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File: 360409ed604840fd2a7de9ce28f32af02e3c28ff[1].jpg_725811 -(65.6 KB, 600x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
67158 No.24999  
Reading articles is fun and also enlarges the mind. If you've stumbled over an interesting piece of writing, please share it here!

Short description or quote from the article
A comment from you!
>> No.25000  
10 years inside the international child porn industry with our confidential source.
Somewhat badly translated from German, though it was very insightful.
>> No.25004  
"For when all is equilibrated, when all is beheld from without all, there is joy, joy, joy that is but one facet of a diamond, every other facet whereof is more joyful than joy itself."
I couldn't make any sense of it, so I just read it as if it were poetry, and that was good enough.
>> No.25005  
"Raices," or "Roots," is a new public exhibit by Mexican artist Rivelino, designed to provoke reflection about the nation's past.
I honestly just looked for the first article in English that described the installation. 8 million of pesos wasted on "roots" made of PVC that don't even look like roots nor do they inspire me to think about my country's history. It might be because I don't know enough about it, but so far, I hate conceptual art.

Article includes pictures of the installation.
>> No.25008  

A very informative walkthrough for recording distorted guitars in a studio environment.
>> No.25013  
04/06/2006: Blind testing high end full equipments

An interesting blinded comparison between high and low-priced audio equipment. ALWAYS doubt yourself. Never believe what your brain tells you that you might be hearing, or how you might be feeling. Embrace the double-blinded study. The randomised controlled trial is your friend.
>> No.25038  
It is a mistake to think that early in a fascist shift you see the profile of barbed wire against the sky. In the early days, things look normal on the surface; peasants were celebrating harvest festivals in Calabria in 1922; people were shopping and going to the movies in Berlin in 1931. Early on, as WH Auden put it, the horror is always elsewhere - while someone is being tortured, children are skating, ships are sailing: "dogs go on with their doggy life ... How everything turns away/ Quite leisurely from the disaster."
Article drawing parallels between the rise of dictatorial societies and the changes in US law in the past decade.

With the US's changing political climate and the pressure the US has been putting on other countries (excessive requests for extradition, pressure to pass certain kinds of laws and to take other measures), I'm fearing for the future of the Western world.
>> No.25493  
I’ll just say this: Portal 2 is like Wall-E, and Portal 1 is like 2001: A Space Odyssey
I enjoyed Portal 2 a lot, but this was about damn time.
>> No.26564  
“Somehow,” Dr. Goldstein recalled, “a bunch of balding, middle-aged men sitting around a table came up with the idea that the ponytail was the embodiment of all this interesting physics.”
I guess my hair has high Rapunzel number.
>> No.26871  
A tale from 2ch of girls, emails, and hamsters.
Might be pushing the limit on what qualifies for this thread. Whether or not it's true, this really gives some insight to the thought processes of a stalker.
>> No.26946  

The time is nigh.Cheap,safe, male birth control will be a reality.Just a one-time shot and you're good for 10 years.

Not that matters for those of us who aspire to wizardhood.
>> No.26952  
Hurray, a long-term way to make reproduction impossible for certain people that doesn't have the negative connotations of sterilization! Gee, I wonder how this could ever possibly go wrong.

Hint: In twenty years, it will no longer be voluntary for some people.
>> No.26956  
File: 7114903677_b3ef79448d[1].jpg -(129.0 KB, 375x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That's hella creepy, but it's sort of sad to see someone who is that socially retarded, unable to distinguish between helpful advice and trolling.
I read this other 2ch thread by a stalker afterwards, it served as a nice counter-balance:
>A tale from 2ch. Yes, it’s about a self-professed stalker…
>But I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

20 years?
They're already considering trying it out on convicted pederasts over here, as an alternative form of punishment. I'm giving it five years until it becomes mandatory for all convicted rapists.
>> No.27368  
bsnes creator byuu leads by example, devoting seven years and over $10,000 to immortalize an important piece of gaming culture.
All about the development of bsnes, with a bit of obligatory copyright law bashing towards the end. Quite interesting if you're into this sort of thing.
>> No.27387  
File: 00000173.gif -(41.8 KB, 650x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
3. The ESM, its property, funding and assets, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall enjoy immunity from every form of judicial process except to the extent that the ESM expressly waives its immunity for the purpose of any proceedings or by the terms of any contract, including the documentation of the funding instruments.
4. The property, funding and assets of the ESM shall, wherever located and by whomsoever held, be immune from search, requisition, confiscation, expropriation or any other form of seizure, taking or foreclosure by executive, judicial, administrative or legislative action.
5. The archives of the ESM and all documents belonging to the ESM or held by it, shall be inviolable.
6. The premises of the ESM shall be inviolable.
1. In the interest of the ESM, the Chairperson of the Board of Governors, Governors, alternate Governors, Directors, alternate Directors, as well as the Managing Director and other staff members shall be immune from legal proceedings with respect to acts performed by them in their official capacity and shall enjoy inviolability in respect of their official papers and documents.

Let's give a bunch of people full control of 80 billion euros, then make them completely immune to any kind of legal prosecution! This is brilliant, there's no way this could ever go wrong!
>> No.27779  

From an eminent nueroscientist.He hypothesizes memories are stored in the extra cellular matrix.
>> No.27840  

This is so true.I hope a virus comes along that slaughters all old people and decimates the third world.
>> No.27897  

> I asked Tarn when he thought he and Zach would reach version 1.0. “Twenty years from now,” he replied. “That’s the number we talk about.”

> “The processing power that Dwarf Fortress uses is on the same scale as modern engineering software for designing aerospace hardware,” says Ames, the engineer. “You have more complicated simulations in Dwarf Fortress than when you model the aerodynamics of a wing.”
>> No.27905  

I want to buy this book...why did I get a Nook and not a Kindle? ;_;
>> No.28050  

An excerpt from a book called The self-made man.
Long story short:A lesbian goes in drag to experience life as man and "confirm" that men have life on easymodo.

Instead,she finds out dating is hard as shit for men and women are actually the privileged sex.

>Straight from the horse's mouth.
>> No.28059  

Who dude-bros would start to enter the Sheikh Oil magnate,market?
>> No.28279  
>> No.28361  
>> No.28417  
"And right when He did that, I noticed that the room was filled with these extremely elaborate golden patterns coming out of the television. If you close your eyes and press on your eyelids and wait a few seconds, you'll see them. Except, for me, these patterns were huge and absolutely as real as my hand and stayed there as long as the television was on. It literally seemed like they would hurt me if I stood up and tried to walk around. But at the same time I thought they were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life."

Somebody's first experience with LSD, he goes way overboard. Well-written, one of the most vivid and clear descriptions of a psychedelic experience I've seen.
>> No.28464  

Dawson Bees,every male will be slaughtered in the breeding season.
>> No.28466  
>> No.28467  
>> No.28505  
>> No.28515  
>> No.28617  

Careful with this one, it may cause aneurysms.
>> No.28634  

Pretty self-explanatory. Not that tsundere connoisseurs didn't know this already on some level.
>> No.28638  
>It's worth noting that not every person who treats you like dirt is trying to hide a deep-rooted romantic attraction that they just can't admit to. Some people just genuinely hate you.
>> No.28687  
>> No.28698  

whoa it turns out women are soulless monsters, who knew
>> No.28850  

This guy has huge balls no joke.Kanazawa is also the same guy who published that article about black women being the least attractive race.Now he explains rape and murder and the evolutionary benefits it produces.
>> No.28863  
>black women being the least attractive race

sounds about right
>> No.28872  
This was a fair and unbiased article.
>> No.28888  
>> No.28890  
So men are required to take the initiative so women can show they won't cheat on men? How the hell does that still work in a society where every woman is a slut sexually liberated? Besides, I'm not sure if I can accept the whole 'she flirts everyone so she won't cheat on men' thing.

