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File: 23786.png -(71.0 KB, 461x342) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
72707 No.25056  
Ask the former spammer everything.
>> No.25057  
will you suck my cock, dude
>> No.25058  
What's your disability?
>> No.25059  
I hate you so much.
>> No.25061  
Why did you quit IRC?
You were supposed to lead our revolution!
>> No.25062  
guess who
>> No.25066  
How much are you selling your butthole for?
>> No.25123  
I wish to play hisouten with you again
>> No.25148  
File: 23763.jpg -(145.1 KB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Nothing, sadly.
I'm probably just retarded.

Thank you.

I didn't. Some bunjew banned me.


I'm not selling my butthole anywhere. But I do wear a maid costume right now, I'm not gay, but I like to masturbate while wearing girl clothes.

Really? I suck cocks at this game.

>> No.25149  
Took you long enough to answer. Are you an queer!
>> No.25150  
so did I, so that made it fun
>> No.25152  
File: 34893.jpg -(356.2 KB, 1200x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
No, but you are.

I don't think I played Hisutensoku with you.
You mistook me for some other spammer.
>> No.25161  
Unless you were different than the one on jp
Or the guy in those threads wasn't you
>> No.25179  
Why are you such a homosexual?
>> No.25180  
I want to be able to do that too, what the hell!
>> No.25182  
What is the flan spammer irc channel?
>> No.25189  
File: 6780456.png -(671.3 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Why are you so JEWISH?
#bunbunmaru @ rizon
also #true/jp/
>> No.25196  

bunbunmaru.com is an affiliate of the JIDF. It was founded by a JIDF member who posted on /jp/. After he realized that /jp/ers were not fond of JEWS he decided to open his own imageboard where he and his Jewish cronies were free from being insulted. It has since been used as a popular hang-out spot for JIDF superior officers.
>> No.25200  
I don't see what an Italian fanforum dedicated to the actor Johnny Depp has to do with this.
>> No.25226  
Bunbunmaru, flagship of the Japanese Intergalactic Defense Fleet.
>> No.26096  
History of Imageboards: Creation of bunjewmaru
>> No.26099  
I thought it was the Joint International Disarmament Foundation.
>> No.26155  
>The Jewish Internet Defense Force: Reminding the Internet that Hitler was right.

Remember to piss(you can also shit) on /bun/jewish logos/signs/jones photos everyday.
Shameless bump.
>> No.26487  
File: 1333426846376.png -(23.4 KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>that feel when no more questions
>> No.26497  

Haha "that feel"! Why that's not proper english at all! man I love 4chan and reddit!
>> No.26618  
lol u mad bro?
>> No.26621  
File: 3003.png -(31.4 KB, 500x461) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.26623  
Why are you quoting?
>> No.26624  

Nice, can't get enough memes. I'm gonna tell all the guys in my 7th grade class about it.
>> No.26625  
Man,I love me some memes. Epic win, anyone? Though you gotta watch out for your knees with all those arrows. xD
>> No.26626  

Luckily my cat is long enough to stop the arrows from piercing my My Little Pony-branded cargo pants
>> No.26968  
File: meinnaziuniform.jpg -(31.1 KB, 350x525) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
me while posting on /bun/
>> No.27557  
File: 1313637156996.png -(59.6 KB, 400x236) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>mfw /bun/ is a spammed shithole and no one here even gets irony
especially autistic children on #bun
>> No.27558  
eskopl "gets" "irony" but nobody likes him, so I guess you're right.
Maybe you can hang out with him on formsping or something.
>> No.27609  
Eksopl? Who is that?
>> No.27615  
Original (easymodo) archive host, made significant contributions to the archive software.
>> No.27627  
File: 1316644484423.png -(108.2 KB, 800x473) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
autism is strong with this one
>> No.27633  
No one cares, Eksopl.
>> No.27666  
File: 1309256938673.png -(87.8 KB, 421x248) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>tfw i got banned from /general/

fuck jonesy and his ass-lickers like ekso-shitchan
>> No.27667  
What did you get banned for? Although the >tfw does seem rather indicative...
>> No.27668  
File: 1309405870939.png -(27.2 KB, 800x473) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
like the fuck I know, bunjew?
probably jonesy don't like my thread and that i spammed the shit out of this board

jonesy a scum
>> No.27673  
Remind me which fuck you know.
>> No.27686  
File: 1309394118654.png -(18.1 KB, 800x473) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Good news everyone!
Eksopl is officialy a homosex fagglit now!

easymodo sucked dickz
foolz 4 da win!

nope im not woxxy
>> No.27687  
Which fuck I know...hmm

I think I remember now! That was when I fucked you're mom lmao
>> No.27878  
This thread is autism.
>> No.27879  
Is Jones so retarded he even locked link field to sage/noko only?

/bun/'s level of jewish practices are marvelous.

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