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79622 No.23987  
Apparently dedicated server hosting under Linux is now possible, so let's play Terraria together!

Server: bunterraria.dyndns.org
Port: 7777

The server is set to 'hardcore only', so make sure you choose hardcore mode at character creation, and try not to die!

(If you don't have the game yet, just download it, it's only 16 MB or so. Or you could just buy it on Steam, it's 10 euros (currently 5 euros due to holiday sale).)
>> No.23989  
Why not, I'll give it a shot.
>> No.24011  
Hardcore mode is too hardcore for me.
>> No.24020  
Uhm, it moves smoothly enough, but materials won't spawn before long after I've cut down a tree or whatever. And my connection timed out after ten minutes or something.
Does anyone else have this problem or is it just connection issues on my side?
>> No.24021  
File: how the hell did you get there anyways.png -(99.9 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.24023  

At least make it mediumcore, the hearts/stars collecting gets really tedious after a while.
>> No.24031  
Turns out it was my router being all stubborn. Maybe I'll play with you tomorrow. I played in single player mode all day, so I hope I'm not burnt out on the game.
>> No.24035  
Want more opinions on this. What do other players want? Keep in mind that 'let players who want softcore play softcore and players who play hardcore play hardcore' doesn't really apply here due to people playing on the same world, so advances made by softcore players will also affect hardcore players (the most obvious way is simply getting high-quality items from 'softer' players, but it also goes for tunnels made, bosses defeated, NPCs unlocked, etc).
>> No.24036  
Never played before. Hardcore doesn't sound too beginner friendly.
>> No.24041  

it's really not that bad.
95% of your deaths will be due to stupidity anyhow,

speaking of, not even one full day played on the /bun/ server and I've destroyed 460 hp worth of life crystals and about 100 mana worth of stars.

Though, especially with the delay that occurs, mediumcore should be plenty. You drop all your items on death similarly to hardcore, but you don't lose the life crystals and mana stars that you've collected. Death is still punishing, but it's not just fucking retarded.

Also, once the wall of flesh is destroyed, it's nearly impossible to avoid dying regardless of how geared you are.
>> No.24042  
If you think you are going to die ESC and DISCONNECT
>> No.24047  
Server switched to mediumcore/hardcore only.
>> No.24054  
I lost my silver pickaxe in one of VDZ's caves. I tried searching for it, but I didn't have any decent weapons and there were too many monsters. Then I decided to "borrow" an enchanted boomerang from someone's chest, hoping it would ease the search.
...And I lost that one too. I'm terribly sorry, is there any way I can repay you, boomerang anon?
>> No.24055  

it's fine. sooner or later, somebody will come by and find the stuff and most likely put it back in one of the chests.
>> No.24056  
Nope. Once there are 200 objects on the ground at the same time, the oldest object is destroyed to make place for new objects. Server restarts also destroy objects on the ground.
It's only a matter of time until dropped objects are destroyed.
>> No.24058  
Purification powder doesn't seem to work. Whenever I purify some ebonstone, it turns back into ebonstone within seconds. When I try mining before it returns to ebonstone, it doesn't work, either.
>> No.24059  

I found the silver pickaxe, next to a tombstone of Bob II.

That, and some other useful stuffs can be found in the blue room above spawn.
Also, mediumcore is allowed now, but good luck finding any heart crystals without traveling half way across the world, then half way down.
>> No.24062  
Oh, thank you! Did you put it in one of the surface chests?

I've been playing mediumcore since Bobert II, if not I'd probably be on Bob XI or something.
>> No.24065  

The gold chests right above the starting bed.
I generally try to keep some useful stuff in them, as it makes running back to grab the stuff you died with a *lot* easier, and it makes starting out much less tedious as well.
Take what you need.
>> No.24069  
Thanks for the Skeletron arena, Smurf. Due to the great mobility I had the fight against Skeletron was extremely easy (I had a Space Gun with full meteor set). Dungeon is now unlocked.
>> No.24070  
That was my very first time on hardcore. It was not fun getting surprise raped by blobs and actually dying from it.

Since this is in mediumcore now I think I'll try again.
>> No.24078  

The arena for the Wall of Flesh is complete as well.

If you'd like to give that boss a try, just remember that disconnecting won't save you from dying to the boss, as I learned when I allowed him to summon by mistake. Either the boss dies, or you and everybody else in the underworld die.

