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I want to open some touhou sheet music, but its in .sdf file format. The program コアプレーヤーFX opens these files, and you can download a trial version of 6.0 on the producer's website. However, version 6.0 only opens .sdx files, not .sdf (maybe you need to pay or something). Aparently only version 4.0 can read those files. Can someone who knows Japanese help me find a download for コアプレーヤーFX 4.0?
>> No.23086  
Google tells me that Kawai has legacy versions of their software also available on their site. Link to version 4.0:

I haven't tested it out myself, yet, but I'm pretty sure this should work.
>> No.23088  
Blah, uploaded a copy of the installer I used 4 or so years ago, but couldn't post it sooner because dragged out to eat lunch with family.


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