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File: 0d76b3863ff67022d383441aeb5e2c69.jpg -(146.0 KB, 550x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
149554 No.23574  
I wish the people in the hallway would stop partying so I could calmly go to the kitchen to cook something for dinner.
>> No.23575  
Did beef curry really originate from india?
>> No.23578  
It hit me today that Skyward Sword is an allusion to the story about Orpheus and Eurydice.
>> No.23621  
Sometimes I daydream too much, and it results in changing facial expressions.
>> No.23625  
I thought I would do the finishing touches on a lab-journal today, but it seems like my group members have already completed it even though I was supposed to do it. Now I feel like a dick.
>> No.23626  
I need to eat dinner. I'm sorry cat, you'll have to find somewhere else to sleep.
>> No.23627  
Shikanosuke's imouto should have been romanceable in KiraKira Curtain Call.

Why was Yayoi's route so damn short?
>> No.23628  
I far prefer sausage sandwiches to bacon sandwiches. Why did I only start eating them again recently?
>> No.23631  
The sticker on this box of donuts says "Ideal for Christmas". What's with that?
>> No.23655  
I wish Taichi was like this from the beginning, rather than an unlikeable attention whore.
>> No.23665  
I haven't slept for two days, but now I feel fresher as the day goes by and soon it'll be night once again. I wonder if I can sleep tonight.
>> No.23670  
If the key to studying is focus, I think I've just locked myself outside.
>> No.23673  
I wish my brother would stop shoplifting. He is eventually going to get caught and I'm going to get caught into this.
>> No.23683  
I'm hungry. I want a burger.
>> No.23689  
If I just started going to bed and waking up at a reasonable time I could sort out my life, but I just can't seem to make myself do it.
>> No.23691  
I just require one more cup of coffee before I can do some work.
>> No.23696  
I'm a terrible person for downloading this.
>> No.23698  
Why am I listening to this? It's horrible.
>> No.23706  
I have achieved big, bushy beard status. Puffed it out and now it's itchy.
Mistakes were made.
>> No.23712  
I got my beard of 6 months shaved off last night.
I kind miss having it there to stroke.
>> No.23718  
Smoking is expensive and makes me feel sick, but I just feel obligated to light up whenever I'm stressed.
>> No.23730  
I'm so tired of exams, but one should never goof off to relieve tension. It might work too well.
>> No.23734  
I'm tired.
>> No.23737  
A stranger on the bus called me "sir" today. It made me want to giggle like a little girl.
>> No.23739  
Just read about the Freemasons. Holy shit, Churchill was one of them!
>> No.23746  
Tons of tiny fragments of a great many grand lives.
>> No.23756  
Is this the /bun/ version of twitter?
>> No.23779  
@23756 #Today I #read on #Bunbunmaru that #RandomShortThroughts was a lot like #Twitter.
>> No.23780  
@23756 I #disagree. People aren't #PostingTheirLives here. #annoying #twitterusers #difference #attentionwhoring #hashtags
>> No.23794  
>>23706 >>23712
Thanks for talking beards, you insensitive jerks, now mine itches as well.
>> No.23795  
I wonder if /bun/'s userbase is so small that one could tell each poster apart based on writing style?
>> No.23797  


>> No.23798  
Shaved mine off. Stubble is like sandpaper. Or a cat's tongue.
>> No.23818  
God damn, I love Gojira.
>> No.23823  
When reading a narrative, do people enjoy the way it's presented, or the substance more?
>> No.23830  
File: infinitely better than classsic literature.jpg -(31.8 KB, 300x415) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Interrupting the 'short thoughts part', it depends on both the work and the person. Certain forms of media like most classic literature are acclaimed for their writing, even though they have a generic and/or poor plot. Other media, such as most well-received visual novels, are criticized for their poor writing but still loved because they actually tell interesting stories.

It also depends strongly on the person; I'm very strongly on the 'substance' end of the spectrum, but I know someone who reads almost exclusively for the writing and thinks the plot is just an extra at most.
>> No.23831  
I wish I didn't like tweeting.
>> No.23832  
A friend tried to get me into Twitter once. I declined.
Oh, the irony.
>> No.23833  
People always talk about the weather.
>> No.23834  
Focusing on just the writing and not meaning/plot/etc. is what I hear poetry is supposed to be about.
>> No.23855  
It seems like all the torrents downloaded at the hospital are PSX ROMs.
>> No.23865  
I don't like mint but I keep eating these mint candies. WHY
>> No.23867  
Your stomach wouldn't hold too much of even the best meat.
>> No.23868  
Is it still called a rom if it's in a storage format that's no longer read only?
>> No.23870  
Gluttony is a sin. Watch out, or Jesus will kick you.
>> No.23875  
Silly putty is nice.
>> No.23883  
I can be a real asshole some times.
>> No.23888  
I got two copies of Lolita for Christmas.
I think they're on to me.
>> No.23935  
How long will it take for monmusu quest to be translated?
>> No.23973  
/ghost/'s community really has changed since easymodo stopped hosting it. How am I supposed to have pointless meta-discussions now?
>> No.23991  
Happy new year
>> No.24086  
File: peter sellers.jpg -(17.9 KB, 378x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
worst peter sellers movie ever
>> No.24283  
I would buy one from you, but I don't own a dropbox.
>> No.24298  
I am so fucking angry and tired why am I even here.
>> No.24310  
Because I came along to fill your life with love and affection.
>> No.24312  
Reading about fat activists almost makes me want to kill myself.
>> No.24316  
Jesus Christ, I don't want to ever be that "obnoxious weeaboo" that goes to cons.
>> No.24317  
>> No.24318  
I wish I was Frank Zappa
>> No.24363  
Do French people enjoy this?
>> No.24401  
I spent the past two hours trying to think up some puns for some strangers on the Internet.
>> No.24402  
I feel sad, but it's my fault, so I must deal with it.
>> No.24405  
are you me?
>> No.24406  
>> No.24407  
I want to do some retail therapy but I can't even think what I want to buy.
>> No.24415  
To this day, my biggest regret is passing up those final RAM @ The End tickets.
The scant few videos from the night that made it online only make me hate myself further.
>> No.24417  
I'm done with work. Now I can go to sleep and go to work again tomorrow!
>> No.24511  
When I was young, I got a boner from the squirrel scene in Sword in the Stone.
>> No.24512  
Loli haters are bad people.
>> No.24518  
So did I, we must be soul mates or something.
>> No.24522  
Aya is the greatest tengu. This is a fact (i.e.: my opinion).
>> No.24523  
I wish my toes looked more like I want them to. My little toe is disappearing, and that nail and the nail on the toe next to it are growing in.
>> No.24524  
...Just one more cup of tea...
>> No.24540  
>> No.24567  
Ah, I see. So, brevity is also just as important...
>> No.24568  
Eh!? I definitely put "sage" in the link box!!
>> No.24594  
Orcas are like the douchebags of the ocean.
>> No.24609  
We need more masato in the world.
>> No.24637  
Dark Souls doesn't want me to play with friends
>> No.24647  
who actually likes mayonnaise?
>> No.24648  
I fucking love mayonnaise.
>> No.24651  
This man deserves a high five.
>> No.24656  
The comments on Gelbooru are horrible.
>> No.24658  
You don't say.
>> No.24663  
Mayonnaise is terrible.
>> No.24666  
You shut your whore mouth!
>> No.24671  
I'm sure whoring my mouth for an entire day still wouldn't cleanse it from the terribleness that is mayonnaise.
>> No.24672  
You're asking for it now, bub.
You, me, behind the cafeteria at 5pm. Don't be late and bring your dildo 'cause we're gonna have ourselves some fun.
>> No.24675  
No mayonnaise involved, I hope.
>> No.24695  
I'm fairly certain that the Village People were, by far, the greatest musicians that ever lived; and ``In The Navy'' was their magnum opus.
>> No.24704  
>> No.24705  
I have recently discovered the joys of spinning a coin.
>> No.24713  
Love has knocked at my door once more! I wonder if it will work this time around.
>> No.24718  
Spoiler: It won't.
>> No.24722  
Use the spoiler tag for spoilers!
>> No.24724  
Use the bold tag for emphasizing your statement.
>> No.24791  
Use SECRET tag for when you want to scratch your ass on the internet, but don't want everyone else to know about it.
>> No.24802  
>> No.24803  
I find them hilarious.
>> No.24804  
Well, so far so good! Four days of peaceful love, it's a record.
>> No.24805  
I think I learned a valuable lesson in life yesterday, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was.
>> No.24820  
>> No.24825  
Internal Server Error