Though, with how dangerous the world gets after he's defeated, it'd be very, very difficult for new characters to get anywhere on their own.
>> No.24641  
Server updated, in case anybody still cares. If you're running a pirated version, please update to 1.1.2. If you're running a legit version, Steam updates your game automatically (hence the need for a server-side update because otherwise you'd be unable to play).
>> No.38008  
Is anyone enjoying the big Terraria update? I'd like to play with some bunbuns.
>> No.38022  
Let's play. But we need a server.
>> No.38023  
Shout at Aya on IRC.
>> No.38025  
I could host if you don't have a server yet, but I probably won't be playing this time around; I've already sunk >20 hours into singleplayer 1.2.
>> No.38027  
I don't want to bother with irc.
>> No.38031  
Is this happening then? I have a new mediumcore character ready.
>> No.38032  
I (>>38025) was going to host, had already generated a world, but suddenly Terraria got updated just now. Default server software doesn't run under Mono for me, so now it's waiting for TShock to update unless someone else hosts. (I'm sure they'll have a new update in a day, maybe as quick as a couple hours.)
>> No.38034  
While we're waiting for the update, are there any specific rules you guys want? (Things like 'mediumcore only' or 'explosives don't destroy tiles', etc.)
>> No.38041  
Okay, server hosted at 'vdzserver.org', default port (7777). Running TShock v4.20010 (4.2 Pre Release 11).

If there's anything that needs to be changed in the server settings, or if there are bugs and updates to TShock that fix them, just let me know by posting in this thread.
>> No.38042  
Fucking VDZ
>> No.38049  
What's TShock? I saw it mentioned somewhere else when trying to find something Terraria related.

Why wouldn't I want explosives to destroy tiles?
>> No.38054  
TShock is a modified server program that offers Mono support (for Linux and other platforms) and some extra features.

It's sometimes a good idea to disable explosives when your server is public enough to attract griefers, but not public enough to attract dedicated griefers: though it doesn't do anything against dedicated griefing clients, any asshole can log in with the normal client and toss dynamite everywhere to destroy what players have built unless you disable that.
>> No.38059  
I see, thanks for the explanations.
>> No.38064  
Connection sure times out a lot.
>> No.38068  
Is there a chat feature in this game? Or are you all just doing random stuff without talking?
>> No.38069  

there's text chat if I remember correctly
>> No.38070  

default is enter.
but you must be standing still and not attacking to really do anything with chat.

Aside from rushing the hardmode bosses in hellbrick gear, there really isn't a need for group play, really. The way loot is handled also strongly discourages people to play near each other, and medium core encourages people to dump 5 blocks of lava on each other and then destroy/pillage their gear (i.e: griefing) more than to help each other.

also, a world without corruption to make unholy arrows makes the wall of flesh a lot more challenging than it should be.
>> No.38071  
>The way loot is handled also strongly discourages people to play near each other, and medium core encourages people to dump 5 blocks of lava on each other and then destroy/pillage their gear (i.e: griefing) more than to help each other.
I've never seen this happen. It's probably a thing with public servers; I've only played on community servers and servers with only people I know.

>Aside from rushing the hardmode bosses in hellbrick gear, there really isn't a need for group play, really.
Multiplayer in general is a lot more fun. You can build stuff together, you can share any loot you have no use for (for the people getting constant Magic Mirrors while others still have none), tunneling (especially straight down) goes a lot faster together, you can PvP, and so on. You can play the entire game in singleplayer, but multiplayer is just better.

Says the person playing singleplayer instead of joining the /bun/ server.
>> No.38072  
I haven't seen anyone yet, just the guide. Not even monsters, which confuses me a lot. It makes the cave exploring creepier though, so I don't mind.
>> No.38076  
>Not even monsters, which confuses me a lot.
That is most definitely not supposed to happen. I rebooted the server and updated TShock to the latest version (v4.20012), but the problem seems to persist. I tried hosting locally on my laptop and enemies did spawn there. Maybe my server is just getting too old and slow for this.

Has anyone else seen any monsters on the server? If not, I'm afraid you'll have to find a different host.
>> No.38078  
What version do I need to pirate to play with you guys?
>> No.38079  
nvm, got it.
>> No.38101  
I saw a slime while I was exploring underground. It acted really buggy, though. Hits would register fine but it would sometimes disappear and reappear wherever it spawned. When I killed it its drops also appeared where it spawned. If I had to guess your server is just too slow. It seems to have trouble with water physics as well. Specifically, it seems to be updating water positions when I displace it, but it does it very slowly, at a rate of maybe a block every few minutes.

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