This comment is kind of interesting:
>RE: #1
>Submitted by Martian Bachelor on May 2, 2011 - 7:54am.
>There's a simple explanation for this... >Consider the watch paradox: Let's say you spend $500 on a really nice watch. It's a super-discount closeout, so no returns are possible.
>A month later (Case A) something comes up, you're in a jam and short of cash, so you decide to try and liquidate the watch. In many parts of the world people have stored value in jewelry they can hold rather than trust it to banks, but you know the cash-for-jewelry places will only give you $100, which isn't enough. So you decide to try and take your chances on the street corner, hassling people walking by trying to sell it. Obviously you have to take a steep discount when finally someone stops and shows some interest. You take $200.
>The alternative reality version (Case B) is the opposite situation. You're passing thru that same street corner NOT needing to sell anything, when someone spots you wearing the watch and starts wanting to try and buy it off you after you tell him they were likely not still available any more. He's really taken by the watch, so he starts bidding you up above where the supposed retail price was (which you knew had to be inflated to begin with). It is a nice watch, but you decide $1250 would be nicer, so you sell the watch.
>The moral? The person who initiates the transaction is in the inferior position.
>That's what women require of men by employing a passive strategy. They never really wanted "equality", they thought they were superior to begin with and are only interested in men who will validate this. (More and more "proof" is manufactured for them everyday.) It's essentially a power play, with woman only willing to take the one-up side of the script.
>Sex roles and power plays are two of "the three most destructive forces militating against the achievement of satisfactory loving relationships between men and women" (Claude Steiner) because the two people agree from the start they are unequal. Obviously there's little room in such a framework for the man who considers himself an equal of, or superior to, a given woman. Thus women get the inferior knuckle-dragging subservient they want.
>This used to work way back when courting meant trying to appeal to the woman's father (and other kin), but is now almost entirely dysfunctional.
>One more observation: women often engage in what's called "initiative transfer", where they will make only the first move -- such as saying "Hi" -- and then expect everything else to proceed according to the script as if the man had been the initiator. Such attempted manipulation, which men almost always get at some level, suggests the state of "girl game" is still really lame.

I'm not trying to be a misogynist here, but I do have to agree that modern-day feminism is no longer looking for equality, but rather getting more rights without taking their responsibilities or letting males have similar equal rights. It just doesn't make any sense that prison rape is comedy gold while even trying to joke about "normal" rape makes you evil.
>> No.28911  
see: >>28279

Try this video to get you started: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp8tToFv-bA
>> No.28914  
An article about why China sucks and the possibility of it collapsing, from someone who lived in China for over a decade.
>> No.28919  
Oh I definitely agree,I just thought it was an interesting article.
The author never really thought it out though.

After all,if a higher status man walks by and acts like:
>eyyo gurl let me holla u wan sum fuk?

What's going to stop her from cheating then?

Nothing,that's what.In fact, male MRAs and PUAs have dubbed this a unique sexual strategy,Hypergamy,which is what we're seeing now.

Only,now,women are free to choose and civilization is literally on the verge of collapse.

The only way for Western society,hell the World to survive is for the jihadists to bomb the birth control factories.

Man,now that would be funny.Women crying and bitching because they can't slut it up.
>> No.28923  
>Only,now,women are free to choose and civilization is literally on the verge of collapse.
I wouldn't go that far. Even in Japan where the disillusionment is at its greatest, all that's happening is declining birthrates. It's not exactly healthy for their economy and social security system, but it's nowhere near a societal collapse.
>> No.28956  
>> No.28958  

How men and women socialize differently and why most positions at the top are held by men.
>> No.28964  
"Losing yourself" in a fictional character can affect your real life

...that would explain why I want to wear frilly dresses and have tea parties.
>> No.28984  

Would waifu out of 10.
>> No.29009  
Really enjoyed this one. I've experienced it a lot personally after reading books, though I usually assumed it was just the writing rubbing off on the way I talk, think, and write (and in that regard, sometimes the "references" were intentional, for my own amusement). Anyway, nice article, good job, etc.
>> No.29034  
>> No.29042  
It's a programmer's wet dream.
>> No.29082  
>> No.29085  
>> No.29086  
>> No.29087  
>> No.29240  
>> No.29289  
>> No.29290  
>> No.29291  

An OK short story.Somewhat pretentious though
>> No.29716  
>> No.29778  
>> No.29794  
first they learn how to shoot, then they...
no, wait, that's about it.
>> No.29798  
"Academics get paid for being clever, not for being right.["/i]

This explains a lot if you've ever taken a college level english class.
>> No.29799  
"Academics get paid for being clever, not for being right."

This explains a lot if you've ever taken a college level english class.
>> No.29802  
Orwell wrote a nice essay on this a couple of years back. It focuses mostly on political writing, but I think it's mandatory reading for anyone who's planning to write a non-fiction text.

Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.
Never use a long word where a short one will do.
If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.
Never use the passive where you can use the active.
Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.
Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.
>> No.30048  
>> No.31291  
>> No.31409  
>> No.31492  
File: you are what you can provide.jpg -(29.4 KB, 320x203) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person
>In that panicked moment, you will take your bloody hands and shake him by the shoulders, screaming, "Yes, I'm saying that none of that other shit matters, because in this specific situation, I just need somebody who can stop the bleeding, you crazy fucking asshole."
An article on why you are a failure in society.

>So here is my terrible truth about the adult world: You are in that very situation every single day. Only you are the confused guy with the pocket knife. All of society is the bleeding gunshot victim.
>> No.31511  
This article gave me conflicting feelings.
>> No.31513  
This article made me feel bad, but also motivated.
>> No.31515  
>Click the link and get instantly accosted by a million things trying to grab your attention
Is this what web sites really look like now?
>> No.31516  
File: kids these days.png -(48.9 KB, 1030x832) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Is this what web sites really look like now?
Yes, it is. Welcome to 2012.
>> No.32039  
The progression of the suicidal mind in 6 easy steps! I thought this paragraph was especially interesting:
Another central aspect of the suicidal person’s cognitive deconstruction, says Baumeister, is a dramatic increase in concrete thought. Like the intrusively high self-awareness discussed earlier, this concreteness is often conveyed in suicide notes. Several review articles have noted the relative paucity of “thinking words” in suicide notes, which are abstract, meaningful, high-level terms. Instead, they more often include banal and specific instructions, such as, “Don’t forget to feed the cat,” or “Remember to take care of the electric bill.” Real suicide notes are usually suspiciously void of contemplative or metaphysical thoughts, whereas fake suicide notes, written by study participants, tend to include more abstract or high-level terms (“Someday you’ll understand how much I loved you” or “Always be happy”).
>> No.32058  
>What it feels like to want to kill yourself
Preaching to the choir.
>> No.32276  

Dear god,the butthurt is hilarious.
>> No.32296  
Cool, according to this, I've accomplished 5 steps. One more and I'm good to go!
>> No.32301  

>> No.32307  
>the phone appeared crack-resistant when hammered repeatedly with a falling steel ball.

Highly technical research going on here.
>> No.33169  

/v/ is excited.Virtual robot sex is coming.Is /bun/ ready for the day of sublimation when men will cast off the shackles of female oppression forever?
>> No.33173  

White people couldn't make decent 2D/virtual porn if our lives depended on it so no, I'm not really excited.
>> No.33946  
>> No.33997  
>> No.34014  

>> No.34015  
Are you in the wrong thread, or am I missing something?
>> No.34957  

A full list of the relevant story information from a game Anno was heavily involved in.
>> No.36390  

An older woman confirms that modern women really are 3DPD.
>> No.36391  
File: 1663.jpg -(11.8 KB, 250x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ganbatte US men.
>> No.36588  

>Reality is an idea that is subjective

I'm studying hypnosis, and I've heard that this book makes it much easier to do flash hypnosis.
>> No.37521  
Fear and Loathing in the Bold New Olympic Era
How Japan winning the Olympics will affect manga and anime.
>> No.37874  
Do stories belong here?
A cute robot girl has a happy and joyful life.
Read at least to the "Three Days Before" part.
>> No.37884  
I don't see why not.
I've been meaning to read this so thanks for reminding me.
>> No.38751  

I was reading UQ holder and one of the ways to become immortal was holy wine.