Was I the only one getting this message every time I tried to post?
>> No.24827  
Someone was mucking around with the server and it broke the board's software.
>> No.24849  
I wonder who would be jewish enough to do that.
>> No.24858  
Are you thinking of who I'm thinking?
'Twas Jones
>> No.24864  
Ugh. I even miss my own deadlines.
>> No.24866  
It was the host, the jews are blameless in this. Or at least a particular jew.
>> No.24871  
There won't ever be a macross/JAM project show and knowing that makes me sad
>> No.24876  
Eye'm taking it easy.
>> No.24898  
I've been watching anime for 15 years now, I really should have a basic grasp on Japanese.
Maybe I'm just stupid.
>> No.24908  
I've been watching anime for 15 years and still can't get into the excessive fluid/tentacle kind of porn.
Maybe there's something wrong with me.
>> No.24913  
i think i may have some serious mental illness. i keep getting muscle twitches in my arms, legs, eyes, and hands and my dissociation is getting worse. i also keep getting headaches on the left of my head. i hope i don't have a tumor or something.
>> No.24955  
You should go get that checked, sounds scary.
>> No.24966  
Go see a doctor.
>> No.25130  
I wonder what applecore would sound like.
>> No.25282  
I wonder if people will give me weird looks for taking advantage of the chocolate sales after Valentine's.
>> No.25291  
Sometimes I wonder what certain people really think of me, but I don't really care. I wonder if that's good.
>> No.25303  
File: 126948843838.jpg -(88.6 KB, 450x357) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.25308  
Building a PC was as easy as every told me it would be.
>> No.25309  
I can't type long words like 'everyone' before my morning coffee.
>> No.25311  
I'm about to have my 'morning coffee' right now, except it's 7 PM.
>> No.25315  
I wish I had random short thoughts to post here. I only ever seem to have long thoughts.
>> No.25316  
I wish you could just order a hamburger without any cheese, gherkins or sauces at Burger King. Just bread and a patty. Is that too much to ask? "Have it your way", my ass.
>> No.25317  
You should make one yourself then. It's pretty easy really, most supermarkets sell everything you need for it.
>> No.25320  
Was society always this integrally based on greed?
This entire recession and general collapse of the global economy is 100% the fault of personal greed.
>> No.25321  

Oh dear! This won't end well.
>> No.25324  
I am aware, but I tend to buy food at Burger King when I won't be home for a while. That situation makes it difficult to prepare a burger myself.

Any kind of society is always based on selfishness of some sort. People can only be motivated to do things they directly or indirectly benefit from, short-term or long-term. Capitalist society is based on using greed to attain a large amount of material welfare. It keeps people working, it keeps getting people to make new stuff, yet there is enough freedom (or at least perceived freedom) to keep the people content. In the same way the collapse is caused by greed, the growth that caused there to be something to collapse was also caused by greed. The large companies defining the economy didn't grow so large because their workers wanted to help society, you know.

(And in the long term, slight recessions/depressions are actually fortunate. Capitalist economy is one enormous bubble that will burst when it grows too large; it's impossible for something to keep growing forever. The fact that we're even concerned about recession (a decrease in growth, not even actually shrinking) is rather worrying.
>> No.25335  

Luckily nobody at 4chan now has been there long enough to know what happened with the furries
>> No.25342  
I never understood why furries are so looked down on. We complain that sex is treated as worse than violence, yet somehow the general consensus seems to be that furry is much worse than guro, scat, necrophilia, loli bestiality rape, etc.
>> No.25349  
Hey, don't look at me, I've nothing against furries. Why should I, I'm a paedophile for Pete's sake (Technically, I'm an ephebophile exclusively into 2D, but try to tell that to most people). Nobody should be persecuted for their sexuality, as long as they don't act on it. As long as furries keep themselves from going all willy-nilly on a horses rump, I'm fine with them.
>> No.25350  
File: 1238852747803.gif -(174.1 KB, 1003x1115) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Some furries flaunt their sexuality and think of it as a part of their "identity" other people just have to accept. It's pretty unique to furries, I think. People into other paraphilias tend to keep to themselves, you've never seen someone flaunt their foot fetish and dress up in foot costumes while at foot-cons have you? Tarantino does not count. There actually are S/M cons though, now that I think about it, but anyway-
While I believe the furries who go conning and fursuiting are in the minority (at least, for the love of god, I hope so), it's enough to make them somewhat loathed.
>> No.25352  
File: 1244538671210.jpg -(278.5 KB, 900x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I guess you've never heard of cosplay? At conventions some cosplay reaches near-pornographic levels, and there's also just actual cosplay porn. And then of course there's also kigurumi...

Doll enthusiasts also have their own conventions and whatnot. There are plenty of people doing weird shit in public, and some of those people are retarded enough to draw attention to themselves outside of their own group, but I fail to see why furries are worse than other groups in this regard.
>> No.25353  

basically this. if people who were into scat or gore would constantly post and talk about scat and gore everywhere on the internet I'd hate them just as much as furries. thats my problem with mlp and its fans as well
>> No.25357  
Kigurumi is the most disgusting thing ever.
>> No.25358  
File: 125371661021.jpg -(129.4 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
What's wrong with kigurumi?
>> No.25362  
Uncanny valley, man... besides, they're dudes.
>> No.25372  

I did that for years.
>> No.25396  
Sometimes when watching porn with really good sound and my headphones plugged in perfectly, I start to wonder if they really are plugged in.
>> No.25407  
My tax returns remind me of my love for tax returns.
>> No.25411  
I had a dream that Darth Vader and Kahlan Amnell were arguing on an image board over the conditions of surrender for the Midlands. Princess Lea was jealous because she wasn't getting enough attention.
>> No.25432  
I see more non-mexicans spamming HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE than non-mexicans.
>> No.25441  
>> No.25454  

