feedback.
>> No.21031  
>Is it okay to leave this untranslated or am I committing a cardinal sin here?

I don't think anyone will have a problem with this.
>> No.21032  
I prefer them left untranslated, to be honest.
I've had to stop fapping due to laughter several times because of stupid sfx being translated.
>> No.21033  

Unless it's GASHUNK, leave them be. Only things in speech bubbles should be translated.
>> No.21035  

I'll be away during the weekend and my vacation ends on Monday, so I don't know how much work I can get done from now on. But it would definitely take a load off my back if someone would typeset for me.
Anyone willing? Are you still available, >>20376?
>> No.21036  
Hell yeah I'm available.
Just mail me the script and I'll get to it
>> No.21038  
It's colombianon at gmail. Forgot /bun/'s link field works differently
>> No.21039  
I'll contact you when I'm done.
>> No.21184  
If it's okay to make requests still, can you please translate this?

It's only 10 pages long, unless the file's incomplete.
>> No.21249  
File: barmaid_16.jpg -(421.4 KB, 1096x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.21253  
No problem, I'll do it whenever I'm done with the Monster Hunter one.
>> No.21309  
I need some help with this Monster Hunter doujin.
Basically, there's a lot of terms from the game in it and while I've played 3rd I'm not familiar with how these terms have been translated to English.
I'm just going to post some stuff from the script I'm unsure about, if something looks completely retarded, tell me.
>The composition of equipment strongly relies on the talisman you choose to use.
>To begin with, without using talismans, many of your equipments' skills won't be usable.

>I went to the volcano and this +5 Handicraft +8 Whetstone whatchamacallit popped up!
>Isn't this supposed to be rare!? It looks pretty valuable.
>Oh! That's a mighty good find you've got there!
>It even beats the +4 Handicraft Slot 3, Avoid +5 Slot 3 I use!
It might be a little awkwardly worded, but this is just a rough translation. I just want to know if it makes sense. Also, I'm translating お守り (Omamori) as "talisman," I know that "charm" is an option as well, let me know what's used most in the MH-community.

One more thing, how do you guys feel about using memes in translations? I just bumped into this word リア充 (Riajyuu) which I'd personally translate as "normalfag." They mean basically the same thing and they're both memes, or slang, depending on how you look at it.
>> No.21322  
...So I'm guessing everyone's cool with it?
I'll finish translating tomorrow, so if no one protests I'll leave it more or less like this.
>> No.21324  
The MH3P english patch uses charm.
Doesnt matter which you use since I dont really nitpick on all these small details.
>> No.21821  
File: d75bb76aaef64d5ca5c7bf2008b65b21a8a018d8[1].jpg_317660 -(131.0 KB, 500x535) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Finally translated it!

I'm open for requests again.
>> No.21823  
File: makoP-001.jpg -(856.1 KB, 1407x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
How about this one?
>> No.21824  
Thank you so much! You should definitively watch Big O if you liked them in the doujin. Excluding the sex, that's exactly how they interact in the actual show.
>> No.21838  
This one seems real easy to translate, I might not even need my dictionary.

I already watched the two first episodes yesterday, and I'm loving it.
>> No.22031  
Typesetter-kun, when will >>21028 be finished?
>> No.22122  
File: makogackt.jpg -(95.3 KB, 400x560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm done!

I'd really like to do a non-H doujinshi next, if anyone has one.
>> No.22137  
Thank you for all your hard work!


This one is a pretty short non-H doujinshi I'd like to see translated. It's BL though, is that forbidden in your thread?
>> No.22144  

Thank you for your continued efforts! Looking forward to reading more work. Perhaps you could translate some Touhou doujinshi? Like Death NEET?
>> No.22156  
I'm okay with it. This will be a nice change of pace.

I actually have that doujin, but I don't know how to make good scans, and I'm not really interested in cutting it up either. Post a link to some scans and I'll take a look at it.
>> No.22200  
File: 0d63988833182565dd7fed77c9d12ebd[1].jpeg_1274077 -(163.4 KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The Big O doujinshi I translated earlier was missing a page and the cover.

Here's a download link with both files added:
>> No.25456  
Have you done any more translations, TL-kun, or have you been too busy watching Milky Holmes RAWs?
>> No.25463  
Well, apart from that monster girl thing I posted here I've been doing some comissions:
...And then there's one hidden in Doujin-moe's member section, but it's shit so it's no big deal.
After I got a job I joined a scanlating group so I don't have to do typesetting myself, shit takes time. I'm currently working on a manga called Deus X Machina, which surprisingly enough, is not a critique of Euripides' works in manga form, but about a loli beating up robots. It's like a shitty version of Fullmetal Alchemist, which makes it alright, I guess. There's 17 chapters out, and I've translated two new ones which are yet to be released.
But how did you know I was watching Milky!?

Oh wow, I was supposed to do this... Half a year ago? I'm sorry, I'll get on it soon.
>> No.25538  
I can wait, don't worry.
>> No.33111  
I forgot about this thread.

You never translated that doujin did you ;_;

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