I googled it, and this came up.

Who knew immortality could be so cheap?
>> No.39313  

Muh vagina
>> No.39452  

Pretty much confirms what we already know, women live life one easy mode.
>> No.39504  
I'm getting the impression that bunbuns really enjoy reading about shitty women and how much they suck.
>> No.39759  
It's probably the same guy. I mean, what are the chances that all two of us are into that sort of thing?
>> No.40019  
File: women are whores.png -(862.2 KB, 871x1303) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
And don't you forget it bro.
>> No.40022  
Just like my chinese porn comics.
>> No.40037  
>story where both a male and female engage in whorish acts, with said acts initiated by the male
>women are whores.png

>> No.40089  
Yeah, personally I think the protagonist of this story is the dirtiest whore.
>> No.40906  
The sessions were part of a thorough thought-reform curriculum, designed by the school’s Office of Residence Life, to psychologically “treat” and correct the allegedly incorrect thoughts, attitudes, values, beliefs, and habits of the students. The ResLife staff considered students too intolerant of one another, too “consumerist,” and in dire need of reeducation to become responsible world citizens who could meet the planet’s environmental crisis and the requirements of social and economic “justice.”

I want to use the word "Orwellian" to describe this, but the word, maybe because of overuse, doesn't feel as if it contains the full range of associations that are appropriate for an actual, real life manifestation of Orwellianess in todays time. Simply said, It's fucking scary.
>> No.40908  
Uh, if the word "whore" is a judgement of romantic conduct, the girl in that story is miles and away worse off than the narrator. He betrayed a friend, that makes him a dick. She betrayed a lover, that makes her a whore. The guy wasn't romantically obligated to anyone, she was. Fuck off femapologists.
>> No.40911  
Years ago I was deep in the tinfoilhead league and I saw stuff about how the big ones up there wanted to dismantle the classic gender roles, destroy family values and spread "equality" to create the perfect mindless consumer or something along these lines. And now, when I read articles like these, see all those tumblrzombies, it's not funny anymore.
>> No.40914  
Why do you hate women so much?
>> No.40915  
Betraying your best friend is way worse than betraying a girlfriend/boyfriend. Are you serious?

It takes two to cheat, are you letting her off the hook with your "hating women" card? Those sins are both unforgivable.
>> No.40916  
Every other article written about this complains about "the left" and "liberals" oppressing "conservatives" so I wouldn't give it too much credit, Anon. These us versus them narratives always exaggerate to demonize the other side.
>> No.40918  
What romantic implications does betraying your best friend have? Are you hypersexual? If I had a "best" friend and he fucked my girlfriend, I'd kick her out and be glad it was him instead of someone else down the line. You don't care who your best friend is fucking, right? The issue at hand is not that your best friend is fucking someone, it's that your girlfriend is fucking someone. So he fucked your girlfriend, he showed you she was easy, great now you can move on instead of marrying her and having her cheat on you with Fred in the office 15 years down the line after you're exponentially more invested in her. He's not a "whore" he's just not considerate, and it may not seem intuitive but anyone that really understands the bros before hos ethos would shrug it off. You don't marry your best friend, you marry your girlfriend. It's cool that you think it's worse to be betrayed by a friend, but I'm not sure I'd want to be in a romantic relationship with someone that felt that way.

What do you want me to say? Bad experiences? Mommy issues? I don't hate women, those were just stupid things to say.
>> No.40920  
>if the word "whore" is a judgement of romantic conduct
It's more accurately a judgment of sexual conduct. So both the friend and girlfriend can be, and are, whores.

I guess I don't understand "bros before hos" (probably because I'm not a bro-type) because I thought betraying your friend to get your dick wet was the opposite of what that's about.

Regardless the original story is obviously fictional and it's not worth arguing about, especially since nothing anyone here says is going to get you to stop hating women. You need some personal growth or therapy before that will happen.
>> No.40921  
File: 1242918357944.jpg -(75.5 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>If I had a "best" friend and he fucked my girlfriend, I'd kick her out and be glad it was him instead of someone else down the line. You don't care who your best friend is fucking, right? The issue at hand is not that your best friend is fucking someone, it's that your girlfriend is fucking someone.

The problem here is that your best friend fucked YOUR girlfriend. You don't want anyone else to fuck your girlfriend, and for your best friend to do exactly that would be betrayal.

It takes two people to have sex. It's not just the woman who thinks 'hey, maybe I should cheat on him' and tries their hardest to find a man to do it with; it's a more gradual process where both participants know they're in the wrong and won't advance by themselves, but bit by bit they encourage each other to continue with it until they're actually fucking.

"He showed you she was easy" is a bullshit excuse. I'm not breaking into your home to prove to you that your home was badly secured. Sure, shit can always happen, and I'm convinced that for every person there's some set of circumstances that would cause them to cheat on their lover, but you'll have to hope those circumstances never happen in the same way you hope your home will never be broken into (and yes, there is a high likelihood of it happening at some point down the line). Showing you she'll cheat on you by causing her to cheat on you makes no sense, as at that point, she will have cheated on you.

Love issues can cause serious emotional suffering to someone, and as a friend you would not cause that to happen to your best friend. If you do, you're not a friend, you're a selfish prick.
>> No.40924  
And hopefully one day you will be secure enough in yourself to not believe that females are somehow above blame. If you think that story is obviously fictional I can only assume that I have a lot more experience with people than you. Being so eager to attack me that you failed to realize that I was making a distinction between someone doing something hurtful (the friend) and someone being a whore (the girlfriend) and not assigning blame away from either party just makes you look desperate to appeal to women.

People actually get paid to try to break into others' property to test security all the time. It's called white hat hacking. Of course, that just happens in the business world because businesses can generally be relied on to be logical whereas most people have their heads stuck up their asses and are too busy trying to defend themselves from emotion to act in their own self interest. Real friends don't pull punches. If you've never had to forgive a friend and they've never had to forgive you, it's not a real friendship.
>> No.40925  
This isn't white hat hacking. White hat hacking is being asked to break someone's lock, breaking that person's lock and then calling that person saying you've managed to break the lock. White hat hacking is not breaking the lock without permission in the middle of the night, breaking into the house and stealing all of the valuables there (not even if you know the owner).

It'd be a different story if he'd just flirted a bit with the girl and stopped and told the friend when she was pushing him towards sex. But purposely going all the way just for your own satisfaction is just ruining a relationship, and you shouldn't do that to anyone, especially not a friend.

To say 'real friends don't pull punches' is retarded. When something bad happens to a friend, you do pull your punches, because being too blunt will hurt people's feelings even if they're your best friend. Real friends pull less punches, but they're still careful about things you're sensitive about.