I seriously wish Master Yi was never in this gay game.
>> No.25457  
Suggestion: Do not play gay games if you do not want to encounter gay things.
>> No.25472  
Fine, fine. I'll wear clothing today, you fuckers.
>> No.25490  
Oh man, a vagina. I was not expecting a vagina.
>> No.25501  
Man, ejaculation hasn't been feeling as good as it should. It's like my penis muscles don't want to go PEW PEW PEW.
>> No.25515  
It's really hard to imagine light things as durable.
>> No.25517  
Yesterday, the cleaning lady told me she has a third breast.
>> No.25556  
Today I applied to study in Paris. Feeling good~
>> No.25557  
'Bout time.
>> No.25559  
dwellings shared by males sure are awkward.
>> No.25562  
I watched Idiocracy and now I'm really depressed.
>> No.25565  
By how bad the movie was, surely.
>> No.25568  
I mostly felt cheated that the movie was trying to make me feel sympathetic for a bunch of dumbfucks.
>> No.25619  
I should do some work soon. But I need more coffee and food first.
>> No.25622  
>Tell us more about your friends that collect child porn and talk about fucking young girls. You support this guy? Then you're just like him. Birds of a feather flock together.
This is...just so typical.
>> No.25641  
The top of the fridge is sticky. How did that even happen?
>> No.25661  
I want to live in a tiny place with lots of cool people. Looks fun.
>> No.25672  
I had to format my computer after some severe errors and lost almost all of my files. I feel like I've lost the best friend I could ever have.
>> No.25673  
I'm really hungry, but I don't feel like cooking, and besides, I don't even know what to cook.
I'm not sure if I want to eat instant noodles again.
>> No.25676  
I'm so glad that /bun/ doesn't get GET raided.
>> No.25684  
25684 GET!
>> No.25726  
Escapism is the solution to every problem.
>> No.25820  
Do I want a girlfriend? I don't think so, but not too sure.
>> No.25821  
>> No.25857  
Anime girls are so beautiful.
>> No.25862  
I wonder if I should stop smiling. People seem to misunderstand it a lot.
>> No.25898  
This beer really does taste like chocolate.
>> No.25908  
I know that feel OP.I didn't take an actual shower more than once last year in college.The very first one I took the shower hook ended up breaking and my shower rack and soaps all ended up on the floor.I hate community bathrooms more than Jews hate Hitler.I ended up having to wait until 3 or 4 in the morning then I would go in the kitchen and wet a wash cloth and go back to my room to scrub my armpits.Then I'd go back to the sink and wash my hair.I took care of my face using facial gels and lotions.
Hopefully no one realized I didn't bathe since our hall was basically guys that never talked to each other.
>> No.25909  

Also a random thought:
Why can't we make giant space balloons and siphon the excess gigatons of CO2 into them. We could use them to create an atmosphere on the moon!
>> No.25911  
Why do people insist on making arguments full of 'and's and devoid of 'but's? Not everything in the world fits together so nicely.
>> No.25912  
We would create more CO2 from burning the rocket fuel to get those balloons to the moon than was in the balloons to begin with. Even if you compressed them into gas cylinders it would have the same problem. You also can't float balloons of CO2 since it's denser than air.
>> No.25916  
I'd always thought a good emergency solution to global warming would be to paint all the roofs on Earth white.
>> No.25917  
humpidy dumpidy took a shit on the wall.
>> No.25921  
Actually, you can condense it to a very small size, and there are ways to launch stuff without producing CO2.

The real problem is that sending shit into space is EXPENSIVE. In order to send anything into space, it needs to pass the atmosphere, which tends to burn pretty much everything not specifically built to get through. Constructing something to survive the atmosphere and launching it fast enough to conquer gravity are definitely possible, but they're very expensive to do.

Because of the way our minds work, arguments containing 'buts' are pretty much worthless. It is an indication that you are not convinced of your opinion, which leads the listener to automatically judge it as 'most likely bullshit'. Also, you generally try to CONVINCE people of something, in which case the 'but's only reduce your chance of success. When you're just INFORMING people you can present both sides, but it doesn't work that well with arguments.
>> No.25927  
Sometimes, I listen to my older music and feel that what I gained in technical skill, I lost in creativity.
>> No.25931  
>ways to launch stuff without producing CO2
Care to expand on those? I can't imagine anything that could lift a significant mass into space other than a rocket.
>> No.25935  
File: 1330710860993.png -(1916.5 KB, 1178x1662) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

No, you most definitely do not.It may seem find possible for you to find a dandy girl,but even the ones who seem to be the nicest,most elegant and respectable things imaginable are depraved whores.

I wish I could say this picture surprised,but I don't think my opinion of western females could get any lower.
>> No.25938  
don't get eaten, girl in the burger!
>> No.25939  
I ate a burger yesterday.
It did not contain a girl.
Such a shame.
>> No.25945  
Don't eat little girls!
>> No.25949  
I'm hungry. I sure could go for a little girl right now.
>> No.25954  
Pirating music albums makes my folders too cluttered.
>> No.25981  
I'll never experience Morrowind for the first time again.
>> No.25984  
I read this as two separate lines of thought.
>> No.26002  
Gah, this finger pricker is a torture machine.

There's these things you can use to measure your blood sugar, and you get a finger-pricking device to make you bleed and a strip to bleed on to test your blood sugar. I've pricked myself right in the center of my index fingertip three fucking times at maximum power, but it keeps healing before I bleed enough...but it hurts as much as if it didn't. I give up. I probably don't have diabetes yet anyways.

My poor finger...
>> No.26003  

It doesn't have to be your finger, try your thigh or something instead
>> No.26005  

Squeeze the tip of your finger before and after poking to get some blood out of it, you only need to put a ridiculously tiny amount of blood on the sensor for it to work. Why are you measuring your blood sugar in the first place? Do you suspect you might have impaired fasting glucose?
>> No.26008  
It's a lot of fun knowing cute girls, especially when they're really cute, but knowing they're forever taken by someone else is kind of a bummer. Especially this one really cute one with the most beautiful smile. Am I in love?
>> No.26009  
I do squeeze, but it still isn't enough. As for why, a year or so ago I suspected I might have diabetes and ordered the thing to check. I found out I didn't have diabetes and it the thing got lost somewhere in my room. I recently cleaned up my room, and I figured I'd just do a check now that I found it again, just for the hell of it since I'm not really living the healthiest lifestyle. (For an European.)
>> No.26010  
This tea is much too bitter.
>> No.26011  
To fap or not to fap. That is actually a question.
>> No.26014  
The beer was pretty good, to my surprise
>> No.26018  
I wish I didn't jizz quite so...vigorously. I have to be really really careful or it'll fly all over me, my clothes and the keyboard. It sucks.
>> No.26026  

Use a sock, a cream/lotion bottle or something else.
>> No.26028  

push on your perineum. not only will it stop it from coming out as much, but you will be ready to masturbate again much sooner
>> No.26032  
Don't listen to this. It works fine for the short term but will screw you over in the long run:
>One technique for refraining from ejaculation is to put pressure on the perineum, about halfway between the scrotum and the anus, just before ejaculating to prevent ejaculation. This can, however, lead to retrograde ejaculation, i.e., redirecting semen into the urinary bladder rather than through the urethra to the outside. It may also cause long term damage due to the pressure put on the nerves and blood vessels in the perineum, akin to that reported by some males who ride bicycles with narrow seats for extended periods.[28] Men who have had prostate or bladder surgery, for whatever reason, may also experience dry orgasms because of retrograde ejaculation.
And that's the description for doing it before ejaculation starts. Doing it AFTER the ejaculation has already started will definitely lead to retrograde ejaculation.
>> No.26040  
This "season-all" seasoning really does improve the taste of everything! Incredible!
>> No.26046  
I was gonna start a blog because I have dumb opinions about things that I want to put down, but blogspot has to be linked to my google account and I really don't want it to be. To make a new google account I need a cell phone number, and I don't have one. It's rough being paranoid
>> No.26054  
Why not use Wordpress instead?
>> No.26055  