Not that this has anything to do with 'pulling your punches' or just a serious disagreement between friends. This is knowingly and willingly causing harm to your friend for no reason other than your own benefit. There are times when you have to forgive a friend for doing things that ended up harming you, but if you have to forgive a friend for purposely causing you suffering because his penis is more important than his friend, you have to question your friendship.
>> No.40927  
You know why white hat hackers work with permission? Because companies realize that the people showing you your vulnerabilities is a good thing. It's not the other way around, that knowing your vulnerabilities is a good thing only when the person that showed you them had permission. That sounds pretty stupid, doesn't it? If you care about monogamy and you're with a girl that would be willing to fuck someone else, the best thing that could happen to you is for that relationship to end as certainly and swiftly as possible, period, full stop. There are plenty of people that aren't your friends that don't care about getting off in your significant other and not telling you about it. You can think whatever you want about what friendship should and shouldn't be, but the guy that got cheated on is better off than he was and can now go on to find friends better suited to his sensitive feelings and a girlfriend that won't fuck around.
>> No.40928  
And let's be clear, no one is stealing anything. I thought I was talking to feminists.
>> No.40929  
File: pukingmado.jpg -(68.2 KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Wow, you're really going to keep defending the "friend"? You're scum and I hope you have a short, miserable life.
>> No.40931  
> 28) A bro should never ever under any circumstances sleep with a bro’s ex-girlfriend. A bro may proceed to make moves on another bro’s failed target (he got rejected) but only after asking permission first. If the bro declines your invitation to bust some moves, you must adhere to his wishes and find a new target.

"bros before hoes" only applies when the other person is a bro. Find an actual bro and ditch the shitty "friend" and girlfriend.
>> No.40932  
I'm not sure how you would conclude that calling someone a dick from the beginning is persistently defending them. I think you need to grow up.
>> No.40938  
That bullshit about white hat hacking showed us all who the child is here.
Drown in your ideals and die, NTR fan.
>> No.40944  
Are you intentionally being ironic or are you just projecting on me? I'm not the one arguing that remaining in a relationship with a partner that's willing to fuck around is desirable. Or was it the statement about infidelity not being "stealing" that made you uncomfortable? You don't and never will own anyone, no matter what pledges you make or feelings you share their body and actions are always completely their own. In turn, how you react and whether or not you let their decisions affect you is entirely your responsibility and not theirs. It's really funny that you, or two other people holding up your side of the conversation, were preaching at me for being a misogynist when you so obviously objectify women.
>> No.40961  
What are you talking about?
>> No.40967  
File: 1257344631621.png -(37.5 KB, 642x1830) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Attached picture describes the post in an easier manner.

Throwing in too many keywords makes you too obvious.
>> No.40970  
File: Untitled.png -(48.3 KB, 285x307) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I still don't get what you're talking about (maybe you've confused me with someone else in this thread) but as I see it you like NTR so your head ought to be impaled on a pike
>> No.40976  
This NTR hatred seems familiar. Are you who I think you are?
>> No.40977  
Yes, VDZ.
>> No.40982  
I didn't know you still browsed /bun/ rad
>> No.40985  
Please work on your reading comprehension before arguing on the internet.
>> No.40999  
I'm just yanking Koma's chain, Det.
>> No.41001  
All of you are Aya who is Jones who is the /jp/ janitor who is moot.
>> No.41016  
so moot browses /bun/? Uwaagh, hazukashii~
>> No.41018  
of course he does, it's where all people that hate /jp/ end up
>> No.41206  
I shipped about 75% of kickstarter rewards to backers. I will not be shipping any more. I will not be issuing any refunds. For every message I receive about this book through e-mail, social media or any other means, I will burn another book.
A long, wordy look into the mental state of a crazy person.
>> No.41210  
If this doesn't strike me as crazy does that mean I'm crazy? He just seems passionate and frustrated.
>> No.41211  
I'm amazed how civil the comments are. What a dickhead.
>> No.41212  
Passionate? He seems like a con artist, which he is.
>> No.41214  
Crazy people are often passionate. Passionate people are sometimes crazy.

Keep in mind this is the same John Campbell that admitted to "pretending to be depressed for profit" (which, in retrospect, probably wasn't even true). His current behavior isn't entirely unprecedented.
>> No.41217  

In 2013 John realized that she was actually a girl. I think we should all respect her by using the proper pronouns from now on.
>> No.41221  
File: whattime.jpg -(68.9 KB, 650x488) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I guess he's finally lost it. Glad I got my book before this happened.

Some extra context: Campbell has been removing comics from his site, meaning some of his work can only be read from the actual books. I'm kinda bummed that not all of the stuff from the site is in the books, though, so some stuff is probably lost forever, or at least only on some people's HDDs.

Yes. You can be passionate and frustrated without refusing to deliver the goods you were paid to provide and instead burning them and showing the people that ordered the goods a video of the goods being burned.

Welcome to tumblr. As long as you're part of the in-group, you are always right and everybody outside of the group is always wrong.

>Keep in mind this is the same John Campbell that admitted to "pretending to be depressed for profit" (which, in retrospect, probably wasn't even true).
From what I understood of it, he posted that "ironically", to make a point about how he's really depressed.
>> No.41223  
File: to_mr_campbell_love_anonymous.JPG -(36.3 KB, 600x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
He has really gone off the rails. It's a bit ironic (and maybe Campbell-ian?) that I now really regret not having taken the chance to get his book.

The Social Justice crowd really is a hotbed for unstable people. The sentence "Leftism is a mental disease" comes to mind.

So long, John Campbell. Your comics were great.
>> No.41238  
So, for someone unfamiliar with John (Jane?) Campbell's work, how is the book? Take some photos or something.
>> No.41245  
File: 00000337_1.png -(77.4 KB, 650x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It basically contains the story-less second half of pictures for sad children (see image for example). It also contains a lot of small "part 3" comics/images like
generally printed pretty small, lots of wasted white space (the pfsc comics are printed at proper size, on the other hand). There's a couple color "part 3" comics and some other artsy stuff. At the end of the book, there's a significantly thicker hollow page (like pretty thick, I think it's cardboard or something) with a transparent thing, containing a dead wasp.

I won't be home until Monday at the earliest, and I don't have a camera. I can take very bad webcam pictures if you insist, but not until then. Maybe there's other people here who have the book.
>> No.41247  
>> No.41250  
It's not like he just randomly woke up one morning and burned some books in a lapse of judgement. He wrote a coherent editorial that explains his motives, I don't really get why you'd label him as crazy unless you're the type of person to instantly marginalize anyone you don't agree with.
>> No.41254  
File: ApVYs5.png -(11.1 KB, 400x218) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I don't label people crazy because I disagree with them. I label people crazy when they violate a long list of social norms, then proceed to betray people's trust and rub that in people's faces for a reason they derived from a situation that many people who remain sane are also in.

Just because I disagree with capitalism doesn't mean I can just accept payment from you for goods and then run with the money, let alone rub it in your face that I took your money without giving you anything. And even that is more reasonable situation than this.

This was a Kickstarter for a physical compilation of a bunch of comics posted online. Owning the book is not a requirement for reading the comics, and aside from a single illustration no new comics are included in the book. The book is a nice collectible, but the real reason most people buy it is to support the author. The book was supposed to be delivered in July 2012. It took a very long time for stuff to happen, but at some point in 2013 he announced that he spent the money entrusted to him on issues in his private life and is therefore unable to complete the project with his current funds. After support from people, he started selling things like original versions of comics for high prices to fund the project, and people bought it out of goodwill. He also set up a system which allowed people to pay for other peoples' shipping costs, and again, people paid out of goodwill. Now, after so much money was given to support him and his project, he burns the remaining books he has and shows a video of it to the people who were supposed to receive it, telling them he would not send them anymore.

There is no such thing as a person who acts for no reason. People always have a reason for acting. People are labeled crazy when their reasons for acting are so disconnected from society's norms and communication is so impossible that it's of little use to even try to communicate with them anymore. John Campbell is clearly crazy at this point. The only other possibility here is that he's doing this out of pure malice, a real con artist purposely getting as much money out of people as he can and then running with it. Considering who he used to be, I find the malice option to be rather unlikely, so I can only conclude that he's gone crazy.
>> No.41255  
Hitler wrote mein kampf to explain killing millions of jews.
That doesn't make him any less insane.
>> No.41256  
File: 1392524279479.jpg -(166.1 KB, 485x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hitler wrote that book to explain his views and how he saw the world.
As of 1998, due to 6+ of the mass graves being dug up and proven to be fake, the total number of jews allegedly killed by all of germany combined estimated to be not more than 1.5 million. That's a maximum upper bound. And no 's' at the end, no plural. Also, it is now illegal to verify that any mass graves allegedly containing jews (either as ash, soap, skeletal remains, or lampshades) actually were graves at all.
>> No.41257  
>One murder is insanity, 1.5 million murders is what the french would call "c'est la vie".
>> No.41258  
Even if not a single Jew had died, the fact remains that Hitler tried to systematically commit genocide. That's crazy by the standards of modern society.
>> No.41260  
No, I think it's just crazy.
>> No.41261  
>fact remains that Hitler tried to systematically commit genocide.
That's the thing, he didn't.
There is no evidence of that.
There are no autopsy reports of him gassing even a single jew
There are no medical records of the "crazy experiments" the nazis did to the jews
Hitler's systematic genocide isn't a fact, it is mere speculation.
>> No.41262  
is this what doing acid does to your brain
>Mr. john doe is accused of murder! Police officers walked in on him in the process of killing someone in his heavily modified basement and got a confession out of him for 11 murders!
>but Mr. john doe did not leave behind an autopsy behind, nor a medical record of the things he did to his victim in the basement, and he didn't record where he dumped the bodies of his previous victims so it's hard to find graves of his possibly dissected victims
>> No.41263  
On the other hand, I had always been taught in school that Nazi Germany took unusually thorough documentation of its atrocities, so it isn't odd that deniers will point to any lack of documentation as "proof." I don't care enough about the Holocaust to verify for myself the claims of either side, so I'm content to take it for granted that Hitler and Goebbels and whoever else were probably very bad people.

Also, fuck Mr. >>41255 for invoking Godwin's Law.
>> No.41264  
File: MasterRuseman.png -(15.2 KB, 485x397) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
But no one personally witnessed Hitler killing anyone, and he died before he could confess any crimes.
>> No.41265  
your analogy is terrible.
When I say autopsy reports, I'm talking Allied doctors examining the corpses found and identifying the cause of death, Allied doctors giving medical attention to the jews liberated from the camps.

To fit your analogy to the situation,
This would be the ambulance arring at the scene of the crime, walking to where mr. john murdered the person, and then:
Officer, where is the corpse of the person that Mr. John murdered?
He was just there a second ago
Officer, you mentioned the victim bleeding heavily, why is there no blood anywhere?
Never mind that, he killed 11 others, they are buried in his backyard!
Officer, we've finished digging up the yard, uprooted the large tree, and the front yard as well. There's nothing here!
Officer, where is the proof of that?

so it's wrong to let the innocent man go? He deserves to be put to death for the crime of somebody accusing him of doing something wrong with no evidence to support it outside of his own testimony?
>> No.41266  
All of that happened, though. If you want to say the photos are staged or whatever, fine, but could you not post here anymore?
>> No.41267  
I stated at the beginning that his analogy was terrible, don't pin that one on me.

I'm not saying the jews weren't wrongly imprisoned in the camps, nor that Hitler and his Nazi group did nothing wrong,
I am just saying one thing: Hitler did NOT have a systemic genocide plan for the jews and there is no physical evidence that demonstrates otherwise.

Also, most of those photos that don't involve corpses of people who starved to death are Soviets and Bolsheviks murdering german citizens.
>> No.41269  
File: 1377388815901.jpg -(452.6 KB, 571x1325) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Most of the holocaust denial seems to rely on a lot of pointing out that some historian or witness is Jewish and therefore has a personal interest in distorting the truth etc. However, I've also seen a few arguments for the absence of genocide at one of the death camps that sounded quite convincing to me, but what the fuck do I know. If you only listen to one side of the argument then you're pretty much begging to be misled. And anyway, considering even just the atrocities of Nazi Germany that aren't object of conspiracy theories, it seems much more plausible that the holocaust happened than that all of our historians are either too inept or don't want to look at legitimate evidence.
>> No.41270  
File: 1377388940487.jpg -(714.3 KB, 575x1150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I should have been more intent on finding these images when they were posted. The merchant's guild was one of the best things that happened to /pol/.
>> No.41271  
File: 1376843562874.jpg -(877.2 KB, 880x1075) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.41272  
File: 1376251179988.jpg -(1934.0 KB, 1500x4010) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.41273  
File: 1385162071944.jpg -(616.7 KB, 1700x1675) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.41274  
File: 1377389039014.jpg -(3018.9 KB, 1471x4282) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.41275  
Why don't you emulate your idol and kill yourself?
>> No.41276  
>> No.41277  
>this is a reference to currency speculators, not jews
but those two things are one in the same!

There is no evidence that the scene of A. Hitler offing himself with a pistol.
The entire scene, with the allied soldiers breaking into the bunker, heading to the main room, and then allowing Hitler to pull out a gun, give a short speech, followed killing himself, and lastly by the allied soldiers killing everybody else and burning down the solid concrete bunker leaving no evidence is a god damned sham.

Those soldiers recognized him as the Nazi leader, and yet didn't take his corpse with them to prove they got him? The armed soldiers ALLOWED him to both pull out a gun, aim it at the soldiers, and give a speech without turning him into a lead pincushion?
The account of Bin Laden's death has more validity.
>> No.41278  
Where are you getting the idea Hitler made some last grand speech, or even saw a single enemy before killing himself?
>> No.41279  
He probably read it on Stormfront.net or 4chan's /pol/
>> No.41282  
He's probably trolling, but yeah, Hitler died WAY before the Americans were ready to discuss surrender terms, a week earlier or so. A makeshift government had to perform the formalities because Hitler was already dead (and other key figures were also absent, not too knowledgeable about WWII so not sure why they weren't there, maybe they were also dead).
>> No.41301  
File: 00000353.jpg -(185.6 KB, 650x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
picturesforsadchildren.com is now down, as are michaelkeaton.net and dimethyltryptamine.info. John's also deleted all of his tweets and unfollowed everyone. His tumblr is still there, but the images on it no longer seem to work.
>> No.41306  
if I were him I'd just follow shia labeouf's account
>> No.41425  
Some people have put together a torrent with his comics. Apparently it contains all of pfsc and even some from his old livejournal.

>> No.45191  

>Dermer offered a little history, to prove his point. Remember when the Germans bombed the United Kingdom? "What was Britain's response? What was Churchill's response? Dresden. The bombing of German cities." Dermer did not mean to demean Churchill—"let's have some applause for Winston Churchill"—but to praise Israel.
>> No.45194  
>One day, when the enemies of Israel are defeated, and the moral idiots are silenced, people will look back and marvel at how the most threatened nation on Earth never lost its nerve and always upheld its values.
>> No.45200  
These guys speak like edgy teenagers.
>> No.45208  
'The medium is the message', applied to video games.
>> No.45283  
The pope wants you to stop wasting your life on the internet.
>> No.45528  

A reminder of why you won't achieve anything in your life.
>> No.45531  
Is one of them reading clickbait articles?
>> No.45549  
Click and find out.
>> No.45559  
File: hitchbot.jpg -(138.2 KB, 620x349) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Robot hitchhikes across Canada.
>> No.45575  
Imagine if it was russia.
>> No.45596  
File: ferguson4.png -(145.9 KB, 489x267) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
In light of the current situation in Ferguson and laws being passed in certain states stating that phones must come with a built-in 'kill switch' that allows the owner (oh, and the police, but of course they would never abuse that) to completely block any usage of a phone remotely (including, say, the ability to take and upload pictures of police violence), I'd like to point out this quote again.