I saw dollar signs attached to stuff and it immediately turned me off
>> No.26094  
Huh? I use Wordpress and it's fine.
>> No.26165  
I played Minesweeper today. Beat my personal record on Expert. Twice!
>> No.26180  
Messi is going to ruin us if we play like that.
>> No.26201  
I wish I wasn't so fucking oblivious and insular, I've missed hundreds of opportunities and lucky breaks because I was too fucking self-absorbed to go for them at the time.
>> No.26209  
It's never too late to take the ones you see now!
>> No.26323  
Getting €3.75 worth of candy free with a €5.00 purchase...I'm not sure what they're trying to do here.
>> No.26324  
I think Amazon are taking much longer to deliver things now than before. How queer.
>> No.26330  
tumblr is actually pretty fun, it's just like having your own thread in an imageboard but with some other neat functions.
>> No.26336  
I just considered the possibility that I have ADD. All the symptoms describe me quite well/very well. I'm usually very careful about internet self-diagnoses, but it would explain so much.
I don't know how to feel about this.
>> No.26337  
unf unf unf unf unf unf.
>> No.26338  
I missed her laugh, and now it's gone again forever ;_;
>> No.26339  
>>>any place that cares about teen romance
>> No.26351  
This is a thread for random short thoughts, 26338 is allowed to post about a girl if they want to.
>> No.26353  
File: 1296908045849.png -(984.3 KB, 1100x1192) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
They're free to post about anything, but they should ask themselves whether this is the right place for it. Likewise, I don't bring my work issues to this place. Posting something generally implies you either want people to know something or want for people to respond to something. In the case of >>26338, it looks exactly like the kind of posts asking for emotional support (whether or not that was the conscious decision behind it), and the only response I can give is 'that's only to be expected for getting caught up in 3D love'. I doubt many of us are here to listen to teen romance problems or give dating advice. The listed boards, though, love that kind of stuff.
>> No.26354  
File: MJV-ART.ORG_-_6637-1600x1200-muv-luv+%28game%29-muvluv-kashiwagi+haruko-short+hair-blue+hair-bodysuit.jpg -(445.1 KB, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Wow, I didn't expect to wake up to that!
pic related, it's the girl in question.
>> No.26355  

Muv-Luv Alternative spoilers:
But doesn't have MLA have a reset end where everybody survives?
>> No.26367  
I'm so tired. Why didn't I write this text earlier.
>> No.26369  

Are you me? I stayed up til the middle of the night yesterday, wondering why I didn't do my text before!
>> No.26370  
Kinda, yes. Kashiwagi doesn't laugh too much in that world though ;_;
>> No.26400  
I'm glad I started using the calendar on my google account. Sure the only things on it are anime releases, but seeing a bunch of blue boxes on my schedule makes me feel warm
>> No.26401  
File: 112139_slide_1.jpg -(71.1 KB, 496x496) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Google information checklist:
[x] Who you are
[x] Where you live
[x] What you do on the internet
[x] What you look for on the internet
[x] What you're looking forward to
[ ] Who your friends and other contacts are (check if you or one of your friends uses Google+)
[ ] Your entire e-mail history (check if you have G-Mail)
[ ] Your entire browser history (check if you use Chrome)
[ ] The contents of your entire computer (currently still figuring out a way to do this and get away with it)
>> No.26404  
Is issue to be pronounced isyu or ishoe?
Patrick Stewart says it as isyu, so I'll go with that, but why then have I been taught the latter in school?
>> No.26408  
Why am I arguing with some guy who says that Dragonball is more childish than Naruto, and that violence and blood makes something for adults. It's the mind that counts, the mind!
>> No.26411  
We built an entire world just to store porn, and now I can't find any porn I want on it because people are using it to "socialize".
This is fucking bullshit.
>> No.26412  
My curtains better arrive soon. Never mind the heat, the glare from the sun makes it impossible to do any work on my computer.
>> No.26413  

oh no now google will know i have no friends, receive less than 3 emails a week on average, and watch lupin every thursday. my life is ruined
>> No.26414  
That's all I have to say
>> No.26415  
I really want this bun, but I just brushed my teeth, and I can still taste the toothpaste. くそ
>> No.26426  
And so I fall.
>> No.26470  
These socks are suffocating, but they're the only ones I have right now.
>> No.26504  
I wonder what I did wrong. I thought about it for a while and I still have nothing.
I guess some people are just like that.
>> No.26519  
What's the deal with Pretty Cure? I watch it every week but I'm still ugly.
>> No.26602  
It's a cure for prettiness. Any male that watches it turns into an ugly otaku.
>> No.26607  
I'm REALLY glad I got out of highschool before reddit took off and bronies became a thing.
>> No.26614  
It sure is hard to find something to stick your penis inside.
>> No.26622  
You can find a fleshlight at any sex shop, anonymous.
>> No.26711  
I imported two UK magazines, and I got a 'Purely Creative' scratchcard with them. After thoroughly reading the rules and finding out I wasn't eligible anyways, I scratched the paper (consisting of 3 cards). Apparently I had a 'no matching symbols', a 'two matching symbols' and a 'three matching symbols'. The exact prize conditions were rather vague, the way of claiming prizes sounded just like the usual expensive phone call scam, the odds of getting two winning cards were unlikely and the whole thing seemed fishy, though. Then I noticed the card had in small text, 'THE GAME: Every card has a set of 3 matching symbols, 2 matching symbols and no matching symbols'. After some searching on the internet, it turns out they do exactly what it sounds like; everybody is a winner, and winning means you're allowed to waste tons of money on a phone call to win a couple of pounds ,less than the amount of money it takes to claim your prize.

I can't believe they can get away with this in the UK. What the hell is your government doing?
>> No.26712  
I'd really like to do some balancing for Defense of the Shrines, the overpoweredness of some Touhous is just ridiculous.

Taking it up the ass from the economy, just like every other western state.
>> No.26713  
Another track ruined by shitty software. The performance of this thing is ridiculous, I can't even run two of it on my 2.8 ghz dual core. What do they expect musicians to have nowadays, supercomputers?
>> No.26714  
Fuck this shit. Maybe I should just go back to Windows XP...
>> No.26716  
This song is pretty nice
>> No.26723  
I hope I die in my sleep tonight!
>> No.26725  
No, don't!
We love you!
>> No.26726  
Man. I finally find a truly scary horror story, and then it turns out I was just dreaming.
>> No.26733  
I am sad.
>> No.26738  
I'm still alive unfortunately. Maybe tonight will be the night!
>> No.26759  
I feel so alienated.
>> No.26767  
>> No.26769  
why wont he shut up. WHY
>> No.26774  
I feel so unhappy I feel like my stomach could burst, and I wish it would.
>> No.26784  
I'm planning to watch the movie "The Wild Hunt".

I don't know much about it,but a very successful troll based his account off of it.It sounds interesting.
>Guy and girlfriend have problems
>Girlfriend joins guy's brother in a viking reenactment troupe
>Boyfriend goes looking for her,problems ensue
>> No.26787  
Ugh. Stupid rumors are spreading through the internet about how the Fukushima reactor's unit 4 is on the verge of collapse and how it might cause a disaster potentially making the entire earth uninhabitable. Why are people so stupid?!
>> No.26793  
oh no some football player killed himself. this is much more important than everything else, thanks cnn
>> No.26795  
Her name is Koko she is loco I say 'oh no', ...
>> No.26800  
It's the media's fault.
>> No.26809  
File: famous.png -(40.6 KB, 650x530) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.26830  
oh god pixiv isnt working OH NO
>> No.26832  
oh god my internet is so fucking terrible oh god i can't stand it
>> No.26835  
Tonight, there will be no fapping.
>> No.26836  
I've been digging through an old computer of mine that I'd been using up until late 2008; I was a teenager at the time. the amount of dumb meme pictures I'm finding is a bit unsettling. So far I've only been able to find one pornographic image. I wonder where I hid all of it?
>> No.26849  
File: 1329195666943.png -(45.0 KB, 500x221) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Why do I feel this obsessive need to reply to everything with comics by John Campbell?
>> No.26853  
I fapped so much that my wrist hurts unless I hold it perfectly still.
>> No.26854  
I still have a folder named 'lulz' in my pictures folder. And yes, it contains a whole lot of meme pictures among other things.
>> No.26856  
Ugh, looks like Japan closed all of its nuclear reactors. The terrible disaster last year that killed one person and injured less than 100 as a result of the worst earthquake ever recorded in Japan combined with a lack of safety standards compliance was bad enough to convince the Japanese public that nuclear energy is the devil itself. Fortunately, this evil energy will now be replaced with the normal coal energy which only sends tons and tons and tons of pollution into our atmosphere, and the mining of the ingredients for it only costs more lives than nuclear disasters, not to mention any long-term health risks caused by it. Long live progress! You know, we should ban DHMO while we're at it.

Future generations will look back at this and will hate us for being such incredible idiots.
>> No.26857  
>Future generations

You're pretty optimistic about the future of society
>> No.26861  
We'd have to really, really fuck things up to make humanity go fully extinct. Environmental damage will continue to affect people long after our current society collapses.
>> No.26867  
Today I felt like people liked me. How nice.
>> No.26868  
I'm trying to do way too much at the same time. I wish I was able to focus on one project at the time.
>> No.26869  
What the...? Where the hell did my semen go?!
>> No.26874  
>> No.26923  
I hate when this happens.
>> No.26948  
Them deadlifts man. Them deadlifts.
>> No.26951  
i miss 3D doritos
>> No.26967  
They're still sold in Mexico.
>> No.26988  
Using desktop GTX 460 on my laptop is pretty great.
>> No.26989  
I wonder why I enjoy the EA/TOR hate much. I've found myself going back to /v/ for the first time in years just for the TORtanic threads.
>> No.26994  

the slow death of the video games industry is more entertaining that actually playing games these days. Another one to look forward to is Elder Scrolls Online
>> No.27006  
Sometimes I read people's thoughts and musings on books and movies and wonder if I'm just really dumb for not seeing most of the stuff they talk about, or if they are just incredibly pretentious. Especially so when they use overly complex words to describe something simple.
>> No.27008  
the president saying that maybe people should be treated equally and have the same rights is apparently a big news story. america is so fucking cool
>> No.27010  
>> No.27042  
world isnt going to end in 2012 after all. That's...great
>> No.27074  

Does being completely tired of everything about the US/western world make me a communist, because if so I am sorry!
>> No.27111  
If you were, at any point, more than 50% convinced there was the possibility that the world might end in 2012, then there's probably something wrong with you.
>> No.27117  

I wasn't, but I was looking forward to idiots slowly beginning to freak out as the day approached
>> No.27122  
That's acceptable.
>> No.27128  

There was also the possibility of stupid people high in society making increasingly dumb decisions due to "the end", meaning maybe it could have actually happened. Self fulfilling prophecy and all that
>> No.27176  
there sure are a lot of koishi pics on pixiv today
>> No.27184  
Why is this song 20 minutes long?
>> No.27188  
>> No.27194  
Everyone knows all of the best songs are 20 minutes long AT LEAST.
(Close to the edge!)
(Down by the waterrrrr!)
>> No.27195  
today is koishi day
>> No.27209  

Wow, even Wikipedia bans people just for being pedophiles, regardless of whether or not they've actually done anything wrong (besides existing). What is this world coming to?
>> No.27224  
why is there a black kid in the backseat in this commercial, the family is white
>> No.27225  

At least they're not in on the usual bandwagon.
>> No.27234  
I sometimes wonder if my post has killed the thread, or if /bun/'s extra slow that week.
>> No.27239  
how the hell do chinese people manage to consistently make this terrible barbecue sauce when sweet baby ray's is a real thing that exists and is being sold by the bottle in every fucking store?
>> No.27253  
Cheap wine tastes like shit but if you get drunk enough you won't care about the taste
>> No.27269  
Why am I spilling my life's ambitions on /bun/ in image form?

What if someone takes it all away from me?
>> No.27270  
Is the page layout of /general/ messed up?
>> No.27271  
Seems fine for me.
>> No.27281  
why did facebook take off while myspace became low and obscure? I've never used either of course but from what I remember seeing myspace was first and had more features, I don't get it
>> No.27283  
For fucks sake, why can't programs just fucking list their dependencies properly?! I'm not asking them to install them for me or even link to them, all I'm asking is to just FUCKING TELL ME what I need to have installed to run shit. I keep downloading more and more stuff because X needs Y and Y needs Z and Z needs A and all of it fucking needs to die. I've been through this shit tons of times before, and it always, always, ALWAYS FUCKING ALWAYS ENDS UP WITH ONE FUCKING COG NOT WORKING AND BREAKING THE ENTIRE FUCKING CHAIN AND NO DECENT HELP TO BE FOUND ON FIXING THAT ONE FUCKING COG ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET.

I stay out of C++ to avoid this kind of shit, dammit.
>> No.27284  
MySpace did take off, their userbase was just snatched from them by Facebook. People were originally on MySpace, then all the cool kids went to Facebook as moms and dads and all other kinds of uncool people joined MySpace, so more people hopped over. I'm not sure why they stayed on Facebook since then.
>> No.27290  
To execute cout("\n"); you must first invent the universe.
>> No.27297  
lady on CNN said mark zuckerberg has "an army of nerds behind him". because you know, antisocial nerds and geeks just love facebook and social networking
>> No.27306  
They mean """"nerds"""".
You know.
>> No.27317  
Time is the most valuable thing in the world, yet I'm here wasting it.
>> No.27318  

Time is infinite. Nothing you do is wasting it as long as you do what you want
>> No.27319  
>Time is infinite.
Tell that to people who have died of old age.

>Nothing you do is wasting it as long as you do what you want
But I haven't done anything I wanted today. I just didn't feel like doing anything and just ended up refreshing the same couple of sites over and over again.
>> No.27324  
You run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking/
Racing around to come up behind you again/
The sun is the same, in a relative way, but you're older/
Shorter of breath, and one day closer to death
>> No.27355  
It's been at least 7 hours and only one new post was made. Why is /bun/ so slow?
>> No.27357  

Not a lot to say.
>> No.27358  

/bun/ is like the 4 guys in king of the hill, standing around in an alley and rarely saying more than "yep" every once in a while
>> No.27362  
It's because I was asleep, I'm sorry.
>> No.27366  
I remember when I was in Canada a few years ago and saw French dubbed King of the Hill. They all said "Oui" except Boomhauer, who said "Ça Va".
I found it hilarious.
>> No.27375  
Some topics in /general/ don't bump to the front page. Can a mod fix this?
>> No.27377  

I noticed that with the video game thread. I assumed it was on autosage or something
>> No.27388  
Fuck pollen. Fuck it hard in the ass.
God damn it.
>> No.27391  

i read some doujins about this once
>> No.27396  
I watched the hentai-anime adaption. It was OK.
>> No.27404  
I can't watch hentai anime. Too low budget. The doujins were great, though!
>> No.27405  

I download H-anime, but only hardcore stuff and I rarely watch it anyway. Something special about hearing the girl moan and watching as her stomach swells from tentacles and cum that you just don't get from doujins, ya know?
>> No.27407  
Sounds like pollen is fucking you hard in the ass instead.
>> No.27432  
File: 130134393969.png -(96.0 KB, 400x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
News reports that WHO research indicates the Fukushima radiation leak wasn't that bad after all. People have been so indoctrinated by the media that they call bullshit on WHO's numbers, continue to rant about the dangers of nuclear energy, and still fucking spread the rumor of 'reactor 4 blowing up and erasing all of Japan' (see also >>26787). For fucks sake.