It is a mistake to think that early in a fascist shift you see the profile of barbed wire against the sky. In the early days, things look normal on the surface; peasants were celebrating harvest festivals in Calabria in 1922; people were shopping and going to the movies in Berlin in 1931. Early on, as WH Auden put it, the horror is always elsewhere - while someone is being tortured, children are skating, ships are sailing: "dogs go on with their doggy life ... How everything turns away/ Quite leisurely from the disaster."

The way the press is treated in Ferguson doesn't bode well for the future of freedom of the press.
>> No.45598  
Wasn't it Al-Jazeera "journalists" who got tear-gassed? Serves them right. It's bad enough that they're allowed to operate in this country.
(For the uninformed, Al-Jazeera is the state-run media of Qatar, proud sponsor of radical sunni muslim terrorist movements such as Hamas and ISIS.)
>> No.45633  

The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit

Guy lives for about three decades in the forest alone.
>> No.45634  
File: 1394916328903.jpg -(8.6 KB, 234x249) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>(For the uninformed, Al-Jazeera is the state-run media of Qatar, proud sponsor of radical sunni muslim terrorist movements such as Hamas and ISIS.)
>proud sponsor

Nigger, the ISIS movement is literally the syrian "rebels" of which the US gave lots of guns to moving west because Assad knows how to run a goddamn country and was kicking their asses as they tried to move East into his regime.
That's 100% US sponsored.

While not perfectly unbiased, Al Jazeera gives a "not-pro israel" stance.
Only them and Russia Today do that, and of those, only one of them even attempts to not be the equivilent of the US ran news hub. I'm not saying AJ is perfect, but they are significantly more trustworthy than any US news station.

Also, most of AJ's jounalists are freelance that sell their story (or try to) to more than just AJ.
>> No.45637  
File: absolutely halal.jpg -(70.9 KB, 531x471) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Are you actually a retard or are you just playing one for laughs?
>> No.45641  
That was super interesting.
>> No.45687  
>> No.45689  

I'm a little disappointed there were no comments to read. Would have been fun to see all the hate being flung about.
>> No.45690  

The article doesn't get released until next week, why would there be comments on it now?
>> No.45696  

Oh, I didn't look at the date. Besides which, its right there in full so clearly it has been released. The fact it hasn't been put down on paper is irrelevant to the existence of any comments about it.
>> No.46745  

And so how virtuous, how noble the Blue Tribe! Perfectly tolerant of all of the different groups that just so happen to be allied with them, never intolerant unless it happen to be against intolerance itself. Never stooping to engage in petty tribal conflict like that awful Red Tribe, but always nobly criticizing their own culture and striving to make it better!

On echo chambers, political separation in the US, white people complaining about 'white people', "tolerance" and self-righteousness...among other things. Just read it (it's pretty long though).
>> No.46749  
It seems like an insightful article, although I'm not going to check his sources and I feel like the definitions of the two "tribes" are more caricatures than anything else. I don't know anyone who fits into those Red or Blue molds very well, maybe because I don't live in California, but I like the idea that we're "racist" towards dissenting values and opinions more than we are towards dissenting skin colors.
>> No.46751  
Despite what most racists say, skin color itself is not a major reason of prejudice, it's the way of life of those people. But society is convinced that people are judged "by the color of their skin", when the skin is just a flag, a warning.
>> No.46752  
>And when an angry white person talks at great length about how much he hates “white dudes”, he is not being humble and self-critical.
This part hits the nail on the head.
>> No.46786  

Really want to rad this book,think I fucked up getting a Nook instead of a Kindle
>> No.46794  
The top review mentioning "red pill" doesn't make me very optimistic. Please tell me you're just advertising and you're not actually interested in this tripe.
>> No.46795  
You could always download the Kindle program and read it on your computer.
>> No.46796  
Well, we already knew there were some degenerates on /bun/. No surprises that one's from the RMA community.
>> No.46955  

Why are you so weird, USA-kun?
>> No.46959  
Serves the idiots right
>> No.47403  
File: perils-of-perception-infographic_lightbox.jpg -(1071.0 KB, 900x7003) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
In Great Britain we get a lot of things very wrong [...] Muslims: we hugely over-estimate the proportion of Muslims in Britain – we think one in five British people are Muslims (21%) when the actual figure is 5% (one in twenty).
>> No.47404  
File: 3dc740666283cb1f99364fbbed22cca4.jpg -(344.1 KB, 780x1010) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Why'd they leave off results for the NEET question?

I'd kind of like to see the data distribution for this though, especially since so many of the true values are <10. Is a few fools grossly overestimating the numbers, or everyone getting them moderately wrong?
>> No.47420  
>a self administered, voluntary poll that is only given to legal citizens
>100% accurate results of what the world actually is

Goy, you really need to learn how those "statistics" are created.
>> No.47421  
>not legal citizens
>> No.47430  
Who are you quoting, m8?
>> No.47853  
Finally, some trustworthy statistics
>> No.47855  
That's a really low information density in that amount of text. You should become a politician.
>> No.47868  
Are you talking to a spam post?
>> No.47870  
This is what we've become.
>> No.47898  
I have some $5 sunglasses and they block those pesky sun rays pretty damn well
>> No.47900  
You're talking to the spam again!
>> No.47903  
Who else is he gonna talk to?
>> No.47910  
>> No.47911  
How do I know you're not a spam bot?
>> No.47913  
File: rapidcat.jpg -(14.1 KB, 498x155) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
He can solve this easy turing test.
>> No.47922  
aren't there 5 letters
>> No.47923  
Spambot detected.
>> No.47962  

>Physical or verbal abuse (regardless of if consensual)

UK sneaks another far-reaching ban on sex and pornography through parliament, with seemingly no debate or public approval.
>> No.47968  
I didn't even know they made porn in the UK.
>> No.48030  
>female ejaculation
What, why? The rest at least sort of make sense if you're some sort of ultra-conservative christian from the early 20th century.
>> No.48031  
Female ejaculation is a myth though, so it's OK.
>> No.48034  
File: 1413659723880.jpg -(13.6 KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

girls aren't allowed to enjoy sex.

Britain has incorporated ISIS conservative thinking into law.
Soon, Scottland will be renamed to Sharialand and the island of England will be a multicultural paradise of one, single, monolithic ISIS culture.
>> No.48055  
Fuck. I should've known better. No bunbun's English is this terrible.
>> No.48059  
>multicultural paradise of one, single, monolithic ISIS culture
You might want to rethink your arrangement of these buzzwords there.
>> No.48061  
UKIP anon is trying to say that "multiculturalism" will result in everyone's least favorite foreign culture becoming the majority, and therefore you should hate Poles and Romanians because they are the first step down the slippery slope of Arab Muslim terrorist immigrants.
>> No.48334  
He wears sunglasses at all times, even at night, because other people don't like his eyes.
I wish I had this guy's job.
>> No.48373  
Join the CIA
>> No.48474  

Russia says drivers must not have 'sex disorders'
Moscow street: Various mental "disorders" are seen as a cause of road accidents
Russia has listed transsexual and transgender people among those who will no longer qualify for driving licences.
>> No.48475  
Silly russians. Only muslims can persecute and even execute gays in this day and age without repercussions and outcry from the western world.
>> No.48491  
russia don't care about what brainwashed western people say, when the day comes we will rain hell on you with our katyusha
>> No.48499  
Katyushas are so primitive and shitty that Palestinians manufacture their own, that shouldn't be a point of national pride
>> No.48500  
File: katyusha.jpg -(123.2 KB, 700x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Why would anyone name a rocket launcher after a hair accessory anyways?
>> No.48501  
Faggy russians would.
>> No.48515  
>> No.48534  
File: 1421114242046.jpg -(150.0 KB, 1200x1800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
"Ebola data are shit," said Dr. Fisman. "It's a jumble of confirmed cases and probable cases that are probable because you don't have lab confirmation, and probable cases that are probable even though you do have lab confirmation and who knows what happened, and suspect cases that are malaria because people are freaking out. It's not just garbage. It's cumulative garbage."