I wonder how much the energy industry was involved with demonizing nuclear energy. Oh no, it's a cleaner, more efficient, safer, more environmentally responsible, more durable supply of electricity! Whatever shall we do?!
>> No.27433  
I wonder if I'm the only one who occasionally wants to post a very specific picture with his post and then continues to search his pictures folder for over 15 minutes to find that specific picture.
>> No.27434  
You're not. Sometimes I don't post because I can't find the picture I want.
>> No.27438  
>> No.27445  

Sometimes I'll name a pic totally normal like "suwako eating a hamburger" and other times I come up with funny (at the time) titles for pictures, then I can never find them again
>> No.27447  
If the pollen were horny girls who wanted to fuck me, the situation would be tolerable, but it's not.
>> No.27551  
Today's GoT was great. I loved everything, even strong independent whore who don't need no man. Not to say it wasn't flawless, but with how mediocre this season was it was hard for gurm to fail at writing an episode's script for his own book's adaptation.

Stannis the mannis so good.
>> No.27568  
Why is donald trump so fucking dumb. HOW can he be so dumb
>> No.27575  
Headaches fucking sucks
>> No.27579  
Wow, these Americans have pretty horrible accents considering they live in Japan.
>> No.27580  
I really hope no one walks past while I'm looking at guro.
>> No.27581  
Don't browse for guro in public, man.
>> No.27584  
hongfire aint no attack site, google
>> No.27596  
I don't wanna buy premium pixiv!
>> No.27597  
Found out that PantyStocking is better in UK, yet no one told me it existed. That's a tenner saved, at least!
>> No.27600  
Should I upgrade to the ivy bridge from this core 2 duo?
>> No.27601  
wait for the sandy vagina prices to drop and go for an i-5.

unless you're secretly Daiz and do lots of video encoding, there's no reason to upgrade to anything better.

You'd probably get a better performance increase by getting a better video card or putting your OS on a solid state disk, a core 2 should be fine enough for most things as is.
>> No.27603  
I wonder why the Bartimaeus books never got as popular as Harry Potter, Twilight et cetera. They had better characters, story, lore, setting, development... Basically better in every conceivable way, but they're not even comparable in popularity. Weird.
>> No.27610  
Man, "The Grey" is an excellent film.
>> No.27630  
Discussion on '1 Lunatic 1 Icepick' has made me realize.

People don't just not mind getting a thought police.

People are actively welcoming it.
>> No.27660  
I was watching TV and there was this commercial for GE about building jet engines and it focused on the people but all I could think is it should be focusing on the fact that these people are making fucking engines to let people fly in the sky.
>> No.27690  
Too morally ambiguous, probably didn't appeal to girls enough.
>> No.27699  
come back miku
>> No.27719  
Every time someone says Nega Nebulus, I can't help but wonder if that sounds intentionally similar to Mega Fabulous.
>> No.27725  
I really hope that summer would be over soon. 24/7 daylight is really tiring.
>> No.27726  
I should never have shaved my pubes
>> No.27727  
Enjoy itching like heck when they grow back.
>> No.27729  
Getting out of bed without masturbating is pretty difficult.
>> No.27730  
so many patche pictures on pixiv!
>> No.27731  
My guitar never stays tuned. I tune it and tune it, but the chords still sound like utter garbage!
>> No.27733  
maybe you should play it right
>> No.27734  
It gets better after the second or third time.

What he should really enjoy is picking out ingrown hairs.
>> No.27737  
I've been hiking in the woods for over five hours, mostly steep uphill, and I'm not even tired, mentally nor physically. Am I superhuman?
>> No.27738  
Hiking in the woods is very refreshing
>> No.27739  
I'm gonna take a guess and say that you're just in normal physical shape.
>> No.27740  
great now i have a wet spot on my underwear
>> No.27743  
Gee what a coincidence, the only streaming site I actually use no longer works for no apparent reason. It's great being me!
>> No.27756  
The Essence of Masculinity: to wield the phallus is to embrace masochism. The seducer must break the rules (for who defines the rule but the exception) and risk himself absolutely: he is either approachable or a creep, absolutely loyal or the scum of the earth. And he does not decide. Truly, the only way to universalize your masculinity is to live as if you already died. There is only your suffering and her pleasure, all run by the engine of desire.
>> No.27764  
I'm breaking every rule in the study hall. Luckily, no one else is here! Hahaha!
>> No.27769  
You fiend! Somebody will find you and put you to justice!
>> No.27772  
I accidentally farted while there were other people there. I hurried and made farting noises with my mouth as if pouting. はずかしい~
>> No.27773  
Tomorrow is exam day and the day after tomorrow is Lollipop Chainsaw day, but I won't be here the day after tomorrow. I wonder if they'll give me my pre-ordered copy if I just ask them politely...
>> No.27774  
parents going out, time to watch some h-anime and cum into the bathtub
>> No.27776  
Going to Ikea to eat some meatballs tomorrow, fuck yes.
>> No.27783  
One or two other anons on /general/ posting during the same period as me. This has not happened in a long while.
>> No.27784  
It's always worrying to think they might be watching. Waiting. For YOU.
>> No.27790  
It didn't work. But I got top marks!
>> No.27794  
I ate falafel at Ikea, ate a slice of watermelon, and drove into the forest and smoked a cigarette.
Fucking awesome day.
>> No.27798  
My farts smell like I ate potatoes, but I haven't. How curious
>> No.27802  
The one thing I miss since becoming a NEET is that feeling you get when you wake up before you're supposed to, look at the clock, and seeing you still have like 4 hours before your alarm goes off. That's when sleep felt the best
>> No.27810  
I looked up someone's skirt, and she was wearing shorts. What a disappointment.
>> No.27812  

>> No.27820  
Really? "Arsène Lupin" is "too anime"? Why the fuck do I bother with you people?!
>> No.27829  
Please expand further.
>> No.27835  

I was playing SS13 on goonservers and an admin yelled at me because I had an "anime name" (Arsene Lupin).
>> No.27844  

Yeah well, that's your own fault then. Even the goons dislike their ss13 branch.
>> No.27847  

I'd rather play with them than 4chan, honestly (who run the only other server aside from the lagfest offcial one). Other than SS13 I never have anything to do with them.
>> No.27854  
I want to bang out to "Duel of the fates". For once, I know I'm normal.
>> No.27863  
please let me die
>> No.27869  
I'll kill you if you kill me.
>> No.27874  
A female who wasn't my mother or sister complimented me on my appearance!
>> No.27877  