>> No.49432  
File: I-see-a-pedo.jpg -(80.3 KB, 450x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Exactly what it says on the tin.
>> No.49464  
Asimov pls
>> No.49725  
File: 1375091212323.gif -(2881.2 KB, 320x181) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

"The Toxoplasma of Rage" -- fairly long, but an interesting piece about feedback loops of divisive subjects in the modern media.
>> No.50283  
Bump for amazing thread.
>> No.50325  
File: 1408113104421.jpg -(156.9 KB, 600x839) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
sage for worst post of the whole entire thread so far pic urnelated
>> No.50327  
They are trying, too, to suppress most of the facts concerning the thread. When I speak of poor >>50325 they accuse me of a hideous thing, but they must know that I did not do it. They must know it was the rats; the slithering, scurrying rats whose scampering will never let me sleep; the daemon rats that race behind the padding in this room and beckon me down to greater horrors than I have ever known; the rats they can never hear; the rats, the rats in the walls.
>> No.50360  
are you talking about the jews?
>> No.50361  
It's Lovecraft, so probably blacks. In that story the bones of people who had "degenerated" to walking on all fours after generations of captivity are found in pens underground.
>> No.50503  
File: 1430322669001.jpg -(49.7 KB, 273x272) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Cave diving gone wrong.
>> No.50507  
These stories always make me wonder why people want to do things like that.
>> No.50509  
It says in the article the nitrogen poisoning high is addictive. And fatal.
Personally I'd be too claustrophobic to go through that thing even if it was all dry and well lit.
>> No.50614  

People with depression or pipolar, quite often your brain just feels like its swimming in molasses and you have no mental agility. Every thought has to be laboriously teased out. Right? Well now there's evidence for your claims. Turns out you were right.

My thought is, now that we know about it, how do we stop it? I don't mind having depression if I can get back the sharpness and concentration I once had.
>> No.50854  
>The primarch system
>> No.50906  
If anything starts with the words 'deep web' you can safely ignore it.
>> No.50909  
>Q. Reptilians?
>A. Nope. No technologically advanced aliens of any sort have ever visited Earth.

Seems pretty legit to me.
>> No.50915  
Reptilians on /bun/ confirmed.
>> No.50937  
File: Essex-01.jpg -(83.2 KB, 700x539) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
By February 1 the food had run out, and the situation in Captain Pollard's boat became critical. The men drew lots to determine who would be sacrificed for the survival of the crew. A young man named Owen Coffin, Captain Pollard's 17-year old cousin, whom he had sworn to protect, drew the black spot. Pollard allegedly offered to protect his cousin, but Coffin is said to have replied: "No, I like my lot as well as any other". Lots were drawn again to determine who would be Coffin's executioner. His young friend, Charles Ramsdell, drew the black spot. Ramsdell shot Coffin, and Coffin's remains were consumed by Pollard, Ramsdell, and Barzillai Ray. On February 11, Ray also died. For the remainder of their journey, Pollard and Ramsdell survived by gnawing on Coffin and Ray's bones. They were rescued when almost within sight of the South American coast by the Nantucket whaleship Dauphin, on February 23, 95 days after Essex sank. Both men by that time were so completely dissociative they did not even notice the Dauphin alongside them and became terrified by seeing their rescuers.
>> No.50956  
Wonder if that was an inspiration for Life of Pi.
>> No.50959  
What I like most about this is the entire story would have come from the survivors.
A cynical man might posit that Coffin and Ray died kicking and screaming for their lives as their senior pulled rank and demanded their deaths.
>> No.51650  

About the current state of the Web, where centralised, TV-esque feeds overshadow small decentralised sources.
>> No.51655  
the author looks pretty handsome for an iranian
>> No.51829  

When Melita Jackson died in 2004 she made it crystal clear she didn't want her estranged daughter Heather Ilott to benefit, and so left her estate to animal charities with which she had little connection.

The relationship between mother and daughter soured when, aged 17, Heather eloped with her future husband.

Yesterday she was awarded a third of the estate because her mother hadn't left "reasonable provision" for her in the will.

She'll now be able to buy her housing association property and won't lose her state benefits.

Experts say the ruling means you can still disinherit your children but you'll have to explain why and what connects you to those you do leave money to.
>> No.51840  
File: PhineasGage_IronPaths_BigelowVanHornCombined.jpg -(127.5 KB, 1085x674) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
When I drove up he said, "Doctor, here is business enough for you." I first noticed the wound upon the head before I alighted from my carriage, the pulsations of the brain being very distinct. The top of the head appeared somewhat like an inverted funnel, as if some wedge-shaped body had passed from below upward. Mr. Gage, during the time I was examining this wound, was relating the manner in which he was injured to the bystanders. I did not believe Mr. Gage's statement at that time, but thought he was deceived. Mr. Gage persisted in saying that the bar went through his head. Mr. G. got up and vomited; the effort of vomiting pressed out about half a teacupful of the brain, which fell upon the floor.[14]

>> No.52644  

Does the computer compute, or does the human compute using the computer?
>> No.52646  

Oh what the hell.
>> No.52719  
I learned about him in linguistics class.
>> No.52756  
Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous by Michael Hartl
>> No.52764  
Nicholas G. Chernyshevsky 1853
The Aesthetic Relations of Art to Reality

Why the realist art movement thrived in 19th century Russia, at least moreso than other parts of the world
>> No.52913  

A semiotic analysis of semen.
>> No.54032  
>> No.54054  
Linking to clickbait seems poor form.
>> No.54162  
File: 1459251204590[1].jpg -(987.9 KB, 1238x2513) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.54248  
File: 8666655_orig.jpg -(323.1 KB, 1066x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>If you can handle these new faces, you’re likely to be surprised to see your “weak” American or European culture win out, slowly, un-gloriously but surely, and you may live long enough to see a whole new crop of pols who look like they just came from Karachi or Kinshasa until you turn the sound on and hear them ranting about how we need to get rid of all these damn immigrants.
>> No.54253  

>There will always be longer films and there is but this one will be the longest film made that doesn’t exist. A totally different thing.
>> No.54465  
File: At-Saddle.jpg -(393.2 KB, 1296x972) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Story of the search for the remains of German tourists who had gone missing in a remote area of Death Valley.
>> No.54511  
On the phenomenon known as Keanu Reeves.

>> No.54521  
File: 1466741823736.jpg -(31.6 KB, 500x333) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Nigel Farage says Leave win marks UK 'independence day'
>> No.54528  
File: gbp in usd.png -(55.1 KB, 1073x470) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Liberty is overrated. According to Hobbes, society is the system where people give up liberties in exchange for improved well-being. The UK has reclaimed its independence, and as such it has discarded the prosperity its dependence brought.
>> No.54529  
Hobbes thought the ideal form of government was an absolute monarchy. Let's not take cartoon tigers seriously.
>> No.54530  
File: communism vs capitalism_.jpg -(37.6 KB, 500x259) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
And though I wouldn't go as far as Hobbes, I don't entirely disagree with that. Democracy is the worst form of government; every X years, the most charismatic people (or the ones with the most media control or money) are put in charge of ruling the entire country, regardless of how capable they actually are. Their main goal during that period of time is not to make the country prosper, but rather to appease the people (and/or sponsors) so they will be re-elected. This results in incapable, inconsistent governmental decisions, while frequently (and increasingly) being no less corrupt than other forms of government.

At this point, the US government for example is practically an aristocracy now. The more a government moves to a few-party system, the greater the corruption becomes (the peoples' only choice is deciding who the big corporations need to give their money to). On the other hand, many-party systems suffer so much more from the short-sightedness and lack of competence (not to mention the entire thing is slow as fuck because of how hard it is to get to an agreement), resulting in more non-malicious dumb governmental decisions.

Other governmental systems share these problems. The rulers in an aristocracy have no reason to care about the prosperity of commoners beyond preventing rebellion. The various kinds of dictatorship share the problems of populism; although they don't have to 'keep election promises', the leader brought to power by the people is always the most charismatic/influential one, not the most capable leader.

Compared to its alternatives, a leader raised and educated to govern a country, and in charge for a very long period of time (meaning the long-term impact of their decisions is relevant for them) would be far more competent. The only problem here is that of corruption; it is quite possible the king/queen does not have the best interests of their people at heart. As such, I believe that in the end the people should have power over the monarch, just not for the individual decisions they make (as that would inevitably devolve into the current democratic systems); some constitutional means to depose the ruler (preferably with as little bloodshed as possible) should the populace overwhelmingly reject them should go a long way, particularly with a constitution outlining lines the monarch cannot cross without risk of being deposed.
>> No.54558  
File: globalization winners and losers.jpg -(118.6 KB, 800x886) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>> No.54700  
"I am going to be talking to you about reading. I'm going to tell you that libraries are important. I'm going to suggest that reading fiction, that reading for pleasure, is one of the most important things one can do. I'm going to make an impassioned plea for people to understand what libraries and librarians are, and to preserve both of these things."

>> No.54709  
What a surprising view from a man whose income comes from fiction book sales.
>> No.54746  
File: __patchouli_knowledge_and_remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_eichi_yuu__02637410194da9a3389dd0e133449a18.jpg -(85.4 KB, 602x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
He doesn't try to deny it. It's a pretty interesting article regardless of the self-interest of the author in writing it.
>> No.55066

A massive collection from /o/ about the frustrations of being a car salesman.
>> No.55173  

2chan showing why it's the most honest forum on the net I guess...
>> No.55622  
I can't read Japanese.
>> No.55645  
>> No.55679  
>> No.55752  

So weird to think a countryside ryokan has an Instagram page.
>> No.55807  
>> No.55829  
Non-Profit, volunteer
>> No.56111  

Kirkbride must be on drugs, that would explain the sermons of Vivek.
>> No.56132  
>> No.56145  
>> No.56178  
What a fucking life that is.
>> No.56361  
������������, ������� ��������� �������
>> No.57036  

A fun short story about women being dumb.
>> No.57037  
Reads like something written by someone with sub-180 IQ. "Genius" really isn't all that.
>> No.58834  
Of the 52 already-released amiibo in the Super Smash Bros. line, here's how we figure each of those toys would function as a butt plug, in descending order.
No comment necessary, I think.
>> No.58835  

If all they are doing is sitting around a table and theorizing about it, then they are wasting my time.
>> No.58838  
A better article would have included funny x-rays
>> No.59769  
a prophesy
>> No.59783  
Committing suicide is a positive act.
The translated preface to a popular Japanese book of suicide methods.
>> No.60419  

This short story is me,minus the libcuck shit,but nothing else captures the agony of your teens and 20s as you struggle with dying alone.
>> No.60420  
/pol/ pls go and stay go
>> No.60421  
95% chance it's a bot, I'm sure nobunny would write "libcuck" without irony
>> No.62222  
File: size of child sexual abuse forums.png -(241.1 KB, 934x722) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Breaking the dark net: why the police share abuse pics to save children
She expresses concern upon learning that the police themselves did share child sexual abuse images. "I don’t necessarily think it’s wrong for them to commit criminal acts during undercover operations. My concern is not about them breaking the law. My concern is whether we get enough information about the balance in what they do. If the site is used to facilitate the actual abuse of children and the police continue to run it, I question their ability to strike a balance", she adds.
Australian feds took control of by far the biggest CP sharing forum on darkweb history, and ran it for longer than its original operators did, even posting CP themselves in doing so.

Some other choice quotes (it's a long article):
>While the young Canadian unsuccessfully tried to find help to control the desires he felt, the American kept them shut inside. He was afraid any doctor, psychologist or counsellor he consulted would have to report him if he admitted being sexually attracted to children.

>According to Task Force Argos, the number of actual people was far smaller, probably in the tens of thousands. Roughly 100 of them were known as “producers”, sexual predators who film children being raped and share the videos in online forums.

>During a so-called “controlled operation” we get permission from a judge to act in ways that normally would have been considered illegal. We are given the right to commit certain criminal actions and we are exempted from prosecution because we are investigating specific crimes, explains Griffiths.

>– It is worrying if the police “outsource” investigations to a country where police have freer rein, at least if it’s done intentionally and systematically. But the legal picture is unclear.

>ON JANUARY 3RD, 2017, Task Force Argos published WarHead’s monthly update. [...] The message was concluded with: «I hope that some of you were able to give a special present to the little ones in your lives, and spend some time with them. It’s a great time of year to snuggle up near a fire, and make some memories.» He ended the update message, as required, with two child abuse images. "Could this message be seen as encouraging sexual abuse?" VG ask. "Well, there’s no ... I mean, you know", says Griffiths. "Things can be read between the lines, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re encouraging anything. We may have talked about sexual abuse in a number of different forums and platforms, but we would never encourage abuse."

>It sounds like the police tell one story about how damaging the images are when others share them, and another story when the police share them. That’s a kind of hypocrisy I really don’t like. But this sheds light on the argument that any and all sharing of such an image is abuse. If the police say they’re only sharing images that have been shared before, it means the police do not think all sharing is harmful, says Hessick.

>"Isn’t there a risk that people downloading such images will develop into abusers?" "Abusers are abusers. People who have a desire to abuse children will abuse children no matter what", Rouse says.

>On 25 October 2016, two weeks after Argos took over the site, an unidentified user created a discussion thread featuring images of an eight-year-old girl being raped. By August of this year, the post had been viewed 770,617 times – all while the police were running the website.

>Canadian police say they have identified and saved “a dozen” children and referred some 100 cases to other countries. Task Force Argos The Argos Task Force itself declined to provide numbers to VG. "The media tends to use such figures as “weapons” against us and our colleagues around the world, and we don’t want that", Griffiths tells VG. Also uncertain is the total number of children identified and rescued. Professor Hessick wonders about the missing numbers. "If they conduct investigation without even checking if the people have been arrested, it’s hard for Argos to argue that such police operations are necessary. I worry the police apparently think they don’t need to justify an operation like this", she says.
>> No.62228  
It should surprise nobody that the same "I am the law" hypocrisy in sting operations for victimless crimes like file-sharing and trying to goad radicals into asking for bomb making advice to hit the counterterrorism quota also gets applied to CP.
"Think of the children" being the ultimate get out of thought free card, nobody will ever call them out on it, but maybe """""""""""""""controlled operation""""""""""""""" bullshit will finally be criminalized after a few more 9/11s and we'll get to see a world with actual rule of law before we die. (Who am I kidding?)
>> No.62232  
That makes no sense. 9/11 caused a terrorism scare that was used to deprive us of various rights and increase the power governments have over citizens. "A few more 9/11s" and we would have zero privacy and could get arrested for so many things that the government could arrest anyone with almost zero effort.
>> No.62233  
You might not remember this but there was a LOT of anger at the glow community shortly after 9/11 coming from decision makers. I'm not talking about privacy, I'm talking about authorized lawbreaking and catch-and-release programs.
>> No.62284  
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