When I was in high school a girl complimented my shoes. She was one of those emo weeabooish goth girls though so it just made me feel like I had made a horrible mistake
>> No.27885  
I want to let this girl know how beautiful she is, but I can't possibly say something like that in a cool way.
>> No.27886  
File: matt-leblanc-1.jpg -(13.9 KB, 320x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
How you doin'?
>> No.27889  
Get drunk, both of you.
>> No.27891  
Trying to convey emotion to 2D characters is a pretty dumb concept.
>> No.27898  
i wish my life wasnt so empty so i would do things other than playing this awful game
>> No.27901  
File: 13402423814.jpg -(2.8 KB, 76x100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Be happy, kid! At least you're not dead! Then again, maybe that's a bad thing.
>> No.27930  
fuck you imgur
>> No.27939  
I never knew there were so many moe right-wing books/magazines in Japan.
>> No.27942  
i think i just shat blood
>> No.27943  
Had a love dream tonight, and everything turned out better than expected!
>> No.27952  
Huh. Judging from the evidence, it seems I forgot to eat breakfast/lunch today. That explains why I'm hungry.
>> No.27957  
File: 33.2_Magical_Marine_Pixel_Maritan_Concentration_Drills.png -(525.5 KB, 565x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I wish there were more commie manga out there.
>> No.27963  

seriously why is imgur failing to upload like 50% of the time for me now.
>> No.27975  
im really hungry but dinners not for another hour and a half. what am i going to do!
>> No.27979  
I'm really hungry but it's 4 in the morning.
>> No.27987  
So apparently, all the Arrested Development references in Ichigo Mashimaro were to the hip-hop duo, not the sitcom. Huh.
>> No.27995  
why does watching regular porn just make me wanna jerk off but watching hentai makes me wanna do really lewd things to my body
>> No.28004  
thanks for forgetting all my logins again firefox
>> No.28009  
I'm surprised, I thought this grub I just made was going to taste like shit, but it's actually pretty good.
>> No.28011  
Your Firefox stored passwords are saved in plaintext. Anybody who accesses your computer can read your passwords in plaintext.
>> No.28013  

If anyone is accessing my computer then I have a lot bigger problems
>> No.28016  
it feels so good to be drunk again
>> No.28051  
I really hate people who are blinded by nostalgia.
>> No.28064  
>> No.28068  
I never noticed what a poorly acted film the matrix is. There isn't a single genuine emotion at all
>> No.28069  
Why is it always that when I need to wake up early the next day, I just can't seem to fall asleep?
>> No.28070  
Nyquil works great for me, and it's not addictive.
>> No.28074  
Aww yeah, Comedy Button!
>> No.28081  
Wow, I am totally like an Akibaranger. How peculiar...
>> No.28137  
Oh lord, a freaking cockroach just crawled over my right foot.

I felt something ticklish so I shook my foot a few times, then turned on the lights and saw a large cockroach running away.
>> No.28145  
Celebrating my first free day by waking up at 4 PM. FREEDOM
>> No.28158  
why did i even make a tumblr, whenever i see the kinds of people who like my stuff it just depresses me.
>> No.28159  
I wonder what I can make.
>> No.28163  
I'm so fucking angry that I'm feeling dizzy
>> No.28165  
>> No.28166  
Why am I so angry all the time?
>> No.28168  
Because you forgot to take your pills.
>> No.28170  

and now people i dont even know have their stupid image macros and other garbage posts appearing in my dashboard. what the hell
>> No.28172  
Welcome to social networks.
>> No.28209  

Someone has taken the time to make and maintain this wiki.
>> No.28210  
There's also an uncensored version of that wiki, apparently.
>> No.28219  
>> No.28221  
CC shows up at Kallen's house after her walking tour and says "uhhhn...energy cell depleted...need pizza...to survive..."

And thus Geass season 3 becomes a slice of life show revolving around Kallen attending university and studying to become a doctor while CC teases her and generally acts like a pain in her hot ass. Also, they're heavily implied to be lezzing out, sleeping in the same big bed and being just ambigiously close enough to make you wonder.

Occasionally they go out to visit the gang at Tamaki's bar (sadly enough, Prime Minister Ougi was hit by a bus) or on visits to see Nunally, Kaguya, and Chinaloli who are the bestest of friends and running the world.

Eventually CC actually lets Kallen in on the secret that Lelouch exists as a ghost inside the Sword of Akasha. Rocketmoto's Code Geass was half-consumed by the machines of Ragnarok, so he doesn't have true immortality like CC, but can still manifest in the junction between Earth and Jupiter.

And then they go there and have an epic threesome, because Lelouch has gotten ridiculously horny from watching Suzaku give it to Nunally good every night.
>> No.28234  
For probably the 3rd time ever I came across a black person while playing an online PC game. He was really obnoxious
>> No.28254  
I sometimes dream up completely new music of various styles. Does that mean I should become a composer?
>> No.28258  
You should become a music idea guy. Just pitch your ideas to some fresh-outta-college composers and they'll do all the work for you! (they'll have no choice because in this economy they'll take any job that get's thrown at them)!
>> No.28268  
Blah, hit the page limit in exhentai for the first time in a long time.
>> No.28269  
Oh god, this class is going to unleash dozens of morons into the world spouting sophomoric Marxist terminology. All they had to do was apply methodology to texts, not eat a Hegemony burrito and diarrhea the word into their essays.
>> No.28292  
I follow way too many artists on pixiv. its takes me forever every morning to check their profiles for new stuff
>> No.28297  
I didn't even know there is a page limit.
>> No.28341  
oh god i hope i dont wake up
>> No.28342  
>trace CP
>any attempt to proof it will be banned or tracked by FBI
>no one dare to question rustle

Rustle confirmed as lex luthor of loli
>> No.28352  
Real life needs more exciting sound effects.
>> No.28364  

I think so, too. It also needs better music.
>> No.28428  
why did children die in this shooting but not this fat dyke in a twilight shirt
>> No.28436  
it really makes no sense since the fat dyke is a bigger target
>> No.28440  

he pointed his gun right at her, but she dove to the floor and he shot the people behind her. she said god must still want her around, which i guess means the people who died were worthless? religious people are self centered as fuck
>> No.28455  
How the fuck did it become Saturday? I swear, just two days ago it was Monday.
>> No.28456  
Same here. However, I can confirm that yesterday was a Friday. I speculate that this is a conspiracy and Tuesday-Thursday have been removed.
>> No.28459  
i hope they dont find loli or anything on the shooter guy's computer
>> No.28460  
in before they find a bunbunmaru bookmark on his computer
>> No.28461  
i remember that guy who blew up his house and killed his kids had "computer generated underage incest porn" on his computer and the news was just starting to talk about that (with an air of "WTF GROSS WHY LEGAL???" of course), but then whitney houston died and that story dropped off the planet. if they find anything like that on this guy's computer then it's over
>> No.28468  
cnn showed pictures of some of the victims, set to sappy music and their names and ages. the problem is that most of the pictures were screencaps of facebook pages. do they seriously not have anyone on staff who could spend 2 minutes cropping that shit out or do they not care
>> No.28524  
Collaborations always end up in failed projects. I wonder why I'm even wasting people's time anymore...
>> No.28535  
You should force people to be on an IRC channel every day and send an e-mail with a progress report every other day or something. Give individuals tangible tasks and set deadlines. A collaborative project with no sense of group unity or direction is doomed from the get-go any way you look at it.
Having a guy whose sole responsibility is project management in addition to music guy, art guy and programmer guy is a good idea. Even though it's rarely done.
>> No.28606  
I just took the manliest shower ever, with Hunting for Your Dream and Pegasus Fantasy ver.Ω singles playing as background music.
>> No.28628  

How did you manage to get BGM while you're in the shower?
>> No.28630  
The bathroom's next to my room, so I just turned up my volume high enough to be able to hear and left both doors open.
>> No.28633  
My brother actually mounted speakers into his bathroom so he can listen to music while showering.
>> No.28635  
well londons opening ceremony was awful. looks like asians win and will be our new overlords
>> No.28640  

I thought the 'doves' looked liked moths, to be honest.
>> No.28641  
Did we even watch the same thing, you dirty weeaboo?
>> No.28642  
I like how you post this almost 3 hours before it finished.
The way they lit the flame was awesome.
>> No.28644  
china had almost superhuman performance art (the boxes), london had "raver" people dancing around with simulated facebook updates with movie clips in the background. london had a cool "set", but in terms of performance and planning there is no comparison
>> No.28645  
File: queen.gif -(3836.0 KB, 500x277) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.28646  
google's new ISP venture is so much better than my current ISP that their free option is basically my current 70 dollars a month option except without a cap. god damn it
>> No.28647  
Downside: Google literally has access to every packet you send and receive. Of course that goes for all ISPs, but normal ISPs don’t data mine you for advertisements.
>> No.28648  

you could get a VPN if you are really worried about them datamining you.

It will be a long, long time before google fiber is even available in other cities anyway since I'm sure the existing telecom companies will try to stop/slow them down with whatever legal magic they can. 1Gbps upload/download rate plus no cap kicks the shit out of almost all of their offerings, and they would rather stop google than try to improve themselves
>> No.28649  
I want a third option for Google Fiber Fibre when it hits my city: 100 Mbps up&down, uncapped for $20 a month.
>> No.28650  

oh, my current plan is actually 45 dollars a month. My father has already said we wouldnt switch to google because of the price difference. Apparently him and my mother losing 400 dollars a week at a casino is A-OK but an extra 300 dollars a year is just too much.
>> No.28652  
Plus Google refuses to deny rumors that it works with the FBI, which probably means what we all think it means. I wouldn't download loli on that connection.
>> No.28657  
But if you route everything through a VPN, then what’s the point of superfast fiber?
>> No.28665  
if google really lights a fire under existing ISP's asses then odds are they will have comparable services before it even comes to your town
>> No.28678  
I try to maintain a normal sleeping routine, but it's so hard when I feel groggy around 18 and then perk up after 23.
>> No.28690  
This thread will die in your lifetime ;_;
>> No.28702  
File: 96ab6fcf7b2a6211f8ec6d0e280c7bb8.jpg -(52.5 KB, 800x562) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Not if I have anything to say about it!
>> No.28712  
I'll just procrastinate for a little longer.
>> No.28715  
I disagree.
>> No.28719  
The past year, I've stopped enjoying sweets to the point that I find them disgusting. I guess it's good, since it's making me eat healthier, but I miss the deliciousness of caramel pudding. It only tastes like sugary cardboard mash to me now.
I should try experimenting with making a more bitter caramel pudding.
>> No.28722  
>> No.28730  

I have been experiencing that too, although not to as extreme a degree! If I eat more than one piece of milk chocolate, I feel like my teeth are rotting, and this feeling remains for hours if I don't brush my teeth. If I eat more than two pieces, my gums start bleeding. If I eat crisps, I get stomach aches, and all the aforementionned effects are incurred when I drink certain kinds of soda, or just a little too much of the "safest". I can not eat very sugary things, nor can I even consider eating anything but ice cream. Why does this happen to us?
>> No.28732  
People eating at a fast food place en masse to show how much they hate gay people is the most American thing I have ever seen.
>> No.28734  
Ice cream is cold, which paralyzes your taste buds. I'm sure that has something to do with it.
>If I eat more than two pieces, my gums start bleeding
holy shit, mang
I know that taste buds change property as you age, but this happened to me over a relatively short period of time. I just realized one day that I hadn't drunk anything but coffee, tea and water the past month and that the sight of candy made me feel queasy.
Well, at least now I know I'm not alone.

What? Do you have a source on that?
>> No.28735  


>At least one location had to close early after nearly selling out of chicken. At others, lines snaked around buildings and patrons waited upwards of two hours to snag their chicken sandwiches and show their support for Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy's comments supporting traditional marriage.
>> No.28736  
File: there milkshakes.png -(56.3 KB, 627x268) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.28737  
>If I eat more than two pieces, my gums start bleeding. If I eat crisps, I get stomach aches, and all the aforementionned effects are incurred when I drink certain kinds of soda, or just a little too much of the "safest".
Uh...I think you should kinda get that checked out. It doesn't sound exactly healthy. Nausea is a pretty common occurrence at the thought of eating unwanted food, but the rest of that definitely isn't healthy.
>> No.28738  
Fucking mosquitoes. As soon as I lie down, BZZZZZZZZ. I got maybe 30 minutes of sleep in the last 24 hours.
I tried getting rid of them by applying the tremendous power of my vacuum cleaner at 4am, but there's still at least one blood sucker left.
>> No.28759  
Aren't there anti-mosquito measures you can take?
>> No.28789  
I wonder if half the shit we consider serious problems right now even crossed the minds of those that lived 100 years ago.
>> No.28792  
I had forgotten just how good being alone can be.
>> No.28795  
I feel so effective, playing these video games with the goal of winning in mind.
>> No.28797  
I dreamt about meeting a pretty black girl who turned out to have a penis.
Then I woke up and I wished it was real.
>> No.28800  
I wonder if I should pay the money to see May'n live just because she's there. I can't even remember if I've heard any of her songs.
>> No.28815  
i really wish i had a bottle of vodka with me right now
>> No.28842  
Instead of lying on my back, I masturbated sitting up for the first time in years today. This could be the start of a massive lifestyle change!
>> No.28844  
>Fapping lying down
But how do you read doujins like that?
>> No.28845  
Lying sideways or using a portable device. A PSP works fine.
>> No.28848  
Ah, I guess I worded that slightly wrong. I don't literally lie on my back (not normally, anyway). Usually I'm on my bed with my upper back propped up by a couple pillows and my laptop to one side. It's the perfect position for low-energy hentai consumption.
>> No.28849  
Most of my faps have been on my knees while I'm taking a shower, so the cum goes right into the drain.
>> No.28857  
If all women had dicks we'd live in a true utopia.
>> No.28865  
Imagine there's no gender,
I wonder if you can,
no need for fuss or quarrel,
a sorority of man.
Imagine all the people,
sharing genitalia, yu-huh.
You may say I'm a dreamer ...
>> No.28874  
if crazy people in america want to keep shooting people, can they at least shoot the right people?
>> No.28875  
Can they shoot me?
>> No.28876  

i hope so
>> No.28877  
Why do I keep buying/pirating games even though I never wind up playing them ;_;
>> No.28878  
Because you're a part of the system.
>> No.28880  
because playing the games takes too much effort
>> No.28882  
Because video games suck.
>> No.28886  

it probably says a lot about my life that i really hate video games and video game culture but still follow new info and post about them all the time
>> No.28887  
Nice to see jaypee getting some tough love. Wonder how long it'll last this time.
>> No.28892  
I didn't care back when, and now I'm frustrated because I don't know who started calling Madoka "puella magi".
>> No.28893  

It's still connected to 4chan, so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it's going to suck forever. Also, this thread seems to be on autosage
>> No.28894  
My bet is two weeks at most before they revert to sodomy.
>> No.28895  
I hope Japan beats the US at the olympic soccer game. I don't even care about sports but anything that knocks the US down a few pegs is great
>> No.28897  
Too bad!
>> No.29274  
I developed a humongous crush for a 2D character whose original source I haven't even touched. I've become what I mocked for so long.
>> No.45188  
Hi Jacque<br />I too happen to be reading through the different tweaks with Workboxes but they have decided having my older youngsters that they avoid need the actual memory, they work well from the listing (at many step children ought to move with a to-do list). I actually do have one problem even though which i don't have acquired all-around for you to wondering everyone therefore Items inquire anyone. Since you fully grasp this method to work I may have an interest to understand the time00 it will take to be able to complete the cardboard boxes every night? Want to find out rear of your mouth an individual will be upward in addition to transpiring.

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